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So, I just opened the fridge..... ......and there WAS NO BEER!!!111

In light of the Rapture hoax, what exactly is the line between respectable religion and dangerous

Wichita restaurant accused online of discrimination against blind

Here it is, the End of the World:

PSA: James Zogby is on BookTV at midnight ET

Health in Doubt, Mugabe, 87, Vows to Stay in Power

You know, this doomsday group really does sum up the religious right

Peru's Fujimori criticizes Chavez as 'dictatorial'

N.Y. case highlights daily dangers faced by hotel maids

Supreme Court may hear case on tuition breaks for illegal immigrants

45 minutes to GO...goodbye cruel world....

45 minutes to GO...goodbye cruel world....

can't get through to family radio...

Tennessee legislature votes to limit teachers union role

Gays in Mideast fear new political era

All of the winners of the Gold Tickets were Raptured and

People Believe Stupid Stuff When Leaders Regurgitate Nonsense

Maddow celebrates the Rapture with Last Word cocktail

Law and Order tonight is remarkably similar to the Gifford shooting

OMG Tornado in Topeka!


Saw some empty clothes and a soda at a bus stop on the way home in

What if --- another Rapture thought, bear with me

Kinda disappointed the world didn't end. Thought it could be a bonding experience

Japanese superquake moved ocean floor 79 feet sideways and 10 feet up

6:12 pm AST-Most of Alaska has now, apparently, avoided Rapture

Maine GOP Lawmaker Threatens To Shoot Photographer In Dunkin Donuts Parking Lot

Maine state rep pulls gun on photographer

Disability Placard - In the right or not? Can the partner utilize it?

What should Amanda Knox's parents do about the criminal charges they're facing?

Texas Politicians Knew Agency Hid The Amount Of Radiation In Drinking Water

We don't have much extra for spending money...

The Primary system is perfectly designed to make winners of the skilled liars

A little perspective: Now vs Bush Error

psst! mods! it's now may 22 where i am, and it's after 6 pm in all fifty states!

psst! mods! it's now may 22 where i am, and it's after 6 pm in all fifty states!

Sunday Talk Shows

Well, I've been Raptured. Turns out Gary Gygax is God after all.

How to still cash in on the Rapture

Ex-RNC chair Michael Steele in talks with MSNBC

Minnesota House passes anti-gay constitutional marriage amendment, ban's server is down... wasn't that predictable

Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs

Teen butt dials 911 while doing a drug deal

Mr. Rapture Ready scammed MILLIONS of dollars off people

The Atheist's Conundrum: Rationalists vs Rapturists and matters of degree.

Will backlash over the Middle East policy speech ultimately cost Barack Obama his re-election?

Midnight! Hurry! It's time to put a speaker in your window and blast Metallica' The 4 Horsemen! nt


I'm betting God meant 6:00pm Hawaiian time. Seriously though...

Wonkette breaks the news of Track Palin's marriage:

While I find the whole Rapture thing ridiculous, I *do* believe the 2012 thing

Minnesota voters to decide on gay marriage ban

Dutch Catholic Priest Pedophilia Endorsement Shocks Church

Family Radio chief Harold Camping silent as Rapture fails to occur

Yo, Bibi. What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Yo, Bibi. What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Legislative firestorm erupts over Bradlee Dean's prayer (Minnesota)

East Asia's top leaders meet near nuke plant

Militants storm Afghan gov't building; 5 dead

Baghdad area hit by series of bombs, 13 killed

China to Ease Trade Bans on Japan Imports

to my Family and friends who keep trying to believe in this end of world bullshit

Lmao at all these states drawing up legislation to ban Sharia law

The Obama BBC interview

Old Soviet Nuclear Site in Asia Has Unlikely Sentinel: The U.S.

Pictures - Topeka tornado May 21, 2011

Pictures - Topeka tornado May 21, 2011

The $13,290 cat bed ( a bit of levity for the wee hours insomniacs)

Hotel housekeepers say jobs often make them wary.

Biblical References to the Rapture

Sarah Palin buys a house in north Scottsdale?

ACLU lends help to lawsuit defending domestic partnership law (yes Walker AGAIN)

How ridiculous are the religion bashers?

