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I understand people being sick and tired of voting for the least bad, but here's my take

Will Sarah Palin use her appearance at the "Rolling Thunder" rally for politicking?

Coburn is in deep trouble re Ensign

Coburn is in deep trouble re Ensign

Amy Myers Rocks !!!

'I shot the cruellest dictator in the Americas'

NOT A Poll... How Much Of Following/Watching Politics Is Ignoring The LIE ???

Call Bachmans D.C Office and Ask Her to Debate Amy Meyers

Pawlenty: If president, I’d sign Ryan Medicare overhaul into law

Anyone watching our future female president on Lawrence O'Donnell?

Criminal deportees worry Mexican border mayors

Pak-US ties to suffer if drone attacks not stopped: Dr Firdous

Rolling Thunder say she wasn't invited

Cat mom hugs baby kitten

Elections supervisors in key Florida counties refuse to implement new (voter suppression) law

Craigslist ad touts North Bend home's pot growing amenities

Chicago: Civil unions law draws protests downtown

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office mishandled sex cases

This should be the GOP theme song.

Critz(Pa.) against privatizing Medicare!

Picking a GOP Candidate Is Like A Police Line-Up

20/20 is reporting about a soldier who had a live RPG

Obama Wields His ... Autopen?

i think its time we start our own type of identity politics

Please rewatch this Teabagger video

Congressman says trees are bad for the planet

A Message On Memorial Day

Seismologists Tried for Manslaughter for Not Predicting Earthquake

New York City budget will decimate libraries

House to Vote Next Week on Ending U.S. Involvement in Libya

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF & a new Kitty gif

Here's a headline I'm pretty sure you won't see every day.......

Hmmmm - after watching this

Alanta Journal - "On auto bailout, Romney performs rarely seen flip-flop-flip"

Alabama State Rep. Boman switches to Democratic Party

About the Patriot Act being A-OK depending on who's president

Politics and the fantastic

Remembering Memorial Day .......

"We are the ones we've been waiting for."

DoD Paper Proposes National Security Through a Culture of Restraint (and Stigma) 182

DoD Paper Proposes National Security Through a Culture of Restraint (and Stigma) 182

DoD Paper Proposes National Security Through a Culture of Restraint (and Stigma) 182

On some level, this weekend always bothers me.

Somebody here recently asserted there was no mercury in vaccines anymore..

How The Teabag Can Mess With You....

Budget Mix-Up Provides Nation's Schools With Enough Money To Properly Educate Students

Teach for America's Questionable Statistics

here are facts to use when discussing healthcare issues with "God-fearing" Republicans

City to clean up messy yards of foreclosed homes

Weiner on Rachel

FOX News -- The song.

(4) GOP presidential hopefuls shift on global warming

Russia to lift grain export ban after harvest increase

Anti-Ed Deform/TFA Message on Treme (from the creators of The Wire)

50 Years Ago Today: Peter Benenson's Appeal - The Genesis Of Amnesty International

It would be *SO* great if the Rolling Thunder would blockade Quitter!1

Letter from a Fukushima mother

About time - Egypt eases blockade at Gaza's Rafah border

Blue Angels commander resigns over air maneuver

NYPD Cops Accused of Rape Walk -- but are fired regardless.

13th Century Foxx

Man guilty of raping teen church member

Friday evening Challenge for Dummies

Anti-gay pastor accused of coercing young men into sex settles out of court

For your Saturday chuckle- A couple of Palin toons

Girl shoots dad with arrow after he takes away her cell

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge.

'Tornado Alley' reactor not fully twister-proof

Is Paul Ryan's House seat now in play?

Police arrest man when he tells them of his plan to kill employees of Planned Parenthood clinic

What the GOP and Corporate Media Are Hiding: The Public Debt Is Putting More Cash in Your Pocket

The Polish Tiger - With its newfound ... clout, Poland is increasingly leaving the United States out

The Polish Tiger - With its newfound ... clout, Poland is increasingly leaving the United States out

Letters home from Viet Nam - Willaim R. Stocks mom's letter to her son.

