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Summer of the ..... JELLYFISH!!!

Should we regulate cat ownership to save birds?

Get out of Poland or get a Vietnam experience -- Could it have been a credible threat to the USSR?

When A Soldier Brings War Back Home

Double down, Cantor style

NASA TV NOW...... They Are Doing a LIVE TELECAST From Endevor

Counter-protesters confront Westboro Baptist Church at Arlington

Falling confidence in 'Japan brand' more than just a domestic problem

Oh, Ouch!

Alabama town hit by tornado unwilling to use FEMA trailers

Three days away, and GD is too depressing for words

I just finished watching part 2 episode 7 of Jericho. Interesting series.

Japan could face overseas lawsuits from nuclear crisis

33 year old CEO of financial advice website asks retired parents to pay for his expensive MBA

A Memorial Day Massacre

Misconceptions and Realities About Who Pays Taxes

One killed, seven injured in police-involved shooting at hip hop weekend in Miami Beach

Honor the Troops by Hiring Them

Typical DU "argument" (with apologies to Wiley Miller's "Non Sequitur")

So, if a rich guy's butler calls off sick, is that also...(takes in deep breath) SOCIALISM?

Valentina Igoshina plays Chopin

LOL - "GOP presidential contenders drift to the right "

Our Imagination Deficit

Time to Start Organizing!

Blackbeard's anchor recovered off U.S. coast

Since Eric Cantor can't find any money to help the people that were devastated by the storms --time

Photo of the Day (JAPAN)

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

does anyone here think its a shame

And can I vent about a Memorial Day pet peeve?

Gettysburg. 9 p.m. EDT. Tonight, The History Channel.

South Korea to survey former US bases for chemicals

As Physicians’ Jobs Change, So Do Their Politics

I'm willing to bet we'll see the following byline in the coming weeks...

Update on H1N1 vaccine and direct correlation to onset of narcolepsy

Kathy Hochul - Her Inheritance: An Eagerness to Serve

Kathy Hochul - Her Inheritance: An Eagerness to Serve

the usual idiots, having nowhere else to go and no "pres. guitars while Katrina blows" photo op..

Sarah Palin's supporters are so agog with her personna they will

But it has great wilderness areas

Oops, attach this to the post regarding Idaho destroying its middle class.

Oops, attach this to the post regarding Idaho destroying its middle class.

Definition for GOP Porn:

What can I say (family)

Egypt’s “second revolution”

UK pay gap widens, millions in dire straits

Campaigning/Rallying on a Battlefield where Americans died. DISGUSTING

Amidst divisions, G8 meeting pledges austerity and war

House of Cards

Monday night Fukushima update

An Atheist's GLOBAL REFERENDUM (This is absolutely serious. We're not joking.)

Krugman blog response to critique of column on joblessness

Karzai Demands That NATO Cease Airstrikes on Houses

IMMIGRATION Rubio’s backers pull him in two directions on immigration issue

Juan Cole: Time to Begin Leaving Afghanistan

Death no excuse to stop paying Verizon bills

A favor: I need some help from DUers that are on Twitter to help me get out my ANTI-Palin tweets


Ok on these assults of maids

Did DUers hear Meacham say

Is the DU search function down for everyone?

The Nation: The New-Economy Movement

The Nation: The New-Economy Movement

Psssssssssst Bush and Cheney again! From WIkiLeaks

School Districts Nationwide Implement Controversial 'Pay To Play' Fees

13 year old Syrian boy arrested, brutally tortured(beaten, burned,slashed,penis cut off), murdered

Anna Politkovskaya murder suspect arrested in Chechnya (BBC)

Self delete

Importing Intelligence

Thank god for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr!

WISCONSIN - Today's the Day! Please act to help the People.

Last weekend the faithful waited for the rapture...this week they wait and wait and wait for Palin

Ten Reasons Protecting Unions Is a Life-and-Death Issue

Gov. Christie announces N.J. pulling out of regional environmental initiative

Fascinating interview with Professor Evan McKenzie about HOAs and privatization......

Fascinating interview with Professor Evan McKenzie about HOAs and privatization......

Kloppenburg to comment on Wisconsin Supreme Court race-11 am Tues...

Great LTTE in NYT re. the wealthy and public school "reform":

Wisconsin: JoAnne Kloppenburg schedules new conference

A Battle of Ideologies

Together we remember — and forget

Anti-mining protest escalates in southern Peru

When Iraq War Ends, How Many Troops Will Stay?

When Iraq War Ends, How Many Troops Will Stay?

Paul Krugman blog- Shoulda Coulda Woulda

Pentagon Looks to Double its Unmanned Air Force

Pentagon Looks to Double its Unmanned Air Force

Which is a harder sell to the selfish: house in a small town or vote for a tiny,new political party?

Which is a harder sell to the selfish: house in a small town or vote for a tiny,new political party?

