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"Relationships don't need an owner's manual, just the Bible"

Seniors, Guns and Money by Paul Krugman

"FOXygen" - Jon Stewart makes a word

Flipping off San Diego Chargers' fans is legal, judge rules

Fox News and Fox Nation get viewers to rage over false story of flag being banned in school

Celebrate the Quasi-Holidays: Give Something Away, Bike to Work

Toon: Portrait of OBL

From Alternet: 10 Worst States To Be a Woman

Any Old Timer DUers Still Here, LOL ???

Mary Tyler Moore 'recovering nicely' from surgery

has american become a nation of cowards?

Let's hear it for the people of Virginia. Great graphic for

Michele Bachmann closes DC Congressional office

Our Current Political Situation...

Nothing says "family values" like helping your buddy hide his adulterous affair, Rick Santorum

Rachel has more Ensign

There was a funny list about cats and what they are actually saying on GD

Mysterious boom in parakeets — in England

one Sunday news program will feature a Democrat

The Banksters are at it again......

TEPCO now confirms nuclear meltdown in Fukushima reactor No. 1

Dr. No Should Face Consequences

Navy researcher links toxins in war zone dust to ailments

Sometimes, it's the little things: Storyteller tries to ease tsunami victims' pain

Will the real bin Laden please stand up?

BREAKING: White House Releases Photos Found On bin Laden's USB Stick

I DO NOT Believe Osama Bin Laden Had A Porn Stash... I DEMAND To See The Evidence !!!

I DO NOT Believe Osama Bin Laden Had A Porn Stash... I DEMAND To See The Evidence !!!

Recent update on outflow of radioactive materials into the ocean:

'Wanted, marijuana critic': Newspaper sparks controversy after advertising for drug reviewer

Girl Scout Cookies Clash with International Politics

"Rating Agencies Win Dismissal of Lawsuits"

Winners and losers, week #2

(Scotland) fan jailed for monkey taunt at El Hadji Diouf

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!

When employment comes back the rich will face inflation. Right now house prices

Bush: Seal Team asked for his"permission to go into

Bill would speed troops through TSA checkpoints

Daughter of The Nenis© Does Damage Control: "He didn't dump my mom in the hospital"

Daughter of The Nenis© Does Damage Control: "He didn't dump my mom in the hospital"

NYT casts doubt on Gaddafi regime portrayal of NATO airstrike

U.S. and other industrial nations are jockeying to “carve up” Arctic resources

You ever get stressed?

Can someone explain to me what "jack him up to high heaven" means?

From the "Uh.. What?" File. Tea Party leader says Democrats are Marxists for attacking oil subsidies

So this DUer smacks me in private with a 2 x 4 more than once after a post

Gates, 2007: "We would not act without telling Musharraf what we were planning to do."

Gandhi was so fucking christian, he was hindu!

FDA OKs First Microinjection Flu Vaccine

Dianne Feinstein Tells Francisco to Go Smoke a Fat One

While we're on the subject, is it just me or are smokers just generally rude/gross people?

Man on dog tipped off ensign(r Nevada)

What Four Miles of Yemeni Protesters Looks and Sounds Like

Ivy League Solicits Students Only to Reject Them

any computer genius here pls?

Robert Gates Admits That Info Leaks Has SEAL Team 6 Fearing For The Safety Of Their Families

Robert Gates Admits That Info Leaks Has SEAL Team 6 Fearing For The Safety Of Their Families

Behind smokescreen of 'Republicans did it!' IL House Speaker Madigan (D) renews pension attack

St. Anthony's High School in Long Island bars lesbian student from bringing female date to prom

GOP Congress refuses to honor Seal Team 6 after Democratic Senate passes resolution 97-0.

UK workers wages down four successive years; UL superrich gain 18% 2010-11

Do you have pornography on your computer?