Llama Droppings were the organic fertilizer that built Machu Picchu

Llama Droppings were the organic fertilizer that built Machu Picchu

Why I could never work at a suicide prevention hotline:

Germany election: Bremen poll sees 16-year-olds vote

If religion went poof overnight and all the sudden no one believed in it,

I absolutely believe the 2012 thing, and I don't care who mocks me for it.

Arnold's Smoking Gun (sorry, one more post about AS)

How stupid is Senator Toomey?

I wonder how many followers of Harold Camping feel like idiots about now.

How Toxic Is Paul Ryan?

How ridiculous is religion? Lets see them spin this… the world DIDN'T end today!

Florida's budget cuts stir job fears

For Harold Camping The Prophecy Came True With A Slight Miscalulation .....

What is this "derp" stuff? What did I miss?

Mitch Daniels says no to running for President

Sunday's Doonesbury- The Case for Trump?

Israel's Netanyahu Downplays Rift With Obama

How to destroy a school system (WI and vouchers for high income parents)

High gas prices fuel increased public-transit ridership

Auth Toon: Recalculating...

Ohio poised to approve concealed-carry law allowing guns in bars, restaurants and stadiums

Miyako seaweed harvest resumes Kyodo

People Believe Stupid Stuff When Leaders Regurgitate Nonsense

US-Iran Escalation:Iran Arrests 30 US Spies,builds Venezuela missile base,US Sends 3rd Carrier Group

Woodrow Wilson's 14 Points - opposed by France, the UK and repubs.

Suppose we had all been raptured yesterday. Would we know it?

Newt gets his own medicine....

I think Palin will run

I think Palin will run

Sudanese army controls Abyei following heavy fighting

Gingrich backpedaling on Face the Nation right now

Still waiting for the Raptor to carry off the Far-Righteous.

Livestream For anyone interested: Tony Kushner to speak at College Commencement-Not CUNY

Well since we didn't get raptured, might as well give out another one of these GOLDEN TICKETS!

10 Iraqi police are among 16 dead in a wave of bombings

Weimar states support to Obama on Mideast

California's granting in-state tuition to illegal immigrants may face a Supreme Court challenge.

Sometimes you can find a shred of humanity and people can surprise you

A day late, but funny anyway

Pakistan's India obsession a mistake: Obama

What are the chances Candy Crowley will ask Dick Armey about his Koch brothers connections?

BREAKING: Hostage Situation in Yemen (American ambassador)

HERMAN CAIN is the featured guest on "Fox News Sunday"?

Military Rape: Rampant, Ignored is down for maintenance

Could you take a minute to help a food bank?

Obama speaking at AIPAC now on M$NBComcast n/t

Consumer spending expected to slow down

Every day in America

British Soccer Star [Ryan Giggs] Sues Twitter Over Privacy Issue

Why do I think this Rapture business will not

Rachel Maddow is on Tweety's Sunday show

A miracle occurs weeks after the tornados:

Frankly, I'm glad that Newt is back in the spotlight

US cable: Gulf countries fund Pakistani militancy

US cable: Gulf countries fund Pakistani militancy

There is something different this morning.

Mitch Daniels' Decides Not To Run For President

CNN: US, UK and European envoys rescued from Yemen embassy

Sarah Palin Slams Obama on Israel, Wants 'Redneck Woman' to Be Her Ringtone

GOP scrubs mention of prayer (Minnesota's Journal of the House)

Mom tries to kill kids and herself and daughter with box knife(Rapture related)

Republicans don't get a lot of money from celebrities.

It appears that military spending has replaced the SS and Medicare as the third rail in politics

How many of us have one of those "ordinary, regular no-interest, revolving credit accounts"

Sinking values prompting homeowners to consider strategic default

Conservative group attacks former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson as he considers a bid for Herb K

Repub candidates: Who's quit, who's left?

Farmers vs. feds.

Farmers vs. feds.

Is Apocalypseboy returning his sheep's donations ?

'Don't look at me!'

"The Glenn Beck Story" starting now on TCM.

