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Watching Loose Change with my roku . . . 9/11 . ! ! ! !

Behind Grass-Roots School Advocacy, Bill Gates

Advocacy group pushes back on government wiretapping

RIAA Legislation: No Warrant Required to Search, Seize Optical-Disc Plants(Democratic Sponsor!)

L.A. police: 'Primary aggressor' in Giants fan's beating arrested

A thank you to all who work in emergency services!

1 dead, others injured amid tornado; section of N. Minneapolis under curfew

Palin Fundraiser, Home Purchase Fuels Speculation of 2012 Run Read more on Palin Fundr

Don't be too hard on the people who thought they would be Raptured

Wow! Thanks to the cRapture, Camping & Family Radio now worth about $120 million

Tomgram: Rebecca Solnit, When Institutions Rape Nations

"How do you have patience for people who claim they love America yet clearly can't stand Americans?"

Republicans on Government Regulation.

In probes of companies, U.S. relies on firms’ internal investigations to find wrongdoing

Joplin's well deserved pride has been dashed. Sad.

Follow me through this hypothetical example if you will (re: gay marriage)

Hey, wait... maybe the Rapture DID happen ...

So when do we declare war?

Listened to Coast To Coast last night....

Saudi woman arrested for challenging driving ban

Roger Ailes’ Albatross: The IDIOCY Of SARAH PALIN

Sunday DU appreciation Thread

Howard Kurtz calls out fellow CNN host Spitzer’s exclusion from adulterer’s hall of shame

Pakistan: Militants attack Karachi naval air base (BBC)

Oscar-winning ‘You Light Up My Life’ songwriter Joseph Brooks commits suicide

Joplin WalMart after the tornado

Prelim storm reports

They'll probably demand his birth certificate too; Jax tea baggers doubt mayoral results


You all have done very well...

NSA whistleblower Tom Drake talks Espionage Act, 9/11, intelligence with 60 Minutes

Jasper County Law Enforcement Agencies Live Audio Feed

Video of tornado hitting Joplin, MO

Anyone watch Inspector America Hist Ch? - examines our failing infrastructure

I think another argument for bringing the Guard home

First Person video of Joplin MO tornado 5/22/11

Arnold Schwartzneggar Deserves a Good Beating

Bumpy road ahead for newly sworn in Ivorian President

Catholic University's faculty letter to Boehner re. his commencement speech there.

Coffe union grown in the (Hawaii) USA on sale

Jimmy Carter: My role is ‘probably superior’ to that of other presidents

Direct tornado hit on Joplin, MO

Direct tornado hit on Joplin, MO

Pakistan's military under al-Qaeda attack

Wisconsin: Walker proposes $250M giveaway to business

89 Confirmed Dead In Joplin

"Minority Report" traffic, here we come!

Well Wishes | Prayers | Good Vibes Wall

Do you consider Thomas Drake to be a patriotic American?

Chile's buried secrets

America's Emerging Political Maturity is Good News for Democrats

BBC: Lagarde favourite for IMF as Mexican enters fray

Another storm watch for Joplin

Joplin tornado death toll soars to 89

Non Sequitur Toon: The Situation Is Dire

Where is the Joplin Storm heading?

The Elephant in the Green Room (Roger Ailes and Fox News)

Armstrong Failed Drug Test in 2001, Hamilton Tells 60 Minutes

Eight years and two months, 179 dead ... Britain finally pulls the last of its forces out of Iraq

Intelligence officials: Suspected drone strike kills 4 in Pakistan

Do they air Channel One in your local schools?

Remember when Media Matters bid $86k for dinner with Murdoch?

A little monday morning Humor

We need jobs and help, but peace in the Middle East is more important?

Government Official Who Makes Perfectly Valid, Well-Reasoned Point Against Israel Forced To Resign

First Conviction Using Hate Crimes Prevention Law

Orbitz BOYCOTT Catches Tony Perkins With His HYPOCRISY Hanging Out

An investigative tool you'll never get to use.

Derp: "Harold Camping 'flabbergasted'; rapture a no-show"

Couple trying to raise money for organ transplant surgery

Couple trying to raise money for organ transplant surgery

Parents demand lower radiation limit for children

Exxon CEO: Oil Price is 9x Higher than Production Cost

"The environment and public health will be thrown under a bus for the sake of Obama's re-election"

Japan ready for talks on EU free trade deal

Treating cancer in dogs and cats!

The 25 Most Important Questions in the History of the Universe

How much longer?

Joplin, MO: I think the tornado tore through the city WSW to ENE

Racist freeper believes Joplin tornado had to do with Obama's Middle East speech!

End-timers seem to take such joy at the thought of those who would be left behind to suffer

Teachers call for strike in southern Mexican state (Oaxaca)

You Don't Own Your Twitpic Photos

Has there been any comment from Harold Camping about the failed "Rapture?"

NY Times: Lenders are creating glut of foreclosed homes

Every Day Heroes

AP Exclusive: Former Palin aide pens tell-all

30,000 Twitter users could face legal action over gag breaches

Given how republicans operate, isn't better business for them to have Obama as President?

