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PS Audio moves production from china to boulder colorado...

10 year kills his father - white supremacist leader Jeff Hall, faces short time in prison

My daffodils have been taken over by a wild turkey. Not OBL.

A good percent of what we read and post on this board

Listening to Condi twist herself around with the..

so mr bu$h*, tell me again why we invaded iraq?

Lawrence has the interview with Condiwarcriminal

Iraq, Afghanistan further hone SEALs

Waiting for Condi here on the West Coast,

LO won't let Condi talk down to him . . .

LO won't let Condi talk down to him . . .

Could Pawlenty beat Obama in Minnesota?

Could Pawlenty beat Obama in Minnesota?

Teenagers sue the US Government over greenhouse gasses--Public Trust Violations

History of Bin Laden's property unveiled

Ok, I know I should listen to this whole thing, but does anyone

GM is no. 8 on fortune 500.

Explain why a right-wing Bushite would give themselves up to a progressive pundit?

GOP Debate: Here's the problem with Gary Johnson...

Cellphone 'pocket dials' 911, NY suspects caught

NPR: Report: David Koch Calls Obama Socialist Who Deserves Little Bin Laden Credit

GOP votes to keep tax breaks for Big Oil

Obama Promises Justin Bieber Meetup for 9/11 Family Member

GOP Debate: Does Gov. Johnson support the "Donald Trump Tax" on China?

GOP Debate: here's a toughie - would you repeal Medicare Prescription plan?

GOP Debate: This FREE Commericial for the South Carolina GOP...

Cornered Pakistan may strike India to salvage lost pride

Thank Goodness Obama NOT Congress Was In Charge

Each Pixel Represents an Iraqi War Casualty

Each Pixel Represents an Iraqi War Casualty

GOP Debate: Should schools teach creationism!

GOP Debate: Should schools teach creationism!

Ron Paul wants to "put trial lawyers out of business" so they stop winning all that money.

Awesome, the email address linked to my Playstation Network account has been compromised

The pizza guy supports a 23% sales tax on EVERYTHING

You should TOTALLY watch "Nova: Ghosts of Machu Piccu", like, right now.

CIA spied on bin Laden from safe house

GOP Debate: ththththththat's all folks!

There are 15 survivors from bin Laden's compound, including his youngest wife.

No smirk. No swagger.

Hiroshima A-bomb victim voices anger over handling of nuclear crisis

Media polls ignore gay GOP prez candidate

Orrin Hatch Thinks The Tax System Is Unfair Because It Doesn’t Tax Poor People Enough

GOP Debate: J'accuse! Gary Johnson admits smoking pot illegally.

Lol - this is a clever way to get people involved. Governors Of Misfortune.

Baltimore Sun - "GOP debate: Fox to blame for pathetic candidates?" - Nice Article Calling Out Fox!

UPDATE: Motorcyclist injured in crash (was at fault)

Thief steals flag from U.S. military veteran's porch

Thief steals flag from U.S. military veteran's porch

Solo Osama hunter wants part of bin Laden bounty

GOP Debate: Gary Johnson checks out of the Republican nominaiton...

I don't have a link but it was announced that Sun Tv, fox news north, had like 5,000 viewers

You guys ever wonder if there's something about the Bush Admin


Democrats slam Indiana gubernatorial hopeful Pence

Chris Wallace at GOP Debate: Do you support waterboarding?

Zaid Hamid's Warning to Indians, Americans and Zionists

What Arne Duncan was (maybe) thinking in his letter to teachers

What Arne Duncan was (maybe) thinking in his letter to teachers

After quake, Japan helps tornado-hit US

Fox isn't even trying anymore. This is truly sickening

Pakistan Dares India (Or Anyone Other Than US) to Breach Border

Does MSNBC do programming anymore or is it just commercials. No wonder

Does MSNBC do programming anymore or is it just commercials. No wonder

U.S. Used Safe House (in Abbottabad) in bin Laden Mission

Republican Presidential Debate on right now

Elliot Spitzer destroying John Yoo on Cnn.

Should live poultry sales be banned at farmers' markets?