The REAL death panels

Social Security Board of Trustees release 2011 report

Pelosi's Musical Send-off To Republicans: "When music stops, you should try listening to Americans"

George Mitchell Will Resign as Obama's Mideast Envoy

Bush was dining at French restaurant when Pres. Obama called him with news of successful OBL raid.

Teen porn star Bieyanka Moore's disaster (porn company didn't know she was 15...)

Teen porn star Bieyanka Moore's disaster (porn company didn't know she was 15...)

NEA Obama/Duncan endorsement would be a 'suicide pact'

Republicare costs lives

Rahm uses "The Producers" (mostel flick) game plan on Chicago schools

U.S. to limit Afghan forces' growth

OBL and Facebook

Dangerous Minds | On behalf of women everywhere, NJ teen challenges Michele Bachmann to a debate!

Dems retake edge in generic ballot for the first time since 2009.

Yemen on the Edge

Your Saturday Republican family values lineup


NATO air raid kills Libyan civilians in Brega

Osama Bin...

Feud between the various rapture nuts.

UNKLE - "Eye for an Eye"

Stay Classy, New York Post....

Chomsky: "...prevent authentic democracy in the Arab world"

Afghans protest boy's killing by U.S. forces

International Court of Justice: The Lakota's Last Stand

National Associatioin of Letter Carriers: Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive TODAY

Media Ignores Energy Breakthrough: Worry-Free Nuclear Power

hell -has- frozen over - a good report on an insurance company meeting

Moscow: Green commuting doesn't have to be slow commuting..

Radiation in soil near troubled Japan nuclear plant exceeds Chernobyl evacuation level

Cubans dream of being tourists - abroad

Is Santorum still running after that Ensign report?

CIA believes bin Laden acted alone (borowitzreport)

CIA believes bin Laden acted alone (borowitzreport)

Killings Averaging 1 Daily in Dallas

Has anyone ever wondered, if we have so many people disagreeing about

Looks like someone got their feathers ruffled when called out on hiding bin Laden

Skinner and DU mods what are the odds...

Can We Go Home Now?

Get Up, Stand Up: Uniting Populists, Energizing the Defeated, and Battling the Corporate Elite

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge!

Hey guys, you might want to check this site out.

Today is the National Association of Letter Carriers annual food drive

US charges six for supporting Pakistani Taliban

Think of it. Four MILES of people......FOUR MILES of people

GOP-Style Democrats Slash DC Budget: Homeless, Poor Children at Risk

Ex-Republican Governor cheats on wife, ends marriage.....oh it was AHNOLD

NEW YORK: Wealthy GOP Donors Are Backing Marriage Equality Campaign

White House, Republicans use debt deadline to prepare historic cuts in Medicare and Medicaid

Mississippi floods highlight decay of US infrastructure

Grijalva: All We Are Saying Is Give The Progressive Budget A Chance - TPM

Promoting Peace, Nobel Laureates Square Off, Politely

Rich Russians Buy Bunkers on Apocalypse Angst

Christie administration completes plan to close Vineland Developmental Center

Same Old Song

Review of Rick Scott's financial holdings shows complex network beyond his reported net worth

"Court: No right to Resist Illegal Cop Entry Into Home"

New superintendent in New Orleans begins by firing 250 teachers

Okay, I'm calling it - The Ensign Affair is as big as Watergate

TEPCO searching for 'missing' radioactive water

How the Murdoch Press Keeps Australia's Dirty Secret

How the Murdoch Press Keeps Australia's Dirty Secret

Toon: The SEALS secret weapon

The DOJ and the Ensign-Hampton Affair

The DOJ and the Ensign-Hampton Affair

Killing and lying as a patriotic duty

Attention ALL teachers (and progressives paying attention)

Shelves of forgotten souls at Oregon State Hospital

Interactive disaster map of the world.


Obama Decides To Stop Staging White House Photos

Helping the Neediest Among Us -- Hightower

Bumper sticker from hell!

