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Like college grads back at their parents' homes, should America return to colonial status?

Fox News Tonight (Fri) 10PM - INSIDE LOOK: What Are the Secrets of 9/11?

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!!! Georgia on my mind edition......

At Apocalypse Central, Preparing for What Happens, or Doesn’t

Trumka: House speaker 'blackmailing' America

Should a Democratic administration ever prosecute whistleblowers?

Strauss-Kahn team consults ex-CIA officers' firm

Reducing Pennsylvania's Unemployment Insurance 'A Fairness Thing,' GOP Lawmaker Says

IMF: DSK Severance $250k !! Portugal gets $26 billion to shit on workers !!

GOP Continues to Interfere With National Labor Relations Board

Why aren't we doing more to oppose Fox News?

the Gingrich platform

the Gingrich platform

I've heard that only about 100,000 people believe in Harold Camping's May 21st prediction.

Isn't it already Saturday in Asia, Oceania, Europe & Africa?

Have an extra t-shirt and a pair of pants?

Zuckerberg wants to repeal the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

What Do Republican Lawmakers Have Against Qualified Judicial Nominees?

Recount shows Prosser still the winner by more than 7,000 votes

UN to study implications of Japan’s nuclear crisis

"Teacher Firings,Student Protest Cap School`s Tumultuous Year"

Just In Case... Tomorrow... Tom Lehrer...

WHAT THE??? I just clicked on rachel shes done?

Supporters of Palestinian state could circumvent U.S. veto at United Nations

Obama Gas Station in Columbia (SC) Raising Eyebrows (local news story)

Obama Gas Station in Columbia (SC) Raising Eyebrows (local news story)

Official Rapture Reporting Post?

Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker seeks to stop defense of state's domestic partner registry

Winners and losers, week #3

GOP expects to lose majority post-rapture; Jesus says “not so fast”

Just talked to 2 Saudi students

Weekend Forecast

Rapture fakeout.; Tonight my daughter and her friends are placing clothes and shoes 'round town.

Seth MacFarlane Finally Gets Go-Ahead To Reboot 'The Flintstones'

In three hours and 40 minutes it will be 6pm in New Zealand

I am worried

How the PR rapture comment works.

man with murder tattoo gets 65 years to life

Does this even seem real with millionaire congressmen

Dem group’s ad depicts Paul Ryan stand-in tossing elderly woman off a cliff

Live thread with Jesus as we countdown to Rapture 2011.

With the Rapture coming tomorrow, be careful out there

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF & a new Kitty gif

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF & a new Kitty gif

It's midnight on the East Coast...and therefore, time for...

4 p.m.'s all over

My Dear Christian Doomsday Revelers...


I just finished watching a great Time Magazine "10 questions" with Chaz Bono

24 hours from now, I will be SOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKING HAPPY!!!!!

Images from inside Fukushima

One Million $ in one day (a video)

A hilariously pointed comment I just found on Youtube of all places..

How to calculate the rapture and amaze your friends (seriousy)...

My funny Rapture story from some 30+ years ago.

I turned 42 today and it's been fucked.

What irony that millionaire congressmen

The Bible: Odds of being raptured go up if you change thy avatar!

Music for the rupture

Why the rapture crowd is here and where they came from?

NYC: Funeral for fire dept lieutenant who survived 9/11, committed suicide last week

Midnight, still here, oh well....

Do you subscribe to The Nation?

Did anybody feel that?

Its 418pm NewZealand time

rapture question

Court of Appeals Dismisses Monsanto's appeal of GE sugarbeets ruling

Secret Donors Multiply in U.S. Election Spending

India asks Taiwan for 10,000 Mandarin teachers

Does this sound like "Robocop" to you?

It hasn't changed

You have three wishes...

Koolaiders, now and then -

Barry McGuire sings "Eve of Destruction" -- Happy Doomsday, everyone!!

There's nothing wrong with components of the Democratic coaltion asking more in '12

In interview With Saudi Crown Prince, Fox Fails To Disclose That He’s Second-Largest Shareholder

Carlos Santana at Atlanta Braves game: ".... Georgia, you should be ashamed of yourselves.”

'Adult baby' under investigation for Social Security fraud

Lisa Lampanelli will donate $1,000 to pro-gay charity for every Westboro member who pickets her show

RAPTURE Countdown Music! John Hartford, "I Didn't Know The World Would Last This Long"

Armageddon sick of all the Rapture posts

Should "adult baby" Stanley Thornton recieve Social Security disability payments?

Michelle Rhee's Ohio lobbyist hired for anti-collective bargaining bill SB-5

Despicable charter industry tactics - Mailings encourage rejection of Albany school budget

2012 doomsday Mayan calendar interactive countdown clock

New Zealand region yet to suffer destruction forecast by Oakland-based doomsday predictor

Would you ever live in a house made from shipping containers?

"the tax cuts add three to four times as much to the total public debt as do the wars in Iraq and

Senate bill would limit 401k loans

Christians get mocked because...

Lawmakers kill anti-nepotism bill prompted by GOP governor hiring of daughter FactChecking (Ron) Paul

I don't like the new ads in every post.

I Didn't Get Raptured; Can I Have My Job Back?

Toon-Judgement Day

Toles Rant;Wheels of justice turn slowly edition

Is it 6pm Saturday yet, anywhere?

Tenn. Senate OKs ban on teaching of homosexuality

The UAW can no longer do what it used to do: set the pattern for wages

I 95% agree and 5% disagree

Former president quietly making millions

Former president quietly making millions

Bloomberg and Schools: From Chaos to......?