Even the NY Post acknowledges that hacking of Weiner's Twitter account is payback for

An idea who's time has come. Replace Social Security with Groupons says Andy Borowitz

Toon: The GOP 'Path to Prosperity'

Toon: And where would I have gotten that idea, KKKarl??

Toon: And where would I have gotten that idea, KKKarl??

Toon: GOP border moat

There is a battlefield on top of a glacier. More troops have died from the elements than weapons

John King and David Gergen Make Excuses for CNN Chasing Palin Around Like the Paparazzi

"Maybe one day we'll all be telling peace stories ..."

"Maybe one day we'll all be telling peace stories ..."

WTF?????? major dispute on number killedin Haitian earthquake

Week's Funniest Political Tweets: Bill Maher, Seth Myers and More

Yemen’s Capital Rocked by Explosions, Gunfire as Tribal Truce Breaks Down

The young entrepreneurs heading back to Indian homeland (BBC)

The young entrepreneurs heading back to Indian homeland (BBC)

Google books and then click political science

Housing Double-Dip With Worse To Come

Guest on today’s Solidarity Wisconsin show: Jim Mueller on Election Integrity NOW LIVE>>.http://www.

For Sale: The Desperate States of America

Housing Index Is Expected to Show a New Low in Prices

Hospitals hunt substitutes as drug shortages rise

Wisconsin: GAB to OK three more recalls against Republicans

Consensus is wrong on Social Security fix - Raising the retirement age isn't as wise as it sounds.

Spring Lean Season is here

Tuesday Fukushima updates

Tuesday Fukushima updates

"All the threads about {insert hot topic here} bother me" "Why can't we move all the threads . . ."

Religious Factors and Hippocampal Atrophy in Late Life

China may be thinking about bailing on the US?

Afghanistan War IEDs Cause Surge In Double Amputees Among U.S. War Wounded

Retired GOP senator goes to work for Goldman Sachs

Chiquita sued over Colombian paramilitary payments

Plains bus tour: this is the campaign

Maine Lawyers' Group Sues Bank Of America

Former Bachmann campaign manager arrested for domestic assault

Snakes on a Train

No F1 in brutal Bahrain - petition

No F1 in brutal Bahrain - petition

I wonder if Tahd wears some sort of ear protection.

News Flash: Kids Don’t Need Energy Drinks

S&P cuts Tepco's credit rating to "junk"

S&P cuts Tepco's credit rating to "junk"

Man showing off gun at Memorial Day party accidentally shot, killed .

Libya like Iraq and Afghanistan, is becoming DU wallpaper

A question for someone knowledgeable about Wisconsin recall law.

U.S. man knocks out wall, pulls plane from basement

Pakistani jets attack Taliban hideouts, kill 17

Pakistani jets attack Taliban hideouts, kill 17

Supreme Court Lets John Ashcroft Get Away With It

Obama Administration getting ready to ditch the Food Pyramid

Did hackers deface Fox News building in NYC?

Let's party like it's 1999.

Let's party like it's 1999.

Let's party like it's 1999.

"you betcha!"

Missing Pakistani journalist found dead in Punjab

Republican Policies Laid Out in Picture Form (caution: pics, duh)

GOP disapproval surges from 46% to 59% in 3 months

Snooki Crashes Into Police Car While Filming Jersey Shore in Italy

The Rude Pundit: Sarah Palin Sucks the GOP Dry

bad news at the Seabrook, N.H. nuke plant

Look at this tweet from a CNN reporter:

Home-price index falls to lowest point since 2002

Plummeting Prices Deepen Crisis in U.S. Housing Market

Egyptian exec accused in attack on NY hotel maid

"The 'S’ Word: A Short History of An American Tradition -- Socialism" (Tikkun)

Danziger toon- "How Can You Ask?"

Jared Bernstein Lets Slip Interesting Info About WH Economic Views

Freedom works talking points for Republicans on Medicare

Obama nominates another CEO to his cabinet!

Titanic launched 100 years ago today

The Accidental Bombings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

What life would look like if Bryan Fischer of the AFA had his way

Today Show first thing this morn.

Yay, they just lowered the rates again on the federal pre-existing condition plans

I didn't know Mark Haines was a smoker.

CNN: "NYPD: Another financial figure accused of hotel sexual assault"

(WI) GAB OKs recalls against 3 more Republicans

Palin: “I love that smell of emissions"

We need to legalize all drugs NOW to end the drug war in Mexico,

Hey, DU was credited on!

Krugman blog on Alan Greenspan - Bubble-debt Denialism

After watching the softball Superregionals in Tuscaloosa

Wisconsin: Kloppenburg Concedes Supreme Court Election

The Thoughts of an 18 Year Old.....

Gang bangers create havoc at South Boston beach.

