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At least 162 attacks on U.S. forces, up from 128 the prior month (Iraq)

4 Fantastically Stupid Projects Pushed By Republicans Aiming to Please Their Corporate Masters

Obama at 53% to 41% at Gallup (5/25)

An open letter to our politicians:

I hope voters remember how these 6 senators voted today in regards to our Senior Citizens

Have to agree with Joe Klein (I hate admitting it, too)

What the F is this on youtube's front page about healthcare?

Just hung up the phone at the end of a "telephone town hall" initiated by my

Perhaps Tiffany's was "loaning" Mrs. Gingrich III jewels and the "open credit"

Is Your Bank One of the 459 at Risk of Failing?

I hear a lot of New Democrats talking or sounding left again concerning

CBS Evening Nooz termed Palin a "gamechanger" if she decides to get in the race.

An Interesting Observation...

Will Norton, still missing in Joplin, has a popular youtube page

Caption This

At least 162 attacks on U.S. forces, up from 128 the prior month. (Iraq)

Wis. Districts Asked to Release Protesting Teachers' Names

Tornado on ground in midtown Memphis

U.S. Military Medical Costs Hit $50 Billion!

Kathy Hochul on Rachel now

Not MAY, but I WILL ask for reverance for LBJ !1 n/t

Stand up, Democrats !

Michele Bachmann’s “Moneybomb” (emphasis on the 'bomb')

Body of toddler Skyular Logsdon found in Joplin morgue

Some dramatic Tornado footage from Okalahoma..

For some reason I heard about 5 minutes of Michael Savage this evening

2 days after OBL killing, Disney trademarked 'SEAL Team 6', Navy is fighting back

Senate Republicans Vote Overwhelmingly To End Medicare

Did Rand Paul really vote to keep medicare?

Tell me some good news....

Ed Shultz apologizing right now on MSNBC!!

The FACE Of The NY Republican Party Is A RAT's ASS

Democrats and Tea Partiers are Natural Allies

Copycat Treads.

God's Tornado Wrath

Wow. Check out this storm picture!

U.S. to help Israel buy four more Iron Dome interceptors ($204 million + $106 million))

Meanwhile, The Right Is Throwing A Party For Eric Boling

Ed: Is Ingram a slut, get your cell phones out.

GOP Proposal Would Repeal Drunk Driving Laws

is Ed suspended from his radio show too?

I'm off to watch my twins (boy and girl) graduate from high school

House Democrats introduce three medical marijuana reform bills

Survey Hints at a Census Undercount in New York City

What Did Ed Say To Warrant This Apology & What Caused Him To Say It.....

Oprah worship night.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Storms Create a Scramble to Install Shelters

4 Fantastically Stupid Projects Pushed By Republicans Aiming to Please Their Corporate Masters

Patrick McHenry is a Mean Little Boy

Ed apologizing and handing over to Thomas Roberts for

Heads up: Chaz Bono is on with Jay Leno tonight.

Tornadoes reported in rural Northern California

And if Ed Schultz had accused a Black President ...

I just wanted to share this link to illustrate some of the glaring

Lawrence O’Donnell To Pro-Israel ‘Hysterics’: Obama’s & Netanyahu’s Stances Are ‘Identical’ - VIDEO

What exactly did Laura Ingraham say that set Ed off?

Look who was at Corwin's concession speech!

NO - Its NOT FREE You F__king Idiot Congressman

GOP Congressman Pays For Emergency Disaster Relief With Cuts To Clean Cars Program

US military warned of S.Korea, Japan cost overruns

Oooh Oooh Mr. Republican, please compromise, and we'll call you nice words

Following the right-wing model for apologies, Ed should've said this:

Following the right-wing model for apologies, Ed should've said this:

State is pulling non-essential personnel and family members out of Yemen.

Palin movie coming to theaters this summer

I am late to this latest gig, but Ed got suspended for calling Ingram a slut?

There is a much, much larger issue playing out than Ed Shultz's use of a gender based slur.

Truck driver survives truck being demolished by tornado

Attorney General Reportedly Launching Inquiry into Schwarzenegger-Ed called the wrong person a slut!

Miami-Dade man killed while taking rifle from car trunk

Let's see Keith Olbermann off the air, check, Ed Schultz, check, who's next?

The word Ed said (warning, not g rated)

Police: Man Put Puppy In Hot Oven As Revenge

Today's Medicare vote should end ALL of the GOP's career effective immediately.

Do you consider words like "dickhead" used as insults sexist, why or why not? nt

Comedian Steve Hughes on being offended.

Times like these are when I really miss George Carlin

Protester who heckled Netanyahu in Congress allegedly beaten, arrested at hospital

Republicans aren't "pro-life." They are anti-choice.

My Message to Ed Schultz: Don't you DARE apologize.

No apologies

Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle won't run for House

The Real Meaning of "Free" Credit Report Dot Com

Is this whole Ed/Laura thing just a spinoff tangent from Oprah retiring?

20 Mile North Of Spokane WA....... WTH

Times like these are when I wish the Daily Show and Colbert Report weren't in reruns

Like SkyNet needs my help with fourteen times seven

Still waiting for Beck and Rush to apologize for calling Sen. Landrieu a 'whore' and a 'prostitute'

What happens to the remnants of dying stars? Where does that matter go?

Is it me...

Can't get on DU3 anymore

Vermont’s Shumlin Uses Obama Health Law to Build Bridge to State-Run Care


Mods Are Afraid Of Pro-Democratic, Pro Ed Messages

*sigh* So the Democrats are officially the "party of empire" now?

Mods Sure Wanna Silence People Who Stand Up Against The Right

Al-Qaeda had warned of Pakistan strike

Indonesia Best Country to Start Business: BBC

Eddie you need to go back on the air, tell Laura you retract the apology, tell her to fuck herself

Will the "hide thread" option go into DU3?. . . n/t

Toon: Would you do anything for your Party?

Chaz Bono is an inspiration

Did I just hear that right?


Who is the top slot?

I worked retail for years and I don't remember any plan we had in case of a tornado

On the Magdalene Asylums and why gender-slurs are so offensive

You Can't Stand Up And Be Counted When You Just Wanna Bow And Be Submissive

Republicans Claim Another Liberal Scalp

Lawmaker’s incident with gun changes concealed weapons debate

Gotta love this hug, Kathy Hochul and a supporter

Corsi: Trump Conspired With Obama To Neutralize Birther Controversy

Meme of the Day 110526

Front Page Of DU Explains It All

it's not just NC.