Robert Fitzpatrick reacts to doomsday false alarm

Pakistan says wants China to build naval base

FBI: Federal Bureau of Injustice

Big Content rips into Google, the "corporate imperialist"

Bill Maher Narrows Down 2012 GOP Field To Charlie Sheen, Ted Nugent, And ‘Face-Ripper Monkey’

Saudi Arabia, UAE funded jihadi networks in Pakistan: Wikileaks cable

Dem group’s ad depicts Paul Ryan stand-in tossing elderly woman off a cliff

Freeper goes to Orly Taitz's site at work, gets computer virus

FBI locates stolen 750K Ferrari. Agent wrecks it taking it on "short ride". govt won't pay up

Well guys, I hate to say I told you so but I've been raptured.

CBS’s Face The Nation Dismantles Gingrich’s Lie That He ‘Wasn’t Referring To Ryan’

Images from the Wisconsin Walleye Wars

Beetle eats frog.

Another Chart For You... 'Taxes No Barrier To Growth In !990s'

Did any of your Christian/Muslim/Religious friends mock Mr.Camping?

'Now that Israel stands alone, the events of the "last days" will come quickly!' ("DC is a buzz!")

Why am I watching 16 and Pregnant on MTV?

Dean Baker and Bob McChesney discuss Economics - LIVE streaming - 2pm EDT

Young Vallejo Family Loses A Daughter And Likely Their Home - Times-Herald

How can a vast majority possibly be persecuted?

Missing girl found dead in Trinity River, mother to be charged with murder

Lawmakers seek to ban convict use of social media

The point isn't what your beliefs (or non-beliefs) are

Coors fires worker for medical marijuana

Coors fires worker for medical marijuana

President Clinton announces another record budget surplus

"I woke up and Susan wasn't there…"

Seven myths about Iranian foreign policy

Are you willing to learn a little American Sign Language?

I am SO Angry. State of Kansas Gutted Schools Spent millions on

Post: Strauss-Kahn Hit On Several Women During His Stay in New York

Bertha Lewis on Life After ACORN

Bertha Lewis on Life After ACORN

What's wrong with this picture? Who's on first?

Ailes Thinks Palin Is An Idiot And... Stupid

Rep. Darrell Issa probes FCC Baker’s departure to Comcast

Newt Gingrich's Former PAC Took In Just $34 Per Day In April

Gay Rep. Karen Clark Implores Colleagues To Let Her Marry In Minnesota

Toon: Waterboard McCain?

End-of-Worlder attempts to kill her daughters, self

Rand Paul pushes Libya resolution, decries ‘do-nothing’ Senate

Swiss government may move to eliminate nuclear power

True tales of the Rapture: Tell us your story of how you survived the End Times!

I went to the rapture and all I found was this lousy t-shirt

When Doomsday Isn't, Believers Struggle to Cope

Jesus Confirms World Ended Saturday

Obama waved at my son-n-law yesterday

‘You Light Up My Life’ songwriter Brooks, facing sex charges, apparently kills himself in NYC

The United Gates of America

The Dick has joined Facebook

Best option for car shoppers: Postpone buying

US Arms Sales at Odds with Words

The Minnesota House passed the same-sex marriage ban

After the first great disappointment, a myriad of new cults and religions arose

Sooo. I wonder what the guy who blew his life's savings on signs advertizing the end of the world

Are LED light bulbs going to be required and manufacture of

Deadly tornado devastates Reading, Kan.

A cartoon from the Civil War

Sanjay Gupta has a special on Patrick Kennedy

Herman Cain only has $13 in his PAC, but says his campaign is not broke

The Elephant in the Green Room (NY Magazine article on Fox News and Ailes)

Newt's speechwriter has lengthy list of creds-Patriot/Militia Christian identity leader, Tea Party,

JPMorgan CEO warns of consequences (+ on anti-bank sentiment -"I'm tired of listening to that crap")


Pray for us in Az - Sarah Palin is planning a move here

I'm doing this from my phone, so I'll keep it short and sweet.

Rapture Preacher may have incited at least some to anger/retaliation

At Westboro Baptist Church, Steve Drain found religion but lost a daughter

Many wondering if bankers scammed LinkedIn on recent IPO

Thirty Best Rapture Bombs

At least one tornado did extensive damage to NE Minneapolis and points north.