It's like "The Illusionist", isn't it?

MSNBC host Chris Matthews: Is Palin even capable of thinking?

Detroit City Council targets public transportation, arts and fire department

UBS Still Popular with Both Obama and Republicans after Paying More Than $1 Billion in Fines

Craziest pro-Palin site on the internet - Prayer Warriors for Sarah Palin

Voters are turning against Republican governors

Blast from DU past....Back to School - Neocon Style

Obama and Romney lead the pack in fundraising


Vince Cable: People do not understand how bad the economy is (UK)

Investors beware: is the new dotcom bubble going to burst?

Investors beware: is the new dotcom bubble going to burst?

Strauss-Kahn team consults ex-CIA officers' firm

"Supposedly the rapture has officially begun. Everybody, get your shotguns ready."

Morning headlines around the world

F-35 may be dropped as Japan's next fighter

Escorts complain Utah law makes acting sexy illegal

Recall petitions against 3 Wisconsin Republicans approved by GAB

FightingBobFestNorth this Saturday!

Rapture Ready: The Science of Self Delusion

Historian Challenges Bachmann to Debate

Tucson SWAT Team Defends Shooting Iraq Vet 60 Times (Stupid, Sad and Perverse)

Anyone else having trouble using the DU search fuction?


Knuckledragger of the Week: The Tennessee State Senate

Knuckledragger of the Week: The Tennessee State Senate

State Budget Being Used In A Sneaky, Back Door Attempt To Strip Prevailing Wage (Ohio)

State Budget Being Used In A Sneaky, Back Door Attempt To Strip Prevailing Wage (Ohio)

teabagger I know is convinced we're going to give the Southwest back to Mexico

Trump Has A University? No Surprise It's Being Investigated By NY Ag

Wonder what the rapture will do to unemployment stats?

Commodity prices hit India’s inflation battle: Pranab

UK: Creationism 'banned from free schools'

The Kabuki Dance Continues

I wonder if Richard Trumka will support Republicans who want to ban birth control.

Fuel Gauge report. Also - We are the gauging victims

Gay Parents Bashed - Primetime from ABC News

Texas plans drastic cuts to education, health care, and social services

Midnight Rapture

Rapture excuses

Former IMF Chief In Broadway Apartment Downtown

Oklahoma Woman Sells $30 Worth of Weed, Gets 12 Years In Prison

528 homeless people live on Philadelphia's streets, survey shows

Cut the crapture, where's my rapture?!

Police warn Rwandan exiles of murder risk

GOP Response To Town Hall Backlash: Ban Recording Devices And Censor Citizen Journalists

Iran arrests 30 suspected of U.S.-linked spying

TX GOP Slashes Funding For Agency Battling Wildfires, While Also Blasting Obama For Not Spending Mor

During Interview With Saudi Crown Prince, Fox Fails To Disclose That He’s Second-Largest Shareholder

During Interview With Saudi Crown Prince, Fox Fails To Disclose That He’s Second-Largest Shareholder

Romney returns to SC, where he bailed in 2008

Obama's Middle East goal: Tie US policy closer to American values

CDC: Social Media: Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse

CDC: Social Media: Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse


Tucson SWAT Team Defends Shooting Iraq Vet 60 Times

American troops embedded with Pak forces: US cables

Families Torn Apart By Tomorrow’s Rapture

Pawlenty Announcement to Kick-Off TheTribulation

New movie coming out this summer "The Wrath of Kahn"

BREAKING! Major earthquake along the San Madrid Fault!


Happy Rapture! 10 recent end-time predictions that didn't come true (duh)

Maria Shriver lawyers-up.

Desperate Americans Buy Kidneys From Peru Poor in Fatal Trade

Orlando cop throws woman to ground, breaks her teeth

16 people killed in blast in NATO fuel tanker in Pakistan

10 Steps to Defeat the Corptocracy

I Hate Things That Happen On Friday Night!

Illinois to balance budget by cutting social services

Willard Romney

11:55pm 5-20-11 Do you feel something shaking?

Israeli rebuke of Obama exposes divide on Mideast

Questions to Union Teachers on few things we keep hearing about.

Landsat Image Of Mississippi Flooding

Democrats probe Koch's interest in oil sands pipe

The Rapture - what time... DOES THE BACKPEDDLING START??? 6:01 PM ?

"on Wednesday Denmark took the bold, unilateral step of reintroducing permanent border controls,

10 Great Things About America That Drive Conservatives and the Religious Right Insane

Any chance of a mass suicide today?

"Enchanted, enRAPTURED, embalmed," - 3 Stooges wisdom for our (not End) Times

Post Rapture diary...

If the rapture does not happen? "That's an impossibility I can't even countenance,"

How important is it to get big money out of politics?

If you are still alive...

Last weekend we had a town election

Kentucky approves $43 million tax break for Bible-themed amusement park

Is Camping's Family Radio operating in the public interest? Should their licenses be challenged?

White House budget attacks higher education for working class students

Matt Taibbi interview with RT..fearless and worth the watch

Co-sponsor the DREAM Act

"Novelty Candidates"

54 minutes untill 6 pm local time here in France

George W. Bush must have been raptured ... there's an empty suit in Crawford

More proof from WND that Obama's BC is fake - they found a smiley face on it

I see all sorts of posts whining about Dem turnout

Newman mom takes school to task for son's weight gain

Business Park installs free plug-in charging stations for EV's

Democrat Surges in Poll Ahead of N.Y. Special Election

Breaking via Jay Bookman -- Herman Cain about to make it official

Explosion in Northern Ireland, no injuries reported - police

My aunt just changed her avatar on Facebook, ready to Rapture!