Bachmann’s Prayers Answered: ‘I’ve Had That Calling’ To Run For President

Egyptian general admits soldiers performed ‘virginity tests’

Follow the $$$$$ - Palin has stated the bus tour is not political & they are on a family vacation

Social Security -- Good News from Rep. Xavier Becerra.

Who else believes North-Korea is actually a workers' paradise, lead with wisdom by infallible Kim?

European food contamination kills 16, sickens 1150

OH, HELL, NO! The Republicans want to sell Amtrak's northeast corridor:

"Damn. We're in a tight spot."

"Damn. We're in a tight spot."

HP Expands Recall of Notebook Computer Batteries



The word Christie should mean liar in the dictionary

Governor Christie's battle with feds over scrapped Hudson tunnel tops $1M in fees, interest

REP. Anthony Weiner Just Call The Cops

NORML: At Least 1 – 1.5 Million Americans are Legal Medical Marijuana Patients

Fuck the USA and every motherfucker in it.

Idaho aggressively ridding itself of its middle class

Cell phone radiation officially listed a potential cancer risk

Multiple-choice Mitt, even when it comes to vampires:

Heard something funny.

Thou Shalt Have No Other Jobs Before Me: Geek Fanaticism Lights Up Same Part of the Brain as Religio

Since NEW YORK Is Again Taking Up The Issue Of GAY MARRIAGE...

Little white lies of Republicans...

I suspect Goldman Sachs bought Facebook ...

Now Bryan Fischer wants laws banning fornication and adultery

More legal action against Breitbart, courtesy of Anthony Weiner?

Good news here

Who are the right wing idiots who when they say something outrageous, you just

Senators Propose Closing State Offices to Save on Budget

Fox News Affiliated Saudi Prince: ‘We Don’t Want The West To Go Find Alternatives’ To Oil

What if progressives started going door to door like the Witnesses?

Japan pensioners volunteer to tackle nuclear crisis

Lavish Hospital or NOT!!!..

Dear President Obama: 2 years since Dr. Tiller was murdered & your party has been all but silent.

Obama Increasingly Targets Employers of Illegals: The White House is focusing on punishing those who

romney gives Obama an F for his presidency

Get Ready for Digital False Flag Attacks

Robert Reich: The Truth About the American Economy

Seven defects of American governance

Sarah Palins Bus Charade Should Be Considered Exploratory

What Dorothy Said

Michelle Obama to Destroy Food Pyramid With Her Vegetable Plate

A Jarring Disconnect

Rep. Anthony Weiner exploring legal action over ‘Weinergate’ fiasco

'Birther' book soars in sales even AFTER Obama releases his Birth Certificate

'Birther' book soars in sales even AFTER Obama releases his Birth Certificate

'Birther' book soars in sales even AFTER Obama releases his Birth Certificate

Are the mentally ill given a voice on DU or are they told to sit in the corner?

Now this is what I call REVENGE from a rape victim

Now this is what I call REVENGE from a rape victim


sentence from cnn report on debt ceiling increase


Biker Chicks Greet Sarah Palin

Meet Hazel McCallion the 90 year old mayor of Mississauga,Ontario.

Too Bad Detroit's Own Lou Gordon is Dead and Gone

Greed, Glitz and Gluttony

Tweety - Thunder without lighning

How Offshoring Has Destroyed the Economy

Transgender Teen Crowned Prom Queen

Supreme Court rules detained 'witness' cannot sue U.S. officials

CSM: Ratko Mladic's arrival at Hague bolsters promise of international courts

The New Face of War

Dept. of apple pie

May the best Dem win? State GOP redistricting plan targets Reps. Sander Levin, Gary Peters

Tampa Tribune: Conservative groups (including ALEC) score big this year in state legislatures

Banks demand savage austerity in Greece: privatization of state assets, IMF tax collection

What do you think of All in the Family?

Really, CNN?

Alleged rapist who's penis was cut says: I was having an affair with her

Alleged rapist who's penis was cut says: I was having an affair with her

The voice of a "Sane Conservative" re: Sarah Palin

What do you think of the Manson Family?

What do you think of the Kelly family?

Does Anthony Weiner have more to gain or lose by legal action in the matter of that picture?

What do you think of...

Scott Signs Florida Bill Forcing Welfare Drug Tests

Inflation...The Big Lie

I lost three Marines

Sarah Palin 'furious' at Bristol's new Disney Show star boyfriend

Republicans Play Debt Ceiling Joke on Themselves

Any Democratic Party ads about Cantor and emergency money

Boehner and his friends

We just got a phone call from the Illinois Teacher Union

Government to lower prices, ease rules on health plans for people with preexisting conditions

Redistricting map targets Doggett, splits Travis County into five districts

Wendell Potter -- Health Insurers Have Had Their Chance

Bank group buys booze to help quake-hit brewery (JAPAN)

Let's try a little game if you will - here is a picture from Opération Tourbillon...

