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Besides Somalia, are there any other countries that don't have a Postal Service?

I have to agree with Sarah on one thing

Independent UK: This is a 'war' we should fight no longer

Despite the high prospect of rain - tens of thousands celebrate gay pride in Birmingham UK

NatGeo has a good program on disasters tonight

I look and feel like an ass

A Special "On, Wisconsin!" for Dairy State Unions

Question for the formerly/currently/potentially pregnant...

That woman seriously gives me the willies

Being in Grant Park to celebrate Obama's election night was ten times better than being a pepper.

Being in Grant Park to celebrate Obama's election night was ten times better than being a pepper.

Silvio Berlusconi flees reality

Monday in Japan: Storm, blueprint, boiling water at Fukushima

Memorial Day Extreme X-Cultural Military Post...

Companies look for power way, way up in the sky

I hope this woman sues Breitbart.

News from the Idiocracy

Arizona to sue over medical-marijuana law

Osama's Bin Legoed: Al Qaeda leader's last moments now captured in toy bricks

Senators rail at big pharma's secretive lobbying

American Imams: Islam Compatible with Biological Evolution

OMG have you guys seen this too funny page and picture of Palin

Sarah Palin arrives at Rolling Thunder for Photo (sh)Op

Spain's Secret Conflict: The independence movement in Catalonia (Video)

Gerald Celente: "Off with their Heads 2.0"

Michele Bachmann’s Lies About Her History– Is She Hiding In Plain Sight?

I'm willingly enabling the Palin-aganda!

for those who complain of the democrats being too

My Dad Is My Special War Hero.....

Gas prices should go down? Saudi prince calls for lower oil prices

What's he thinking??

Nissan Leaf Commercial: What If Everything Ran On Gas?

100 fans arrested in Barcelona 'celebration' riots after Champions League victory

Memorial Day, tomorrow, I will shun all mention of Palin.

Pawlenty Says He Would Sign Ryan Medicare Plan

Rolling Stone - "How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory" - Must Read!

"The Bible has become a book with which to bludgeon people."

Romney - "Iowa wants me to shove this where?"

It "wasn't a photo op," but that didn't stop an ass-load of photos from showing up on ""

The Red Market (do NOT click if you're squeamish)

Our recovery.

So Arianna Huffington thinks Palin playing dress-up is the most important news in the world

Albemarle Road church fined $100 per branch for excessive tree pruning

Russia joins Western chorus for Gaddafi to go



Rape Tweeted (No Joke!)

Rape Tweeted (No Joke!)

Well, we're not gonna PRODUCE for you

Another phony Twitter penis pic today, this time in Canada

I feel very fortunate that everyone in my family who served in the armed forces

The downside of technology

Sean Kingston Badly Injured Jet Ski Crash

A visit to a Civil War Cemetery (repost for Memorial day)

Memorial Day? Thank Black Freed Civil War Soldiers

Herman Cain: Past Chairman of the Kansas City Fed

Paul Krugman - "Medicare and Mediscares" - Ryan Plan Will End Medicare!

Occupation of Madrid's main plaza continues

Occupation of Madrid's main plaza continues

Insurgents, suicide bombers attack base in west Afghanistan

Section 60:Arlington National Cemetery

Berlin Split over US Nuke Modernization

Photo: Sarah Caught Writing On Her Hand Today

German nuclear plants to be shut

About Our Veterans

Hey Sarah.....did the paparazi get some good shots?

I'm looking for a volunteer.Who can do a search for a sale of a piece of property in Florida for me?

I'm looking for a volunteer.Who can do a search for a sale of a piece of property in Florida for me?

NYT: A Crackdown on Employing Illegal Workers

Fukushima Risks Chernobyl ‘Dead Zone’

Memorial Day Toons

Suicide bomber attacks Italian base in Afghanistan

My kids wanted me to watch INCEPTION....

Over 30 killed or injured in explosions in Afghanistan

Happy Fucking Memorial Day (Sorry About Pay Cuts Being On The Table)

NATO base attacked in Afghanistan - four dead, several injured

NATO base attacked in Afghanistan - four dead, several injured

Orlando installs meters for donations to homeless

Memorial Day comes as troops fight in Afghanistan

This Memorial Day I grieve the death of innocence and sanity...