Buy American Mention of the Week, 5-25-11

On Ed And The Word "Slut"

Anti-white bias on the increase?

Dog Gets First Chance To Walk On All Fours

Toon: Grover Norquist to the Rescue

McHenry, who chaired the hearing, got an earful from Warren fans on his Facebook page.

Alan Simpson Still Confused About Social Security Numbers

where do we draw the line on clean energy or not hurting animals

OK grow up. This is ridiculous. Every thread i go in the first reply to the OP is

Man believed to be Mladic arrested in Serbia

Why did 40 Republican Senators vote for the Paul Ryan Budget Plan?

Senator David Vitter (R): "You geezers can buy your own damn diapers."

Sure, I'll support the Obama 2012 Campaign. But in 2016 I want...

Aren't there any solutions that don't depend on corporations?

Can We PLEASE Leave The Mods Alone?

Is someone listening to our cell phone conversations, and then showing ads on our computers about

Initially, I had a knee jerk reaction to Ed Schultz calling Ingram a slut

How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory

9am EST ** Live Streamed Press Conference on Signing of Vermont’s Universal Healthca

U.S. Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Climbed

The job-killing governor

"which opponents say will destroy Medicare" . . . . It has already started.

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Who Captured Seal Team Six After Their Mission?!

U.S. GDP confirmed at lackluster 1.8% rate

Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes feared being bombed by ‘those gays’

Banks could get tax break, Kasich says

Oroumieh Lake, Iran's Largest, Turning To Salt (PHOTOS)

Strauss-Kahn relocates house arrest to luxury pad asks our support to have Elizabeth Warren appointed head of

Fourth marijuana conviction gets Slidell man life in prison

Did the word "Slut" break the camel's back, after Ed Schultz threatened to burn down MSNBC studio's?

Please, if you see child abuse, report it, and demand something be done. Results like this are

Why we can't (supposedly) "afford" Medicare

“I worship the ground the Paul Ryan walks on,”

Today's Poll at the Batavian online site: What do you think should be done about Medicare?

QUESTION: What does "...he thinks he's better than us..." mean? Is this code word for uppity?

If Giuliani Doesn't Run, I Might

How the Right reacts to anything Michelle Obama says (toon)

PETITION: Conflicted Clarence Thomas

What do we gain when we call someone a slut?

Mike Papantonio is filling in for Ed today

Social Security Checks Will Stop Increasing As Medicare Premiums Rise

We eat our own.

Zuckerberg and Schmidt warn on over-regulation of web

GOP trying to push (Repug) Hopper out of recall, under the bus?



Oregon District Where Every Member of Congress Divorces While in Office

Republicans Won't Clean This Up By 2012

Kashmir's gardens fight for heritage status

Thank You, Ed Schultz

State bans relaxation brownies

Ohio Bill Bans Credit Checks for Employment

Gamma ray camera measures radiation at stricken Fukushima nuclear plant

Open letter to Ed Shurtz, Keith Obermann, all center and left talkers...

Open letter to Ed Shurtz, Keith Obermann, all center and left talkers...

Catholic repug Rep chastises American Jews for not being outraged at President Obama

OK, I've got it: The simple solution to the Medicare dilemma.

Baggers are really desperate over NY-26 loss

Socialists were right

Who Coined The Term - Mediscare?........

A man's castle, under code enforcement siege

Red State DUers- Make SURE your neighbors know how your reps voted

Harvard researchers: Fetal pain bills are ‘neither scientifically nor constitutionally sound’

Senate Republicans stand by plan to overhaul Medicare

SlutWalk sparks worldwide protest movement

Temporary work-around for broken DU Google Search

Mr. "Easy Rider," Peter Fonda, Makes Veiled Threat About Shooting The President

House bans funds for teaching abortion techniques

Gingrich wife worked for committee heavily lobbied by Tiffany

Repubs lay down the gauntlet - "No Retreat on Medicare"

Repubs lay down the gauntlet - "No Retreat on Medicare"

Has Donald Trump Apologized Yet

Why is the discussion ONLY about RyanCare? Or is it Don'tCare?

How can Paul Ryan get re-elected after everything he's said ?

Dog Crawls Home On Broken Legs Almost 3 Weeks After Deadly Alabama Storm (VIDEO-not very graphic)

What's the appropriate punishment for Ed Shultz?

Ingraham: 'Nancy Pelosi basically did everything except sell her own body'

Paul Ryan gets a taste of his own shameless demagoguery

For God and Country

why universal healthcare is so important-

IAEA Knew Within Weeks-Japanese Earthquake-Reactors Had Melted Down-Public Not Told for Month & 1/2

The Latest In Conspiracy Theories - Tucson Shooting Staged .......

France set to uphold curbs on embryonic stem cells

The viral DU...

Peter Fonda Makes Veiled Assassination Threats

Very moving: Woman overcomes total memory loss to graduate from college.

EEWWW...Dick Cheney: 'I worship the ground Paul Ryan walks on'

Fox Business Adopts GOP's Mediscare Defense Of Ryan Budget

Hell NO, Ed, you have NOT failed, INGRAHAM is a horrible biological specimen.You haven't let ME down

Hell NO, Ed, you have NOT failed, INGRAHAM is a horrible biological specimen.You haven't let ME down

NASA satellite 'helps find 17 Egypt pyramids'

Good news from Albuquerque.

Good news from Albuquerque.

Westboro Baptist plans to protest in Joplin Sunday

Westboro Baptist plans to protest in Joplin Sunday

Greenpeace: Japan nuclear plant radiation accumulating in marine life

Big Island Dairy Farmers fight radiation with Boron

Dane County judge strikes down collective bargaining law

Elizabeth Warren - US Senator from Massachusetts??! I like the sound of that

Fox News Attacks__ Safety Net Beneficiaries as "Takers"

Fox News Attacks__ Safety Net Beneficiaries as "Takers"

Two New York City Police Officers Acquitted of Rape

To Ed, and to all other Democrats and progressives: My advice: NEVER APOLOGIZE TO THE ENEMY.

Bosnian Ratko Mladic thought to be behind the Srebrenica massacre of 8000 men & boys arrested.