Dosed in juvie jail: Drug firms pay state-hired doctors (FL)

India starts trade talks with African countries in effort to rival China

California creating mortgage fraud task force

Who gets their paychecks through Employers Advantage?

Heard on today's news: US has new weapon in War on Terror

Will Quitter's aide's tell-all be dismissed the way Levi's is?!1

It is easy to tell Pawlenty is in the running

Trump still desperately trying to get attention.

Republicans More Extreme than Democrats…When Grading Students

For everyone who was worried John Edwards affair would have harmed his candidacy and or presidency

Kasich friends in high demand

Lawsuit Seeks Documents Related to Hillary Clinton and Pipeline Lobbyist

WikiLeaks: A battle to 'carve up' the Arctic

Pilot of Air France 447 was NOT in cockpit when disaster hit

Gunbattle in Yemen as transition deal collapses

GOP Senate Hopeful thinks people should be implanted with ID chips...

Pres. Obama in Ireland & Moneygall (live feed it says)

Tea Party calls security on seniors and reporters in MI

UF Study: Hand Sanitizer Can Skew Alcohol Test-Also Warns Of Mouthwash, Cosmetics Use

So Newt had a standard no interest revolving loan of $500,000

Utah Law Makes Acting Sexy Illegal - For Escorts

Exclusive: 2012 candidate Gary Johnson wants more Medicare cuts than the House GOP

There's not much to see in this video, but a lot to hear...

Footage shows extent of tornado damage to Joplin, Missouri

New Internet tech transmits data at 26 terabytes per second

Derf's Latest: War on Terror Update, Post Bin Laden Edition #1

AP Exclusive: Former Palin aide pens tell-all

Obama’s car gets stuck outside U.S. embassy in Dublin

So Pawlenty just announced with all the frills in Iowa while people in his home state are recovering

Angela Merkel's party gets its ass kicked again in a German regional election

Angela Merkel's party gets its ass kicked again in a German regional election

Destructive Joplin Missouri Tornado

"Has Indiana gone back to the nativism of its past?"

Live Obama in Ireland..

Missouri tornado destruction chokes up Weather Channel reporter

Bizarre pro-capitalism video by CNBC's Joe Kernan and his kid

Scott Brown pivots, claims he’s against plan to kill Medicare

Wisconsin: Walker budget cuts 21 school nurses for Milwaukee Schools

Thomas Drake: "Obama is rather naive about national security. He's accepted the fear and secrecy"

Flip-Flopping You Can Believe In

Supreme Court: California must end prison crowding

President Obama is a rock star in Ireland

Sea levels set to rise by up to a meter: report

FLIP-FLOP Bullshit ALERT: Scott Brown NOW Attacks GOP Medicare Plan He Recently PRAISED

We have friends in the 2500th block of West 20th St in Joplin

Nothing sucks more than progress....or trying to defeat the monopolies

Toilet paper recommendations please

Keith Olbermann Tweet re: Moore/Current, Steele/MSNBC --->

NHS is failing to support vulnerable young people, says children's minister

NHS is failing to support vulnerable young people, says children's minister

‘Star Wars’ Terrorists Storm Pakistani Naval Base

Toon: Newt's a Code Talkin'

Toon: Newt's a Code Talkin'

What do you think about sites like who post pictures of people not yet convicted...

This is your brain. This is your brain on sex. Any questions?

ACLU And EFF Want To Find Out Who Rolled Over (WL)

ACLU And EFF Want To Find Out Who Rolled Over (WL)

Terrifying first person video (actually mostly audio) of Joplin, Mo. tornado

Pak nuke security in focus again after naval base attack

Germany Limits Information Exchange with US Intelligence (After Drone Strike Killed German Islamists

The Professor and the Bellhop

In Florida, Doctors With Drug Company Ties Prescribe Drugs for Jailed Youth

In Florida, Doctors With Drug Company Ties Prescribe Drugs for Jailed Youth


Australia to license smokers?

Ever Want To Know What Evangelical Christians Are Thinking?

Obama leaving Ireland early - volcano ash

Obama leaving Ireland early - volcano ash

Guy Fawkes Theater: How to encrypt your email

White racist killed 3 Pittsburgh cops wants racist posts kept from trial-10,000 posts & responses

Remarkable video as people inside store ride out hit from Joplin tornado.

Anyone watch 60 Minutes tonight

Krugman-Will get fooled again

Jimmy Fallon

Dioxins found at Camp Carroll: U.S.

Germany Losing Global Clout

"Take Me To Prison -- Please!"

" would not be practical to imprison the 75,000 Twitter users who had named the player".

One person says "digging up dirt", one says "opposition research"

Chicago Bears rookie J.T. Thomas is a nice guy and a school dance date for 14 yr old girl.

"Do you need body bags?"