Hey trolls, suck on this!

Answers to the Friday Evening Challenge for Dummies

New US jobless claims top 400,000 for seventh straight week

Why Israeli central banker Stanley Fischer will/won’t head the IMF

What constitutes a hate crime?

What constitutes a hate crime?

Very interesting article about what America has done to the river and Louisiana

BP Unit Accused of Mismanaging Retirement Plans by Investing in Own Stock

McKibben: Pretending climate change isn’t happening is just easier

A Cornered Animal Is A Dangerous Animal

EU, Japan agree to work towards free trade deal

The Beginning of the End

Use one word to describe Michelle Bachmann

The President didn't sign this PATRIOT Act extension into law.

Show Us Your Tech: 'Softie Builds Nuke Reactor in Garage

Show Us Your Tech: 'Softie Builds Nuke Reactor in Garage

Joplin via satellite

Joplin via satellite

I for one welcome our new Autopen overlords

Republicans have been trying to kill Medicare for many years...

Pakistan Taliban claims responsibility for Bajaur blast

Parks around the US face economic stress this Memorial Day

Judd Gregg Hired By Goldman Sachs As International Advisor

Afghan jailbreak: Interpol issues global alert for Taliban fugitives

Glenn Beck's message works again.

Food Pyramid Being Replaced With Plate-Shaped Logo

NATO stages rare daytime air strike on Tripoli

India again denounces US military aid to Pakistan

SC Gov. Nikki Haley says DHS won't let SC use E-verify info to go after employers.

Here in St. Paul, MN, there is a law that might have some application

US hands over list of five terrorist to Pak: Report

America's Real Radicals: The 40 Senators Who Voted Against Medicare

Democratic Principles or Democratic Party

We're in Dire Straits When the Only Employment Sector Catching Fire Is in Unpaid Internships

Japan finally admits to high radiation levels off coast - After Greenpeace reported it

WikiLeaks accused Bradley Manning 'should never have been sent to Iraq'

Anti-cuts groups descend on banks in NHS protest

the NEW Uncle Sam

‘Africans love children’: Nigerian engineer busts population growth propaganda

Rob Woodall keeps Govt healthcare 'cause "it's free!"

FL Gov Rick Scott's robo-calls backfiring (Spoofing phones to hide identity---isn't this illegal??)

Larry Wilkerson: Congress’s ‘remarkable’ reaction to Netanyahu might be explained by money

Online privacy bill fails to pass California Senate

As these insane wars continue

Army Releases Suicide Data for April 2011

Rick Santorum is an idiot.

Republicans will PURPOSELY cause a recession unless they get the Medicare cuts they want.

I have a message for all of you beautiful DUers

Why is UnCut going after Apple instead of big oil or finance? It's quite simple...

Why is UnCut going after Apple instead of big oil or finance? It's quite simple...

I wish to apologize to all you beautiful DUers for my preceding Sarah Palin *smoochies* post

"I’m from New York,” suspect told police. “Can’t I do this here?”

GOP JOBS PLAN further Reards Transtional Companies for

GOP JOBS PLAN further Reards Transtional Companies for

Did a "typhoon" hit Joplin, Missouri?...

Top German officer wounded by Afghan suicide bomb

Tell the State Department: Stop the Canadian tar sands pipeline

What is the correct way to remove a heckler?

Saudi woman arrested for driving.

Quick! Activate Mitt Romney Emergency Sanctimonious Flip Flop Strategy Plan Delta!

Hey. I approve of the 28 hour a week work...

Prices stay up as Europe battles drought

Don’t We Owe our Military Women the Same Protections as the Men?

This is so sad and painful to watch:

Nuke plant not prepared for typhoon

Adviser to Japan’s prime minister says Tepco has been withholding data on radiation

Palin Flick tells all, "The real story about the hardest ten years of my life"

Panel Finds Few Learning Gains From Testing Movement

In Germany, Massive Nationwide Protests Call for an Immediate End to Nuclear Energy

Did Palin rip off Australia' s Pauline Hanson started the racist "One Nation" party?