Astronomical Deficit Forces Downsizing of U.S. Telescope Projects

$5,317 a year for a family of 3. that's what NJ health officials say should be the upper limit for

Will the R's be successful in selling the plan to kill Medicare?

MSNBC Suspends Ed Schultz For A Week

If ''Deep Impact'' was a realistic movie

Burberry profit soars as love affair with luxury brands continues

(IL) Senate gives motorcyclists green light to run some red lights

Another fake "grassroots" group exposed. American Action Network funded in 1st year by handful..

Federal agents raid 91-year-old California suicide kit seller

Why did the IAEA cover up the meltdownS at Fukushima?

Prison staff want riot teams ready for smoking ban

Bombing Libya into democracy

How far out there in Kookoo Kooka Land must one be to publicly support Michelle Bachman in 2012?

Who said it? "We want this people to be peace-loving..."

I think somewhere out there is a commercial showing Granny being kicked to the curb.

Does polluting and misuse of the eco-system restrict freedom?

Calif. sex offender busted logging onto Facebook

Judgment Day Preacher Nows Claims He Meant to Predict Columbus Day

Should perhaps we have a civil lawsuit against Ryan to recover his SS "survivor benefits"...

Am I the only one who's pissed at Bill Clinton for conspiring on Medicare with Paul Ryan?

The Rude Pundit: The Quickest, Easiest Ad Against Republicans, Written by Republicans

Senate clears way to extend terror-fighting bill

FOX News Probing How Stupid Are Americans

Satellite Spots Large Build-up of Northern Sudanese Forces

Supreme Court backs Arizona immigration law that punishes businesses

Authorities to release list of 1,500 missing Joplin tornado victims

May 25: Add Marco Rubio (R-FL) to the list of those who voted to end Medicare as we know it.

Just because Right-Wing talk show folks 'get away with it' doesn't mean it's ok for us too.

about a month ago i did a thread on broken kindle. i tried searching for it

They Waitin' for Me. Waitin' at the BP

Teacher suspended after 'forcing children to scrub toilets with bleach until their hands were raw'

House votes to pull funding for abortion-related training

Tornado hits Semi Truck

Walt Disney Surrenders to Navy's SEAL Team 6

Most distant object ever seen… maybe

Delaware woman finds stranger napping on couch, suspect runs out with beer in hand

OK Sen. Coburn Report Shows Taxpayer Money Spent on Robots That Fold Laundry, Shrimp on Treadmills

Donate today to Jess King! Help WI Senate turn D!

Exclusive: Sen. Kerry insists commercial privacy bill is not ‘a step backwards’

Morning Joe Didn't Get Suspended For Saying "Fuck" On M$NBC...

Helloooo, Rethugs, freepers and other right wing trolls. Where are the jobs? nt

GBTV: "The Truth Lives Here." That's the FIRST lie already

John Sinclair: Sacramental herb

The Walleyed, Rock-Stupid, Egomaniacal Nattering Republican Boobs Who Think They Can Beat Obama

Want to Reduce the Federal Debt? End Too Big to Fail

Breaking per Maddow blog: "Judge strikes #Wisconsin union-stripping law"

Will this marine's children or Oscar Grant's children call the cops when they're in danger?

Will this marine's children or Oscar Grant's children call the cops when they're in danger?

Screw you, Huffington Post!

CIA to search bin Laden compound

AP: NJ to pull out of greenhouse gas initiative

We get one of OURS suspended, while the Right laughs at us

Judge voids controversial Wisconsin anti-union law

Texas erases $4 billion from education budget, spends it on a giant highway expansion

Wis. judge strikes down controversial labor law

Just remember, last time Rush said something stupid while working for a Mainstream TV channel -

question on Medicare Drug Program - effect of cost of paying full price for drugs

Holy Shite - who didn't have an affair with Ahnuld

Screw political correctness... Ed was right

What being pro-life means in America

Interview with Rae Abileah (who protested Netanyahu's speech) on Democracy Now - link.

Interview with Rae Abileah (who protested Netanyahu's speech) on Democracy Now - link.

How many economists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

So will Lady Blah Blah be flying on her bus tour

"Obama has taken more vacation than any other President!"

acceptable slurs to use....

How would I characterize Ed's comment on Ingraham? He shouldn't have done it, but...

"Right Winging It - Harmon Leon Infiltrates the Bay Area Tea Party Patriots"

"Right Winging It - Harmon Leon Infiltrates the Bay Area Tea Party Patriots"

Surprise / Supreme Court Sides Against Chamber of Commerce!

"7 Most Terrifyingly Huge Things in the History of Nature"

Criticism of State-Owned Air India Grows

Cartoonists react to the Republican Suicide (Ryan) pact

Boy and his bird

New Texas law mandates sonograms before abortion

Keep in mind where the real battle's going to be fought in 2012.

Attorney General Reportedly Launching Inquiry Into Schwarzenegger

9/11 truthism is much much much much much more more plausible than christianity.

Sarah Palin SERIOUSLY needs a boob job.

Public Schools Charge Kids for Basics, Frills

Who are the progressive Democrats who will replace the blue dogs lost in 2010?

Dumbass Rethug thinks TREES are causing global climate change...

I heard that SSI recipients get 2 to 3 times more money than they put in?

Greenpeace warns of radioactive sea life off Japan

Governor Shumlin Signs Healthcare Reform Bill (track to Single Payer in VT)

Supreme Court upholds Ariz. law punishing employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants

BREAKING: Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin Makes History By Signing Into Law Single Payer Health Care

Police: Man Twisted Pet Bunnies To Death - Charged With Child Abuse, Animal Cruelty

The vast majority of tornadoes occur in the US, in Tornado Alley

FL Gov. Rick Scott blocking taxpayers from watching him sign state budget at The Villages

Tornado Dog Crawls Home On Broken Legs Almost 3 Weeks After Deadly Alabama Storm (VIDEO)

Justice Department ‘almost certain’ to reopen John Ensign case

Greta on Ed: ‘After his suspension, let him off the hook and move on’

3 Year Old's Body Found After Widespread Search

Looks Like Palin is running... but isn't she still under contract with Fox News? halp

Palin now tied with Romney for nomination

So Ed goes on his radio show and uses the term right wing slut...

If your parents are under 55 and live in one of these 30 states - please understand if they do away

Via David Swanson: Facebook Hires Brooks Bros Riot Goon

A little perspective on Ed Schultz

Please vote in best political Mom blog contest.