Tanks for Radioactive Water Nearly Full at Fukushima Plant

Maple Syrup Reactors Safe, Canadian Prime Minister Reassures

Okla. May Get 'No Pay, No Play' Auto Insurance Law

Laughing off the 'Rapture' when we should be laughing off religion

Jeopardy question yesterday:What nation has the most nuclear reactors.

I Was a Right-Wing Evangelical Pastor -- Until I Saw the Light

PBS proposes to interrupt primetime shows with promo and underwriting credits

Motorist films Joplin tornado as it drops from the clouds

Sethi: Pakistani media challenging military

Judge: don't bring me any more anonymous file-sharing lawsuits

The famous (and infamous) of Joplin, Missouri

Any live (streaming) coverage of the Joplin tornado aftermath?

Libyan enemies helping each other

North Carolina governor refuses to block anti-muni broadband law

Scott Brown (R-MA) gets it right.

(WI) Republicans propose fines for absent lawmakers

No seriesly, shouldn't the fake apocalitpico findie be TRIED for FRAUD?!1 There were deaths and othe

Voter suppression efforts in NY-26. The GOP is despicable!

GOP fervor to beat Obama runs strong in South

GOP fervor to beat Obama runs strong in South

The message is simple, Republicans want to cut medicare and kill Grandma

Non-Christian DUer's check-in thread

Where's the voice of the majority of sane Christians?

All hail Snoutport!

Rumors swirl as Afghans say Taliban's Mullah Omar has moved

Alabama GOP voted to cut tornado forecasting!

Alabama GOP voted to cut tornado forecasting!

Texas politicians knew agency hid the amount of radiation in drinking water

Ryan Might Be Open for VP??

Congress will be debating whether to intiate perpetual war worldwide this week

A reminder of how the Irish welcomed George

Tea Party Organizers Call Security On Seniors And Reporters

Christian DUer's check-in thread

PATRIOT Act Extension Scheme Sells out Constitution

Any more counts on death toll in Joplin?

I went to the doctor today, and they now take payment before they see you.

If Housepets were Libertarians

10% of California drivers have disabled parking placards

NSA whistleblower Tom Drake talks Espionage Act, 9/11, intelligence with 60 Minutes

Facebook to welcome kids under 13

More raids on marijuana dispensaries in Spokane

Former head of the DC Am. Fed of Teachers local hops on the Ed Deform gravy train with Rhee

U.S. envoy in North over food; senators skeptical

Is it time to replace racial reasoning with moral reasoning?

delete - accidental dupe

Hell freezes over! Grothman (protesters are slobs) disses Walker plan

Groundwork, the first step is the hardest

Religious people ‘plagued with guilt’ over sex, study says

Grandma Graffiti' German Knitting Guerillas Go Global

360 panorama of Joplin tornado damage

Bill Moyers Remembers Favorite 'Journal' Interviews (listen, amazing)

What's going on with the California Teachers Union?

Five potential landing spots for soon-to-be-free Plaxico Burress

George Tekei tweets about the Schwarzenegger baby affair.

Just heard a couple of male callers on Talk of the Nation on NPR

The Rude Pundit - Tim Pawlenty: Another Motherfucker for America

Family Values

'We Don't Want Our Revolution Stolen': On the Ground in Libya

Tax Holiday Would Cheat American Taxpayers

Garden State Equality withdraws honors for AT&T, KPMG and Pfizer

I liked the President's Ireland trip.

Clinton urges more NATO nations to join Libya airstrikes campaign, defends US role in mission

Look at that massive crowd in Ireland

Look at that massive crowd in Ireland

Oh this is gonna be good! HBO's Too Big to Fail.

Exclusive Area 51 Pictures: Secret Plane Crash Revealed

Joplin, Missouri: Hospital Deemed Unsafe After Tornado, All Patients Evacuated

Message from a friend who lives just outside Joplin MO.

Hoyer Reads GOP The Riot Act For Creating Enormous U.S. Debt

Bill Gates saw the end of the world and built it into computers....

So, who's going to be tuning in to Harold Camping's "Open Forum" this evening?

Andrew Sullivan is an interesting guy

Andrew Sullivan is an interesting guy

xpost: Japan quake released 2,400 megatons TNT equivalent Energy

My suggestion for a video primer prior to viewing HBO's "Too Big To Fail" - CBC's "Meltdown"

Preacher 'flabbergasted' as Rapture fizzles

Former Palin Aide: "...If she made it the WH.... I could never forgive myself"

In Interview, Bill Clinton Takes On The Greatest Generation

Got a surprise call this evening

Sorry if this clip has already been posted....

How to spot and fight medical billing errors

How to spot and fight medical billing errors

COMEDY GOLD from Mike Adams at the AFA!

Defense Bill Larded Up With Earmarks

Radio host who predicted End of Days says he's ready to talk about why the apocalypse didn't arrive

Duncan's 'teacher appreciation' BS backfires... RTTT is worse than NCLB, even CNN notices

Tim Pawlenty's legacy

Treasurer says he would call bond houses, warn against lending to Illinois

The Only Safe Place During An F4-5 Tornado Is Underground.