Did Palin rip off Australia' s Pauline Hanson started the racist "One Nation" party?

for someone who was a history major

GOP FL Governor Rick Scott's approval ratings drop to 29%

Roy Blunt (R-Mo.): Feds Should Pay 100% of Joplin Clean-up

Tree destruction devastates family

NATO says destroyed Gaddafi compound guard towers

When a hotel doesn't act to protect guests' safety -

Tibetan leader to India: make Tibet 'core' issue

Grocery Store Workers Go On Hunger Strike Over Stagnant Wages

Medicare - Just Let This ONE Paragraph Sink In

Are any major left orgs putting together

Germany: Killer Cucumbers Leave 7 Dead, 1000 Hospitalized

Cantor: No more government 'gimmicks' with the economy

Delaware civil unions law likely will boost Rehoboth Beach's economy

Looking at the Truth without Flinching

Last I checked, Democrats still controlled the executive and one house of legislature.

Plan to host Teach for America at Univ. of Washington highlights double-speak of ed deform

Something that isn't being addressed in the contaminated

Union files complaint to stop move of NYC Opera

Let's STOP beating around the bush - RAISE TAXES ON THE RICH !

Lt. Dan Choi, others beaten at Moscow gay pride

The air we breathe, could be much cleaner without all the fanfare of

Aunt: Will Norton Missing After Graduation Dies

Michigan redistricting plan targets suburban Detroit Dems

FAA To End Blocking Reg# For All Private Aviation

After Voting To Slash Funding For The EPA, Rep. Barletta Now Outraged It’s Not Doing More In His Di

After Voting To Slash Funding For The EPA, Rep. Barletta Now Outraged It’s Not Doing More In His Di

WNYC: At Ellis Island, only one percent of immigrants were turned away. (T)here wasn’t a line then.

Joplin tornado death toll ratchets up to as many as 142

The President I wish Barack Obama had been...

How many here wish that threads bashing Clinton and/or Obama would...

It is May 28. School is Out. Where is the SUN

I am curious (yellow): what does the phrase, often used:

Typhoon Strengthens, May Hit Fukushima Nuke Plant

Typhoon Strengthens, May Hit Fukushima Nuke Plant

Politico calls the most densely populated part of the country Palin's "enemy".

Two Digger Wounded In Afghanistan

India's unwanted girls

Calif. GOP politician's daughter arrested for fatal hit-and-run in Austin

"Mitch McConnell agrees with Bill Clinton on Medicare" (keeps quoting Bill to deflect Dem attacks)

Any counter-Sarah peeps going to Bus-a-Palooza?

The Canadians have the answer and we can too if we want

Saturday, May 28 Fukushima updates

WHY BOTHER? John Boehner's PATHETIC 10-Page Jobs Plan

Fox News and Roger Ailes ..... a must read!

Time Lapse: Puppy to Adult in 40 seconds.

11.7 million invested in clean coal, Fuel Cell Energy shines again.

Wisconsin: Volunteers needed for Recall Canvassing in 10th Senate District

Consultant: Stop signs shouldn't apply to bicyclists

Anyone know what the Freeps mean by "phase two"?

Joy As Egypt Opens Gaza Border Crossing

Japan's science ministry has detected extraordinarily high levels of radioactive cesium in seafloor

In and out of school: US Education spending

The Revolution will not be Televised - Gill Scott-Heron dead at 62

So... The Best That We Get Out Of The Obama Justice Department, Is...

Who would have 'thunk' - the only two community teams in world

To what extent has the U.S. secretly fomented the 'Arab Spring'?

To what extent has the U.S. secretly fomented the 'Arab Spring'?

Woman wins $82K, after asking cop for ID and getting arrested

Woman wins $82K, after asking cop for ID and getting arrested

Just for a smile....