If a college instructor doesn't get tenure, does the committee or department

US ‘to view major cyber attacks as acts of war’

Guess we will have to watch Palin from now on the Tweety Show, he loves him some

Bernice King 'Following God's Voice' In Leaving New Birth

What is the most important issue to you personally?

Cleanup effort enters new phase (JAPAN)

Unlike William Edward Hickman, Paul Ryan Isn't Exactly A Serial Killer

Corsi's book is #6 on NYTimes bestseller list thanks to massive bulk buying

Mike Thompson's spot on combination Memorial Day/Patriot Act Extension toon

Kan rejects opposition calls to resign; vows to bring nuclear crisis under control (JAPAN)

Republicans and Joplin cleanup--what a bunch of freaking JERKS

Housing market has "officially" double-dipped

Someone's been watching too many sunday morning pundit shows...

Heavy rains bring flooding, mudslides to disaster-hit Tohoku area (JAPAN)

Leaving North Las Vegas no option for many 'underwater' homeowners

Hypocrisy Check. If Obama killed Osama... did Obama just kill 12 children?

Robertson: Fighting Muslims Is Just Like Fighting Nazis

Robertson: Fighting Muslims Is Just Like Fighting Nazis

Video shows Aussie cattle abused at slaughterhouses

Photo of the Day (JAPAN) "Is that a Japanese facepalm?"

Photo of the Day (JAPAN) "Is that a Japanese facepalm?"

Did you just hear that scream over in Freeperville !!

Obama nominates co-founder of NRDC to his cabinet!

Georgetown, a great university...........

House Debt Limit Vote: Republicans Vote Against Raising Debt Ceiling


Privatize, cut taxes. Rinse, repeat......Privatize, cut taxes. ...................

Bruce Ramsey can go F*** himself

Report: Economy Failing Because U.S. Built On.......

Psychology Today Apologizes for 'Black Women Less Attractive' Post

Joe Miller To Join Boatload Of Birthers For World Net Daily's 'Tea Party At Sea' Alaska Cruise

Supreme Court rules John Ashcroft did not misuse power to arrest terror witness

Sarah Palin to dine with Donald Trump as part of bus tour

Tweedledumb and Tweedledumberer

Toon: Fftt.....

Christian Conservatives Broaden Their WAR On WOMEN

Christian Conservatives Broaden Their WAR On WOMEN

Congress Mulls Cuts to Food Stamps Program Amid Record Number of Recipients

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Weiner

is the pentagon now writing our laws?

Rolling Thunder: They were told a really wicked knucklehead was showing up.

Blast at Japan nuclear plant 'likely gas cylinder' (JAPAN)

TEPCO begins streaming video of Fukushima nuclear plant on homepage

Stricken Fukushima nuke plant leaking oil

Teabaggers stick hands up asses of GOP freshmen, helping them mouth simple words & phrases

Merkel's flight to India delayed by Iran

The battle for Blair Mountain (Coal Kings want to do mountaintop removal on historic labor site)

Sarah Palin laugh line of the week so far: ‘It’s not about me’

Gennette Cordova Says "Weinergate" Is Bull ~ NYDAILYNEWS.COM

"It's a terrible thing....

Westboro Church Shut Down In Joplin, MO

We already know something about the large numbers of psychgpaths in corporations and government.

Medea Benjamin is a Great Civil Libertarian

Has Cspan gone completely over to the dark side?

I would call Andrew Breitbart pond scum but.....

I would call Andrew Breitbart pond scum but.....

Nuclear phase-out can make Germany trailblazer - Merkel

What do you think of the Kennedy family?

My new theory on Rep. Weiner's twitter account

Did you ever get suspended from High School or expelled?

Scott Signs Florida Bill Forcing Welfare Drug Tests

Wow! Help track down laptop thief in the Oakland CA area.

Older AIDS survivors face new challenges

Neiman Watchdog: Bagram prison, bigger than Guantanamo, its prisoners in limbo

Do you know why there are 2 year election campaigns in USA?

sigh. Now I'm pissed again. "Parents don't like junior on insurance"

Wisconsin Dems 6. Wisconsin Republicans 0.

Should inmates be allowed to view pornography?

Weiner Defense League Founded on DU

U.S. home prices have fallen more than in Great Depression

Hurting Soldiers' Morale (TOON)

in Wisconsin, Kloppenburg concedes.

in Wisconsin, Kloppenburg concedes.

Take a look at this DU post I happened to run in to from 2006:

Ohio GOP Resorts to Tasteless and Dishonest Memorial Day Pandering

Don't worry-- we only want to destroy Medicare for people under 55!

One of my all-time favorite Democrats--Myrna Loy

Elephant assists in clearing Joplin, Missouri tornado debris

Political craziness in Iowa...