Wisconsin: Walker's got a new scheme - homeowners can pay to power factories.

A question about diabetes

four-legged heroes

Scottish party to challenge UK supreme court

Scottish party to challenge UK supreme court

Scottish party to challenge UK supreme court

The Democrats' Plan

If you're interested in race issues, this movie is a must see.

And The MIC Rolls On

And The MIC Rolls On

And The MIC Rolls On

In a War-Loving Society, Peace Activism Takes a Lot of Guts and Bravery

5 Pakistan Taliban leaders arrested by NATO forces in Pakistan

why are the unemployed being trained for better jobs that don't exist?

*****Breaking***** Obama announces Army Gen. Dempsey as next chairman of Joint Chiefs of St

Not sure if this link will work--Excellent OpEd on origins of Memorial Day

EXCLUSIVE! GOP Briefing On Elizabeth Warren!

America's Vanishing Middle Class: A Tale of Two Economies

Best Palin Story Ever - Courtesy of Google News

My father

It is simply not about them

Really now, who is propping up the Palin bandwagon?

Fukushima Risks Chernobyl 'Dead Zone' as Radiation Soars

How they live: 'Top 10 airport lounges you’ll want to be stranded in'

Memorial Day...

Succinct. Eloquent. An accurate description of today's politics.

My stepfather enlisted in the U.S. Navy at age 15, in 1934, to get out of a life of poverty

Woe, how far the mighty fall: QUAYLE now hangs with Bo DIETL

More evidence: Fox News makes you stupid.

My PERSONAL thank-you to any DUers who have served in the Military (pic heavy, dialup warning)

NYT Epic Fail - pulling a boner re: Rep Weiner

NYT Epic Fail - pulling a boner re: Rep Weiner

Join Forces This Memorial Day!

"Every day is Memorial Day for me.

NYT - Rep. Ryan’s Dubious Sales Pitch

Vision: How to Make Media Reflect the Popular Views of Americans, Not Those of Elites

Where Does Self Defense End? Killer of Robber Convicted of Murder

A short rant from a young "radical"...

Did I get this right? Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, the secessionist, is considering running for POTUS?

Global warming has finally arrived in Wisconsin.

If possible, could somebody re-post this thread per DU standards?

Germany to shut all nuclear reactors by 2022

This Week in Labor: New York Building Trades Workers Protest 20% Pay Cut

Mobius Says Financial Crisis ‘Around The Corner’

eric cantor's ugly ransom

10 Companies That Make Billions From The U.S. Government

Memorial Day: Enter Hitler, Release 2.0

Take the Ryan bill off the damn table !!

Search problems on DU - error 403

Tom Tomorrow...

Cantor continues to hold Joplin relief hostage.

Tepco says it is "watching to ensure" that radiation-contaminated water doesn't flow out

Afghanistan insurgents hit NATO base, downtown Herat in coordinated attacks

Hackers crack PBS content system, publish report claiming Tupac is ‘still alive’

Curator explains importance of American Civil War's black soldiers

Texas: Democrat's filibuster halts school funding cuts

Europe reportedly in talks for new Greece deal

Something for Memorial Day.

Something for Memorial Day.

A song for Sarah on this Memorial Day-

Mladic and bin Laden

Victory over AIDS epidemic finally within reach: U.S. researcher

Dangerous Levels of Overlap Between Xenophobic 'Minuteman' Movement and Tea Party

Drug Companies: Killing Kids for Profit

General Orders No.11, WASHINGTON, D.C., May 5, 1868

China Raises Retail Power Prices

Statement from Gennette Cordova, student who was sent lewd Twitter photo from Rep. Weiner's account

Saw this on Fox News...Sad story but shows their level of their intelligence

5 generals among latest Libyan defectors

PSA: Dear 16-year-old Me.