Why Corporations are not Persons.

"Plus," Barrie said, "the shower experience now can be pretty dramatic."

BP settles with Mitsui arm over Macondo spill, BP gets $1.07 billion

Hope this works, but this would be hilarious....if only

What Camping's Followers Should Say After NOT Being Raptured Tonight:

Dark Energy is real: WiggleZ galaxy project proves Einstein was right again

UN human rights expert calls for higher taxes for those who can afford it {ireland}

Michele Bachmann seeks "emergency donations"

‘Otis’ at odds with police over city ordinance

Radio telescopes capture best-ever snapshot of black hole jets (w/ video)

Wisconsin: Fed threaten loss of FoodShare funds over privatization.

So any 2012 prophecy believers here?

Gods an Epic troll

U.S. official praises NAFTA, promotes pending trade deals

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge!

Strauss-Kahn Screws Africa

EU leaders set to nominate Lagarde for IMF post

Isn't it wonderful how right wing christians support Israel and the Jewish people? (freeper stuff)

Fitch cuts Greece, warns against ‘re-profiling'

Stink bug spread worries growers across nation

Comedians (& backstabber LENO) take jabs at Nazi predator

have any of you guys ran for anything before?

This is when politics is actually satisfying...

To those who figure what those rapture people want to say tomorrow..

Two Dead In iPad Factory Explosion

Two Dead In iPad Factory Explosion

Any DU ers find one of these in your area recently?

Gov. Kasich Signs House Bill 93, limits amount of meds Dr's can prescribe, etc

Justice Department Refusing to Release Law Memo on Secret Telephone Surveillance

Al Franken is standing up for net neutrality

New idea for an app. I'm only asking for a 1% cut of the profits.

Germany takes most of its Nuclear Plants offline

Both Osama and Obama pleased with Arab uprisings?

Can't figure out if this photo is 'real' or not - Mississippi River Flooding

OK---I'm not dead.

Today's the day. I haven't been raptured yet, I'm waiting. And I'm getting pissed.

Toon: Another Opportunity...

What will be the prevailing post-Rapture excuse?

At the hotel breakfast this morning, a gentleman ssid he had read the Koran

Trolling Stormfront!

What a Psychologist predicts about Camping and his followers

What a Psychologist predicts about Camping and his followers

Has anyone here ever felt a bullet whiz by their ear?

With the rapture coming today, what are we supposed to do with our pets?

Saving Somaliland's heritage

Dublin gets ready for Obama

Why was Israel formed??

If any of you gets Raptured during the night, say hi to Morris Udall and Hubert Humphrey for me!

Anthrax victim's widow doesn't believe the FBI

Holy Shit! 4.8 Earthquake in the Solomon Islands!!!

Gawker is streaming live coverage of the rapture

Prayer controversy jeopardizes same-sex amendment vote (by pastor who supports executing gay people)

Yeah, well, whatever ...

It's sad that so many people will waste so much of their time on the so-called "afterlife"...

Strauss-kahn may face a civil suit

An airplane! A freakin' airplane!

Palestinians will Proceed with U.N. Recognition bid

No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son but only the Father

Pro-Israeli lobby urged 'not to boo' Barack Obama after Middle East peace address

Okay it is disturbing that a post gets locked--but a slam on every member is allowed to stand

U.S. economic prosperity demands more freedom by Charles Koch

Outgoing US envoy warns of a second ‘Mumbai attack’

The ubiquitous "they."

Ed Miliband: Labour must win back middle classes

Tune into the Preakness Stakes tonight and watch the audience raptured

Tune into the Preakness Stakes tonight and watch the audience raptured

Legislation to take public notices out of newspapers raises question: Would it save or cost money?

PSA from God: I get it, I really do, and it was funny the first hundred times I heard it,

NSA Twice Chose To Forgo Privacy Protections In Domestic Data Mining Programs - EmptyWheel

DREAM Act Supporters Tell Obama To Quit Campaigning On DREAM Act

Who's Marcel?

Why the Rapture didn't happen today - predict the excuses

Minireactor in works at Westinghouse!

Crap! I forgot and filled up at the gas station....

If Track and Britta Palin have a son in six months, should they name it "Trap"?

Here's photographic proof that Rick Santorum was RIGHT. Face it, the Rapture IS coming...TODAY.

Google euthanizes newspaper archive scan plan

Has DU been Rapture-rolled?

$550 Million Dollars For a New Bomber?

WikiLeaks: A Battle To 'Carve Up' The Arctic - Impending Resource Wars As Global Warming Melts Ice

WikiLeaks: A Battle To 'Carve Up' The Arctic - Impending Resource Wars As Global Warming Melts Ice

How we can Nationalize the Oil industry

What is going on in WI .... haven't heard

Let's toss a couple virgins in a volcano to see if we can stop this thing

I just saw a Harold Camping rapture van pulled over by the cops just outside Philadelphia.

Fields of watermelon burst in China farm fiasco

The official Harold Camping "Hey! I'm still here!" comment watch thread.

God Damn it, they're taking the Lord's name in vain.

DU rocks. It is the best website on the internet.

Rep. Sticks Gun to Head of Innocent Bystander!

Cherry Hill student's challenge to Tea Party champion Michele Bachmann prompts 'threats'

WI election staffers recommend special election for three GOP senators

Teen who challenged Bachmann to debate receiving threats, called a whore secretary(r),picking on the little guy!