"The Revolution will not be Televised" author dead at 62

Computer errors free 450 high-risk prisoners in California

Computer errors free 450 high-risk prisoners in California

VW opens Tennessee plant with new focus on quality

VW opens Tennessee plant with new focus on quality

Pros and Cons to a Transportation Co-op?

Grocery Store Workers Go On Hunger Strike Over Stagnant Wages

2011 now deadliest year for tornadoes since 1950

Why should an ID be required for almost everything but voting?

SAT Test Demanding Teen Information Prompts Regulator Query

Please sign petition for Clinton to condemn violence against Dan Choi.

The best part of watching Barcelona winning the Champoin's League

How many American women and children will be physically abused in the next 72 hours?

So if Giuliani runs--what will be his issue? Obama owns the 9/11 theme now that he got Bin-Ladden

Neighborhood Shutdown

Tornado dog crawls home to owners on broken legs 20 days after being carried away

Tornado dog crawls home to owners on broken legs 20 days after being carried away

Chris Christie, average garden variety bully, caves in when called out on two important issues

In rememberance on this Memorial Day..... My Mom and Dad and John Lennon

Vanity Fair - Sex Trafficking of Americans: The Girls Next Door

Wisconsin or Florida – Poison is named Scott

Don't link federal contracts to campaign disclosures, Graves says

The US is running out of a rare gas crucial for detecting smuggled nuclear weapons

Republicans aren't pro life. At all.

Listen live to the morning rain over Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Female 1st to earn men's tour card

It would be nice if people remember this is a somber holiday

Updated: Brieitbart smears Rep Weiner with fake twitter grab

The water you want

New Poll Has Rudy Giuliani Leading the GOP Race of Clowns in 2012

WSJ‘s John Fund: Palin ‘won’t run’ in 2012

Federal Judge Denies 'First Amendment' Defense by O'Keefe, Giles in ACORN Worker Law Suit

Sec. Clinton's trip tp Pakistan: "It did not go well"

Toon: Memorials

Returning veterans encounter VA mental health meltdown

How the PARANOID Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory - must read!

After the crash: the pauperisation of middle-class America

LOL. Miley Cyrus goes after Urban Outfitters and Rick Santorum over marriage equality

FEMA could run out of rebuilding money

Want to look busy at work? Leave your coat on your chair overnight.

Men, and male attitudes are generally the problem

Breitbart publishes risqué photo, claims it’s Anthony Weiner’s wiener

Boy, 4, Is Mauled to Death by Dog in Brooklyn Home (dog was trained to attack)

Eye on India? China plans naval expansion, woos Myanmar

Crackdown in US state of Georgia keeps migrants away

WATCH: Lt. Dan Choi arrested at Moscow gay pride event

Japan donates $120,000 in relief supplies to Alabama

Ten Things No President May Do:

Alwaleed bin Talal looks like a James Bond villain. Pic inside.

MEDICARE OFF THE TABLE? “We are not going to reduce benefits at all,” Clyburn said,

Gil Scott-Heron has died.

The Wit of Donald Kaul: His take on DSK / Ahhnold and Maria / and the crackpot Camping

If the GOP's complete agenda were to be enacted in full...

Amnesty International marks 50 years of fighting for free speech

Mapping the 2010 U.S. Census

A Shameful Anniversary.

Vineland Electric: a socialist success story and a challenge to Democrats

Shale Boom in Texas Could Increase U.S. Oil Output

Winners and losers #4

Sen. Benjamin Cardin's "impressive" feat

My Mother In Law was just saved financially by the new Healthcare Law

Motocross bike minus the engine

Frank Lindh asks if his son can come out now...

Food for thought

“Give a job to 90,000 teachers? Or give $4 billion to Apple?” (Tax Cheats Campaign)

Mixed feelings on a personal level

Carbon capture, Fuel Cell Energy shines again.

Are you a Friend of Weiner?