Having used the War Powers Act to ignore the Constitution, Obama now ignores the War Powers Act

Canadian is Now the New 'N' Word....

State (of Florida) dismantles growth-management laws

I don't know why the teachers' unions haven't proposed their own quality standards.

Woman Says Hospital Failed To Investigate Rape Claim

Tell Secretary Clinton to say NO to the Kochs and YES to Protecting Americans!

I overheard an interesting conversation at work yesterday:

OOPS! My Bad...

with hindsight do you wish Bush 41 won in 92

What can we learn from this rapture/teabagger nonsense?

Harold Camping flies the coop - THE LINK

Newtie Melting Down Again on Face the Nation

Newtie Melting Down Again on Face the Nation

I am really nervous about the President traveling to a foreign country so soon after the death of

I can't frigging believe it...

Maybe Harold Camping got raptured

Firefighters rescue fawn stuck in rocks, reunited with mom

Sarah Palin Calls Obama The Temporary President

During today's sermon my priest mentioned his personal disappointment over rapture fail.

Secret Donors Multiply in U.S. Election Spending

Tennessee : Monster Corporations Turn on GLBTs:

OK, Rapturists... We Need To Talk...

OK, Rapturists... We Need To Talk...

I said to my mother-"The republicans are overplaying their hand."

Best Walk For Choice Signs From Across The Country

In honor of not getting raptured, can I post this cool Rick Rolled animation?

I am watching A Face in the Crowd, this is a movie ahead of its time.

"GOP invites preacher who advocates jailing gays to give House prayer"

It hurts to be Left Behind–just ask the “base”

Just saw a guy explaining the statue of liberty.

Tornado has struck Joplin, hospital reportedly on fire

Show Your Thanks to World War II Vets by Watching This 2-min Video

Show Your Thanks to World War II Vets by Watching This 2-min Video

Wired: Why Wikileaks doesn't qualify for "reporter's privilege"

Police State Supreme Court Ruling Further Erodes Fourth Amendment Privacy Rights

today I discovered I am a coward

Florida lawmaker, her son, her husband run health care services in spite of dubious backgrounds.

Getting a gun? Medical marijuana? Undergraduate / graduate? Background check/prints please

Indian Point nuke plant lacking firefighting equipment, officials say public doesn't understand

Newt Rises From the Ashes

Militants storm Pakistani naval base. Two aircrafts destroyed.

How did Netanyahu treat Obama like a school boy?

The FREEDOM RIDES: 50 years later

I saw a DU bumper sticker today!!

Post Rapture Toons

First Eyjafjallajokull, now Grimsvotn

There Are 5 If You Count The Statue

Shock after Dutch priest endorses pedophilia

Why doesn't everyone understand that there's something not "normal" about Newt?

Obama: We'd raid Pakistan again if militant found

The human side of the Rapture hoax.

Maybe the Rapture happened and Jesus just couldn't find any true Christians

Maybe the Rapture happened and Jesus just couldn't find any true Christians

Thinking about Trumka's notice to Democrats

CHASE Credit Card--ONE late payment and they've raised our interest to 29%. 29%!!!!!!!!!!

Why would-be engineers end up as English majors

Patricia Heaton Has Lost Potential Roles Because of Her Politics

Far Below Minimum Wage

I watched "Inside Job" for the first time last night

Wisconsin's "Dog-and-Pony Show" Faith-Based Supreme Court Election "Recount"

Five myths about America’s schools

Cassette tapes make a comeback

Baby Thrown Down Trash Compactor in Fort Greene NY

Why Aren't Progressives As Good At Politics As Conservatives? - DailyKos

Look at these new WI residency rules in play for July 12 recalls!...

Three month old baby Okapi - pics

Saudi Arabia, UAE funded jihadi networks in Pakistan: Wikileaks cable

I feel nothing but sympathy for the victims of this Rapture con-man.

Swedish police uncovered CIA operation

A new twist in the Rupert Murdoch Phone Hacking Scandal just made things an all new ball game

Protest Backroom Deal to Extend Un-Patriot Act til 2015

Should the names of accused rapists be released prior to conviction?