"That is roosevelt's war!" Yep that's the way

Mullah Omar Should Be 'Worried': US General

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

Banks Illegally Foreclosed On Dozens Of Military Borrowers, Federal Investigators Say

Another example of how the right is legitimizing itself intellectually

Anthony Weiner: Early Show Video-Sharp divide over releasing bin Laden death photos

California Has $2 Billion In Unexpected Tax Revenue - LATimes

Ex-Godfather's Pizza CEO Wins Repub Debate

Ex-Godfather's Pizza CEO Wins Repub Debate

GOP Debate: we have a winner!

New info on how Osama was tracked.

GOP Debate: Santorum thinks Hispanics will be PROUD to be forced to learn English

Lawrence O'Donnell comes off like a dick

Anyone watching the Daily Show?

GOP debate proves an awkward start in the fight against Obama

Alan Grayson on the "Ed Show"

Does Mitt really have a chance of being GOP nominee?

Any Predictions On When The OBL Story Dies Down ???

Retired, dying cop says granddaughter 'scammed' him

another Fuck-You bin Laden

Father Of 9/11 Victim: Obama "Putting Too Much Spotlight On Himself"

29 suspicious letters mailed to public schools in D.C.- from "Al Aqeda-FBI"

Trump backs out of driving Indy 500 pace car

Looking for advice concerning my brothers wife who's urinating blood, no insurance

House passes measure to expand offshore oil drilling

House passes measure to expand offshore oil drilling

House passes measure to expand offshore oil drilling

Anyone that needs a good giggle laugh, this video link is for you

I didn't know that there existed a British journalist named Michael Savage

Who else thinks that if Dubya (or any Repub. Prez) had had a ceremony at the WTC site to celebrate

President Obama On 60 Minutes Reconfirms Afghanistan Drawdown

GOP to block labor nominees

I just don't see how we can all get along.

Was bin Laden under house arrest?

Pentagon Breaks Silence on Pakistani Role

Bank of America increases some CD early-withdrawal penalties by 1,700%

Watching replay of Morning Joe...Mika talking about Knowing Your Value.

Freeper makes a shout out to a seal team 6 member on FR. Assumes they are FR readers.

What's with Skinner posting much more lately?

Rachel Maddow failed to define what aid is

Welch: GOP lets oil companies ‘line their pockets' (House rejects Welch amen to strip tax breaks)

Quake in Kingston Jamaica

Dillinger, Bonnie & Clyde....and OBL.

Gene Simons v. Anonymous

Ohio House cuts funding to cities and eliminated Estate Tax in same budget bill

Holder intervenes in gay man's deportation case

Toon: I miss the good old days...

What if they held a debate and nobody came?

Toon: Sen. Hatch and 'Gilligan's Island'

Squaring the extremist circle (Immigration in Europe)

Obama Cracks Down On Marijuana

GOP Debate: seems to be Let's destroy Obama so he cannot

Have The Republicans' Actions Lately Reminded Anyone Else Of A Certain Easter Story?

CSM: State illegal immigration laws: What have they accomplished?

Danziger- Colonel Limbaugh

Cranking up the crazy to 11... million. Pamela Geller sez: OBL kill "coup" from CIA against Obama

Syria's middle class can defeat Bashar al-Assad

Teacher's sex ad on Craigslist grounds for firing

Minn. House passes photo ID requirement for voting

Goldman Sachs faces contentious AGM

"Watchdog group highlights Capito's husband's banking job"

Daughter says bin Laden captured alive then killed

Nebraska approves new congressional map on partisan (R) vote

This Just In: Osama Bin Laden is Dead...

Who won the Republican Debate?

Bin Laden not getting a trial, and Bradley Manning not getting one are two sides of the same coin.

Shouldn't Carter get the credit for the fall of Communism?

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Photos 14

Vegetarian/Vegan THEOLOGY says "now I am poor"

Could you support an anti-choice Democrat for president?

Who benefited most from the fear of Osama Bin Laden

The High Cost of Cheap War (Drones and Private Military Contractors)

His Hairness

Is the Taliban a Threat to the US Mainland?