Bill Clinton meets Paul Ryan - video

Do the world's superpowers have a moral obligation to stop genocide?

Boehner Boehner Boehner Boehner Boehner Boehner keep up the work......


White House unveils regulatory reform

Unfit to Stand Trial, Yet Fit to Have a Gun

Palin will launch a nationwide bus tour this Sunday

I am sooooo sorry!

Its not okay to call a woman a Slut no matter the political party.

Did Paul Ryan read my post yesterday? LOLZ

Yes, America is the best - why won't the right wing believe that, why do they think we suck?

Merrill and Credit Suisse Fined for Subprime Deals

Why would anyone suggest that there are racist a$$holes at Freaker RepubliKKK?

Hey Andrea - ask that butcher Kissinger about his views

California sex offender busted logging onto Facebook

Newt and Separated Siblings?

There are ways to insult people without using racial, gendered, or other slurs.

Britain has higher rate of self-made rich than U.S.

Guess who is now on Thom Hartmann?

Super Typhoon Songda

Wisconsin Gov. Walker signs new voter restrictions into law

People like Rush and Beck and others HAVE paid for the stupid crap they said

Officials: Deputy Whipped Kids, Taped Porn Video

After Promising To End Earmarks, Tea Party Freshmen Hog Defense Pork


Does anyone still think women are judged more harshly than men when it comes to sex?

I want Joe Scarborough to apologize for murdering that woman

Wall street journal editorial says Obama suck as prez but will win because he's not white

Al-Qaeda's New Leadership

White House slashes red tape to boost economy

Some of Robert F. Kennedy's celebrity supporters in 1968 (photos)

You know in politics and photography they say framing is everything

Rethugs want to SEIZE four decades of medicare contributions from those 54 years of age...

Sarah Palin likened to Joan of Arc in two-hour documentary film

I could accept Ed Shultz's suspension easier if someone got suspended for LYING once in a while.

GOP's Medicare Message Might Not Be Fixable

How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory

Dammit, I wish TPM would get a different pic of Pawlenty.

To Senators Brown, Snowe, Collins, and Murkowski, thanks for joining against the Ryan budget

To Senators Brown, Snowe, Collins, and Murkowski, thanks for joining against the Ryan budget

staying true to form / CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Banker Stealing $83 From A Church's Collection Bin

Christian book store manager sought on charge of having sex with 15-year-old boy

Judge voids Wisconsin collective bargaining law

Iowa bar owners ticketed over illegal mouse racing

House falls short in vote for quick Afghanistan exit

British astronomers complete largest-ever map of local universe

Is Arnold Schwartenzegger a slut?

Priest Sex-Abuse Case Hits Church of Pope's Adviser

"Blame Woodstock" Pedophile Priest Report redefines "prepubescent" so things don't look so bad.

LOL, Freepers CRAZY WITH JOY at Quitter's Busapalooza Tour

LOL, Freepers CRAZY WITH JOY at Quitter's Busapalooza Tour

Palin to launch bus tour this weekend as 2012 speculation grows

Gov. Scott vetoes record $615 million from budget

Authentication now required to log into DU3?

The summer of 2011 like the summer of 1914 in Europe?

It's funny how, if you vehemently defend some minority's rights, some people always assume...

Facebook Taps Joel Kaplan (of 2000 'Brooks Brothers Riot') to Head Washington Office

Ground Controllers & Commercial Pilot help woman control plane after husband falls ill

Steve Ballmer: fired by Wall Street?

American freepers, teabaggers, & racists now posting on European news sites regarding Obama.

Sarah Palin launches bus tour amid presidential talk

Is there a site which tracks disaster aftermath?

HUH? The Ryan plan was just something that Bob Kerrey and John Breaux proposed in 1999?

Kibbe on Tweety - Tea Party say Stop Romney!!

Cornyn On Senate Vote To End Medicare: We’re Not Ending Medicare

Republicans need to ‘man up’ on Medicare reform

Sen. Rand Paul responds to accusation of supporting terrorists

Liberal Christians- this one's for you. Editorial in my paper

Ohio's Kasich Ties Florida’s Scott as Most Unpopular

"Jane, you ignorant slut"

WW2 Japanese-American internment was based on government lies

Wanna buy a bridge?

What are you going to do with your last 7 hours of freedom

7 US soldiers among 8 NATO dead in Afghan blast

United States Will Help Israel Buy Four More Iron Dome Short-Range Anti-Missile Systems

NPR this PM told us about a new political term: "Sara-zona"

Explosive claims from Schwarzenegger ex-security advisor.

Explosions rock Gaddafi's Bab al-Aziziyah compound

DU show of support for Wisconsin Judge Maryann Sumi's decision

Apologizing is a sign of weakness

I have a question for people that observe the Jewish Faith.

Bowing To Koch Pressure, Chris Christie Announces Plan To Withdraw from Climate

FBI targeting political activists as terrorists

29 dead, 700 flee as gang battles hit west Mexico

Letter to editor on DeMint lack of cooperation

Italian MP's call for a probe into the Amanda Knox prosecution. At last.

Two New York City Police Officers Acquitted of Rape

Two New York City Police Officers Acquitted of Rape

Two New York City Police Officers Acquitted of Rape

Bloomberg: “I cannot defend it”

Is calling someone a slut worse than calling them a LIAR or a Socialist?

Right-wingers are just amazing (re: cops, teachers, firefighters)

Action Alert -- Don't let AT&T get a new Monopoly

Action Alert -- Don't let AT&T get a new Monopoly

Pawlenty tweets about Obama's "pub crawl". Forgets about his campaign manager's drunken driving

Sheriff's deputy, 2 others arrested in Arizona human trafficking bust

I have just found out that I have high blood pressure.

Students, alderman cry foul over West Side school suspensions

Drug Enforcement Agency 'Repeatedly, Purposefully' Discriminated Against Women Agents

How is what Hannity's doing NOT treason?

Time-Lapse Map Shows America's Brown Future

Michele Bachmann Money-Bomb Fizzles

Howard Dean: Please join me and contribute $10 right now to support Ilya's grassroots campaign

Rules of thumb on when something's offensive/slur/innappropriate:

Study blames 2,200 deaths on traffic emissions

Supreme Court upholds employer sanctions in Arizona immigration law

Oprha: A Look Back

White House Offers Plan to Revamp Regulation

Laura Ingraham to suspended Ed Schultz - I accept your apology

Laura Ingraham to suspended Ed Schultz - I accept your apology

Papal Advisor's Priest Charged With Pedophilia Says "I Am HIV Positive"

Pelosi: Drug industry profits from Medicare are ripping off taxpayers

Anyone watch the HBO Film ...