Man lost for 70 days, stuck in snow. Kept log up until he died. No one reported him missing.

GOP will once again MONOPOLIZE the Sunday AM Talk Shows.

Stove Pipe Asshat: Newt "Honest Abe" Gingrich says 2012 Election most important since 1860

New Jersey makes deal to put racing tracks in private hands

Records Indicate That Terrorists Everywhere Enjoy Pornography And Street Prostitutes

What’s Really in the Leaked WikiLeaks Confidentiality Agreement? - FDL

Inside the Detainee Abuse Task Force (Whitewash)

International Court of Justice: The Lakota's Last Stand

Let them eat souffle

Ramping up the fear mongering- "Medicare could run out of money sooner than previously predicted"

The McCain Family Has Had Enough of Glenn Beck

TEPCO re-branding, announces new slogan...

Does Rand Paul...

CONS think it is "our oil"

The disgraceful interrogation of L.A. school librarians

The disgraceful interrogation of L.A. school librarians

Jewish and Veterans Groups Ask for Arlington Memorial for WWII Rabbi

Trump knows as much about the American Flag's stripes as Bush did about "sovereignty"

Don't worry America, we know you won't do a damn thing for us. That's what we expect of you.

How are oil speculators not the same as hedgefund managers?

How are oil speculators not the same as hedgefund managers?

Parents are wealthy casino owners, son become a Senator

I think killing rather than capturing OBL was brilliant in terms of domestic politics but not

Oh, cry me a motherf**king RIVER: bin Laden's Abbottabad "sanctuary and prison"

EU to Pay Fishermen to Collect Ocean Litter

Earthquake interactive app. Suggestion

One Day in the War Room

Amnesty International hails WikiLeaks and Guardian as Arab spring 'catalysts'

Jan Brewer plays the oh no you di int card, raises her Osama finger and issues immigration fatwa

Thanks, mods.

Fukushima nuke plant worker tells of heat exhaustion, slipping safety standards

Corporate healthcare, corporate education, corporate food stamps..connect the dots.

Florida Imams arrested for aiding Pakistani Taliban

How to make President Obama's re-election a sure thing

David Sirota asks some awkward and inconvenient questions:

eliminate "unrecs" and thwart freeper repug trollers

Rangers forward Boogaard dead at 28

National Associatioin of Letter Carriers: Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive TODAY

The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927

Insurance company equation: death equals profit

I for one am willing to provide a 100% government grant to anyone

Have ya seen Dubya's email box?

'Eye for an Eye' for acid attack in Iran at insistence of victim

DU thoughts with flood victims (map)

Why Can’t DOJ Investigate as Well as the Hapless Senate? - EmptyWheel

9 of the Best Recordings From the Library of Congress' New Music Service

Exxon CEO Admits that Oil Should Be $60-70 Dollars a Barrel Based on Supply and Demand

For Second Time in 3 Days, NATO Raid Kills Afghan Child

Actually, "the Rich" Don't "Create Jobs," We Do

Should Feingold run for Kohl's Senate Seat?

These weekly threads about "Right Wing Infiltrators Posing As Liberals" smacks of an attempt to

These weekly threads about "Right Wing Infiltrators Posing As Liberals" smacks of an attempt to

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens: Snuffing Osama von Douchebag's ass was LEGAL. USA!

So Conservative I had to become a Liberal Socialist.

So Conservative I had to become a Liberal Socialist.

Baseball Hall of Fame Hometown Bans Fracking! the people have spoken!

Chicago Ordered to Hire 111 Black Firefighters

Gates concerned that somoene will photoshop a hat onto bin Laden

Blog for Arizona: ALEC offering "An all-expenses-paid trip to pick up next year's legislation"

Is it Inhofe's patriotic duty to try to reason that brains would hang out the entrance hole?