Paul Krugman: Fears and Failure

What was the evidence?

Florida Repubs trying to ram through Medicaid "reform" with little debate

Xenophobia and Generational Reactions: The Death of Osama bin Laden

Anyone think that these hacks on M$NBComcast would

Did you see anybody on that stage last night that could even get 45% in a general election?

Have you noticed?

Right-Wing Political Violence: More Terror, Less Coverage

Wouldn't THIS Throw Them For A Loop? What If................

Hello John and Mitch, Where are the jobs? Don't think that we have forgotten. When you exit the

Taboo Economics

The Royal Wedding Was A Hoax

"Oh, my goodness, that's a great question....Todd..."?

Is any of the MSM saying wonderful things about the profound rethuglican debate last night?

Why Bush wouldn’t join Obama at Ground Zero

Tonight’s GOP Pre-Debate Rally Sponsored By Extremists: John Birch Society And The Oath Keepers

Does it seem to you that DU is more troll-infested than it was when Bush was in the WH?

GRAPH: An Average CEO At America’s Big Corporations Earns 200 Times The Salary Of A Navy SEAL

Obama Administration Plans Corporate Tax Cut In Year Of Record Profits

Anyone know a good graph showing oil prices vs gasoline prices?

UN Watchdogs Demand (OBL) Mission Details

UN Watchdogs Demand (OBL) Mission Details

Boehner Skips GOP Debate-Spotted In DC Drowning Sorrows With Wine & Cigarettes (CBS)

Barack Who Slain Osama (as heard on Stephanie Miller just now)

Photo of the Day (JAPAN)

U.S. Taxes At Lowest Level Since 1958

NASA worker jumps from launch pad after layoff

Citizens United Decision Profoundly Affects Political Landscape

Most Republicans are proposing marriage on the first date.

Osama Dies, Worthless War Tech Is Immortal In Congress

Osama Dies, Worthless War Tech Is Immortal In Congress

What Happened to John Walker Lindh"

Majority of States Challenge Mandatory Health Care as Unconstitutional

Party like it's 1929

How much longer is that ad with the calf laying there, going to be up? How do I get rid of these?

Herman Cain: The new repuke darling

FL: Repub Legislature nixes e-verify.

Two More Merc Firms Get Big Iraq Contracts

The disgusting Bush rehabilitation campaign goes full steam ahead.

CIA had been watching bin-Laden from a safe house for 9 months

Is Harry Reid Going to Hold the Vote on Paul Ryan's Budget?

Super expensive F-22 grounded due to Oxygen system problems

Are Health Insurers Writing Health Reform Regulations? by Wendell Potter

As Military Leaves Iraq, U.S. Doles out Billions to Mercenaries

What? Nobody Watched That Pathetic Republican Debate Last Night?

Need help finding clip of Boner refusing to thank Navy SEALs

The Ed Show: The Credit Bush Really Deserves (clip includes Alan Grayson) - FULL VIDEO

HR3 did your representative vote??

M&I Bank’s Golden Parachutes for Executives a “Breach of Trust” with Wisconsin’s Working Families

Suspected U.S. Strike Kills 8 Near Militant Hub in Pakistan Tribal Area

NOW Toronto: Quebec tried, but the rest of Canada couldn’t pull it out of the hat.

This fact may not sit well: Americans are under-taxed

Lawsuit: Trump University Scammed Us

(JAPAN)TEPCO president makes kneeling apology to nuclear crisis evacuees

Man charged with animal abuse able to keep dog

Wis - Repukes create new gov't entity to more quickly give taxpayer money to corporate sponsors

N.J. Assembly panel considers bill outlawing photographing children without parental consent

update on Russia's nuke ice breaker event

On a government shutdown...I guess that would mean that all those

Who should we kill next?

EGYPT: Muslim Brotherhood Urges Review Of Israel Ties

CNBC Scams America Again

Here is some more believe it or not: bin Laden supposedly planned attack on 9/11/11

Activists want N-word gone from Calif. gravestones

Safety Reviewers Raise Questions about Construction of New Nuclear Fuel Plant S.C.