Quote from Henry Kissinger remembered on Memorial Day


Naomi Campbell: Cadbury Ad 'Insulting & Hurtful'

It's looking bad -- for Dan Wolfe

Palin & Lamestream Media forcing Producers & Reporters into dangerous car chases of bus

Percentage of African-American Adult Men with Jobs Hits Record Low

Killer bacteria claims 16th victim in Europe

These People have NOT changed their minds.

Are we going to get our first out gay Senator?

Breitbart Again Demonizing Average People in Hoax Videos

ACLU wants porn to be allowed for South Carolina inmates

Is Japanese Seaweed still safe?

Would you ever want to see John Kerry as President?

"Brights" is a good beginning, but why stop there?

So, it's six recall elections of Republican state senators in Wisconsin.

Libya: Zuma Says Gaddafi Ready for Truce. NATO & Islamic Militants "Not Interested"

"She had recently lost her health coverage": Berkeley activist dies needlessly at 49

Don't know where to put this -HELP

Your economic prediction (poll)

As an approaching-oldster compared to many here, lemme just say to you that

WI G.A.B. Failed to Review Minutes From Waukesha 'Recount' Before Certifying Sup. Court Election

Tea Party gets law change encouraging silver/gold for retail transactions in Utah

? for women of DU: How would you feel if Palin or Bachmann won the presidency?

Anyone who says we are not in a depression as bad, in an overall sense, as the Great Depression is

I am really bothered by our national obsession with moral failings, but our easy acceptance of . . .

Dad's fight...

Dad's fight...

Chernobyl Times Ten Fukushima and the Radioactive Sea

Sesame Street Has Liberal Bias, New Ben Shapiro Book, Primetime Propaganda, Asserts

PBS to air Commercials During Shows

For Sale: The Desperate States of America

How John O'Neill carried a personal grudge against Kerry and cost him the election

This picture says it all...

So, so sad.

poor little teabagger.

Obama administration seeks to block legal challenges to Medicaid cuts

Obama administration seeks to block legal challenges to Medicaid cuts

But You Don't LOOK Sick! The Spoon Theory

So my cab driver is playing Rush Limbaugh on the radio...

Breitbart smearing Weiner: Accuses relationships with young girls

Willie Nelson spotted fishing Snow Creek (behind my bunkhouse digs).

Veteran fights mother's deportation to Mexico

I Just Learned That a Precious Member of the Democratic Underground Community Has Passed Away.

Liberty University Grad is the new principal at my son's school...Should I be concerned?

Vox Day: Men shouldn't marry working women

FL: Victory for democracy!!! DoJ gave pre-clearance to REDISTRICTING

FL: Victory for democracy!!! DoJ gave pre-clearance to REDISTRICTING

@&#%&% #@^%#&# !!!!!!! The answer is 75. SEVENTY #&@%$* FIVE!!!

A Nation Always Murdering in Smaller Countries for its Rich Investors Is Evil

Libya: 4,067 Civilian Casualties of NATO Bombing, 718 killed. NATO denies killing "large numbers"

Is it time for the USA to bring glorious freedom to North Korea?

Too funny -- Fox news ticker gets hacked.

In your experience, is it easier to do what employers consider to be good work than to get hired?

It's only FAIR to drug test all welfare recipients

Teacher are escorted out by security or police after being fired. Not allowed to talk to friends.

What'd you do for Memorial Day? Here's what I did...

Valentina Igoshina plays Chopin

Three days away, and GD is too depressing for words

You know, you can't get all that you want

Looking for a video. Not a naughty one this time.

To Reality TV - At least try and be believable...

Even Darth Vader gets the Blues...

Does anyone else like Ugly Betty, or am I farther gone than I realize?

Brazilian cat is Brazilian.

Posted to wrong area Delete

One of the most amazing "fake motion" illusions. Believe it or not, this is a still image!

Did anyone else see Ridley Scott's Gettysburg documentary last night?

Remember ELE?

A Common Disaster

Any commercial lease people here?...

Remember ELP

Cool Brylcream commercial.

WATCH: Cat Plays Shell Game, Maintains Poker Face

Someone tell me why The Rolling Stones' 'Liv'r Than You'll Ever Be' is superior...


CKLW the Motor City

Sonny Eliot salute

Taiwan, Philippines warn of tainted sports drink that shrinks testicles

Paper or plastic: dialup warning

Help out a fellow Du'er

My Memorial Day weekend movie viewing: Pink Floyd's The Wall

PHOTO: "Lookin' for adventure...or whatever mice come my way...BORN... TO... BE... WIIIIIILD..."

"They are not my teeth and that is not my bush baby"

What do you think of...

Snooki Crashes Into Police Car While Filming Jersey Shore in Italy

What do you think of the Manson Family?

The Onion: New Medicare Law Would Require Never Mentioning Program To Anyone Born After Jan 1, 2012

What is the last sentence you have uttered to another living creature?

Everybody Ready?

Some say...