NY Dept of Ed spending nearly a billion on consultant contracts while laying off teachers

A Joint Session in Pakistan Parliament Unanimously Supports Resolution Condemning US OBL Raid

Celebrity homophobe issued "minor offense" $162 citation for driving 84 in a 65 zone

On Fukushima

Ceaser killed 39,000 Gauls AFTER he won.

Obama did nothing. Dubya captured bin Laden single-handedly. (re-posting for the weekend crowd)

Working for Rand Paul sure looks like loads of fun......

Gaddafi likely wounded and not in Tripoli

Is It Really This Bad?

Big Oil to Congress: 'Don't F#@k With Us'

Anyone else see gas prices INCREASE since the recent drop in oil prices?

Stephen Colbert Super PAC Update: Comedian Files Papers with FEC

Hedge Funder John Paulson Earns More Hourly

Spillway on the Mississippi opened (video)

Something I just noticed about two new Credit Cards

MSNBC Wants To Know If Osama Was Looking At Porn For The Intelligence

How is it that we are debating "torture" yet again?

100,000 Teachers in Texas Laid Off But Millions

Flashback: As Gingrich Calls Obama A ‘Food Stamp President’, He Was One Of Biggest Spenders

"Seek, and ye shall find"

Iran to blind criminal with acid in 'eye for an eye' justice -graphic pic

Libyan Revolution Day 86

Obama seeks more drilling in Alaska and Gulf of Mexico

Remember, people will be watching Huckabee's "announcement" so you won't have to!

Remember, people will be watching Huckabee's "announcement" so you won't have to!

DU overrun by right-wing trolls?

Megyn Kelly and Fox News Helped Sen. Ensign Cover-Up His Crimes

Mo. House Majority Leader Tim Jones calls Senate "terrorists"

Is NOLA flooding again

Is NOLA flooding again

Something to keep in mind about the long-continued regular increase in Oil Company profits.

U.S. Dept. of Ed. is Breaking the Law

"Socialist" Germany powers eurozone economic surge

Fuku could escalate rapidly if the lava melts through+Tokyo hit w/ massive radiation(vid)+much more

TEPCO looking into radioactive water leak

I'm not sure I believe the Bin Laden "porn" story?

I'm not sure I believe the Bin Laden "porn" story?

Breaking: One of the Fukushima workers has died.

Child Labor: Back to the 19th Century?

Does the label "wingnut" apply to all Rethugs or just fringers?!1

Jane Corwin (NY-26) Voted To Allow Women To Be Shackled During Childbirth

Can sports help quicken the trend towards gay marriage?

Aerial Footage of the Morganza Spillway Opening

For Top 400 Taxpayers, a Near-Record Year

Mac users, Adobe has Finally updated Flash so that we can set it to stop spying on us locally.

Now here's a resident of Abbottabad that gets it

Oops: F-35A Combat Radius May Not Meet Minimum Requirement

Nurse nominated to be first Army Surgeon General!

Catholic professors target John Boehner over budget

GOP Bill Shifts Oil Drilling Cases To Court Dominated By Judges With Oil Investments

This is what happens when you dumb down our schools

More blessings... latest headlines in my local Texas paper

A question for Kentucky residents.

TIME: Huckabee is running for president

TIME: Huckabee is running for president

Conservative NY Republicans moving to the left of our Democratic President on marriage equality

Please someone, I can't. I just can't look at andrew breitbart long enough

Bush-Cheney Kept Bin Laden Alive

Catholics Call Out Boehner For Hurting Poor

Needing software suggestions for converting .flv (Flash) files (cross post)

Gingrich calls Obama " stamp president"

The Dude Abides For You and Me

The court ruled in her favor and now she can masturbate at work

Wow.....not ALL climate change deniers are pigheaded

Money gone, paralyzed athlete fights to survive

Banksters about to shake down their customers again

Waukesha Goes after the disabled

Would one of our DU experts please explain the reasons for

Disney trademarks SEAL Team 6 for games, toys — snow globes?