Tim Pawlenty's new campaign slogan: 'Any doofus can go to Washington'


TPM: Why Democrats Are Losing The Messaging War On Federal Contractor Disclosure

Australian Comedy show covers Fox News:

Gov. Rick Perry signs tort reform bill into law

When we develop a society that puts a premium on taking good care of the greedy few...

The latest strategy in the Republican attack on public education

Do you leave the energyguide labels on your appliances?

1971 - A Combat Veteran at 19, not back a year.

Japan's Supreme Court: All teachers are required to sing the national anthem at school events

The more things change, the more they stay the same...

Let's organize a "Turn Our Backs on Palin" movement

Silver lining to the foreclosure crisis - For Tornado victims anyway

Poll: 65% support balanced budget amendment (including 45% of Democrats)

NOAA’s terrifying tornado time-lapse [VIDEO]

Can Louisiana state senators walk without tripping over their knuckles?

Memorial Day Mattress Sale

Freeper "Catsrus"...TX Gov. Rick Perry would be "far better than" Obama because of his booming voice

Saudi Prince wants the price of oil to drop so the West wont "go and find alternatives"

Those Harley's like Palin was on are called "baggers" if I'm not mistaken.

Remembering America's Soldiers…With Charts

The jobs crisis in America

The jobs crisis in America

In Libya, infamous lawyers Roland Dumas, Jacques Verges offer to defend Gaddafi

Will There Be A New False Flag Attack In Chicago's Sears Tower?

Will There Be A New False Flag Attack In Chicago's Sears Tower?

America's Education Problems Way Deeper Than 'Good' or 'Bad' Teachers

In French or English, Strauss-Kahn Being Railroaded

Toon: Ryan kicks Vets when they are down, too

Toon: Ryan kicks Vets when they are down, too

Petition: Help the Silent Victims of Gaddafi’s Rape Machine

Notice our media won't ask the most logical question like "Who is paying for the vinyl wrapped bus?"

Michigander salutes his father, who fought during the Civil War

Guy with gun crashes party attended by mixed martial arts expert

I didn't want to start a Palin thread, I really didn't...

This needs to happen a bit more often

Inching Closer to States’ Rights

On this Memorial Day, thank you to all who served. Prayers for those who died in that service.

Sarah Palin is a Joke. Likening her to Adolph Hitler

IRS Mileage Rate?

Political correctness won’t save any lives’: GOP congressman on TSA pat-downs

How big is Wal Mart?

Fewer voters register as dems

Violence, impunity undermine facade of human rights progress: Colombian labor unions

Genial !!!! Paris Region Moves Ahead with 125 Miles of New Metro Lines

WTF? Lyrics from Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" omitted from Good Morning America and .... GLEE?

WTF? Lyrics from Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" omitted from Good Morning America and .... GLEE?

Why an Ongoing Trade Deficit Weakens the Economy

Phone data on Weiner’s previous yfrog images doesn’t match lewd picture.

On Memorial Day 2011, This Guy Belongs in Prison

Quote from "The Barbaric Heart" about capitalism and war

If ignorance is bliss,

I love this website - Tressel out at Ohio State: whatever happened to fair play in the USA?

Insurance Companies may have to actually pay claims, beg for sympathy.

Woman shoots washing machine, house floods, couple divorce (Florida)

Can't use search, so I am asking this silly question...

George Will: Everyone Knows Sarah Palin Should Not Be Trusted With Nuclear Weapons

Can anyone verify this information. It is interesting but I want to know if it is true. Got it in


Need help understanding the concept of "Turnovers" for Associations. Re: In Florida

Republicans Propose Replacing Social Security with Groupons

President Obama

Benen: Worst. Memorial Day Message. Ever. (DeWine politicizes Memorial Day)

Danziger toon on the Grifter

Here we go again Candy the pig Crowley re Weiner - prank or coverup?

4454 unnecessary memorial day deaths...

Would North Americans be better off if North Americans reduced their meat consumption by one-half?

Twin Cities take top ranking for healthy living

For Memorial Day... 'ALEC - Government FOR The Corporations' - DailyKos

JFK sent troops to enforce civil rights laws

Confusion on day 2 of Palin bus tour

Recipient Of Alleged Rep. Weiner Photo Issues Statement

Memorial Day 2011: Two Names That Matter

FDA Medication Shortages List.