Is it wrong to hope Christine Lagarde becomes the next IMF chief

PICS of Mississippi flooding: houses turned into islands

Barney Fife must be rolling in his grave

Check this out from MSN ...

Six Thousand Thirty Four

Ten Amazing Timelapse Videos

My biggest regret about the Rapture not happening today.

WikiLeaks: US forces deployed in Pakistan for intelligence-gathering assistance (Since 2009)

Broadcaster silent as Judgment Day hours tick by

We need to do everything we can to spread the word that the rapture did occur

Public Worries about Unemployment and the Economy, but Media Prefers Deficit

Oregon unemployment drops to 9.6 percent in April as recovery gains speed, narrowing gap with nation

I'm at the Garden Store...should I wait five minutes before loading the car?

Starting the countdown....

Thought something was happening there for a minute

"They don't care about you"- Carlin

The time is almost upon us….

6 minutes to go....

Oh Joy! Oh Rapture!

Oh Joy! Oh Rapture!

6PM EST was the latest moving back of the goalposts for the Rapture Crowd, right?

We're sitting outside, staring at the sky, looking for...

Broadcaster silent as "Judgment Day" hours tick by

"Happy Judgement Day!!!!"

DAMN! It's 6:03 PM Eastern! Where are the floaters?

The CDC steps up awareness for future Zombie Apocalypse

2 min warning

So apparently there was an earthquake in New Zealand?

OK, my evening plans are shot!

Fisherman speaks out about finding man with chain around neck floating near nuke plant

Shootings in Syria push death toll above 900

I've been ruptured.

May 21, 2011, 6:14 PM EST

New Mexico judge booked in political bribe scandal

OMG!!!! I've been "Left Below"!!!

The Lounge is not coming in for me!


Cops kick cellphone blabbermouth off train

ahhh crap....

Hackers Infiltrate Sony So-net Subsidiary, Steal $1,125 in Points

The Iceland volcano is going to give Camping his out....

Further close Obama relatives discovered in Tipperary, Ireland

Is anybody following what's happening in Syria?

The Media Is A Curable Disease

The Media Is A Curable Disease

Probably true toon....

...or rural Georgia.....

This could come in handy after today.

New GOP governors popularity plummets

L.A. teachers union seeks to halt school district initiatives

After Trumka's speech, I just want to see...

After Trumka's speech, I just want to see...

So when, exactly, does this Rapture thing end?

I consider Harold Camping to be a terrorist. Should SEAL team six shoot him in the eye?

Oh no, people are making fun of christians!

World without end. Amen

Another country finale on American Idol - what a surprise - NOT

The officlal "Will You Be Raptured" flowchart

Updates from Fukushima

it's only twenty to six here in tennessee....we're still rapturable

Sinister meme: conflating anti-war protest and terrorism.

Being A Jewish Buddhist Pagan, I just wanted to say so long to all of those

Local teevee news reported a man had his dogs put to sleep.

Super Rich Go from Paying Taxes to Lending Money to Government: Robert Reich

"Somewhere, P.T. Barnum is slapping his knee and giggling like a titmouse."

Checking in from heaven

Should a carefully crafted constitutional amendment be passed to overrule Citizens United ?

My wife and I just had the BEST (although belated) rapture idea EVER!

Post your post Rapture pictures here

Is anyone having trouble Google searching DU?

Get caught selling 30 dollars worth of pot? Go to jail for 12 years NO PAROLE.

Is this what the rapture will be like?

White House budget attacks higher education for working class students

Roll Call Who is Still Here?

A question about the rapture

6.01pm New Zealand Time

2 hrs. 53 mins. (west coast)

High School Students Accused Of Killing Chicken For Cookout

Rapture - The Soundtrack

ABC News had a Rapure item on just now. Reported Camping sat stunned

Fail .......

I had to work today. How did the end of the world go?

Was LinkedIn Scammed? (Wall Street rigging the game for the umpteenth time)

Can Harold Camping be prosecuted?

New freePC software from AVG I am testing, take a look

How do we know for sure that the rapture didn't happen?

Tens of thousands protest throughout Spain, defying government ban

The officlal "Will You Be Raptured" flowchart

Oh My the Preakness winner Shackleford was ridden by Jesus Castanon

And then there were five.

Priest Prohibited signs enflame Austrian passions - One Forest Owner's protest actions

The American eugenics movement after World War II (part 1 of 3)

My god! All the atheists I know have suddenly dissappeared!

BREAKING NEWS: Scientists say Iceland's most active volcano has started erupting

Any predictions for the Dem/Rep ratio on the Sabbath Gasbag shows tomorrow?

Oklahoma Woman Sells $30 Worth of Weed, Gets 12 Years In Prison

If you plan to travel by car this summer, Stay away from Tennessee.

I feel something.

I'm watching Rachel and suddenly she's talking about Huntsman as a pres cand. Where did this...

Rec if you find the Rapture threads as tedious as I do nt

Seeing all the astronauts speaking live to the pope

You guys want to see something fall down laughing funny about rapture?

If the AFL-CIO supports a Republican, I will consider crossing their picket lines.

Al Gore hits out at Rupert Murdoch (Murdoch kills liberal TV news channel for hiring Oberman)

Al Gore hits out at Rupert Murdoch (Murdoch kills liberal TV news channel for hiring Oberman)

Harold Camping, It's 6:01 P.M. in U.S., Now What? (From a Christian Blog Site)

Does President Obama believe in the rapture stuff?