Obama had NOTHING to do with capturing bin Laden. George Dubya Bush did it single-handedly.

Australia pushes nuclear exports

Could Santorum beat Obama in Pennsylvania?

Hundreds of girls raped, murdered in Tanzania for black magic AIDS 'cure'

Rick Scott is going to show lazy poor children there is a price to pay for being a parasite

I love you guys. Thank you for being here! via investopedia has quantified the value of stay at home moms at $30,000 per year

Woman in Rutgers suicide case could avoid jail time

The Rude Pundit: Three Things the Rude Pundit Won't Be Talking About (and a Request)

Send in the clowns. Um, I mean the Republican presidential hopefuls.

April's Job Numbers

What Recession? CEO pay goes up 24%!

Michele Bachmann has a very special campaign advisor

Thanks to Herbert Hoover for winning WWII

"After the martyrdom of Osama, billions, trillions of Osamas will be born."

Did anyone watch HGTV's program on million dollar rooms, last night?

"While the President was trying to capture Bin Laden, the Republicans were trying to

You and Your Slaves

Your Dirty Little War

The Party of Smoke and Mirrors (PSM)

Bristol should have abstained from hideous plastic surgery

Bristol should have abstained from hideous plastic surgery

Bristol should have abstained from hideous plastic surgery

I feel 2012 will be catastrophic for the Republican party

Why the news that the GOP is "dropping" its plan to end Medicare doesn't actually mean that much

Gallup: Sarah Palin is the GOP's preferred foreign policy candidate

"We will never forget"

Killing the Golden Goose: Pakistan and the Assassination of Bin Laden by TARIQ ALI

Fewer workers willing to brave radiation risk at crippled Fukushima plant

Obama Birth Certificate Was Like Kryptonite To Birtherism

Obama Birth Certificate Was Like Kryptonite To Birtherism

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to resign - Arab TV

She Has a Message for the State GOP (NH)

Phillips: Obama Didn't Want To Kill Bin Laden

Tea bag Leader: Military killed Bin Laden over Obama's objections

Bad News for the deathers

Limbaugh And Obama Dead-Enders Lash Out After Bin Laden's Death

Perspective On 9/11 And The Invasions Of Iraq & Afghanistan

Millionaires For Christie

US Domestic Oil Production

sarah brightman ahead of sarah palin

GS CEO Blankfein will not resign

Pakistan rattled by news of CIA safe house in Abbottabad

After reading thread about Brad Blog....

Queens Toddler Dies After Routine Circumcision

Anyone know what happened with BradBlog being blocked by AOL?

Ron Paul's Call For Afghanistan Withdrawal Draws Cheers At Fox News GOP Debate

Nora look around - do you see any Mission Accomplished signs

Revealed: CIA agents lived next door to Osama bin Laden

Ed Shultz is giving Bush the credit he deserves - don't miss this

Antivaxxer Mark Geier has license revoked in Maryland

Ron Paul jokes: ‘I don’t want to use heroin’ so I need drug laws

They Were Ordered to Kill, Get in Line to Apologize

Ohio Rep. Kucinich Eyes WA Congressional Seat

Read, if you dare, a local paper. NOT ONE WORD about Bin Laden

What's up with M$Greedia trying to play down

Torture advocate John Yoo: Bin Laden should have been captured, not killed

More Situation room pics....

Should Harry Reid force the GOP in the Senate vote on Paul Ryan's Budget?

If everybody used "Usama" then nobody would confuse it with Obama

Consumer Groups Back Warren for CFPB

F.R. swoons over photos of crusty founder RimJob shaking Grifterella's claw

Fox is infomercials for idiots

Who ventures over to freeperville? Who do they think won the GOP debate?

City Takes Unique Approach To Deter Copper Thieves

Need your help again! Gas prices

Mom suspected of killing 5 newborns set for plea

Bin Laden Conspiracies Rely on Complex Scenarios

it's Thom Hartmann's birthday today

Rick Santorum Gives Me The Creeps

Dan Quayle in a barn coat

Veto will be fitting result for anti-union legislation

Geronimo pissed in a river... that water flowed into an ocean...