Mitch Daniels, Architect of US Debt Crisis

Morganza Floodway opens to divert Mississippi River away from Baton Rouge, New Orleans

In Case You Missed This... 'Immigrants for Sale' (Private Prison Industry) - TheNation

what nyc's financial district looked like may 12 (video) march on wall street

Bachmann will FIGHT Obama for $25, but if you want her to run for President, that'll cost ya $50.

SUSA: "Popular" NJ Gov. Chris "Pugsley McJobkill" Christie tanks in his home state!

Could this have been said any better?

Florida Teacher Punches Out Student Who Called Her ‘Vulgar Names’

Goldman Steals Tips From Beer Servers

Ron Paul suggests basic freedoms depend on property rights

Scientists Alarmed by Number of Diseased Fish in the Gulf

Actually, 'the Rich' Don't 'Create Jobs', We Do

MI6 plotted with No10 to oust Saddam in bid to win 'prize' of secure oil supplies

Is it fair to flood the homes of rural folks to save city folks?

Amnesty International says they shouldn't burn that guy's eyes up with acid.

Stephen Colbert doesn't "want to be the one chump" without any unlimited corporate money

What's wrong with this picture?

In Greece, Austerity Kindles Deep Discontent - WaPo

Will the GOP Become R.I.P.??

Let History Record.............. !

House Bill Calls for Eliminating 43 Education Programs

US withdraws visas from 20,000 people who were told they won a lottery

Massachusetts’ Towns Are Taking Citizens United Down

Karl Rove just gave corwyn (R) $650,000 (NY 26 spec elec) I am sending her opponent $5

Analyst: Sell! Goldman Shares Drop After Rolling Stone Article

Gingrich-owned companies faced tax liens in four states

New Florida laws give bosses powerful control - private activities can negate unemployment benefits

Libyan Revolution Day 87

I'm at Whole Foods Market again, where things just keep on trucking!


Porn found in CD release of MONEY by Skeletons

8th-Grader Punished After Reporting Students Had Sex On Bus (did not report it soon enough)

Per CNN, they've just opened the Morganza Spillway in Louisiana...

Noam Chomsky: The U.S. and its allies will do anything to prevent democracy in the Arab world" --

Can we lay off the magic underwear remarks? I'm all for bashing the

Internet BLACKLIST Bill: Worse than Ever -- Pls Help!

The DoD Is Now Officially Begging For Dollars

The DoD Is Now Officially Begging For Dollars

Today’s Tea Party Movement and Pre-Civil War White Supremacy Ideology

Man decapitates apparent stranger in Canary Islands supermarket, runs away with head

So, was bin Laden's death worth the lives of eighty innocents?

Bill Maher: "If you rejoice in revenge, torture and war …you’re not a Christian"

African Huts Far From the Grid Glow With Renewable Power ($80 solar panel made in China)

I just got back from a business trip and had to go through Security 3 times and I want to say

Scientists cure cancer, but no one takes notice

Things You'll Never Hear at a Teabagger Event

Obama Shifts to Speed Oil and Gas Drilling in U.S.

OMG! I'm so impressed with my Roku tv streaming device!! Any recommendations???

Simple math

Well, here's a *tricky* topic, but what other websites do DU'ers like/recommend?

Operation Donkey brings Iraqi equine to US

Disney Trademarks Name Of Navy Seal Unit That Killed Bin Laden

Teachers still furious about Arne Duncan's open letter to them during teacher appreciation week.

I was looking through the porn thread and noticed that not many women own up to "enjoying" it

Right-Wing Sock Puppets Pretending to Be Liberals Assault Progressive Websites

Indiana Supreme Court: No right to resist illegal cop entry into home (police state trods on)

You won't find a stronger supporter of medical cannabis here at DU than me. Having said that, ...

Texas becomes first state to ban 'intrusive' TSA security pat downs

Bill Clinton Blames Us. Says We Failed to Change Our Institutions...