Best and the Brightest?

Remember ELO?

What do you think of the Kelly family?

Remember LPs?

Remember CKLW?

Paging Samuel L. Jackson: Snakes on a train terrify passengers in Vietnam

Alan Rickman Says Goodbye to ‘Harry Potter’ in Letter

Mr. Niss asked for a dare he!

Remember EPs?

Guy on news said there is no correlation between criminal activity, and unemployment.

Need help remembering the name of a time travel movie

Damn! they're getting SERIOUS about speeding!

Damn! they're getting SERIOUS about speeding!

What do you think of All in the Family?

What do you think of All in the Family?

Worst injury you've ever had? I broke my hand once. But the worst has to

Pad Thai - Thai food - shop on shipboard water~ market power

MASH Goodbye Farewell Amen on TVLand now.

I am at a loss, I don't know what to do...

Tomorrow is my first day back in school in 16 years,

Violence, impunity undermine facade of human rights progress: Colombian labor unions

Confusion on day 2 of Palin bus tour

Spain orders trial for priest killings in El Salvador

UK developing cyber-weapons programme to counter cyber war threat

Jellyfish put sting into holiday weekend at some Florida beaches

All Quiet in Rafah: Egypt's Gaza Border Opens Not with a Bang but a Whisper

What are your thoughts on John Philip Sousa

Food prices 'will double by 2030', Oxfam warns

This industrial-strength antibiotic is kicking the shit out of me.

Japan voters want PM to go as no-confidence vote looms

Tortured youngster becomes rallying point for Syrians

South Korea digging for evidence in Agent Orange probe

(Illinois) House OKs Chicago casino, slots at O’Hare, Midway

GOP presidential contenders drift to the right

Chiquita sued over Colombian paramilitary payments

What do you think of the Addams Family?

Older AIDS survivors face new challenges

Went to the grocery store today. They had totally reorganized the produce section. Why do they do

TV's Frank (from MST3K) attacked on Twitter by some random right-wing nutjob!

Death Toll Rises to 13 in E.coli Outbreak

AP names veteran reporter Sidoti political editor

Arthur Goldreich dies at 82

(KKK) Counterprotesters confront Westboro Baptist Church at Arlington

WikiLeaks: The Irish Independent lifts the veil of diplomatic secrecy via 1,903 US Embassy cables

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Unexpectedly Falls to Six-Month Low on Job Outlook

WI G.A.B. Failed to Review Minutes From Waukesha 'Recount' Before Certifying Sup. Court Election

Bosnian Serb Ex-Military Commander Ratko Mladic Headed to The Hague

China tried to pay off Tiananmen Square family, activists claim (1989 massacre)

Panama’s top court silent on accusations of corruption in diplomatic cables on WikiLeaks

Colorado Rep. Pace to challenge Tipton in 3rd district

Wisconsin Democrat finally to concede

GAB (WI) Clears Way For Recalls Of 3 More Republican State Senators

High court throws out lawsuit against Ashcroft

Syria: Bashar al-Assad 'grants general amnesty'

Blackpool Shale Gas drilling suspended after quake (UK)

Northbound Interstate-95 Closed Near Richmond; Four Dead In Bus Crash

Planned Parenthood Sues South Dakota Over Restrictive Abortion Law

Pentagon: Hack attacks can be act of war. Military response possible.

Syria gives 'amnesty' to arrested protesters

Serbia extradites Ratko Mladic to The Hague

What is the last movie you saw? Was it any good? I rented Casino Jack. very informative as to

Astonishing survival of soldier with unexploded bomb wedged INSIDE his stomach after Afghanistan amb

Washington moves to classify cyber-attacks as acts of war

Afghanistan no longer terrorism threat to world, Harper tells troops

Biker activists shut down Westboro Baptists in Joplin, Missouri

Share of Population on Food Stamps Grows in Most States

Yemen truce ends, stoking civil war worries

Critics of Ariz. legislator who sponsored immigration law file petitions to force recall (Pearce)

Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan To Offer Much Lower Premiums

Nuclear phase-out can make Germany trailblazer - Merkel

Killings of Trade Union Activists Continue in Guatemala

S&P: U.S. home price index falls to double-dip in March

UN rights chief decries Syrian (& Libyan) 'brutality'

Spain issues El Salvador warrants

Which Twilight Zone episode made the biggest impression on you?

Ice melt to close off Arctic's interior riches: study

Obama to name Bryson as commerce chief

Report questions official Haiti quake death toll

Japan pensioners volunteer to tackle nuclear crisis

Mexican teacher calmed primary pupils with song during drug shooting

Alarm Clocks Blow up at Ikea Stores in Belgium, France and Netherlands

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Japan nuclear crisis: Pensioners seek work at Fukushima

Republicans brace for tough 2012 fight against Obama in unlikely place — N.C.