I'm totally convinced that Republicans are all alcoholics who 'don't go to meetings' eom

Mr. Fish- All those other Pictures we won't see....

Germany has a nuke plant event

I refuse to let these assholes scare me in any way.

Breitbart was on Washington Journal today - they're showing a

Breitbart was on Washington Journal today - they're showing a

Tennessee DUers - watch the Mississippi

You and Your Slaves

Hurry up and wait

Need help remembering name of Hillary spokesperson during campaign.

Burlington, Vermont Naked Bike Ride

Police step in at Bin Laden protest outside US embassy

CBS News to Host Obama Town Hall on Economy

China reports trouble at another Japanese nuke plant

A Bin Laden Hunter on Four Legs

Scholar Predicts Entire Arabian Sea Will Become Osama Shrine (Martyr's Sea)

Unemployment Edges Up to 9.0 Percent Despite Strong Job Growth

Unemployment Edges Up to 9.0 Percent Despite Strong Job Growth

Unemployment Edges Up to 9.0 Percent Despite Strong Job Growth

c-span is covering POTUS in Kentucky without the chatter

‘Squatter Rent’ May Boost Spending as U.S. Mortgage Holders Bail

Is al Qaeda weaker or stronger without Bin Laden?

All the GOP ever had going for them was fear

NYer thinks cops want him, jumps into Hudson River (they didn't want him)

Work Scarce for Obama's Green Job Training Grads

Work Scarce for Obama's Green Job Training Grads

Branding victim tells of ordeal

About strict constitutionalists

Abortion foes in Kansas closer to reviving insurance measure

Abortion foes in Kansas closer to reviving insurance measure

Grayson on Ed: " He was probably passed out drunk "

Grayson on Ed: " He was probably passed out drunk "

"I don't use Internet Explorer; I use Google."

Guy nabbed @ NYC POTUS motorcade yesterday a Bklyn hipster dbag

Obama will speak in a few minutes

live on m$nbc...The President

No, Obama Didn’t Order the Removal of an American Flag from Ground Zero

The government, the media, the corporations and your wallet

Lima Oscar Lima

Men ponder food and sleep as much as sex

Photos: Never-seen photos of Italian actress Sophia Loren

Bloomberg’s $65.7 Billion New York City Budget Proposes 6,000 Teacher Cuts

WHY On Earth Are We Debating With WAR CRIMINALS?!?

23-year old New Yorker makes $120K in 2 days selling "Dead Osama" t-shirts online

How to Be a Real Man

Personally vexing question...

Eric Holder To Fraud Squad: Oil Price Plunge Should Benefit Consumers

Is it legally stickier to have killed OBL or to have removed and kept him in our custody?

Has anyone called out Condiwarcriminal

I just heard about this website on The Ed show with Papantonio:

america the stupid....'Deathers' take over where 'birthers' left off

I don't know why Obama made me feel so sad

KRUGMAN: It would be nice if someone in Washington actually cared.

KRUGMAN: It would be nice if someone in Washington actually cared.

Oathkeepers was one of the sponsors of the GOP debate last night??

New catchphrase to describe RW conspiracy theorists

Happy Birthday Mr. Thom Hartmann

Rachel Maddow show: Bush lawyer Harriet Myers is a lobbyist for Pakistan

Do you expect the next leader of Al Qaeda will be more or less dangerous than

9/11 Warning summer of 2000.

What's going on at Fort Campbell

Heart breaking...Facebook site with found photos from tornado victims belongings.

Orrin Hatch Thinks The Tax System Is Unfair Because It Doesn’t Tax Poor People Enough

A Republican just said to me that he didn't feel safe...

Eric Cantor thinks health care rationing is fine, as long as corporations do it and not the gummint

Two jewels just fell from Alan Grayson's lips in an appearance on the ED SHOW

Are you still glad Osama's dead?

Obama judicial nominees approach gender equality: a comparison of Presidental nominations by gender

Al-Qaeda 'confirms Bin Laden's death'

Al-Qaeda 'confirms Bin Laden's death'

Iowa legislature is deadlocked on a budget.