Damn Nature U Scary of the Day: The full force of an EF5 tornado, succinctly illustrated in Joplin,

Brietbart to use SEX SMEAR on Rep. Anthony Weiner. Push back needed

Manning unstable, unfit for service in Iraq: fellow soldier

How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory

Damn. Being out on the road, I missed all the Ed Schultz fun.

Man who gave trooper the finger has charge dropped

Mommy Business Cards

Starve the bums

No vaginas please, we're Floridian

Iceland Ranked World’s Most Peaceful Nation, Somalia Worst; U.S. Improves to 82nd


The reasons for the tornados..according an asshat...

Bloomberg: Prince Al Waleed to CNN on oil: “We don’t want the West to go & find alternatives”

Senate Repubs. block potential Elizabeth Warren recess appointment. I thought

Scott Walker causes Obama approval rate to soar in Wisconsin.

Are republicans psychopaths?

Eli Pariser on "The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding ...

The Gas Model

Sarah Palin Runs Over Rolling Thunder

What a great idea! "Rent a car from someone nearby" . Heard on Marketplace Money...

What a great idea! "Rent a car from someone nearby" . Heard on Marketplace Money...

What a great idea! "Rent a car from someone nearby" . Heard on Marketplace Money...

Same-Sex Civil Unions To Become Legal In Illinois

Wisconsin: State Sen Carpenter introduces bill to Constitutionally protect collective bargaining.

David slays Goliath in Louisiana.

17 years ago we lost dad, mom will walk up the hill to see him again tomorrow (I hope)

Wisconsin: Barbara With's draft of "Complaint against the GAB and Kevin Kennedy"

Why is greed rewarded?

Actual headline: "Strip Search Finds Crack Between Buttocks"

Dick Cheney: ‘I Worship the Ground That Paul Ryan Walks On’

I love how FR is having a collective feargasm over the opening of the Gaza border.

Evangelicals, more than other GOP voter groups, deeply distrust Romney

WTF ??? - 'The Army’s “Sticky Note” SIPRNet Security' - EmptyWheel

WTF ??? - 'The Army’s “Sticky Note” SIPRNet Security' - EmptyWheel

Facebook updates from people who don't know The Onion is a humor site

I think Americans have that "American Idol" thing going when choosing presidents

FDL - "Mitch McConnell Reveals He’ll Hold US Debt Limit Hostage to Force Huge Medicare Cuts"

Take A Moment Today For A LAUGH


Awwwwwwwwww rescue dog in Joplin rescues

Palin coming to Philadelphia-area dentist's home for Bar-be-que and rally on Monday.

Bachmann has 'calling' to run

It’s true, your boss is a psychopath (…And Corporations too)

Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater Founder Erik Prince’s Private Army of “Christian Crusaders” in the UAE

Badminton’s New Dress Code - elite women must wear skirts to appear more 'attractive'

Some photos of the Universe

Virginia Foxx’s latest: defund medical schools that teach abortion prodecures

Aizona vigilante rancher seeks to benefit from AZ law that bans punative damages for undoc. immig.

In Arizona, 230% College Tuition Hike Comes With A Side Of Xenophobia

Mystery Virus in South Korea Claims Second Victim

What has the President done for the LGBT community lately? Funny you should ask

John Edwards: A jerk, not a felon

Republican Lawmaker Hires Jobless Constituent To Work In His Yard For $8 An Hour

The U.S. Postal Service Nears Collapse

Is a Catholic school principal legally obligated to report suspected child abuse?

Student punished for spaghetti beliefs

NASA study of moon soil reveals plentiful water

How many here wish Bill Clinton would just STFU and go away?

Abortion saved my life

ACLU asks for removal of Christian prayer banner at high school graduation

Sex Trafficking of Americans: The Girls Next Door

Why the Democratic Party Has Abandoned the Middle Class in Favor of the Rich

A young man, driven by hunger and desperation, stole groceries from my neighbor yesterday..


School choice advocacy groups buying Dem votes in Florida House?