Rights. Where do they come from?

A Democratic Opponent in the Primaries might stop the continual triangulating to the Right

One of the funniest youtube videos I have ever seen. Man laughing:

A woman asked if she could keep the keys to her bf's motorcycle since he took her tooth when he left

Hell hath no fury....

shhhh. I'm really supposed to be painting right now.

Ashton Kutcher replacing Charlie Sheen in Two And A Half Men!


Digestive fatalism:

Society- Eddie Vedder with Johnny Depp

A long time ago on Kali's ranch far, far away...

Nicotine addict will NOT give up a cigarette!

A couple delusions that are also funny.

I was surfing and found this link of the President singing during a speech

"Man in the boat overboard... oh ho ho... you BEAST... you SAVAGE..."

Do you know about the Turboencabulator?

It's a Small World After All

Just added my 25,000th song to iTunes...82 days, 21 hours, 31 minutes, 20 seconds of music.

Band of Horses - The Funeral

Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter

1 + 1-1/2 doesn't equal Two And A Half Men

Sunday will mark seven years on DU for me. I want to say thank you to everyone

Weekend squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Do you have pornography on your computer?

feels like heaven - fiction factory

MiddleFingerMom is not going thru a midlife crisis. He's not! ... He's NOT!!!!!!

Neil Gaiman did "cool, evil things" to tonight's Doctor Who

Look, Yahkob! It's a barn! No, it's plain! No, it's...

Out of ALL the superheroes, The Flash is probably the WORST influence on young impressionable minds.

Nanase Aikawa "Unplugged"..."Ima Demo" LIVE with special guest Tetsuro Oda

The Owl and the Pussycat.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Newt Gingrich's new best-seller.

I'm back! I think.

Sonia Pictures (kitteh)...

Cat hairball jewelry

Toby's showing me how to post photos

pocahontas neil young

Thank God I'm not the person who's gonna have to shave MiddleFingerMom on Monday.

Do you Canucks have any explanation/apologies for your Helix and Platinum Blonde?

One of my favorite hockey players has died, and I'm all sad about it.

aacckkk! Is there an EASY way to shrink a big pdf file without scanning the documents again?

Brazilian Woman Wins The Right To Watch Porn & Masturbate At Work

found a an old silver neck chain of mine today going thru some old stuff. well tarnished. any easy

OMG Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee meltdown

Well, I survived the arthroscopy........but I'm not so sure about the PT...

I found a car to buy. Should I get it???

next damn problem

Making chili in a crock pot... need some advice

Saturday, May 14. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

I am on a Simon and Garfunkel kick this morning - What is your favorite

just started vacation with the family


"Post Rapture Looting" - funny facebook event page

Robert Gates Admits That Info Leaks Has SEAL Team 6 Fearing For The Safety Of Their Families

Canada reconsidered Afghan combat end date: WikiLeaks

Google Is Said to Have Broken Internal Rules on Drug Ads

Europe moves to end passport-free travel in migrant row

All Metra Trains to Have Quiet Cars

Blog posts sensitive NYPD documents found in trash

Blog posts sensitive NYPD documents found in trash

CDM reviews process after human-rights abuse claims

Attendance at Dodger Stadium continues to plunge


Japan's disaster zone hit by fresh quake (6.2)

Hampden (Maine) legislator’s bill seeks legal standing for ‘unborn child’

Suicide bomb deaths rattle U.S.-Pakistan relations

Colbert seeks political committee to channel supporters’ demands via ‘megaphone made of cash’

Corps to Open Spillway on Saturday, Jindal Says

US charges six for supporting Pakistani Taliban

US drone attacks must stop - Pakistan

Former president Musharraf says he will return to Pakistan despite conspiracy allegations