Two Like Minds: Rice and Rumsfeld....

Was Osama Bin Laden killed in a raid on Sunday?

Better early than never - for all Moms everywhere, but mostly for the Moms here

House approves legislation to further blunt hate group's protest of funerals in Alabama (

Without Medicare Privatization, GOP Budget Won't Eliminate The Deficit

Donald Trump's birth certificate is a fake!

Life Sentence For Marijuana Habitual Offender

John Yoo: Obama Afraid To Capture Bin Laden (VIDEO)

Freepers react to the 'Vindication of W' by creating a world of make believe

What Mom Really Wants this Mother's Day

Do you think that we'll finally be able to take our country back on 5/22?

More U.S. Oil Drilling Won't Lower Gas Prices, Experts Say

Why do I want my own taxpayer $ to buy private health insurance

Which dangerous terrorist should we go after next?

Predictable Florida Governor Will Drug Test Poor People

Canadian military history courtesy of Condi Rice and Ann Coulter

There have been two fairly recent films about Coco Chanel....

LOL-YOO says that killing of bin Laden will go down in history as one of Obama's BIGGEST Failures

Minister of the week (not)

Bills banning bestiality, baggy pants pass in Fla.

Mika Brzezinski: I Almost Left 'Morning Joe' Over Pay Disparity

Feds Demand Firefox Remove Add-On That Redirects Seized Domains

Self-deleted by member

While GOP presidential contenders debated, John Boehner was out drinking

Violent clashes outside U.S. Embassy after hundreds of UK Muslims stage mock funeral

Groups counter congressman's claims on lizard

Disgusting ... Westboro Baptist plans to protest at tornado victims' funerals ...

Where Children Sleep: A Diverse World of Homes

Breeders Battle for Right to Claim Hero Navy SEAL Dog

1st grader climbs over railing at zoo into Leopard enclosure

1st grader climbs over railing at zoo into Leopard enclosure

The Fight of America’s Working Class: Your Great-Grandparents Would Be Ashamed

Atheism billboard in Fresno hit by vandalism

Atheism billboard in Fresno hit by vandalism

Homeless Sue Sacramento For Lost Possessions

What will Obama spend the political capital on that he earned by getting OBL?

Final edition of Barack Obama's Facebook Feed.

Fannie Mae seeks $8.5 billion from taxpayers

Fannie Mae seeks $8.5 billion from taxpayers

Undocumented Workers: Unspoken Victims of Tornadoes in the South East

Controlling which Friends can see your Status Updates on Facebook.

30+ protesters killed today in Syria. On the same day, Hillary says reform possible under Assad

Is it only the patriotic American's who are celebrating our nations defeat of Bin Laden?

Group Wants “Miracle Dog” Patrick Moved to Rescue Zoo

You know who really should get credit for getting bin-laden? Reagan. Yep. Reagan

Puppy found floating in lock and chains

Blast from the past: Monica Goodling Reprimanded

I fear that Obama getting Osama is letting us lose sight of important domestic issues.

typical stupid teabagger

I see all of the Bush cockroaches are emerging from their hidey holes

Roaches and Republicans

Chicken nuggets are 53% chicken...the 'extra parts' of retired egg layers - Yum!

Total information war

Walker Signs Bill Removing Sick Pay Law

NASA pics of Tornado Damage:

Something odd I've noticed about Tim Pawlenty's speaking style

My only problem with killing OBL is the loss of intel

Something is Rotten in Paris, Texas

Five Biggest Recipients Of Corporate Tax Breaks Spent $8 Million In 2010 Elections (UPDATED)

Mumia's Take On Osama Bin Laden

Posing a provactive question.

This just PISSES me off!!!

Is George Bush an internationl terrorist?

Time to freshen up - Friday fun pics

did anyone see Mike Moore on CNN last night

Why Doesnt The USA Destroy OBLs Compond..

SaxbyLeaks: GOP Senator Leaks Classified Data

Osama bin Laden’s death may end Afghanistan war sooner than planned

Overheard today at the library...