A man's castle, under code enforcement siege

Joplin Tragedy Speaks to the Role of Government in Safety and Education

Alabama Lawmaker Abandons GOP Over New Law Aimed At Teachers

Fed Gave Banks Crisis Gains on Secretive Loans

I've a question regarding Ed Schultz

Poll: Wisconsin wants to recall Walker -- and put Democrats in their Senate.

Jared Loughner is incompetent to stand trial

The sky has opened up here in Georgia

Tea Party Pressuring Schools To Teach Constitution Using Controversial Right-Wing Group's Materials

Mark Dayton vetoes Republican voter ID bill!

Mark Dayton vetoes Republican voter ID bill!

The Undefeated: The 'mockable' Sarah Palin movie clip - Snoooooze

That fucking Tweety is like Lucy with the football...

Rick Santorum to launch June 6

Ex-Clinton aide storms off Fox News set during Medicare debate

'What's Up Your Butt?' Billboard Nixed By Board

Just ahead of the Memorial Day weekend: Gas Prices Rising Again

I hate it when Tweety starts salivating about Palin..

Dog pee can't stop Rick Santorum

Death associated with end of world prophecy?

The numbers behind our Medicare problems.

Human brain's 'bat sight' found

Human brain's 'bat sight' found

Toon: It's Tough Out There

The Republican Agenda

Tapes show-Priest At Church Of Popes Advisor-lured teenage boys for sex, paid them with cocaine

Tapes show-Priest At Church Of Popes Advisor-lured teenage boys for sex, paid them with cocaine

In Case You Missed This... 'Free College on Wall Street's Tab?' - AlterNet

I'm so disappointed in Ed. It just proves who is really running the show(s).

For my fellow parents of adult children . . . . .

Bolivia Set to Pass Historic 'Law of Mother Earth' Which Will Grant Nature Equal Rights to Humans

Priest who is not the Pope's direct advisor nontheless raped lots of boys

etymology of "slut"

LOL Caption this

Sources: Edwards Considering Plea Deal

She's fantastic! She looks great! There's no one like her!

Much of the debate regarding Ed Schultz's apologize i smissing a key element.

Revitalizing the AFL-CIO by Ralph Nader: Note to Moderator - This is not copyrighted material.

RyanCare: Don't call it Medicare

Surprise! Westboro Baptist Church Plans to Protest Joplin Tornado Victims

Update on "Secret" Patriot Act: 2 senators win promise of a Patriot Act hearing

House Democrats Introduce Three Medical Marijuana Reform Bills

Still thinking about donating for Joplin relief?

Self-deleted by member

Rep. Dennis Kucinich won't assign blame in Syria, questions 'retributive justice' against Bin Laden

Tweety does his weathervane again, giddy over Quitter's biker stunt

Saying that the rich create jobs is like saying...

Chinese Prisoners Forced to Play World of Warcraft, Detainee Says

Man Arrested For Masturbating on United Flight

I'm moving!

House Approves $690 Billion Defense Bill

David Frum to GOP: "We're screwed".

Beck and Limbaugh Call Sen. Mary Landrieu A Whore Because She

NORML: A Profound Moment for American Marijuana

How Nazi Scientists Tried to Create an Army of Talking Dogs

Olive Garden, Cigarettes, breastfeeding in public, soda for the poor and Ed Schultz

Olive Garden, Cigarettes, breastfeeding in public, soda for the poor and Ed Schultz

Fresh Foods Can Lower BPA Levels

Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Thinks Sarah Palin Is 'Stupid': New York Magazine

Get used to it; the giant corporations who run the media WANT Medicare gone.

David Frum to GOP: In 2012 we're gonna get destroyed for this

Why are we rushing to defend an anti choice woman who wants to shut down planned parenthood?

Right Wing Urban Outfitters ripping off indie artists again. (Spread the word)

Cookie law deferred for one year

Rick Santorum's Tragic Yearbook Photo

Newt gets a toe tag. DOA (J.D. Crowe toon)

Newt gets a toe tag. DOA (J.D. Crowe toon)

Blue Shield CEO Bruce Bodaken earned $4.6 million last year

REpost...Just got fired from Wells Fargo. RE: the following email

Districts asked to name teachers who used sick time during protests-Tea Party gets names and info

Deval Patrick set to take stand tomorrow in Sal DiMasi’s trial

Boy, 10, drags nearly 6 foot alligator home from canal

TV host says U.S. infrastructure falling apart

Just to be clear: it's not "the Ryan budget plan". IT IS THE REPUBLICAN BUDGET PLAN!

Keith Olbermann's NEW Countdown website page at Current TV is NOW up and running!

Year Four of the Silent Depression: 'the Western industrial world is crumbling'

Consistency Check: Did anyone who is now slamming Schultz agree with Cornel West

I think Ed could use some "support" from his "family"

To all the 'Dudes' out there.

I hate where our country is right now.

U.S., India establish $100 million green-tech fund

Sure seems to be a large number of new DUers lately

~~Zero Tolerance~~: Trump, Schwarzenegger, and Strauss-Kahn

CBS Nooz, are you fucking crazy???

Protesters storm Texas capitol shouting ‘treason’ after TSA bill scuttled

Protesters storm Texas capitol shouting ‘treason’ after TSA bill scuttled

Venn Diagram: Rape vs. Flat Tire

First San Fran, now: Group Wants Santa Monica to Ban Boy Circumcisions

Living on SSI

Want An Example Of How Corrupt This Country Has Become ???

I was 4.

BREAKING: Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin MAKES HISTORY By Signing Into Law SINGLE PAYER Health Care

Telling moment for U.S.:After 10 years only 8 senators voted AGAINST the renewal of the Patriot Act


Protesters Angry TSA Pat Down Bill Fails to Pass

Remember when the right (and the PUMAs) wanted Obama to apologize for

With friends like Bill Clinton who needs enemies.????

Something unremarkable happened today.

High School Biology Teacher Schools Education Sec Arne Duncan -- GREAT LETTER!!!