Mubarak's wife in hospital after arrest

Belarus presidential candidate jailed for five years

Libyan opposition leader meets French president after Washington visit

Catholic professors target John Boehner over budget

Computer glitch voids green card lottery results

Tremor hits Southern Cape

As Rift Deepens Between U.S. and Pakistan, Kerry Offers Carrots and Sticks

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong to leave the cabinet

Chicago Ordered to Hire 111 Black Firefighters

Justice Stevens says bin Laden killing legally justified

TEPCO concealed radiation data before explosion at No. 3 reactor

(UK) Drug laws and bans on legal highs 'do more harm than good'

Helena judge halts ban on medical marijuana ads; lawsuit seeks to overturn new law

Helena judge halts ban on medical marijuana ads; lawsuit seeks to overturn new law

Government auctions Unabomber’s property

Libya: White House dashes rebel hopes of recognition

N.Korea, Iran trade missile technology-UN

News Corp. Will Disclose Its Political Donations

(UK) 'Rally against debt' activists call for more cuts in Westminster protest

Business tax cut will wipe out rising Michigan revenue, House agency says

Demjanjuk released from German prison

Obama seeks more drilling in Alaska and Gulf of Mexico

Louisiana Spillway Opened to Relieve Flooding

[Canadian] Top court says PM, ministers not subject to info law

Police: Bragg Soldier Responsible in Shooting (3 War Zone Deploy'ts; Shoots Self, Kills Girlfriend)

Old TV show that should be made into a full-length movie....

Health Insurers Making Record Profits as Many Postpone Care

Japan Nuclear Crisis: Worker At Damaged Power Plant Dies

IMF Head Arrested in New York (Accused of Sexual Attack)

Pakistan may cut Nato's Afghan supply line after Osama bin Laden killing

Damage from Defaulting on Debt Would Be Irrevocable, Geithner Tells Bennet

Medicare could run out of money sooner than previously predicted

Colorful march in Havana celebrates sexual diversity, opposes anti-gay discrimination

FDA Approves New PTSD Study with Medical Marijuana

Alaska Native groups sue federal government over polar bear habitat designation

Church potluck-yummy!

Any Old Timer DUers Still Here, LOL ???

Some cats are FIERCELY intelligent. Others could probably win a medal in the Cat Doofus Olympics.

PBS NewsHour: Shields and Gerson on Immigration Reform, Gingrich's 2012 Bid

PBS NewsHour: Interview with Homeland Security secy Janet Napolitano on terrorism, immigration

'Someplace Like America: Tales From The New Great Depression' Intro by Bruce Springsteen

PBS NewsHour: Tracking Inflation: How Fast Are Prices Rising?

A PR Guide for the Nuclear Industry: Deny, Deny, Deny!

FDR Fireside Chat - Bill of Rights

Poignant, Dramatic Film on the Dangers of Nicotine Addition

Robert MacNeil on Jim Lehrer's 'Stealth' Exit

Underwater robot captures Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant wreckage damaged by tsunami

Osama's bin Laden's Porn Stash

The queen and the soldier.... Susanne Vega

O'Reilly Edits Jon Stewart's Tape, Then Challenges Him To Debate On Rapper "Common"

To The Venus Project

Thom Hartmann: Senator Bernie Saunders 'Brunch with Bernie' (5/13)

Belgium today, tomorrow the world for solar energy plane

John McCain: Glenn Beck acting out of line

Georgia Governor BANS Reporter From Immigration Bill Signing

TYT University: Ana Interviews CSUN Students On Campus

TYT Now: Top 10 Worst States To Be A Woman

Weekly Address: Expanding Responsible Oil Production in America

Glenn Beck Tells Student To Wear "Death Threat" As a Badge

Gretchen Wilson - "Angel From Montgomery" - Benefit Concert - Justice Through Music -

Stephen Colbert: Colbert Goes To FEC For Opinion On " COLBERT SUPER PAC "

Cindy Sheehan on the media

U.S. middle class disappearing into abyss

Young Turks: Mom Injects 8-Year-Old w/ Botox for Beauty Pageants

This is why Corporate Agriculture Sucks

Activists Confront Condoleeza Rice at Stanford University

John Boehner Has His Come To Jesus Moment! (Toon)

Prediction: Huckabee bows out

A senior administration official emailed: "These are the kinds of people who get eaten by bears."