Best Part of Last Night's Republican Debate: Ron Paul on Heroin

Park Service Fines Tourists For Walking On Old Faithful

It doesn't bother me that Osama didn't get a trial....

Kan Orders Halt To Operations At Hamaoka Nuclear Plant

We just met the new neighbors two doors down.

I think we SHOULD credit George W. for his efforts in going after OBL.

Karen Santorum on 2012 Race: It's 'about going on to the battlefield and defending God’s truth

Do Red State Republicans Want More Divorces, STDs and Abortions? Their Policies Suggest "Yes"


Pakistan - Just Plain Incompetent - Maybe?..........

What's up with that DU?

Neil Gaiman responds to apology from wingnut GOP politician

+244,000 jobs in April.... largest monthly increase since February 2006

People don't board horses around here anymore. They hire a horse "caregiver"

The graphic OBL picture we should see

100 people were arrested yesterday protesting the GOP plan to dismantle Medicaid but no coverage?

MUKASEY Upset (or Afraid?) That OBAMA Is Being Mean To The Torturers

Statement from the White House on Violence in Syria

If you can't get the vote right in Waukesha County .........

I Hate Hate Hate this Commercial

Game developer David Braben creates a USB stick PC for $25

Poll: Given Choice Between Palin and Trump

There is no doubt in my mind

There is no doubt in my mind

Alston rejects tea party meeting (NC)

In Nov. 2012 Repubs will cheat at elections as never before. What Walker is doing in WI now to rob

What the heck is wrong with our President?

What the heck is wrong with our President?

Remember when the Bush White House called NBC because they didn't want Pres. Clinton on after 911?

Will USA ever convert to metric?

Will USA ever convert to metric?

Waukesha County, WI Supreme Court recount. Put your $ and/or time where your mouth is, DU.

Waukesha County, WI Supreme Court recount. Put your $ and/or time where your mouth is, DU.

Reich on the Corker-McCaskill bill which would mean Medicare cuts.

Spam I just got from Chase.


Oil dropping like a rock in after hrs trading.

DUers That Are Burners

"Wet House" - Where alcoholics can drink themselves to death

The Unjustifiable Defense of Torture and Guantánamo

Did Ron Paul just say he would legalize heroin?

For those with no problem how OBL was killed

How can a zoo enclosure for a leopard be easy enough for a 7 year old to get over?

Un-friended my birther mom

Toronto 'slut walk' spreads to U.S.

Hypothetical: You could wave a magic wand and 1000 wannabe terrorists would just keel over dead

Libyan Revolution Day 78

Police: 3-Year-Old With Blowtorch Sets Neighborhood Fires

Oil drops 15% in week, reviving hopes for lower gas prices

Tee hee...our friend the Rude Pundit is on theEd show,

This week’s Friday Afternoon Challenge: “Your fabulous face!”

Ever notice how the military is happy to see President Obama versus the Bush plastic turkey?

NEWS ITEM: Bin Laden UnArmed When Killed

Help me understand Herman Cain, please

How is it Republicans can claim God as their own but follow the likes of Ayn Rand?

Larry O'Donnell appreciation thread

Dear Christ Andrew Sullivan nails it again

Excuse me. But Alabama has been nearly destroyed.

Let's cut the fucking shit

My son's bumper "snicker" story...

Real Time with Bill Maher tonight

Glenn Greenwald: The Osama bin Laden exception

Hmmm....just putting this "out there".....what would be the modern equivalent of

Hmmm....just putting this "out there".....what would be the modern equivalent of

Obama should immediately nominate Elizabeth Warren to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

What is it with the "anti-gold" mindset on the left?

&*#$*)(@# the MSM. I'm loving RT News.

Crew members on Justin Bieber’s tour refuse go to Japan for shows because of radiation

I leave next week for my Oregon fire lookout job - armed.

I leave next week for my Oregon fire lookout job - armed.

"Christians Must Call For This War to End "

Michael Moore: ‘We’ve lost something of our soul’ in bin Laden ‘execution’

For those that say to any of us that suggest if we had a choice

For those that say to any of us that suggest if we had a choice

FL's Lakeland Ledger speaks out for the atheist who was arrested for sex noises in her home.