Retired pastor knows why people don’t like Christians any more

Libyan Revolution Week 15

Los Angeles laying off 85 librarians. Tells them they are not teachers.

So I didn't follow the same schedule today that I usually do. I left the apartment at the same time

Easin' In

Just Kissed My Baby



Just had Yellowtail Shiraz for dinner. It has to be my favourite wine. Has anyone else ever had it?

I Heard It Thru the Grapevine

My cat just made a LOUD raspberry while licking herself. Should I be offended?


Ridin' High

One At A Time

Blueberries are SO smug because they're the ONLY blue food. I say "eff 'em."


Star Of a Story

Skyy, Can You Feel Me?


Superwoman/Where Were You Last Winter?

Friday Night Funk

Lil' Girl

Will You Be There

Kiss The Sky

NY Is Killin' Me

The Bottle

We Almost Lost Detroit

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

You'd think after ten years of this shit I would have learned by now..

Kitty Hugs

Winter In America

B Movie

The Crutch


As Serious as Your Life

Dancing Girls Theme

incubus really likes my cover video of thier new song! they really like me...

La La La

I just bought the essential country collection CD. What other best of CDs should I buy?

In case of fire, exit via the rear stairs. Watch your step......

Tine Thing Helseth

Delete mispost

Food Pyramid Being Replaced With Plate-Shaped Logo

Ok, the illustrator had to know what he was doing here

Man it is cold right here in my apartment. Is it unseasonably cold where you are?

PHOTO: "The restaurant doesn't open for another half hour. I'll just wait here in the lobby."

The word "serendipity" comes from the Sankrit word for "island where lions dwell"

"You were on the Indianapolis?"

Maggie's Farm

Like a Rolling Stone

Knocking on heavens door

Here are a couple of iron-on Tshirt transfers I made for some of my trucker friends...

Women Are Evil

Black Place IV

Lay Lady, Lay

Mr. Tambourine Man

Am I the only one who drops the F Bomb in EVERY post on DU?


If You're Fond Of Sand Dunes and Salty Air...

Unfinished Sympathy



The view from the International Space Station

Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song - With Leonard Nimoy

We Are "Impressed" with your "Knowledge", Tiguan. Please, "Do" Tell Us More...

Groupon Offering Hundreds of Burger Discounts Across the Country This Weekend

Question for anyone familiar with Switzerland and the Lauterbrunnen Valley

Bonds only. Post pics of bonds. Natural or otherwise.

PHOTO: "Ignore me? IGNORE me? No, I don't think I'm going to allow that."

Johns only. Post a pic of a John. Natural or otherwise.

A song for MiddleFingerMom...

Gil Scott-Heron has died.

It's Juke Box Saturday Night in the DU Lounge. sister apparently belongs to a Facebook group called "Adam's (Lambert) Cougars."

Cat mom hugs baby kitten

Woo Hoo! Bruins going to the Stanley Cup finals.

What are you reading tonight DU? Me, I'm just about to start "The Lake of Dreams" by the

ugh. Bought tickets to a play tonight. My date just cancelled on me. Play starts in 110 minutes.

My new roommate seems to be under a mistaken impression...

Maggie's Farm. How do you like working there?

Graduation gift recommendation?

Horse herpes outbreak forces rodeo queens to ride stick ponies

You WISH you had an outdoor kitchen like this guy's.

Anybody want to come over? This is getting old.

SO...the critics are wetting themselves over "Eclipse," the new Journey album.

Our beautiful Universe

Our beautiful Universe

Memorial Day week-end. All war movies, all the time.

Hey, Dad? Wanna have a catch?

R.I.P. David Mason, 85 (he played the piccolo trumpet solo on The Beatles' "Penny Lane")

A must-have.

Has your family tried 'em, Powdermilk?

My granddaughter's first ballet recital.

Activists raided before 2008 Republican National Convention reach $50,000 settlement

If Khan could lock onto Genesis and beam it up to his ship, why couldn't he beam up Kirk?

"Apocalypse Now" junkies. Coming up on AMC.