Joplin, MO - Official 'Where can we do the most good?" Thread

Obama Administration Fighting Indiana Measure That Blocks Funding for Planned Parenthood - FDL

Oregon Senate votes to end faith healing defense for medical care

diner owner thrilled to be on fox news and all he had to do was make a vaguely racist sign

Tim Pawlenty's hometown newspaper places his Presidential run announcement on obituary page

Two D.C. transit cops tackle man in wheelchair

And the lucky 13th Golden Ticket goes to...

Camping "flabbergasted" by non-Rapture

Why Didn’t FBI Investigate AFIP’s Role in Starting the Iraq-Anthrax Rumors? - EmptyWheel

3 new expansions of Surveillance State cloak the powerful in secrecy and make our lives open books

"Medical food stamps"

America the Stony-Hearted

Jeremy Giefer could be Tim Pawlenty's Willie Horton (story from last November)

Focus on the Family Prez: "We've Probably Lost" on Gay Marriage

Cellphones: Quieting the public nuisances


Toon: War On Terror Update

Why would someone come to Florida to have sex with a kid?

Some ob-gyns in South Florida turn away overweight women

Lecturing Americans To ‘Reread’ Constitution, Herman Cain Confuses It With Declaration of Independen

A question about hospital billing and write-offs.

I got into an argument with the man who fixed my bike yesterday

So many people today are on automatic

Orrin Hatch is going to introduce a resolution condemning Obama's Israel/Palestine

Hey mods: Is there an App for DU?

Dr Kelly police probe thrown into doubt over riddle of prints on 'missing' dental records

In Libya War, Obama Shows Disdain for War Powers Act

Representative Tony Cornish (MN) to constituent: "Give it a rest!!!!!!!!"

What are your thoughts regarding assisted suicide for those who are suffering?

Mushroom compound suppresses prostate tumors

Just an idea for now until 2012 election....

"The American Justice system cares more about prisoners than citizens."

President Obama greets crowds in Ireland - pics

Last Days of the Republican Party

'Reckless Endangerment': An Exclusive Excerpt From Gretchen Morgenson And Joshua Rosner's New Book

In face of extreme weather events, what we all can do

'Scuse Me, But Can ONE Preacher Announce This Devastation in the South

Video of damage in Joplin

Dog helps woman struggling with depression - A best friend holds on when the darkness takes hold

This is it... the Fund Drive's final hour and the last chance to win an iPad

More information on relief for Joplin

Songwriter dies before NYC trial on sex charges

Tweety's Irish eyes will be smiling today

Obama's car gets stuck on speed bump in Ireland

California Governor Puts the Testing Juggernaut On Ice

President Obama hammered an Irish beer(ale?) down and slammed the money on the bar and said ...

Sister and family are all okay. Lost their home but all got out safely

2 officers struck by lightening during search & rescue(Joplin)

Utah legalizes use of gold, silver as currency

"At least a quarter of the city is just gone"

President Obama receives a gift from Irish Prime Minister Taoiseach Enda Kenny - pics

Kansas Rep. Pete DeGraaf: Being impregnated during a rape is just like getting a flat tire

(Disgraced Senator) Ensign eligible for estimated $27,000 in annual pension

Is a Sex Offender Worth $42 an Hour?

Obama's speech in Ireland moved the crowd and, for the first time, really moved me!

Pigs can fly.

The 10 Canine Commandments

Rape was not a crime in France until 1980?

Channel 9 (KC area) running telethon for Joplin

Fukushima plant seems to be going through a limited version of the China syndrome + many more

Sisters’ spat over computer turns nasty

WHAAAT - the Hell - did I just hear the Donald say he may get back in the race?????

Useful Tool: Former U.S. congresswoman McKinney speaks on state TV in Libya

Can Scalia be impeached?

Do you think it ever occured to Camping that the Rapture DID happen on Saturday at 6

America’s toughest sheriff office ignored sex crimes, report says.

If Housepets Were Libertarians

If Housepets Were Libertarians

Global Supply Chain News: Will Rising Wages in China Significantly Change Outsourcing Economics?

Twenty one years

My employer had a life insurance policy on me. I didn't know.

Harold Camping's website is back up, all references to the may 21'st rapture have been scrubbed

"The President should not be attacked by Americans while on foreign soil"

Oh, lordy. Maria Shriver "confronted" Mildred Baena about the child.

'Cut the city in half': Deadliest tornado in Missouri's history kills at least 89 people in Joplin

What is the first hypothesis for Intelligent Design?

Tim Pawlenty wiped a serial child molester’s record clean in 2008

Bradley Manning caught on video with hacker friends around first WikiLeaks release

In honor of the real Rapture: removing the unholy Mother-frackers from within our sacred temples

Woody O'Guthrie

Two Nuclear Reactors Were Damaged by the Earthquake, BEFORE the Tsunami Hit .