Oregon Senator Wyden freezes second Internet censorship bill

Tax cuts, wars account for nearly half of public debt by 2019

Kind of offended that Katie Couric was replaced with a man

Police looking into arrests of dancing protesters

Ayn Rand: "Religion is a psychological weakness...

Interview: Bradley Manning’s father no fan of his son

Anthony Weiner hires attorney in Twitter incident

French lawyers plan Libya lawsuit against Sarkozy

should congress fund medical studies

Well, well, well...

Well, well, well...

The Book Of Newt (A Biblical Parody)

I annoyed a Rush Limbaugh listener today

Is the Main Stream Media Sara Palin's abused spouse?

The Rude Pundit: A Poem for Memorial Day 2011

50 state stereotypes in 2 minutes...via Huffington Post

Tibetan parliament-in-exile members take oath

Terrorist 'pre-crime' detector field tested in United States

Do you find it slightly hypocritical

On this Memorial Day, I think of my father who

Run Sarah Run. We want you too

Krugman- Against Learned Helplessness

my sister "liked" Dick Cheney on facebook

Taliban co-founder tipped off US on Osama bin Laden hideout: Report

Mormon bishops won't be charged in Ariz. sex abuse case despite reported confession

Does anyone realize how horrific

Our hospitals are Running Out of Vitally-Important Medicines. Yay.

The Aboriginal “intervention” in Australia: four years on

R.I.P. Richard L. Fitts, Jr. U.S.M.C.

CNN: 'Palin's Historic Bus Tour'

CNN: 'Palin's Historic Bus Tour'

Days after being bought by Microsoft, Skype starts installing crapware on Windows systems

War Is a Racket

The Wisconsin Values Budget

Paul Krugman Blog- The Facts Have A Liberal Bias, Again

HELP to get this disgusting page pulled on Facebook

Crazy Liberals! --- byTom Tomorrow

DU Vets and Active Servicemen: Thank you for SURVIVING

The excuses John King is making for covering Sarah Palin's foolishness on CNN are just

As Physicians’ Jobs Change, So Do Their Politics..(good news)

So it's illegal to carry a big stick in California.

"Fuck War"

3-D Starts to Fizzle, and Hollywood Frets

It's the Military, Stupid!: Don't Blame America's Debt Crisis on Social Security and Medicare

Comin' this summer... $5 gas

Meet Your New Pot Dealer: Big Pharma

TV ad: Advance America (payday loan) is where teachers should go for money for school supplies

Cuts in US welfare programs hit hundreds of thousands of poor families

Adolf Hitler liked leather and crypto-military costumes, too...

So, did Gaddafi use cluster bombs or were those ours?

Westboro Baptist Church confronted by... the KKK

Was my son's death in Afghanistan a price worth paying?

OK, Sarah, now it's fucking personal.

Marco Rubio seen by some Tea Party members as ducking on immigration

"School of Shock" Founder Forced to Resign

Why the fuck is Sarah Palin receiving all this coverage on CNN

Letter from a Fukushima mother-To people in the United States and around the world

Media Snoozed When Glenn Beck Called Cindy Sheehan a "Slut"

RyanCare - estimated cost to me at 62.

Alabama town hit by tornadoes bans FEMA trailers.

The United States Postal Service

The United States Postal Service

Enough!!! If your dog kills someone, especially your own child,

Final Humble Plea for Wishadoo! Fundraiser

Been offline, what happened to usregimechange in MO?

Ever get the feeling that America is slipping backward?

David Mamet Explains His Shift to the Right

Million dollar McMansion with 1-Car Garage!

Smedley Darlington Butler

2nd Brigade Combat Team is Off to Iraq (For Year-Long Deployment!)

Wisc. GOP: Raise individual power rates; lower business rates

Breaking CNN...Palin says TAXING the WEALTHY is SOCIALISM

Shoot thyself in the foot?

Too Poor to be "Sick and Poor" in America

Typhoon touches down in tsunami zone

Mods: Can we move all the Palin threads to the Entertainment Forum?