Is Whole Foods "Prison Tilapia" Good for American Aquaculture?

Teen girl shoots dad with arrow for grounding her & taking cell phone

ROFL, Palin movie titles.

Right-Wing Hate Idiocy

Robert Reich: The Republican Death Wish

Lawn Darts Are Back, Deadlier Than Ever

Lawn Darts Are Back, Deadlier Than Ever

If Bill O'reilly had called Nancy Pelosi a slut, there would be calls on DU

Man vs. Computer: The crash of Air France 447

Is raising a “gender-neutral” child a fantasy?

Obama doesn't deserve credit for what's happened in Vermont re health care

Obama doesn't deserve credit for what's happened in Vermont re health care

Ford Fusion gets 80mpg !

One-Legged Homeless Man Discharged From Jail at 1am Without Wheelchair

Hunting for a book...

Arizona Cops Shoot Former Marine In Botched Pot Raid

YAY Tropico 4 is coming....

Well, this is going to be a fun night . . .

Was that just Jack Black on American Idol singing with Casey Adams?

Could I get vibes for Monster the cat. He had a setback. Next week we

Oh look, Squeeeeeee (no dirty words here, un uh)

Ok, I said I never do Facebook, but damn I found a group that was speical to me.

Like SkyNet needs my help with fourteen times seven

A convocation of eagles

Funny thing most people may not have thought about.

Who is the top slot?

Want to get on the Greatest page?...

I should post this again, for clarity.

Taking break from GD-flames are starting up.


Is this whole Ed/Laura thing just a spinoff tangent from Oprah retiring?

So what movie were they showing on this flight?

Groove Armada w/ Richie Havens on lead vocals, "Little By Little"

want to forget about 3 wars, unemployment, corporate thievery and religious zealotry?

I am a black racist...or a gringo racist.....discuss

No apologies

MiddleFingerMom awoke before dawn. He put his boots on. Took a face from the ancient gallery and...

Cat and dolphins playing together. video 1:49 -

They Waitin' for Me. Waitin' at the BP

Have you ever visited this People of Wal-Mart site?

Oprah worship night.

Copycat Treads.

Monster the cat has not been sick since he started on steroids. It means he does not have cancer. My

Vote for best Mom blog!

A Sampling of George Orwell

You are now aware that you are breathing.

Herbie and Jabby- Puppy Loves Horsie

I just want this medical scare to be over.

Fiscally I'm A Right-Wing Nutjob, But On Social Issues I'm Insanely Liberal

PHOTO: Frankenstein Family Foto

After you grasp this one simple, universal fact about men, there's really nothing left to learn...

PHOTO: "Oh, I could so TAKE your ass...get over here! Want some of this, punk?"

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom leaves his guard cat in charge of his prized carrier pigeons...

Who deserves the Temptations mega-treat/chunk more?

It's hot outside, wouldn't a popsicle taste good about now?

It is raining so hard you can't see the house on the other side of the street and the wind is nasty.

Lowe's toilet-smuggling theft ring busted

The right is adept at coining grandiose euphemisms. Post theirs or any other humorous ones.

I spent half the day sorting out my important papers and putting them in a fire proof box.

Deleted dressage

This is beautiful. The Tom Waits Children's Story

I spent half the day sorting out my important papers and putting them in a fire

What does it mean when someone types a 1 (one) after and exclamation

Stuff you find in your drawers.

My date has spinach stuck in her teeth.

Food thread! Now that it is really heating up -- what are your favorite salads?

PHOTO: "Yeah, I know, I should get some exercise, but...well, what are ya gonna do, ya know?"

Buffalo vs. Bison - dramatic photos

A Fool lies here who tried to hustle the East

Add/Edit Intro

I found women's jeans that are 100% cotton!

Shit. I've gone invisible in GD again.

The most terrifying family photo you'll ever see

What happens to the remnants of dying stars? Where does that matter go?

Alone again, naturally...

not again

Oprah says God behind success of show

Details of Bin Laden's burial scrawled on napkin

Let me try a picture thread here

I can't stop daydreaming about winning the lottery.

whatever happened to Clintmax and Forrest Gump?

PHOTO: "Closer... just a few more feet... CLOSER... yeah, that's good... Just a LITTLE closer..."

Arrest warrant issued for former Colombian secret service director

Awkward Family Photos

Pakistan officers taught anti-US courses: WikiLeaks

Sherlock named Best Drama Series

"I'm just a cat and I'm doin' cat stuff WHUT"

Help -- the DU Google search function has stopped working for me.

My CT results came back. No abnormalities!!!

Poor, poor Heidi and CMW -- their plumbing... ... ... ... ... ... ... it is clogged.

Has anyone here ever ordered Rosetta Stone Language CDs? About how much are they?

US to withdraw troops from Pakistan

GOP senator blocking pay raise for Interior Secretary Ken Salazar

Death Squads’ Target Salvadoran Journalists

Egypt will open border with Gaza

NASA asteroid mission to collect building blocks of life

There’s a Secret Patriot Act, Senator Says

US order nonessential diplomats to leave Yemen

Liberal groups call for (Elizabeth) Warren recess appointment

Hedge fund star calls for Microsoft CEO to go

Ratko Mladic hunt: Serbian police arrest suspect

Sheriff's deputy, 2 others arrested in Arizona human trafficking bust

Libyan assets held by leading global banks

FBI targeting political activists as terrorists

Deadly blasts in eastern China (Three explosions at government offices in the city of Fuzhou)

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (05/26/2011)

New York Fed Investigates Goldman Loan Division

Florida man's drowning in Antioch lake related to Rapture prediction, detective says

Senate clears way to extend terror-fighting bill

Environmentalist slain for protecting Amazon

Judge voids controversial Wisconsin union law

Wisconsin collective bargaining law struck down

Wisconsin Union Law Struck Down By County Circuit Judge

Veto challenge postponed

Lowe's toilet-smuggling theft ring busted

Blast kills seven NATO troops in southern Afghanistan

Ratko Mladic arrested: Bosnia war crimes suspect held

Bomber kills 24 in Pakistan; U.S. military mission trimmed

Self-deleted by member

GOP seeks to block disclosure requirements for political donations

Washington DC tour suggestions

Missouri releases list of 232 missing after tornado

Rep. Dennis Kucinich won't assign blame in Syria, questions 'retributive justice' against Bin Laden

Supreme Court upholds employer sanctions in Arizona immigration law

I just got a bigger pressure cooker and forty pounds of ground round

Florida closes controversial boys' school in Marianna

Ex-AUC commander gets 26 years for north Colombia massacre .