Tom Tomorrow: The Slow Boil (Whistleblowers & The National Surveillance State)

Seriously Delinquent Homeowners Undermine Hopes of a Market Recovery

Tornado stories

Maybe We Should Lower SS Retirement Age To 55... Read This...

Is atheism a religion of peace?

Is atheism a religion of peace?

So M$ wants to get into the "smart" phone market. No thank you.

Reasons Why The U.S. Economy Is Not Recovering

Corporatism, Cults and Being Used.

Looks like Pawlenty just killed his own campaign

10 rules for healthy dog guardianship

If war can be sold, why can't the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence be sold?

Arlington may ban young children from dog parks

I was inspired by a couple of posts today and I moved out if my comfort zone

Raise Your Hand If You Want a Quick Story of a Dumbass Republican...

Why are Thomas Drake and Bradley Manning

Why is America the 'no-vacation nation'?

Business & Religious Groups Push Sweeping Tenn. Anti-Gay Law

via the Nation - US Uncut

Billionaire-funded "advocacy" groups are changing public education forever. Naming them matters.

Chris Hedges on the "uselessness and irrelevancy of the liberal class"

Propane powered lawn & garden implements

OOOOOooooohhhhh.... Scotland yard just got nailed for covering up Rupert Murdoch's phone hacking...

75% of Joplin is gone. Just now on CNN.

Brief report from Joplin MO


Gold, silver coins to be legal currency in Utah

"We will no longer see families who choose to not vaccinate their children."

Bob Dylan and The Band. They invented 'Country Rock'

Every time I watch the autotuned "Sunny D and Rum" song more than 5 times in a row...

You all have done very well...

The Killing - Spoilers

Good morning Lounge

Move Over - Janis Joplin

How come Budweiser sucks so badly compared to MGD?

Harold Camping (5-21 Rapture Guy) says it was a "youthful indescretion" and begs forgiveness.

A guitar VIRTUOSO at work: Kenny Burrell plays Duke Ellington's classic "Satin Doll."

Humor is wasted in GD

Sudden casting inspiration.

Butcher Turns Scraps Into Dog Food

Twenty one years

You all have done very well...

You will never leave the house drunk again....

it's raining in Milwaukee

I like the taste of tap water (mine, anyway). Am I the only one?

BREAKING: Brazen gang of young punks ripping off Pizza Hut with fake receipts to get dipping sauce!

One avenue to curb conservative selfishness

Bob Dylan will be 70 tomorrow...

Conservative ignorance

Bon Scott / Brian Johnson, Ronnie / Johnny guy sings the original guy's hit songs.

RAGE! I'll never order pizza hut again.

Been thinking a couple hours.

Me and Bobby McGee

I'm listening to Iggy Pop's 'Blah Blah Blah' and wondering why I liked this so much when it came out

Teaser Broken Beat

Your Shit

Two Sides

MiddleFingerMom needs to CONFESS!!! He was hanging out with Harold Camping all last week

Our Time Is Now

Classic Western Swing from 1938: The Light Crust Doughboys - "Pussy, Pussy, Pussy"

Talking Me Down

The 25 Most Important Questions in the History of the Universe

Steve Earle LIVE on David Letterman, 1988 - "Copperhead Road"


Hulu or Netflix?

Does ANYONE know how to get permission to use song lyrics in a book?

Help out a Damsel in This Dress

Harper Valley PTA

What does it mean if my clothes were raptured, but I wasn't?

Come with me

can someone help me with an Iditarod problem?

What kind of couch is this / how much should I sell it for?

videos don't play on my computer. Does anyone know what program I can download for free that will

Who wants to bet Da Donald "hires" the White Male?!1 I say,

A bleeding ulcer is *NOT* any fun.

Update on my situation...

ACTUAL SURVEILLANCE PHOTO of MiddleFingerMom escaping his hospital ward. Not for the squeamish!

Dear GOD...Radiohead can't POSSIBLY be THIS fucking bad...can they?

Let the BOBFEST's BOB, "I Threw It All Away," Live on The Johnny Cash TV Show 1969

If this helps one DU'er, or non-DU'er, it's worth posting.

I'm 47. Am I supposed to look like this?

MiddleFingerMom's day at the beach (with video)!

I only exist to most of my "friends" when they want something.

Tip Led to Arrest of Suspect in Giants Fan Beating

Tornado hits N. Minneapolis; 1 killed

Britain Ends Iraq Mission, Withdraws Military Forces

Death sentence for Egyptian policeman (Officer convicted of shooting dead 20 protesters)

Taliban Leader Mullah Omar Killed in Pakistan

States cutting unemployment benefits, hoping for more federal help

Phone Hacking: Lord Prescott Wins Bid to Challenge Met's Handling of Case (Murdoch News Internat'l)

Phone Hacking: Lord Prescott Wins Bid to Challenge Met's Handling of Case (Murdoch News Internat'l)

At least 24 dead in Joplin (Missouri) tornado

Tornado kills one, hurts dozens, leaves hundreds in Minneapolis homeless

Colombia to investigate if mercenaries were trained in military camps

Movies you've seen parts of many times, but never in their entirety:

GOP frosh take care of districts in defense bill

Sealift Extends Lifeline to a Rebel City in Libya

Songwriter dies before NYC trial on sex charges

India starts trade talks with African countries in effort to rival China

Maine lawmaker due in court on gun-threat charges

Sudan's (disputed oil town on the North/South border) Abyei 'ablaze' after capture by north

Injuries reported as tornado strikes hospital in Joplin, Mo.