It's not just Tenn. Thousands demonstrate in Sweden over a mosque.

Sidwell Friends School sued for $10 million over alleged affair

Prosecute Harold Camping (May 21 rapture guy) for running a scam.

I cried twice today....

WARNING - About Evangelicals and others, and the Apocalypse

Reaction in France to the IMF arrest

Fraudulent use of disabled parking placards explodes in last decade, 1 in 10 California have one

Fraudulent use of disabled parking placards explodes in last decade, 1 in 10 California have one

Obama and the Israel Lobby

How you may live and travel in the city of 1950

Pile of debt would stretch beyond stratosphere

DVR ALERT: "The China Syndrome" - film trailer - Roger Ebert review

DVR ALERT: "The China Syndrome" - film trailer - Roger Ebert review

FL Governor Rick Scott and the bad moon rising.

Unemployment Benefits Face Duration Cuts In Multiple States

French Women 'Stunned' By Public Misogyny Following DSK's Arrest

EPA Halts Daily Reporting of Radiation Levels

On 60 Minutes: Lance Armstrong doped

"Anarchists" = Far right wing

Who all is still here?

No food or water for 70 years for Indian Yogi

Isn't it time for the U.S. to finally take a neutral position between Israel and the Palestinians?

Well, it looks like the rapture won't be happening...

"Just before it happened" photo thread

No Rapture but a lot of other goofy stuff this year.

Gary Moore

BREAKING! CaliforniaPeggy's publisher RUSH RELEASES her book of RAPTURE POETRY!

Bookmark this thread - I will tell you right here and right now when the Rapture WILL happen

Lawyer Objects To "Large Breasted Woman" In Courtroom

Well I am actually very disappointed that the Rapture didn't come

A timely song worthy of a thread about now.

I plan to never sleep ever again!

Cicada Year. This You Tube kid is great.

Has a new way to give birth been invented?

damn it! My entire Dior Fall collection got raptured! n/t

How to get the baby phone to curse

True and total happiness

The Band. The Band. The Motherfuckin' Band.

An SNL Digital Short

I was raptured yesterday, but came back because there is no DU in heaven.

I don't believe the average length for a man is 6"

Tornadoes, again.

I just read Becoming Like God by Michael Berg

After 25 years


So I have Monster on these steroid meds for a week. If he does well he doesn't have cancer. If he

Test post

Who gives a shit if Lance Armstrong 'dosed'?

I finally made it to 20,000 posts!

Caption this!

I don't believe the average height for a man is 5'9"

Dude, Primus is coming to town in a couple weeks

I miss my wife.

I miss my wife.

Why is it always that guy?

Here's a WTF moment I had last week

How many here have degrees in IT?

How many here have degrees in IT?

Do people really like the idea of having to wear 3D glasses

After 10+ years my prodigal kitty comes home..

What's a reasonable amount of time to allow a new hire to start the job?

Why am I watching 16 and Pregnant on MTV?

Thought I found a body today

Internet Explorer 7? or IE 8?

Hit by a red-light-runner, vein blown out with contrast during MRI ... There must be a pony, right?

Owwwww!!! Ohhhhhhh!!!! Somebody put me out of my misery... I'm never drinking beer again!!!!!

Who would you rescue?

can someone help me with an ipod problem?

It's raining like crazy in Fargo, right now! How's the weather for you folks?

I've decided I'm legally changing my first name to "What" and my last name to "TheFuck."

I am apparently on the fat girl's list for clothing catelogs

Oh Noes!

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Give Me Your Feet Edition

Your favorite way to make coffee?

With Withdrawal Looming, Trails Grow Cold for Americans Missing in Iraq

New US rules promise legal Cuba travel for many

Sarah Palin buys a house in north Scottsdale?