Settlement reached in Eddie Long case

Surrealist Artist Leonora Carrington Dead at 94

Tempers flare on Senate floor

Activists raided before 2008 Republican National Convention reach $50,000 settlement

Ex-Nasdaq Exec Pleads Guilty Over Insider Trading ("Fox in a Henhouse")

G8 summit: Arab uprisings set to dominate agenda

CBO: Defunding healthcare law could end drug benefits

Fed Gave Banks Crisis Gains on Secretive Loans as Low as 0.01%

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, May 26, 2011

PTC Pushes High Court to Take Indecency Case

Obama promises no "let-up" in offensive in Libya

Senate Republicans Vote Overwhelmingly To End Medicare

My Sister has Cancer.

Mexican drug battle leaves 28 dead

DoJ Settles with Bank of America and Saxon Mortgage for Illegally Foreclosing on Servicemembers

Thousands rally in Iraq against US troop presence

Dick Cheney: 'I worship the ground Paul Ryan walks on'

I played a pirate today. The kindergarten kids bought it 100%, and the liquor store guy laughed.

Super typhoon churns through Pacific, threatens Okinawa

Patriot Act Extension Passes Senate, Rand Paul Amendments Fail

Lawmakers question AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile

Lawmakers bar more Chinese firms from Pentagon bids

House bars U.S. ground forces in Libya

House Defeats Effort To Scale Down Afghan War In Close 204-215 Vote

Obama Gets Big Bump In Florida, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds

2 NYPD officers acquitted of rape in '08 encounter

Food thread! Now that it is really heating up -- what are your favorite cold soups?

Exclusive: Battered Libya sues for peace

Rwanda: Bernard Munyagishari arrested for genocide

Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Law Penalizing Businesses For Hiring Illegal Immigrants

Poll: Paul Ryan Unpopular Back Home In Wisconsin

New Prosecution Team as Strauss-Kahn Moves

Fukushima May Become Graveyard for Radioactive Waste From Crippled Plant

Ithaca (MI) Public Schools superintendent asks Gov. Snyder to 'make my school a prison'

Rep. Eric Cantor: Spending cuts in exchange for Missouri tornado aid

Judge strikes down Walker's collective bargaining law

Lady Gaga "Born this way" is 99 cents today only (5/26/11)

Solar May Be Cheaper Than Fossil, Nuclear Power in Five Years, GE Says

(Barney Frank) admits to helping lover land job at mortgage giant in ’91

Does anyone still think women are judged more harshly than men when it comes to sex?

Gaddafi is paranoid and on the run, MI6 tells David Cameron

Best chain Burger in the world

Chant with me now: Medicare is NOT the problem (personal favor please read):

POLL: A Big Obama Bounce In Florida, Approval at 51 (+7), Leads Repub 44/37. Nelson Crushes GOP.

An AWESOME photo of President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama

The US, the G8 and aid promises

DNC chief on Republican field: 'I'm concerned about their commitment to American exceptionalism'

Steve Benen: Must see Video: Calling out a RINO (Jon Huntsman, of course)

NYT: Handy Link for Senate vote on Paul Ryan's budget

For serious consideration: are we walking into a trap?

Obama's approval in FL now 51%!

What would be the difference to families of those on Medicare?

Haaretz Poll: Netanyahu's Popularity Soaring Following Washington Trip

White House Economic Director blasts Ryan plan, defends Medicaid

Mike Luckovich: Hangover 2

Dick Cheney: ‘I Worship The Ground Paul Ryan Walks On’

House GOP Fights To Keep Federal Contractor's Donations Secret

POLL: President Obama dominates the "lunch primary"!

Boehner Offers First Reaction To GOP’s NY-26 Defeat

Here is something to keep in mind, you youngsters...

Rollcall: Senate to Take Weeklong Break Without Adjourning

Tucson Massacre Victims Stalked

Morning Joe discussion of Ryan plan totally devoid of facts

Can you imagine how bad this must make Romney feel

WSJ Washington Wire: GOP Senators Turn to Boehner to Stop Recess Appointment of Elizabeth Warren

No Dice - Digby (Protect Medicaid)

Call it "VOUCHER-Care".

Harris-Perry: Breaking News: Not All Black Intellectuals Think Alike

I love that Necklace that Michelle Obama wore with her Black Dress

Perry's Not the Texas Front-Runner, UT/TT Poll Finds

WH: A Simpler, Smarter Regulatory System

Greg Sargent: Flashback: Clinton said Dems needed a plan on Social Security, too. He was wrong.

GALLUP GOP POLL: Romney 17, Palin 15, Paul 10, Gingrich 9, Cain 8, Pawlenty 6, Bachmann 5.

The Hill: Biden fires up NH Dems, rips GOP

The Hill: Biden fires up NH Dems, rips GOP

And that, my friends, for all intents and purposes, is the end of T-Paw's campaign.

WTF!?!? Peter Fonda brags about encouraging his grandchildren to shoot President Obama?

North Carolina Looking Good for Obama

Wisconsin a battle-ground state? Ha! Obama approval 52%

ABC News: Behind JFK's Space Race Speech (50 years ago today, new tapes revealed)

ITN: Michelle Obama speaking at Oxford University

I'm a 40 year old male that wants a progressive woman president in 2016.

MSNBC: Losing Our Minds Over Israel - Cenk Attack

Bernie Sanders "Will This President Stand & Be Tall"

GOP to Joplin MO tornado victims...Sorry, Suckers!

"Gabby" - Tribute Song to Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly by Op-Critical and JTMP.ORG

Channel 4 News (UK): Obama and Cameron hail US-UK 'partnership' (also shown edited on PBS NewsHour)

Interview with Rep. Elect Kathy Hochul

Am I the only one who saw Bill Clinton offer to make a deal with Paul Ryan on Medicare

TYT: GOP Refuses To Give Relief Money To Tornado Victims

Barack Obama drinks Guinness and tells jokes in Moneygall pub

Thom Hartmann: Trade/regulation debate

Thom Hartmann: Should the U.S. mandate vacation time?