In Shift, Feds Target Top Execs For Health Fraud

Food prices 'will double by 2030', Oxfam warns

'Scores defect' from Gaddafi's army (8 high-ranking officers and 120 military officials)

An update on my stepdaughter and thanks

Two Iraqis in Western Kentucky indicted on federal terror charges

Fukushima Debacle Risks Chernobyl ‘Dead Zone’ as Radiation in Soil Soars

Royal newlyweds called 'parasites' by Que. MNA (Quebec National Assembly member)

Libya placed bets with Goldman, lost $1.3 billion

WHO: Cell phone use can increase possible cancer risk

Under an Arizona Plan, Smokers and the Obese Would Pay Medicaid Fee

Libya: SAS veterans helping Nato identify Gaddafi targets in Misrata

New Mexico plans to stop food stamp supplement for elderly

Farmers tie labor woes

Need "get out of my daughter's belly" vibes

Kloppenburg Concedes...Will Not Challenge Recount

9/11 Suspects to Be Charged Again at Gitmo

Name some surprisingly interesting websites to visit.

New study: You can't live on minimum wage

Sand Dune Lizard Could Cost Jobs in Texas If Added to Endangered Species List

Egyptian general admits 'virginity checks' conducted on protesters

Fiat willing to buy Canada's Chrysler stock

Consumer Confidence Index drops unexpectedly to 6-month low in May; gas, job worries persist

Chile TV: Secret military report on Allende’s death raises doubts about suicide

Cyber Combat: Act of War-Pentagon Sets Stage for U.S. to Respond to Computer Sabotage With Military

What do you hope for when, in reply to the OP of a thread, you post to say you don't understand it?

President Obama's secret weapon in Florida Rick Scott

NYT's Joe Nocera: The Good Banker

Cost of war in Afghanistan will be major factor in troop-reduction talks

In Hindsight-Voters Say They Would Vote Democrat

Did NBC ask Romney a followup to the Arab Spring answer? Like what would he do different?

Who's responsible for health-care fraud?

Palin's tour is not even original. Hillary Clinton did a similar (but more substantive) tour in 1998

Piper Palin - Fitch?

How much hot air will this produce tonight? Palin meeting Trump for dinner..

Federal government loosens its grip on the BlackBerry, Laptops (for iPhones and iPads)

Blast from the past: WND revives Michelle Obama 'Whitey Tapes...'

Outrageous Claim! Breitbart: Weiner Having Relationships With ‘Girls That Are Quite Young’

After seeing the Romney interview, I see only one real dif between he and Palin

House rejects Republican debt limit ploy, Chamber calls GOP bill a 'joke'

Hoyer's right. Don't play GOP's cheap political game on the 'clean' debt limit vote.

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep."

Eugene Robinson: The GOP’s self-destruction derby

Does anyone think it possible that if he wins in 2012, Obama might begin to act tough with the

HHS to Reduce Premiums, Make it Easier for Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions to Get Health Ins.

I was 16 years old in 1980: A Cautionary Tale

Obama To Nominate Climate Hawk John Bryson As Commerce Secretary

An informal Poll: Which Obama do you prefer?

I don't get the point of Palin's bus tour crap.

Hispanic Population, Rising Faster Than Anticipated, A 'Huge Weapon' For Obama

Young Turks: Gay Marriage Battle Is Lost - Christian Right Leader

Canada Probes Use Of Toxic Chemical (Agent Orange)

Trailer for "The Last Mountain" - RFK Jr. film on mountaintop removal

Disability activists sit-in at the PA Capital after Tom Corbett refuses to meet with them

Anyone else remember this post 9/11 ad?

Sarah Palin for President - jimmy Kimmel

(An Economic) Crash Course by Chris Martenson - 38 minute condensed version


Hubert Humphrey 1948 Civil Rights Speech

Papantonio: How American Automakers Failed On Electric Vehicles

"The Last Man" by Roy Zimmerman

Flash mob at Jefferson Memorial arrested for silent dancing

General Martin Dempsey sings "New York, New York"

SPECIAL REPORT: Indiana Citizens Take Back 4th Amendment

Fox Noise Ticker is hacked

David Pakman Show Producer Brings Huge Knife onto Plane, TSA Doesn't Notice

Palin: I love that smell of the emissions.

TDPS: Yet ANOTHER 100% isolated incident of right wing terror, "shoot abortion docs in the head"

Voter Suppression in Wisconsin

¡Stop the Megaloads Now!