Mass. Sen. Scott Brown rejects Medicare overhaul plan, says he will not support Ryan budget

Just heard what sounded like five rapid pistol shots

More raids on marijuana dispensaries in Spokane

Obama visits family roots in Irish village

America’s toughest sheriff office ignored sex crimes, report says.

High court backs cuts in Calif. prison population

Egyptian bloggers rally against military

Gunshots, Looting Reported in Mpls.

AP: (Authorities Confirm) At Least 89 Dead in (Joplin) Missouri Tornado

Silvio Berlusconi warns Milan could become 'Gypsytown'

Michael Steele Joins MSNBC As Political Analyst

Palestinian PM Salam Fayyad suffers heart attack in US

Libya: 'Forced to rape in Misrata'

Redistricting (Ne US House) plan filibustered (by D's)

Volcanic cloud heads to Scotland, flights canceled

Unexploded device discovered in Nash County

U.S. Objects to New Law on Clinics in Indiana (local law defunding Planned Parenthood)

Taliban: Mullah Omar Alive and In Afghanistan

Rutgers Student Pleads Not Guilty In Webcam Spying Case

Violent crime drops 5.5 percent, FBI says

France to deploy (attack) helicopters in Libya: (French) media

Radio host who predicted End of Days to speak

Judge keeps imams in jail until trial

Benazir Bhutto Sought U.S. Security But Was Denied: WikiLeaks

Tea Party, Amash (R-MI) deny entry to townhall meeting; Senior citizens and reporters forced to leav

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, May 23, 2011

'Anonymous' Targets U.S. Chamber of Commerce Website (DDoS Attack Threat Over PROTECT IP Bill)

Cisco Helped Chinese Government Suppress Falun Gong, Lawsuit Claims

Republicans Propose Cuts To Domestic Feeding Programs, International Food Aid

Republican Pawlenty Announces Run for U.S. President

In Ireland, Obama visits his great-great-great grandfather’s village

Strauss-Kahn's DNA found on maid's clothes: report

Fukushima owners failed to follow emergency manual - report

Laser puts record data rate through fibre

Harold Camping 'flabbergasted'; rapture a no-show

High court won’t help either side in legal fight over Navy’s canceled A-12 plane

Pakistani naval base under attack

New Polling Says Overwhelming Majority Wants Social Security Left Alone

Tell me about your last great purchase.

AP Exclusive: Former Palin aide pens tell-all, paints unflattering picture of ex-AK governor

Lynyrd Skynyrd - That Smell

Air France 447: Report Shows Air Speed Sensors Likely Led to Crash

Board sets three more recall elections for July 12 (WI)

Dems go after Pawlenty on announcement day (VIDEO)

Raw Video: President Obama Arrives in Ireland

Rapture Central: Your One-Stop Information Center for this Rapturous Weekend!!!!

Jeremy Giefer could be Tim Pawlenty's Willie Horton (story from last November) cross post from GD

Newt is very frugal. He lives within their budget.

Newt is very frugal. He lives within their budget.

Live on POTUS in Moneygall

Flashback: Obama told Members of Congress that Action against Libya Would Last 'Days not Weeks'

Mother Jones: Jon Huntsman: George W. Bush's Choice for 2012?

A reminder of how close the last Congress got to passing a climate change bill

Congress and the War Powers

Some breaking news-unexploded device

Scott Brown, keepin’ it classy. (Blue Mass Group) Brown avoiding to shake hands with his opponent at

A Marketing Geek Look at the GOP Primary

POLL: Hochul (D) continues to lead in NY-26, 42% vs. 36% vs. 13%.

Other than the Pope, name 1 head of state who'd attract crowds here the same way Obama does overseas

POTUS to take stage in Dublin any minute

Buzz blog: Pawlenty says he's headed to Florida to tell the 'truth' about entitlements

Buzz blog: Pawlenty says he's headed to Florida to tell the 'truth' about entitlements

Political Wire: Pawlenty Campaign Already Dead?

Donald Trump; I may have to run for president after all

but..but..Zombies Aren't Supposed to Attack Their Creators!!

Steve Benen on Jon Huntsman: Truth Outweighs Consistency

Today's Gallup Tracking Poll has Obama at 50%/42%:

If you missed Obama's speech in Ireland today, you can watch it here.....

Self Delete.. OP already up on story..

Thought of a way to save the GOP a few million dollars...

Vote in the AFA Republican Straw Poll!!!!

I'm just Very Proud......