Britain’s National Health Service faces destruction

A thought to share with my Christian brothers and sisters on DU:

Please rate my review of Harold Camping's book (the May 21 rapture author)

Obama: Tenn. school a model for reform - calls for overhaul of NCLB

FBI lab reports on anthrax attacks suggest another miscue Read more:

FBI lab reports on anthrax attacks suggest another miscue Read more:

Music for this evening: "Don't they know, it's the end of the world," Skeeter Davis

The Always-Expanding Bipartisan Surveillance State by Glenn Greenwald

Damnit!... Left behind AGAIN!!!

OMG!!!! I've been "Left Below"!!!

I think it is healthy that the "left" criticizes the President.

Gingrich Is The Dancing Queen

For some people this rapture thing is terrifying. He should be ashamed.

Knock Knock.....

Odd. I have this peculiar feeling I've just lost a lot of weight.

50 million without health insurance

Which GOP Fundie promise had more chance of becoming reality?

I have incredible respect for a great many Christians

I'm dead.

Maria Shriver requested "compassion, respect and privacy" but Palin simply cannot shut the fuck UP.

What was that Jesus said about the little children again?

What was that Jesus said about the little children again?

Lifeguards' high pay riles California beach city

ollie ollie in free. . .

Bwahaha Herman Cain is running for President and thinks he will win????Bwahaha

Why would anyone want to leave behind their children, family & beloved pets?

Watch these videos of the assassination of Chicago Chapter of the

The Huge Tea Party Lie That No One Has Noticed

Joseph Stiglitz: We Bailed Out Citibank And Called It A Bailout Of Mexico - FDL

Make sure to put on some clean socks and underwear, folks...

GOOD NEWS!! Obama issues first EVER federal marijuana-related pardons (two of 'em)

Shock after Dutch priest endorses pedophilia

Ideology an issue for Wisconsin GOP in Senate race (by Scott Bauer AP

Go the fuck to sleep bedtime book for children is big hit

Breakdown of DU3 Groups and Total Subscribers as of 5/21/11 at 4:30 PM eastern

East Coast DUers, Please Check IN!!!!

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli STICKS IT to Westboro Baptist Church!

Saudi woman detained for defying driving ban

Who is feeling rapturelicious? Will this cull the herd of the 2012'ers?

This is troubling me. What would you do?

"I think," he said quietly, "I think . . . I'll have just one more of those candy bars."

A "trip" down memory lane. 1950's housewife volunteers to take LSD

Arrest of former IMF boss baffling to French is not accessible on the web

Saying No to Permanent Global War!

Saying No to Permanent Global War!

In regards to Fukushima, the only thing TEPCO has successfully buried is the Truth.

Now that it's okay to make fun of this rapture silliness...

Wisconsin: Recount over, Prosser declared winner

Get the Koch Brothers Out of Your Gear

Yes, I mock today. I grew up in a fundamentalist church with dispensationalist

Why Breitbart is TOAST (New Court Docs from Shirley Sherrod)

Yup, Still Here

This brought tears to my eyes: "A hotdog for your thoughts"

PITY THE POOR SYRIANS. They get death and torture cus the Powers don't need them

Check Out THIS Chart !!! - 'What’s Driving Projected Debt?'

WI Repubs. set to disenfranchise thousands on eve of Recall Elections.

Time to Nationalize our Oil Companies?

Parents keep child's gender secret

How One State’s Light Bulb Legislation Could Impact All U.S. Manufacturing

New US rules promise legal Cuba travel for many

New US rules promise legal Cuba travel for many

POLL: Will you support Barack Obama in his re-election?

Son dropping Schwarzenegger's last name

While Cutting Social Services, Kentucky Gives $43 Million Tax Break To Bible-Themed Amusement Park

Scientific American: Legalizing Marijuana Would Help the Environment

My poor poor boss.

A few words on the somewhat frenzied attacks on Christians / select Christians here. . .

Libyan Revolution Week 14

I'm still here, please check in

Preaching The End of The World

What kind of music do they play in the Caribbean for the Rapture?

Ruh roh. The Judgment Day web site is down.

Best Rapture Coverage EVAH.

I just got hit by someone running a red light. Yay.

How will YOU be judged?

It's Christmas in Heaven...

Whut?!1 Who said that?!1 TCHAIKOVSKI !1 or, let's play some Nevermind!1 n/t

Good luck

"The Last Night of the World" - Bruce Cockburn

What is your favorite book of the last two decades? Me, "The Orchid Thief:"

Post non-Rapture Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

My guess is that tomorrow's Rapture will be just like the Monty Python Spanish Inquisition sketch

Fuck Harold Camping, Debbie Harry is all I need when it comes to Rapture

Let's hear some Liz Mitchell

One of my cats has found a novel way to avoid being "raptured"

Whut?!1 Who said that?!1 Nevermind!1 or, let's play some TCHAIKOVSKI !1 n/t

Mom Catches A Foul Ball Like A Boss

I just saw John Kerry in a cameo on a "Cheers" rerun!

If this thread ends midsentence

I'll be watching the Preakness during the Rapture

1 estate sale several homes got bed bugs

I don't know about you screw-heads, but tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999

Y'all are going to be real sorry (and surprised) if those Rapture people are right!

Between you and your mate, which ONE of you might get raptured?

I watched "Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life" Yesterday

I am confused.......


According to Harold Camping the Rapture starts at 6 pm in any city in the world

mah boy bought hisself a truck

BREAKING! Major earthquake along the San Madrid Fault!

So....The Rapture didn't happen.

Joe Maphis - Pickin' And Singin'

It's the End of the World as we know it - what's your farewell to the world drink tonight??