Anti-war veteran arrested for dancing in Jefferson Memorial

Do "bootstraps" still exist for Americans?

It's stupid to hold these FTAs up over $7.2B but if they won't vote for it, we'll have to try

Khan Academy... self-driven education... no classes, no grades, no 6 hr school days

Palinoid Ditzophrenia ----------->

NYC to spend one billion on consultants while firing 4,100 teachers.

Out of the Mouth of Babes: Middle Schoolers slam Bush/Cheney in Yearbook - Admin not happy

Drunk driving should be treated more harshly.

Who has two thumbs and is red as a lobster?!

Question for the formerly/currently/potentially pregnant...

Rules of clogging?

I had Byron Nelson tickets and didn't even go.

Two high school classmates on the Wall:

Who's been watching the Firefly marathon on the science channel?

Question for DU parents about toys:

Not much NASCAR love here.. but damn it...

Pearls B4 Swine's version of the SeAL who shot BIN LADEN

A hot tub full of KFC gravy!

My photo shopping might be too subtle. At least no one in GD got it.

What's on the menu ?

Art Movies and/or Rolling Stone, Mick Jagger Fans with Netflix

So the Memorial Day Parade is starting outside my building, and the band is playing Louie Louie.

Just when I thought I'd seen everything: Zombie garden gnomes!

Solution for a bagel

This effin' Eddie Vedder UKELELE album. Your thoughts?

CLASSIC MTV Hair Metal! Britny Fox, "Louder."

Let the Hair Metal ONSLAUGHT on The Lounge CONTINUE...Cinderella, "Gypsy Road."

Guns N' Roses "You Could Be Mine" DIRECTORS CUT (WITHOUT the "Terminator 2" footage)

CLASSIC pre-Napster Lars Jumps The Shark Metallica: "For Whom The Bell Tolls"

If Elvis were alive today, what would he be singing?

Rules of blogging?

Alison Krauss & Robert Plant LIVE - Gone Gone Gone / Killing the Blues / Rich Woman

This old thread, it played nine, it played knick-knack on my line ...

Something for Memorial Day

50 state stereotypes in 2 minutes

Jim Tressel out as O.S.U. head football coach

Monday, May 30. William Shakespeare's Thought For Memorial Day:

Mr Rogers: How crayons are made

My beach pics

"..a naked woman, riding on a unicorn, jumping over fire"

A little boy and an otter share a fun moment!

I have a personnel question.

Rules of flogging?

13 Bears And Marijuana - English Subs

Remember FLO?

Memorial Day worthy Youtube music thread.

Sleepwear Question

Remember UFO?

So what are you eating for memorial day?

So who are you eating for memorial day?

When was the last time you cried?

Kids: Let him learn boxing or not?

Name some surprisingly interesting places to visit.

Companies look for power way, way up in the sky

I look and feel like an ass

No G8 talks between Harper and Netanyahu: spokesman

Record turnout for 'Indignant' protesters in Athens (100,000)

Greenpeace activists climb Greenland oil rig

Casablanca police break up democracy rally

Parent anger plays role in Japan's reversal of raised radiation limits at schools

Stabilizing reactors by year's end may be impossible: Tepco

Putin is saint and saviour for Russian cult

Saudi beheads Sudanese for murder

Remember EMO?

Russia joins Western chorus for Gaddafi to go

Who Led Zeppelin to Rush some Rolling Stones downhill in some kind of Black Sabbath ritual?

Lagarde has G8 backing; hits back at inquiry call

Strauss-Kahn assembles crisis team to fight back

Oregon Senator Wyden freezes second Internet censorship bill

Pakistan to launch operation in N. Waziristan: report

Comin' this summer... $5 gas

Righthaven defendant in new dispute over Las Vegas casino image

Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel Resigns

Obama nominates Army head to serve as new Joint Chiefs chairman

Germany to abandon nuclear power by 2022

Republican Legislators Push to Tighten Voting Rules

Berlusconi faces defeat in crucial Milan election

Iran's supreme leader backs Ahmadinejad

UN investigation into Malaysia rare-earth plant safety

Official: 5 suicide attacks at AU bases in Somalia

Storm suspends work at Japan Fukushima nuclear plant

5 generals among latest Libyan defectors

Zuma Visit Raises Hopes for Libya Deal

Shuttle Endeavour leaves International Space Station for last time

Taliban strikes kill four and injure at least 29 in 'stable' Herat

Osama bin Laden tried to establish 'grand coalition' of militant groups

I think getting divorced is one of the smartest things I've done.