Saturday, May 28. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Federal Judge Rules Corporations, Just Like People, Should Be Able To Give To Candidates

In diplomatic shift, Russia calls for Gadhafi to step down

Gil Scott-Heron, ‘godfather of rap' who mixed poetry and politics, dead at 62

Bachmann has 'calling' to run

Racist Cartagena nightclubs to pay compensation

Last call for Bernie Madoff's personal property, U.S. marshals says

Phone hacking: police warn Mail journalists of voicemail interceptions

(4) GOP presidential hopefuls shift on global warming

Delete nt

Sotomayor gets $1.2 million advance for memoir

DOJ (WI) Asks Supreme Court To Lift Ban On Union Law

Maine lawmaker facing gun charges sent to psychiatric hospital

Ex-Bank of Italy chief sentenced to 4 years in jail

My co-workers are a bunch of worthless slugs.

Blast kills powerful Afghan police chief

Egyptian court fines ousted government officials $90 million

Three French aid staff abducted in Yemen -official

Jury sides with Tyson Foods

State: 105 still unaccounted for in Joplin tornado

Recall may force closure of many public pools

Spoken-word musician Gil Scott-Heron dies in NYC

NASA study of moon soil reveals plentiful water

S.F. police scandal widens - 26 more cases dropped

Mubarak, Former Officials Fined $90.6M for Cutting Off Mobile & Internet During Jan. Protests

Record snow makes spectacular Yosemite waterfalls

Radioactive materials found off Miyagi and Ibaraki

Honduran police turn a blind eye to soaring number of 'femicides'

Congress nixes chance of Obama recess appointments

Mexico police raid 'La Familia drug cartel', killing 11

Obama Cites Poland as Model for Arab Shift

Administration: China not currency manipulator

One of the best things from your childhood.

Callaway, other nuclear plants cope with spent fuel dilemma

Satellite images show large sediment plumes from flooding

Mysterious fund allows Congress to spend freely, despite earmark ban (DoD pork)

British jets make daytime raid on Gaddafi compound

Cuban ballet brings 'message of peace' to US

Anchor from Blackbeard ship recovered

Gov. Rick Scott Uses Sheriffs To Eject ‘Liberal-Looking’ People From Budget Signing Event

Doubts deepen over TEPCO truthfulness after president's sightseeing trip uncovered

Third environmentalist killed in a week in Brazil's Amazon Rainforest region

Biden: We saved auto industry from 'brink of extinction'

Ratko Mladic says all Serbs must share the guilt

Grocery Store Workers Go On Hunger Strike Over Stagnant Wages

Egypt Gaza Border Reopened Permanently

Three protest 'radical Islam' at Dearborn City Hall

Mitch McConnell won't vote for debt limit hike without Medicare cuts

Top seismologist to be tried for manslaughter for failing to predict Italian earthquake that killed

'Talks under way' to end Libya fighting

U.S. should look abroad for education reform, study says

Massive nationwide protests call for an immediate end to nuclear energy

Ex-Honduran president Zelaya returns from exile

Prominent names dip toes in 2012 race

WI-Pres: Obama has solid leads in Badger State

ZOMG! "Homophobic Black President" Gets Big Gay Endorsement!

5 things I did not know about "Newt Gingrich"

President Obama likely to tap Dempsey as Joint Chiefs chairman

If a Bachmann or a Palin or Santorum ends up being the GOP nominee

New Poll: Obama Could Win Georgia In 2012

President Obama's 2012 campaign makes moves

Human Rights Campaign Endorses President Barack Obama for Reelection

The Plus Side Of Crazy Women Bachman Running for POTUS

"Corporatist" Obama Administration Sues Oil Futures Traders

I actually wish the HRC had endorsed in both Presidential Primaries

Anti Libya war protest at Buckingham Palace as Obama meets the queen

RAP NEWS 7: #Revolution spreads to America

Mitch McConnell is quoting Bill Clinton on Medicare to deflect Dem attacks on Ryan budget plan

Special Delivery: Romney Sends Leftover Pizza To Obama’s Campaign HQ

Dirty Ol' Men of the TNGA House Transportation Committee

20/20: Live Bomb in Soldier's Body

Limbaugh Warns GOP To Goose Step To HIM, Or Else !