If church signs were honest about the rapture

Now that the Rapture didn't happen, you now have to

Harold Camping Arrested for Sitting on His Roof Stark Naked Waiting for the Rapture.

Last night I got paid $70 to talk for an hour!


Well shoot. And I had a whole day of looting planned.

Whu-what... I'm still a member of DU?

Rapture music video. Blondie

Had an interview for a job I didn't try for.

How can there be an end to the World?

Cheer up, it's not the end of the world.

Not sure what to say about this headline.

Flying Naked People Reported in Australia and New Zealand.

Heading to Glory


P. Diddy Changes His Name to Swag

I gave the dog a bath tonight in case I get raptured and he doesn't.

Ok who was crazier? G G Allin or Charlie Sheen?

Irie Warrior

Don't Betray My Love

Live thread with Jesus as we countdown to Rapture 2011.

IT'S HAPPENING! The Rapture has begun! VIDEO

Rapture be damned! I'm going to burn the World up in 30 minutes anyway

Just gave the cat a bath...she loved it! Now if I could only get this damned fur off of my tongue.

"Don't you fucking look at me." I think Dennis speaks for us all here, n'est-ce pas?

Where's Rabrrrrrr?

"Vote Republican" by Roy Zimmerman

Under The Kilt and The Farmer

So how will this day be known in history? I am thinking R-Day. Either that or 5-21.

So who here has been sick lately?

Proof of rapture. pic

Waiting to see the new PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movie - ask me anything!

My eyes are not what they used to be

Well I'm a little disappointed with this Rapture thing. Friends from

And now, your moment of FReeper idiocy: "Her Hitler"!

OMG It is starting to happen!!!

What makes you happiest?

Jesus stood me up tonight.

PHOTO: "I... AM... IRON... CAT..."

Central Time Zone-ya still here?

I'm not writing off this whole "Rapture" thing till I hear that CalPeggy is still here

So, I just opened the fridge..... ......and there WAS NO BEER!!!111

Post your spoilers here. I'm afraid I'll be raptured without knowing....

BREAKING! Major earthquake along the San Madrid Fault!

I staged a rapture scene.

MY last post...

Yea heavy and a bottle of bread

Hampshire 'tiger sighting' causes major alert

Someone posted something about people that use religion for there own means.

Two guys order Taco Bell through folk music

I killed dustbunnies

FED EX just delivered me a case of STOKES Green Chile Sauce with Pork!

Let's just say I wanted to tour the South 'with the family'

I just got hit by someone running a red light. Yay. Clean version.

The Wine Tester

Anyone else surprised how hefty Arnold's mistress is? She isn't at all

Crap! I was taking a nap when the Rapture started 13 minutes ago!

All I know is this - 5/21/2011 has turned out to be one of the most beautiful days of the year

Rapture Ready WIN !!!!

Im back

Great thing about the internet - we can all hassle the unraptured together

Well, it's 6:00, p.m. Central Daylight Time.

Left behind

Movies that send the message "The Party's Over"

Did anyone get Captured today? I'm still here!

Anyone else here like Bon Ami cleaners?

Saturday, May 21. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

I don't understand why people have to be naked to be raptured.

You know what..

What is this "derp" stuff? What did I miss?

You KNEW that ONE DAY, I'd post a photo that's just TOO DAMNED CUTE. Today might be that day.

Rapture Central: Your One-Stop Information Center for this Rapturous Weekend!!!!

wtf is up with google or is it just me?

Has anyone here ever felt a bullet whiz by their ear?

...a really dumb question but...what exactly is "Kicked and Recommended"?

Favorite state with "North" in its name

Gas stations: We're the gouging victims

AIDS Funds Frozen for China in Grant Dispute

Appeals court upholds ranked-choice vote for S.F.

(Tony Blair communications director) Alastair Campbell rejects Iraq dossier claims

Islamic extremist banned from London

Collective bargaining reform on verge of passage (O Steve will continue to have a union)

Obama issues 8 presidential pardons

Along the Mississippi, signs of recovery and stormy forecasts

Police uncover evidence of hundreds more hacked phones (by News of the World)

Illegal Immigrants’ Underground Lives Hobble Their U.S.-Born Children, Study Says

NASA schedules final space shuttle mission

FBI lab reports on anthrax attacks suggest another miscue Read more:

Gingrich: Students and immigrants should be poll-tested before being allowed to vote

Mitch Daniels gets 16 stitiches following workout accident

Pro Players' Unions Want NFL Lockout Lifted

Mexican drug cartel boss caught at (his own) birthday party

New York City Opera to Leave Lincoln Center

Afghanistan: 'Suicide bomb' hits Kabul hospital

Obama's Middle East goal: Tie US policy closer to American values

Nevada jobless rate falls again, to 12.5 percent

More Coloradans find jobs

Protest against Chile dam plan ends in violence

Syria mourners 'attacked by security forces'

Texas jobless rate falls again to 8.0 percent

California unemployment edges below 12%

Maryland job growth hits one-year high in April

Ohio's jobless rate still falling

Post your favorite mangled word or phrases-

Libya crowd attacks bus carrying foreign journalists

FDA: Don't give SimplyThick to premature babies

Turkish nationalist party rocked by new resignations over video blackmail scandal

Panama seizes Learjet, imprisons 2 Houston pilots

Annandale minister's controversial prayer tangles time-crunched Legislature

White House on War Powers Deadline: 'Limited' US Role in Libya Means No Need to Get Congressional Au

Police uncover evidence of hundreds more hacked phones (by Murdoch's - News Of The World)