Obama endorses Palestinian demand for state based on 1967 borders

Obama endorses Palestinian demand for state based on 1967 borders

Obama: We'd raid Pakistan again if militant found

$1bn fraud at Kabul Bank puts UK's Afghan pull-out in peril

Shock after Dutch priest endorses pedophilia

Kan To Announce New Energy Program At G8

Farmers may use animal by-products in feed again

Sudan's military takes control of oil-rich region

US, UK and European envoys trapped in Yemen siege

Saudi Arabia, UAE funded jihadi networks in Pakistan

End Outdated Military Spending, Not Medicare

Sarah Palin Moves into Statistical Tie for Lead in Wide-Open GOP 2012 Field

Swedish police uncovered CIA operation

Obama wants Cameron to back Palestinian state with pre-1967 borders

US to help South Korea in Agent Orange inquiry

Oscar-Winning Composer Accused of Rape Found Dead ("You Light Up My Life")

US 'would repeat Bin Laden raid'

New Mexico Judge Charged in Bribery Case, but Former Governor Draws a Mention (Bill Richardson)

Barack Obama agrees to form joint national security body with UK

Mitch Daniels won't run in 2012

Final British forces leave Iraq

Police: 3 explosions rock Pakistani air base

Tornadoes Hit Twin Cities

Agreement to let Honduras return to OAS after coup

Putin Decides To Retake Presidency

Minireactor in works at Westinghouse

Doomsayers Grounded by Their Failed Rapture Predictions

Garland (Maine)lawmaker barred from State House after gun incident was exhibiting “erratic behavior”

Spain's Ruling Socialists Crushed in Polls

Greens Surpass Merkel Party in Local German Vote

Two U.S. Troops Killed as Baghdad Hit by Bombs

'I was destroyed by Murdoch's hackers,' says svengali

(Robert) Gates Warns Against Big Cuts in Military Spending

Suspect in beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow is in custody

Check out this website.

‘Worrying gap between US army, civilians’

Obama to AIPAC: 1967 borders reflect longstanding U.S. policy

I finally made it to 10,000 posts!

Obama, Romney's war chests overflow

Obama: U.S. would go after other high-profile targets in Pakistan

rare sunday, Obama speak at AIPAC

We should use the Rapture strategy...

Breaking… Mitch Daniels NOT running for President in 2012

New York Mag: Ailes Has Extensive Influence On GOP Politics, Thinks Palin Is An "Idiot"

Herman Cain enters 2012 GOP presidential race

A first-class ticket to ‘a mental Shangri-La’

Fox News "political analyst" Angela McGlowan: Pizza Guy + Allen West can beat Obama in 2012

A Proud Day for Obama - TPM

President Obama's European Trip Could Pay Benefits Abroad, At Home

Obama's (Irish) ancestral village rolls out the green carpet

Obama's speech to AIPAC -- prepared text

Newt Gingrich Defends His Tiffany's Debt: 'It's A Normal Way Of Doing Business' (VIDEO)

The Freedom Riders (1): 1961 Effort to Challenge Segregated Bus System

Herman Cain: slice of stupid with extra arrogance.

Ireland ready for Obama visit

Spinning Our Wheels

Mitch Daniels didn't say "no" because of his Wife

Political Wire: Huntsman Courts Bushies

Chalmers Johson: The BLOWBACK SYNDROME: Oil Wars and Overreach (50 min)

Assault by Harold Camping / Family Radio supporters on May 21

Democracy Now! Roundtable on President Obama's Middle East speech

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Hospital Workers Union Stands Up To Cuts

"Speaking Truth To Evil: Exposing The Koch Bros." - M.o.C #36 by comedian Lee Camp

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli versus the Westboro Baptist Church

We're Still Here, How Odd.

Obama Justifies FEMA imprisonment of civilians!

Saudi woman campaigns for right to drive

Bowser puts a major bite on the Ryan Plan

Obama: '67 Borders Reflect Long Standing Policy

It's clear, "serious" candidates KNOW that they can't beat Obama, waiting til '16

KTLA: Mother Fearing End of World Slits Throats of Daughters, Herself

GOP Contender Herman Cain Demonstrates Clueslessness On [ME] Policy, Confused By ‘Right Of Return’

Obama's Israel speech fodder for the presidential election

Tell Secretary Clinton to Say NO to the Kochs

Love Letter To Albuquerque Public Schools

Watch out, Ladies: Tim Pawlenty Gonna Give You the Vapors!