Saudi activist: Woman driver freed from detention

China shuts battery factories due to lead poisoning

Former Texas Governor Bill Clements dies at 94

House sets vote on debt, to focus on budget talks with White House

China’s Economy Slows, but Inflation Still Looms

Study: Closing tax breaks for retirement would do little to help budget

Actress Cate Blanchett and other prominent Australians back plan to tax carbon polluters

Colombia: Land theft put at 7m hectares

House Democrats unite on Afghanistan exit

Shouts of ‘Pull Him Back’ Then Rescuers Do Just That. (Brooklyn Bridge)

Remember UDO?

Berlusconi loses Milan to the left

Anti-abortion groups raise stakes by deploying US tactics on UK streets

Saudi prince calls for lower oil prices(so US and Europe don't wean off oil)

Nato apologises for Afghan civilian deaths

Germany pledges to end all nuclear power by 2022

Ala. town hit by tornadoes bans FEMA trailers

A thought for parents about that "speak in a calm, quiet tone" advice you've probably received.

Al-Jazeera footage captures 'western troops on the ground' in Libya

Worst ever carbon emissions leave climate on the brink (The Guardian exclusive)

PBS Hacked in Retribution for Frontline Wikileaks Episode

Senators considering proposal to allow Uribe presidential return .

Rep. Anthony Weiner Exploring Legal Action Over ‘Weinergate’ Fiasco

President Obama leads country in marking Memorial Day

Palin in White house FUNNY!!!!! "LMAOROTF"!!!

Interesting Republicans were so quick to condemn Obama for being in Europe during the tornado...

Memorial Day Salute to all Veterans.. Thank you is not enough

Doesnt Palin Need Park Permits To Do.....

So does the Palin Bus Tour thingy not post an itinerary to avoid protestors?

Dempsey Would Support Keeping U.S. Troops in Iraq Past Deadline If Needed

President Obama visits Joplin - pictures

Will Obama Hire Yet Another Bank-Friendly Regulator?

Plates of aide to right wing conaway gives finger to pres.

New Jersey Voters would pick Obama over their own Governor in Presidential race.

CNN… Obama approval rating at 54%

Anyone remember when (p)Rick Santorum tried to PRIVATIZE WEATHER?

On Memorial Day, Veterans and Soldiers give Obama lower marks - Gallup

Just Pissed On My Palin Obsessed Neighbor

Just Pissed On My Palin Obsessed Neighbor

Memories of Decoration Day (Harry Smith commentary on Face the Nation)

Restaurant Workers Action at Irish Restaurant Awards

Gil Scott-Heron - Work for Peace on Memorial Day!

TYT:Senate Denies Obama Recess Appointments

Ron Paul is acting more like a Democrat than a Republican - Fox News

TYT: Offensive Black 'Hos' Republican Ad (Herman Cain)

Memorial service for Missouri tornado victims

CNN Gives Second Banana To Gates, Mullen To Air Palin

RT: No cash to pay your debts? We'll take your gold, Greece!

Israel and the Right

Crisis is Not Behind Us

Taibbi: 'Nothing stops big banks from ripping off people again'

Yes, they want a theocracy. They even use that word. Andrew Sandlin makes it plain here.

Adam Kokesh first interview after arrest

A dual American/Canadian resident on the cultural differences between the countries.

What Dominionists want -- a second revolution. Jay Grimstead talks openly about it

Mike Malloy - Natural Disasters Not An Emergency For Republicans

Bradley Manning's Dad Speaks Out (More Like Helps MSM Set Up His Son For Major Fall)

DNC chair/US Rep Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on Face the Nation

EXCLUSIVE! GOP Briefing On Elizabeth Warren!