WikiLeaks: A battle to 'carve up' the Arctic

Saudi woman detained for defying driving ban

Labor dept. develops app to help workers in wage disputes

Some 'Therapy' Videos for MFM's Recovery:

2004 RNC Protesters Win Class Certification

White House: 'Limited' US Role in Libya Means No Need for Congressional Authorization

In Belated Inauguration, Ivory Coast’s President Urges Unity

(David Paterson) Ex-Governor of New York Will Not Face Perjury Charge

Syria's defiant women risk all to protest against President Bashar al-Assad

Al-Qaida hoped to blow up oil tankers, Bin Laden documents reveal

Deadly Landslide Hits Malaysian Orphanage

Reel Grrls rejects Comcast funding after Twitter spat

Somalia food aid cut amid UN funding shortfall

Astronauts inspect gouge on space shuttle's belly

Court ruling sets limits on prom pat-downs

Spain: Massive Crowds Defy Ban On Protests

Players Call NFL a 'Cartel' in Court Filing

Players Call NFL a 'Cartel' in Court Filing

The Cajuns - really interesting history there

Georgia Says Russia Committed Genocide in 19th Century

Autopsy in Chile to show whether President Allende killed himself or was murdered during coup

Jude Law claims that 'very senior executive' knew of phone-hacking (by Rupert Murdoch's papers)

Democrat Surges in Poll Ahead of N.Y. Special Election

Fla. April unemployment rate drops to 10.8 percent

Obama: Schools can improve with right incentives

Volcano erupts in Iceland, spurs 50 quakes


How's Hawaii and California for a vacation?

Mitch Daniels gets 16 stitches following workout accident

'Limited' US Role in Libya Means No Need to Get Congressional Authorization

Why no one should take Jon Huntsman seriously

First 2012 attack ad assails Romney

Talkingpointsmemo's Josh Marshall: Fool on the Hill

Send Newt a “Thank You”

Toon: Fire in the belly

Netanyahu 'Went In Worried, Came Out Encouraged' After White House Meeting, Official Says

Excitement Builds as Invites Snapped up for Obama's Hometown Visit Next Week in Moneygall, Ireland

Four more years! (Of the Patriot Act ...)

Steve Benen on Jon Huntsman: Flip-flopping is bad; lying is worse

"Obama allied America with those...thirsting for freedom, &he did so in a subtle but remarkable way"

George Carlin Jammin' in New York Part 1


Historic graduation speech by First Lady Michelle Obama

Historic graduation speech by First Lady Michelle Obama

PBS NewsHour: Interview with Bahraini opposition newspaper editor facing censorship

Thom Hartmann: No! Senator Mark Kirk - We did not cut our way out of our last deficit!

Fundraising letter from Sarah Palin's SarahPAC!

Thom Hartmann with Sen. Bernie Sanders: 'Brunch with Bernie' (5/20)

New Agriculture Center to Train Thousands of Haitian Farmers (May 1)

Colbert King: President Obama, viewed through a racial lens

Splits in Pakistan's Military Over New Agreement to Cooperate with US

Weekly Address: Replacing "No Child Left Behind" This Year

Taibbi: 'U.S. politics - reality show sponsored by Wall Street'

The Rapture (Tips!)

Must Read from NYT's Roger Cohen: Obama Draws the Line

Alan Grayson: Republicans Show True Colors About Medicare

Real Time with Bill Maher 5/20

Why do Republicans complain about high taxes when they don’t pay any taxes?

The Assassination of Fred Hampton How the FBI and the Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther 1 of 3

The Assassination of Fred Hampton How the FBI and the Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther 2 of 3

MSNBC: GOP Super-PAC: Senator Sanders w/ Cenk

These republicans make me laugh when they bash the President for using a teleprompter

CLASS 5: 1 Textbook

Toon: A bad time for Newt

Heaven's Gate Cult Initiation Tape Part 1

Does Obama = Bush?

Six Feet Under Rapture Death

The Official "Goodbye DU" thread..

GOP Congressman Calls For Reviving New Deal-Era Public Works Programs

from Billy Bob Neck: The Bottom Of My Rapture Shoes

Spain demonstrations continue in defiance of rally ban

President Obama’s Letter About Efforts in Libya

Obama violates War Powers Act?

DNC outraises Republicans more than double in April

Blondie - Rapture

Herman Cain is officially running for president as of today. What is your exciting reaction?

Bill Maher's Weather Forecast

What do we know about Herman Cain?

ZOMG! Check out Governor Haley (SC) addressing throngs of crazed teabaggers at Thursday's rally.

The Rachel Maddow Show: "This Is Voter Suppression!" Wisconsin State Senator Lena Taylor

May 21 rapture: Apocolypse WOW!

Rumsfeld admits that Obama made the Right Call on bin Laden Takedown.....Sort of

A New Normal: The President Can Bomb Anyone Anywhere for as Long as He Wants

Matt Taibbi -- 'Wall Street a threat to America'

US bombs in Libya officially illegal after 60 days of war

'US to extend Patriot Act on lies'

Rachel Maddow Makes Rapture Drink "The Last Word"

THE END OF THE WORLD - May 21, 2011

Pat Buchannon defends Pres. Obama: Are Republicans Suffering From Obama Derangement Syndrome?

Julian Assange-Statement After Extradition Hearing

O'Reilly: Obama And Bush Are Equally Hated in Middle East

Maddow To Obama You'd Better Start Kissing Some Union Worker Ass Or Forget About Re-Election!