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Gil Scott-Heron

US Congress gives hefty bonuses amid crisis - Press TV News

Paying a Fair Share

Allen West Does It Again

Chris Hedges on the work of Sheldon Wolin

Weekly Address: Biden on the American Auto Comeback

F**ked Snooze anchor's Freudian slip-slash-blooper while reporting on Der Gropenführer-Gate

Rachel Maddow Helps Santorum's Google Problem

Rafah Crossing reopened

Moderator asks Romney obvious questions.... *whoops* FIRE ALARM (00:46)

Governor Removes 'Liberal Looking' Seniors from Townhall (Young Turks)

Let's STOP beating around the bush - RAISE TAXES ON THE RICH !

College Conspiracy

B Movie - Gil Scott Heron

Papantonio: The Truth About Oil Subsidies

Lt Dan Choi Arrested In Moscow, Russia

Dick Cheney Worships The Ground Paul Ryan Walks On! (Toon)

TYT: Who Did The Fed Give Money To?

'US Hostage To Pakistan Mood Swings In Fighting Afghan War'

Gay Men Attacked In Oregon For Holding Hands

Sarah Palin Pranked

Most Democrats want to fix, not repeal the Patriot Act.

Ayn Rand & GOP vs. Jesus

The counter-revolution club

A ‘day of rage’ in Ethiopia?

No light at end of the tunnel for Greece means dark clouds on Ireland's horizon

Musharraf: Obama is arrogant

Ralph Lang traveled to Madison where he was going to “lay out abortionists because they are killing

Cracked: 5 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Poor

McDonald's can't attract teenage burger flippers due to high-paying mining jobs

(WI) GAB Won't Consider Recall Petitions Of Democratic Senators Tuesday

Tennessee's 'Don’t Say Gay' Bill Proves State Still Hasn't Evolved

Corporation tax cuts fail to create jobs, says TUC

What Would a Greek Haircut Mean for Germany?

Obama Shows his Hatred of Israel by Admitting Palestinians are Human

The 10 Truest Things Harry Truman Said About Republicans

George Osborne: A lonely figure

Life-saving test for babies cut by governor

Japan Sets Target of 20 Percent for Renewable Energy


Senior official points to doom scenario for Japanese if explosion at Fukushima occurs -WSJ

How KFC and the Tea Party Kill Tigers

Island nations may keep some sovereignty if rising seas make them uninhabitable

Super Typhoon Songda

WikiLeaks Documents Hint of Slick Plans for Arctic Oil

Fukushima may release more radiation than Chernobyl: TEPCO

In Oakland's port, ships plug in to cut emissions

The real cost of oil: $10 a gallon

Sea level will rise a foot higher on New Jersey coast by 2050

The solution to global climate change: Giant Floating Cities that are built by robots

Son of I Want To Create A Thread That Never Dies Until MiddleFingerMom Gets Back From The Hospital

Lawrence O'Donnell - The Last Word - Ignorant Dangerous Action by Wisconsin Conservatives

Indonesia's Transgender Community Facing Test of Faith

In South Africa's black townships, being gay can be fatal

Civil union bill protest brings out both pro- and anti-gay sides

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Please note: Your concerns are unreasonable and driven by childish impatience

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A(n) (uncomfortable) position I found myself in...

Who (besides me) is pissed off that we weren't chosen for the rapture?

Strange church experience from childhood:

US police accused of paying evangelical couple to turn a gay woman straight

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What if ten million years ago there were hominids like us?

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John Elway needs to get a life

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WI panel OKs gun bill; columnist shows bankruptcy of anti-CCW mindset

A must-have.

Oh dear, Lo-Do was just scolding us about guns and Wisconsin.

A must-have.

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