PA & NJ: Better to Look Good, Than Do Good (Phil. Inq. Column About Repub Priorities)

Fish in a barrel - Glen Beck (remember him?) and his historian discuss blacks and women

Our view: Capitol (WI) has become Fort Huebsch

Government moves to play down Varadkar’s second bailout comments

Arab oil faces higher ‘break-even’ price

GM and Chrysler Bailouts Freed Them from Paying Accident Victims

Noonan rules out seeking second bailout for Ireland

Independent UK: This is a 'war' we should fight no longer

"Taliban Dan" Webster: "Give to Israel or Lose God's Hand"

After Years Of War, House Holds Votes To Check Military Action

The utter pointlessness of talking to Pak civilian leaders

Teabagger Queen Palin Spits on Nation's War Dead

Immorality of power: why India ‘saddens’ Suu Kyi

Egypt agrees initial deal for $3bn IMF loan

Justice Stevens Is Off the Bench but Not Out of Opinions.

The Dawn of the Anthropocene Era 'We Are the Top Predator on Earth'

President Obama's secret weapon in Florida - Rick Scott

On This Memorial Day, I Ask ...

So Is it legal for Palin to use SarahPAC money for her vacation since she

GOP's Cruel Joplin Ransom

Florida Won't Get $35.7M Federal Health Grant

A Cornered Animal Is A Dangerous Animal

E.J. Dionne has the Tea Party sussed.

Madison Ave. Declares ‘Mass Affluence’ Over

This isn't going to be popular...

Why Obama Should Fight Hard for Elizabeth Warren

Chris Hedges: The Sky Really Is Falling

Alan Greenspan's Ayn Rand Connection Explored in BBC Documentary

Newsweek: Freak storms are the "new normal" and the future is "harrowing"

Pump failure nearly brings No. 5 to a boil

How the 'ecosystem' myth has been used for sinister means

TEPCO believes stabilizing Fukushima reactors by year-end impossible

Canada leaves oilsands pollution increase out of report

Worst ever carbon emissions leave climate on the brink

Otters reveal clues to coastal health

Tepco can't stabilize reactors by year-end: report

Nuclear power and climate change – what now?

Japan nuclear plant workers likely exposed to radiation far beyond legal limit

Germany to Eliminate Nuclear Energy by 2022

Goal of holding temperature rise to only 2° C may be impossible

Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan 'unready for typhoon'

Should we regulate cat ownership to save birds?

George State Lawmaker comes out admit allegations of sexual misconduct

DADT: Memorial Day Marks 70 Years of Discrimination Against Gay Service Members

Thousands rally at Hands Across Hawthorne

Ruben Rosario: For parents of gay soldier, vote compounds their loss

A New Type Of Service Dog

Fate of N.Y.'s same-sex marriage bill hinges on votes of undecided state senators

Thank you Portland! 4,000 gather on a cold rainy night in soldarity.

Family Values

30 Years In, We Are Still Learning From AIDS

Hi. I'm Jamie. I'm Queer, and I'm a Moderator.

Is "clergycrat" a word?

man lived with body of dead fiancee for days, praying she would return to life

Judge Gives Embattled Atheist Bail and A Warning

Putin is saint and saviour for Russian cult

Retired pastor knows why people don’t like Christians any more

Christians Back TV Device to Censor Religious Slurs, Profanity

a bit OT: Please give me your take on this Geo. Carlin rant..

What lies at the root of our Democratic commitments?

Book critiquing atheism wins Archbishop's prize

MLB: Small-market survival via "scouring scouts."

OSU coach Jim Tressel has resigned

Significant Inquiry by NCAA and OSU Under way for QB Pryor

Brian Wilson establishes Air Force scholarships

And Vancouver wins the Stanley Cup!!!

Why don't baseball player, especially pitchers, get ill more often?

Congrats to Virginia! 2011 NCAA Lacrosse National Champions!

Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel Resigns

Time to rethink US aid

New generation of Palestinian jihadists challenges Hamas

PM: We can't stop UN recognition of Palestinian state

Turks Sailing Again in Gaza Flotilla Chart a Collision Course With Israel