Scott Brown tries to save political hide, says he will vote "NO" on Ryan budget.

President Obama's speech to crowd in Dublin's College Green (text)

Obama Looking Ahead For Votes and Money at AIPAC Speech

Obama doesn’t back down at AIPAC event

President Obama and First Lady Visit Ireland (IMAGES)

The Half-Governor Palin calls Obama 'our temporary leader’ (has ABBA for her ringtone)

Has Obama Breached His Constitutional Power in Libya?

"I'm not gonna wash that cheek for a lifetime. And my husband isn't getting near it either."

During the "Royal Wedding", the aftermath of the US Tornado damage seemed Unimportant to the Media,

"He's the first president I've seen drink the black stuff like he's not ashamed of something."

60,000 at Obama event

Greg Sargent's Plumline: The most consistent 2012 GOP hopeful thus far: Mitt Romney!

War On Gays Not Why We Fight Wars Says GOP Iraq Vet

"it's amazing how much of this has evaded public conversation"

Am I the only one who smiled with pride at the President's confident "Yes We Can" in Gaelic?

Fox News: Obama drunk!!!!!!!!

Joplin Missouri Hit Hard By MASSIVE TORNADO

Bush called for pre-1967 Israeli borders

The Collapse of Journalism and How to Fix It

Rep Grijalva on the Right to Rent Act

Predator Drone Court-Martialed For Afghani Civilian Deaths

Conversations with Great Minds - legendary journalist Bill Moyers, Pt 1

Conversations with Great Minds - legendary journalist Bill Moyers, Pt 2

US President Barack Obama Downs A Pint!!

Papantonio: The Republicans’ Brain Dead Budget Plans

Senators support President Obama's decision on trade agreements and trade adjustment assistance

Gingrich Still Waffling

Fischer: Gays Are Nazis

President Obama and the First Lady Drink Guinness in Moneygall, Ireland

First Chopper footage Joplin Tornado May 22nd 2011

How fucking STUPID are we in this country???

President Obama's Limo ("The Beast") Gets stuck in Dublin

"Too Big To Fail" tonight at 9pm eastern on HBO - great cast - looks like a must see.

Manal al Sharif Defies The Saudi Arabian Driving Ban For Women

If You Can't Produce A Halfway Decent Pizza, You Have No Right to Run for President

Unraveling process of the US dollar as global reserve currency (runs on military force projection)

Tim Pawlenty releases his campaign video

Baz Luhrmann - Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

Barack Obama's Speech in College Green, Dublin, Ireland

An Emerald Isle Greeting for O'bama

Pakistanis protest US drone strikes - Press TV News

Power outage: Libya war shows limits of War Powers Act

"Elizabeth Warren to Obama: ‘You Had Me at Predatory Lending’"

Thom Hartmann calls out the latest effort by Republicans to ''right-wash'' history

'Three wars, millions suffering not 9/11 justice'

Man Jailed For Growing Marijuana For Cancer Stricken Wife

Thom Hartmann - The Big Picture Weekly Rumble

Spainish protesters joining

Protests welcome Obama in Dublin - Press TV News

POLICE BRUTALITY: Guy in electric wheelchair slammed face first into the concrete

Obama's speech in College Green Dublin (a very different view)

Rapture & 'Don't Say Gay' - Ana & Cenk on MSNBC

Week of Rage: Protests Spreading Worldwide

President Barack Obama in Ireland (Highlights from Irish TV)

Gallup poll now shows more Americans "pro-choice" than anti-choice:

"Full text of Obama's speech at AIPAC"

The Implications of the Fukushima Accident on the World's Operating Reactors

Obama Admin creates new position to fight back against online smears.

Presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman's Sarah Palin nomination speech

Obama's Limo Gets Stuck or High Centered on Ramp In Ireland

Harold Camping Speaks Out: Claims Rapture Postponed

Biden 2016?

Washington Watch Exclusive: Roland Martin's Full Interview With Dr. Cornel West

A Bit of Fry and Laurie: What if Rupert Murdoch had never been born?

Courageous police officers take down an extremely dangerous criminal

Congress and the War Powers by Scott Horton

Daniels Move Stirs Concerns About Field of Republicans (NY Times)

Kira Cochrane (The Guardian): Dear Michelle Obama

Bin Laden out, Gaddafi next by Pepe Escobar

Imperialism: Bankers, Drug Wars, and Genocide

California Teachers Arrested

How Did We Ever Get Higher Ed Backwards?

Coal Mines Still Deadly Despite Reports

Outsourcing goes full circle as Indian firms look to the U.S. for cheap labour

Unions NOT Behind WI Boycott

Terrorists Have Rights Too -- International Law and Bin Laden

US realty turns hot property; Indians snapping up big housing deals

Big Oil's Free Ride

Former GOP Senator: primary US focus should be economic, not military.