Tony Schultz at Bobfest North (Chippewa Falls, WI)

Survivor Stories From The Joplin Tornado

Environmentalist slain for protecting Amazon

TYT Now: Governor (Rick Scott, R-FL) - Voters Are My Employees

MSNBC Anchor Ed Schultz apologizes for calling Laura Ingraham a slut

After Joplin Tornadoes, Eric Cantor Blocks Fed Disaster Relief

TYT University: Trump University "Huge Scam"

'Butcher of Bosnia' Ratko Mladic arrested

Ratko Mladic arrested in Serbia on war crimes charges

Thom Hartmann: If you robbed a 7/11 for $50 - would anyone settle for a $150 fine?

Thom Hartmann vs Phil Kerpen: NY 26 - Is the Paul Ryan killing the Republican Party?

Time lapse of activists scaling a coal plant and painting a 400ft.

Thom Hartmann: New MA bill says: "No sex for you!" ('Til your divorce is final)

Bernie Sanders "You Make Drastic Cuts For Working Families & Give Tax Cuts To The Rich!"

Papantonio: The Do-Nothing Department of Justice Fails Again

Mayor Bloomberg Powerfully Calls for Marriage-Equality

Why are DEMS Offering Concessions when GOP admits they will Raise Debt Ceiling Regardless?

Attorney Eric Deters: "If you want to conquer an African Nation, send white women and pot"

Paul Ryan Cries To Fox News: Phony "Dem" Teabagger Caused NY -26 Loss

Thom Hartmann calls out Fox News for testing new frame - Takers vs Makers

Mr. Excitement (TPAW!) confuses Iran and Iraq (1:18)

Cheney Worships the Ground Paul Ryan Walks On

"If you want to conquer an African nation, send them white women and pot."

Toma la Plaza!, Protests Spreading Across Spain

From the Time Capsule:Dominique Strauss-Kahn Meets Barack & Michelle Obama.Not POTUS's normal stance

DeMint : We Cannot Cooperate or Compromise With Democrats

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) Strikes The Last Word

EU Should Ban Arms Sales to Yemen and Bahrain

Johann Hari: A turning-point we miss at our peril

Former IMF Chief Complains About 'Maid Service' In House Arrest

The DeVos Family: Meet the Super-Wealthy Right-Wingers Working With the Religious Right to Kill Publ

MSNBC's Ed Schultz Cites TV Precedent for 'Laura Ingraham' Incident

FACT CHECK: Netanyahu Speech Ignores Rival Claims

Jane Mayer in The New Yorker on James Risen's Subpoena

Kathy Hochul seems to be a very well-spoken, intelligent, attractive person to have in the....

Flavia Dzodan: The IMF has too long defined our southern lives

Hedge fund star calls for Microsoft CEO to go

Spain's Inspiring Protests Are Rooted in Restoring Democracy & Decent Life in Era of Turbocapitalism

After Fukushima, nuclear energy opens rift in G8

Why did the Republican cross the road? A: To give chickens concealed weapons

The right's mirror-image view of life

Cleaning Up California’s Cruel Prison System

My Sister has Cancer.


Gambling On Hunger: Is Wall Street Fueling Global Unrest? - HuffPo

Wikileaks: Saudis often Warned U.S. about Oil price speculators (i.e. manipulators)

I have a counter-proposal to Ryan's "budget".

Energy prices held back growth in first quarter

There’s a Secret Patriot Act, Senator Says

Year Four of the Silent Depression: 'the Western industrial world is crumbling'

'Gulf Coast Syndrome' A Swiss TV crew asks why the U.S. media isn't talking about this!

GOP Congressman Tells Televangelists U.S. Must Give Aid To Israel Or ‘Lose God’s Hand’

Netanyahu's Speech To Congress Shows America Will Buy Anything

What the right-wingers and the MSM won't tell you, 57 percent of Israeli's agree with Obama

Jury finds couple who voted twice not guilty of election fraud Intentions considered in rendering

President Obama on Medicare and Turning 50

Earthquake, not tsunami, may have damaged cooling system at No. 3 reactor

Peak oil notes - May 26

Renewable energy will only get cheaper: study

Kan's energy policies under G-8 spotlight

Is Fukushima now ten Chernobyls into the sea?

Even the Swiss hate nuclear now

Pro-fracking ad accidentally reveals dangers of fracking

Military could use climate-killing ‘liquid coal’

Ethiopia drought: ‘The worst is yet to come’

Greenpeace Japan Tests: 50x safety limit, Iodine-133 leakage, marine life soaking up radiation

A Taxonomy and Epistemology of the Human Predicament

Cooling pipe breach now laid to temblor

Why 60 MPG Can Be as Standard as Catalytic Converters, Airbags, and Seatbelts

(Contrary to what you may have heard on DU) "Containment vessels also damaged"

My Big Fat Gay Wedding

Mob Attacks Virginia Trans Woman

Police in Grenada arrest man for having gay sex

Lawmaker withdraws controversial immigration bill

Priest Sex-Abuse Case Hits Church of Pope's Adviser

Where can I have the conversation?

Can someone tell me what happened to the people not exposed to Jesus?

Shinto Shrine (Jinnja) Photos

Lightning defeat Bruins 5-4

Barry Bonds gives gift to Bryan Stow

Ohio St.'s Ray Small says he sold rings

The official MLB owner rankings

Giants' catcher hurt in home-plate collision

Road to the Triple Crown: Another big bunch for Belmont

Which do you prefer, an ugly victory or a beautiful defeat?

Gisha response to Egyptian announcement on the opening of Rafah Crossing

Palestinians eye $1 bln fund to rebuild Gaza: Abbas adviser

The Greatest Achievement of the Settlers

Hamas jubilant at opening of Rafah border, Israel alarmed

Senior Fatah cadre rejects call to revoke Hamas pact

Obama's Jewish backers on edge over his Mideast peace plan

Jeffrey Goldberg: Why Palestinians Have Time on Their Side

What Bibi Gains by Misrepresenting Obama's Mideast Policy

This is why I love the 2nd amendment.

Court Orders Cleveland to Stop Enforcing Local Gun Control

Update to "Girlfriend Charged in Would-Be Thief's Death "

Para-military force teaches gun nuts to kill people

Miami-Dade man killed while taking rifle from car trunk

OKLAHOMA: Fallin signs CareerTech guns bill

Unexpected EMT Visit Prompts Elderly Wilkinsburg Man To Fire Gun

Ersland Found Guilty Of Murder