Militant Atheists

Energy Catalyzer: Bologna University Test (with English subtitles)

The Assassination of Fred Hampton How the FBI and the Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther 3 of 3

Rising Literacy and a Shrinking Birth Rate: A Look at the Root Causes of the Arab Revolution

Harvey Wasserman: Fukushima's Apocalyptic Threat Demands Immediate Global Action

The empire’s untenable position

Toffs rule! Voters love being led by an aristocrat - says Cameron's uncle

Nomi Prins: The Real IMF Assault

PolitiFact Finds Walker Is Breaking A Promise And Raising Some Taxes

Sorry, losers

And The Winner Is....The Public Sector

For U.S. economic aid to Arab world, a muted impact

Friday Talking Points (168) -- Zombie Attack!

Michele Bachmann’s Head-Banging, Gay-Bashing BFF (Bradlee Dean)

Clearing Out Without Cleaning Up: The US and Vieques Island

Eric Schneiderman vs. Wall Street and its political servants

Interest rate rises likely, says Bank of England chief economist

Illegal Immigrants’ Underground Lives Hobble Their U.S.-Born Children, Study Says

Egyptians expunge Mubarak's legacy, one metro map at a time

Texas politicians knew agency hid the amount of radiation in drinking water

How corruption, cuts and despair drove Spain's protesters on to the streets

A Doctor’s Push for Single-Payer Health Care for All Finds Traction in Vermont

Delhi seeks a hands-on role

Obama’s Peace Tack Contrasts With Key Aide, Friend of Israel.

Vince Cable: People do not understand how bad the economy is

GOP Resurrecting Jim Crow in Wisconsin

Republicans Out to Kill Unemployment Insurance

US military goes to war with climate sceptics

Kan yesterday in Parliament on Japan's new energy plan

Drumbeat: May 20, 2011

Not just the facts, ma’am: Why science alone can’t defeat Big Food’s policy stranglehold

Russia sabotaged Iran nuclear programme: report

More and more, the boreal forest will burn

Texas politicians knew agency hid the amount of radiation in drinking water

L.A. Times: Obama is throwing “the environment and public health under a bus” to get reelected

Interview with Akira Tokuhiro, Nuclear Engineer: Fukushima and the Mass Media

Seawater enters reactor core at nuclear plant, Hamaoka nuclear plant in Shizuoka Japan

Finally: an LED replacement for 60 watt bulb -- costs $20 (less than half the competition)

Hiroaki Koide of Kyoto University: "No One Knows How Fukushima Could Be Wound Down"

Study: Realtors Confirm Gas Prices Are Changing U.S. Housing Demand

PopSci: How 29 Long-Ignored Elements Could Make or Break the Clean-Energy Revolution

Energy Department approves first-ever liquid natural gas exports from Louisiana

NYT: Regulators Find Design Flaws in New Reactors

Nuclear plant workers suffer internal radiation exposure after visiting Fukushima

WikiLeaks: A Battle To 'Carve Up' The Arctic - Impending Resource Wars As Global Warming Melts Ice

Germany takes most of its Nuclear Plants offline

Wonder if George Takei knows about this Sunday's 'OK To Say Gay' rally in Knoxville?

MN Marriage Ban In Jeopardy After Anti-Gay Prayer By Bradlee Dean (Gays should be jailed/executed)

Gay Parents Bashed - Primetime from ABC News

Damnit! I think the beer in my fridge has been raptured!

Cage Match! Stephen Hawking vs. Kirk Cameron!

Gods an Epic troll

Rapture is happening

Tell us a favorite Zen story!

Official Rapture countdown thread

Just in time! "Christ's Entry Into Washington DC..."

Kutsu o nuide kudasai. (Please remove your shoes)

The media’s shameful, cruel obsession with those awaiting the rapture

Christians get mocked because...

In light of the Rapture hoax, what exactly is the line between respectable religion and dangerous

Man hangs himself in Nairobi church on 'doomsday'

Our pitcher got a home run! Our pitcher got a home run!

Is the NBA the geriatric league

Former Expos/Mets Gary Carter has multiple brain tumors

Rest in Peace, Trumad.

NFL players: League is like a "cartel."

Some throwback uniforms just need to be thrown away

And they're OFF!

Hincapie tells probe that Armstrong cheated

U.S. official to Haaretz: Netanyahu focus on 1967 borders missing the point

Texas Gun(s On Campus) Bill Suffers Major Setback (Thanks to Democrats)

Palestinians to proceed with UN recognition bid

Gunmen kill suspected spy for Israel in West Bank

Unity is Not Compromise: Towards a Real Palestinian Strategy (Ramzy Baroud)

Pro-Israeli lobby urged 'not to boo' Barack Obama after Middle East peace address

Turkey president: Hamas must recognize Israel's right to exists

The Bibi-Barack Chess Game

Barak: PM-Obama meeting 'less dramatic than it seems'

Pro-Israeli lobby urged 'not to boo' Barack Obama after Middle East peace address

Bibi’s White House Tantrum

Went to Cabella's today in Kansas City, Kansas. PACKED with handgun customers.....

I don't understand the "non-defensible" aspect of the 1967 lines.

ADL’s Abraham Foxman: Obama didn’t throw Israel under the bus

State Representative (R-moran) threatens to shoot "innocent bystander" (Maine)

Thinking about buying a hand gun

Remember, citizens- it's not your place to question how cops treat gun owners

Palestinians will Proceed with U.N. Recognition bid

After Altercation, Philadelphia Police Say They Won't Look the Other Way on Open-Carry Gun Owners