What Americans Want: The People’s Budget lays out a surprisingly popular vision of the future

India data privacy rules may be too strict for some U.S. companies

Business & Religious Groups Push Tenn. Anti-Gay Bill

Prisons Ban Books (Except the Bible)

Salon's Steve Kornacki on The Incredible Shrinking GOP Presidential Race

Tim Pawlenty Launches Campaign, For Manager of Dunder Mifflin

Get Real (James Howard Kunstler)

Get Real (James Howard Kunstler)

Worlds Collide in Luxury Suite: IMF, Global Injustice,& Stranger on a Train/ Rebecca Solnit

The Road Not Built: Redefining Progress At Home and Abroad

FACT CHECK: Not the whole truth in Pawlenty claims

Naval Base Attack Raises Questions Over Safety Of Pak Nukes

A link between climate change and Joplin tornadoes? Never!

Salon: The "frugal" life of Newt Gingrich

Newt's comical delusions

Noam Chomsky: "The U.S. and Its Allies Will Do Anything to Prevent Democracy in the Arab World"

Chris Hedges: Why Liberal Sellouts Attack Prophets Like Cornel West

In honor of the real Rapture: removing the unholy Mother-frackers from our sacred temples (x-p)

Just saw a guy explaining the statue of liberty.

Peak oil notes - May 19

Drumbeat from the weekend and today...

"the close relationship between Atoms for Peace and Atoms for War is no accident"

Environmental Groups: Norway-Indonesia Forest Moratorium "Disaster For Forests, Indigenous People"

Japan 'plans solar panels for all new buildings'

Contaminated water removal to be suspended soon (storage maxed out - k)

TEPCO measures radiation above reactor buildings (Bet you thought this was already being done. - k)

Siemens Decides to Abandon Nuclear Power

Nuclear Concerns in Unstable Mideast

CleanTechnica: First Large Scale 24/7 Solar Power Plant to be Constructed in U.S

Why power from the wind generates more CO2 than burning natural gas

The Right's Top 5 EPA Conspiracy Theories

Siemens Report: Reactor No. 4 spent fuel pool cracked from earthquake (Arnie Gundersen May 22 video)

Classic Horsey Toon

Not guilty plea entered for teen in NJ webcam case

Bill Hunter, Australian Actor in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, has died...

Report from the field: my lesbian daughter showed up at her grandmother's funeral

Not exactly what you'd expect in RED Texas. Gay Kemp Officials Leave Office

Phoenix Suns' Steve Nash Makes a Video in Support of NY Marriage Equality's Hot 100

TENNESSEE: Major Corporations Back Off Bill Banning All LGBT Rights Laws

I just wanted to say something - remember how Schwarzenegger went on about "economic girly men"?

Tennessee's Gov Haslam signs anti-Gay bill into law :-(

Not Queer, But A Funny Series Called "Childrens Hospital" (video)

IN honor of the real Rapture:driving the unholy Mother-frackers from within our sacred temples (x-p)

Are pets spiritual? Answers from Buddhism, Baha'i, Sikhism, Hinduism, Human Secularism, Islam,

Delhi's last ten Jewish families guard an ancient heritage

Yu Mwema Yesu

Suit Claims Cisco Helped China Pursue Falun Gong

Laughing off the 'Rapture' when we should be laughing off religion

I Was a Right-Wing Evangelical Pastor -- Until I Saw the Light

Christian DUer's check-in thread

Non-Christian DUer's check-in thread


Did Bush say that Islam is a religion of peace, and that we aren't at war with Islam because ...

Ray Lewis Embarrassed Himself Today: For Some Nothing else to do but crime without Football

Mets owner Wilpon takes shots at Mets players

The JR Chess Report (May 22): Grischuk and Gelfand knotted in Kazan

Joakim Noah admits to using gay slur, aplogizes

Obama's AIPAC speech welcomed across Israel's political spectrum

Haaretz: Obama, the first U.S. president to tell AIPAC the truth

Rehoused Lebanon refugees still long for Palestine

French Open Tennis Thread...One Spoiler...

Israel as Middle Eastern hegemon

U.N. Gaza Inquiry Panelist Desmond Travers Challenges Goldstone’s Recantation of Key Finding

Man allegedly shoots gun in bar, points gun at officer

Child accidentally shot in face outside restaurant dies

Police: Man pulls gun at Staunton park (moran road rage)

The end times must surely be upon us....

Gun violence in Kansas City threatens local shopkeepers

Clippers' Chris Kaman goes gun shopping before the Rapture (gun sales prevent Apocalypse)

Gun-toting neighbor foils trailer-park burglary

Gun Rights group takes aim at Senate GOP (MN)

Armed Citizens: Calling 911 Doesn't Always Work

Former Washington County sheriff sentenced for gun threat over suspected stolen blueberries(Maine)

2004 National Research Council Study: Data on Firearms and Violence Too Weak to Settle Policy Debate

Man attacked by pit bulls in Kirkland park, opens fire

NM court expands police ability to remove guns from cars during traffic stops

FBI reports 5.5% decline in violent crime in 2010!!!!! With RECORD gun sales......

FBI reports violent crime continued to decline in 2010