Obama speaks Gaelic in Ireland

Vincent Price On Racism And Religious Prejudice

Manuel Zelaya Discusses the WikiLeaks Cables About the U.S. Ties to the Honduran Military Coup

The Herman Cain Train [wreck] Music Video

Fear Factor: Big Brother wants terror threat texted to your mobile

Gen. Hamid Gul: US will start WW3 if war expands to Pakistan

Cenk Interviewing George Takei on MSNBC - 'Don't Say Gay, Say Takei'

Lawsuit Demands Information on Murder of Furkhan Dogan

50 State Stereotypes (in 2 minutes)

10th Grader Amy Myers Challenges Rep. Michele Bachmann To a History & Civics Debate

Jefferson Memorial Arrests Caught on Video

Thom Hartmann: Break up California into 3 states & help fix America

Andy Griffith Vs. the Partiot Act

Fox News Got HACKED. REAL.

Conversations with Great Minds - American novelist Walter Mosley, pt 2

Conversations with Great Minds - American novelist Walter Mosley, pt 1

John Whitehead - US is a police state

Killing the Darlings of Minamisoma (trailer)

Mitt Romney's Dog Refuses a Ride IN Sarah Palin's Bus

Dumb Question of the Twenty-first Century: Is It Legal?

Germany's Left are taking it to the street

Sarah Palin Is Hurting Republicans Whether She Runs or Not

North, South Sudan agree demilitarized zone - AU

The Good Banker

Guatemala pays high price for global food system failings

Saudi-Iran Feud Draws Sectarian Dividing Line Across Middle East Oilfields

Mark Provost: Why the Rich Love Unemployment

R.I.P. Reaganomics Revolution: 1981-2011: Like the Roaring Twenties, ending in a crash

How to Promote High Stakes Testing: Lie

Romney labels Obama 'ineffective president'

Medicare Plan for Payments Irks Hospitals.

Look Out Below!

Voters having buyer's remorse over GOP

Memorial Day Massacre of 1937 Offers Stark Reminder: Media Usually Side With Corporations, Police

Bernie Sanders proposes solution to high price of medicine

Off the Pedestal: Creating a New Vision of Economic Growth

‘Malintent Detection’ Technology Tested In The Northeast United States

The oildrum from this weekend and today...

Former Japanese PM Nakasone

After Voting To Slash ... EPA, Rep. Barletta Now Outraged It’s Not Doing More In His District

New Jersey Governor Christie Bails On Carbon Pollution Reduction Initiative

China Raises Industrial Power Prices in 15 Provinces to Help Ease Shortage

Phantom Efficiencies: US Economy Still Running Very Slow

House Republicans Distort Reality To Blame Obama For High Gas Prices

Scientists to California Air Resources Board: There is No "Indirect Land Use Change" With Ethanol.

How much carbon is stored in the tropical rain forests?

Most miners killed in the Upper Big Branch mine explosion on April 2010 had black lung

Wildlife 'crash' in the Mara region of Kenya, Africa (BBC)

Carbon Emissions Reach Highest Level Ever and Data Shows They Are Growing

Water level in Fukushima reactor basement rises dramatically as rain and groundwater leak in

High levels of strontium detected at Fukushima

Nuclear Power Is Like a Religion

Economic decline as a solution to global warming

Gay sex became legal in India two years ago, but attitudes change slowly

I forgot to tell you guys, but do you know that this past weekend was the LGBT Muslim Retreat

193 Reason to Have Pride: Part Two

Never seen this poll before - 28% gay is "average" guess?

VIDEO: NGLTF to honor Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis for supporting LGBT community

Spelman's LGBT Forum Earning National Kudos

ABA launches Opening Doors Project on behalf of LGBT youth

Ft Worth LGBT mayoral forum is Wednesday

Safe-Schools Funding Slashed

LGBT program for Longmont seniors gets $100,000 grant

Debate Rages Over same-Sex marriage In Several States as polls show growing support

Rep. Allen West Slams DADT Repeal, Says Gay Soldiers ‘Can Change Behavior’

Russia: Islam: Closure of an important Islamic centre. Moscow seeks control of Islam

Monks painstakingly create sand mandala

EU assures it backs religious freedom in Mideast

Are you an iconoclast? The ten commandments consist of how many commandments?

God Wants You To Wear a Hat.

Ted Haggard to Appear in Christian Sex Comedy

Does God love you?

Why does the mere existence of atheists so trouble some people?

Mother guilty of murder after getting son to drink concoction to exorcise a demon

Does life have ultimate meaning?

Jim Tressel caught on tape today >>

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Memorial Day)

NHL Thrashers Said to Be Sold, Will Be Moved to Winnipeg From Atlanta

I'm posting this picture for no good reason... >>

Terrell Pryor's Current of 8 he's had in 3 years...nt

Dallas in Five

Sports Illustrated Investigation Reveals Eight Year Pattern of Violations under Tressel

Another you-know-who cartoon >>

Dad drops daughter to catch foul ball at Dodgers game

Three killed in Gaza training camp 'blast'

All Quiet in Rafah: Egypt's Gaza Border Opens Not with a Bang but a Whisper

Majority of both Palestinians and Israeli expect new intifada

For mad.The 2011 NCAA Baseball Tournament Bracket.