Former McCain Education Adviser Working for Pawlenty Campaign

Obama’s ‘Singular’ Mother

What's your best guess? Is Hillbillyhuckabee in our out?

The Page: Mike Huckabee email to his inner circle seems to lean more in the 'yes' direction

Huckabee or Clippy? Your choice.

Republican response as President Obama moves to expand oil and gas drilling

WARNING: The GOP Is Already Rigging the 2012 Election

Rachel Maddow again points out how Republicans dominate the Sunday shows

DON'T take Gingrich lightly

Will (Florida) Gov. Rick Scott seek the White House in 2012?

Talkingpointsmemo on Dubya's Budget Direct Mitch Daniels: I did not blow up the deficit.

"Contributions have dropped off since the release of the proposed birth document by the Obama admin"

Wolf Blitzer predicts that Palin won't run

the butterfly's tale ~

Google Is Said to Have Broken Internal Rules on Drug Ads

Friday Talking Points (167) -- Happy Friday The Thirteenth, Ron!

Oil speculators get away with high prices to force through Republican legislation that promotes gulf

Get Up, Stand Up: Uniting Populists, Energizing the Defeated, and Battling the Corporate Elite

Absent: Movie Review – A Documentary About Fatherlessness From a Director Who Misses the Point

The Right's 'Big Lie' Strategy: When Losing, Simply Rewrite History

Vengeance, Not Justice

How Fox News Outfoxes Americans

Texas Plays Into TSA's Hands

H.I.V. S O S (Treatment as prevention.)

When fiscal incentives fail to draw jobs to N.J.

Jim Hightower: Billionaires are hiding out in the hedges

Best Stephen Colbert Quotes Ever (in honor of his birthday)

The Real Source of Rising Healthcare Costs

Stand-up comedy: "Gingrich is an intellectual who would most likely destroy Obama in debates..."

Poll: Majority of Americans Prefer 3rd Party

Koch brothers under attack by leftwing film-maker

The 5 Worst States to Get Busted With Pot

Congress Votes to Keep Files on Argentine War Secret

A dire warning from a broken pipe

Radioactive ash found in Tokyo sewage plant

Thomas Cochran on the undisclosed radiation risks from the Fukushima accident and nuclear power plan

Dupe - Delete

Fukushima Deadlier than Chernobyl?

The New Sputnik

Tepco Presser 5/12: Gauges not to be trusted in No. 2, No. 3 also, probably no water as well

PV Module Shipments Decline for First Time in Two Years

Most nuclear plans on track outside Japan, Germany

First Concentrating Photovoltaic power plant gets government loan approval

Nuclear Expert Warns Congress U.S. Power Plants Not Safe

No Nukes, No Problem? Germany's Race for a Renewable Future

A New Way has been found to Bottle Gravity.

TEPCO concealed radiation data before explosion at No. 3 reactor – Workers got year’s dose in hours

Another way of looking at the cost of food

Proceedings of IEEE: Why nuclear power will never supply the world's energy needs

Skinner's Post is amazing, and I am so ashamed...

House Panel Votes to Delay Gays in the Military

After May 21 Will He (Harold Camping) Be Wanted For His Crimes?

Divining Doomsday: An Old Practice With New Tricks

Has anyone ever wondered, if we have so many people disagreeing about

Think you were going to be done with Rapture madness on May 21? Think again...

Fake Rapture Prank (done by a chrisTian television show)

Hey guys, you might want to check this site out.

A question for LGBT Atheists

So what movies are playing at your Rapture Day party?

I work for a co owned by Seventh Day Adventists and they

ATF - posts 516 pages of emails - with home addresses

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