Washington Post Sunday editorial: Encouraging whistleblowers

Sunday Funnies: Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Today's (Israeli) borders are the 'indefensible' ones (Haaretz Editorial)

Feds Reviewed Only 100 Foreclosure Files in Servicer Whitewash

Paul Krugman:Charlatans and Cranks

Kloppenburg will then have five days to challenge the results in court.

Harold Camping Fails To Take Responsibility for 'Mis-Judgm­ent Day'

Why Mukesh Ambani’s swank home makes Ratan Tata sad

Conservatives risking reputation on law and order, say ministers

Why the G8 should open its books

Libya: Britain's £1bn war

New research finds no plausible land use change from ethanol production

Editorial: Re-Open The Capitol: Return access to pre-protest standard.

Washington Post Sunday editorial: How 29 coal miners were doomed

Global systemic crisis - Confirmation of a Major Alert for the second half of 2011 (LEAP/E2020)

End Outdated Military Spending, Not Medicare

Was he betrayed? Of course. Pakistan knew Bin Laden's hiding place all along

Omaha World Herald/ Iowa losing power position?

America Becoming an Idiocracy

Capitalism is a corrupt and festering corpse, yet the maggots can feast for a little while longer

Sarah Palin Moves into Statistical Tie for Lead in Wide-Open GOP 2012 Field

Saudi Aramco, France's Air Liquide in nitrogen deal (well injection)

got my seeds from Seeds of Change yesterday.

A less nuclear future (Japan Times OpEd)

Photo gallery: Gamma camera views inside Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1 reactor building

Monitoring the alewife comeback (Maine)

Inca success in Peruvian Andes 'thanks to llama dung' (BBC)

Radioactive sewage sludge and slag in Tokyo

Vancouver city officials are allowing residents to grow crops along roadsides

Gulf Of Mexico 'Dead Zone" is the size of New Jersey- And Growing

Swiss protest nuclear power

(Japan Times) U.S. court victories show how to get rid of nuclear plants

Xpost fm LBN: Kan To Announce New Energy Program At G8 (details included)

News Of Todays Rapture (no, it has nothing to do with Queers per se)

John Kriesel's empassioned speech to the MN House

‘Coming Out’: Gay Teenagers, in Their Own Words

In light of the Rapture hoax, what exactly is the line between respectable religion and dangerous

Biblical References to the Rapture

How do the believers in the Rapture know that others have not been Raptured?

A rapture poll!

What would happen if all of the books written by Paul were removed from the Bible?

Apple Is A Religion

Religion and Sex Quiz

Iran Court Acquits 11 Evangelical Christians

What could have been (The Rapture)

I refuse to mock

"...and he will give you the desires of your heart..."

Where's the voice of the majority of sane Christians?

Let Timmy Smoke!

What's up with Cleveland? (Indians)

Lightning win game four 5-3

Now that was a strange play

If religion went poof overnight and all the sudden no one believed in it,

Obama: Doomed to disappoint (John Mearsheimer)

Yo, Bibi. What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Today's (Israeli) borders are the 'indefensible' ones (Haaretz Editorial)

Hoyer just undercut Obama's position on '67 lines at AIPAC.

Hamas: Obama will not force Israel recognition

Netanyahu's rejection of Obama's 1967 border deal leaves peace talks in tatters

Don't let the radicals win

Ohio poised to approve concealed-carry law allowing guns in bars, restaurants and stadiums

Update: Gun brandishing GOP Maine representative was "religious" and "erratic" but a "stand-up guy"

Update 3: Speaker wants Wintle (GOP gun brandisher) barred from (Maine) Statehouse (Maine)

Keeping An Eye On "Terror Watchlist" Legislation (Used to prevent gun ownership without due process)

Keeping An Eye On "Terror Watchlist" Legislation (Used to prevent gun ownership without due process)

The fallacy of concealed carry

PA Rural County (Somerset) 80 Women sign up for handgun class

The 911 call of the woman in GA who shot the intruder who tried to rape her

Does Idaho and Montana

GOP right to slow down guns (on campus) bill (Tennessee)