Texas boy, 4, fatally shot by 5-year-old sibling

Osama may be guilty, but it's Bush, Cheney and their Cronies who profit from the War on Terror

President Obama succeeded where bush failed.

Rosedale Court is a public housing project in Tuscaloosa

Texas. And DU.

Obama Announces Intent to Nominate Stephen Higginson to Serve on United States Court of Appeals

Obama Announces Intent to Nominate Stephen Higginson to Serve on United States Court of Appeals

The Waltons just gave 900 MILLION dollars to a museum. I suppose when you

Why Kali is so reluctant to go on vacations now:

Absolutely the awesomest mustache in the whole world!!!

Fellow D&D Geeks, this anthem is for you:

Like Donald Trump but with better hair...

Funny dog video

MFM knew he was in trouble when she didn't laugh at his answer of, "Oh... just hangin' out. Why?"


A pox on your opinions

Math Wizards - Help!

Help me find a post from today or yesterday

If You Never Ever Have, then You Must! Please, Please Do!

Kittenhood -- it is the life!!!


Spanish students fight for their right to party! (with image)

Breakfast time with the Eagles and Eaglets - wonder what's cooking...

The Eaglets: video of adult landing on one of the eaglets

Job Interview Tip #47:

Have a little compassion for superheroes. THEY are human, too.

Jacob Goes Bye Bye

M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m... meat!!!

new studio song FREE for DU

Stouffer's vegetable lasagna . . .

Al Qaeda statement following raid of bin Laden compound: "Well, at least they left the Creedence"

PHOTO: The Skippy factory always loads the BEST peanut butter at the BOTTOM of the jar.

Hitler's reaction after hearing Rebecca Black's "Friday"

Tonight, a rare treat for me; grapefruit juice!

I thought my music tastes died in the late 80's or early 90's....

Sometimes all you need is someone who simply... silently... understands.

Something non-tuba-playing folks are completely unaware of:

Li'l MFM's proud to have been part of the inspiration, um.. BEHIND a great literary classic.

Please keep your recreational hallucinagenic drugs out of reach of the children.

"Olive Garden applies for building permit in East Anchorage"

Hey, Wait A Minute. I Had 4 Kittens.

I love this commercial! Cuteness alert

Rescue on the Swift Current Creek


Favorite movies of the South Korean Cinema


Highest athletic supporters by country:

NYU art student serves up breast milk cheese for show

Burlington, Vermont Naked Bike Ride

Sac State Jazz Singers at Monterey - "All Along the Watchtower" - Battlestar Galactica

What is the NEXT song you plan on listening to

My fellow Americans, what turned your happiness to sadness?

Chinese mistresses rally online

I liked this quote about spring and wanted to share it.

What is the last song you heard?

Lima Oscar Lima

The greatest invention ever has been invented!

I just booked my first proper vacation, and insured it!

FUCK Al Qaeda. FUCK that dead piece of shit Osama Bin Laden. FUCK a decade of fear since 9/11.

I'm in big trouble now: I found a ustream KITTENCAM!

Psst! You wanna see a dead body?

Sign of the times?

One Note Samba

Bossa 31

Nova 76



There, Their or They're?


The Sound of Awkward (unfortunate album covers)

Favorite movies of the German cinema?

Águas de Março

What's the difference between President Obama and Sarah Palin?

Could someone explain to me why "dipsters" are such bad thing or whatever?

painful and poignant, no matter who sings it.


Colo De Rio

My wife pulled a Tom Sawyer this afternoon. She got our youngest daughter to enjoy the wing hoe.

Sandalia Dela

Bring that back or you're fired!

I'm making my own version of spicy crockpot chicken wings

Bim Bom

PHOTO: Ever since he was a wee lad, MiddleFingerMom has let the force be with him...

From the Lonely Afternoon

Agua de Beber

Summer Samba

Breaking! Bin Laden still dead!

I have tickets to see Wanda Jackson tonight

Despite the tortured grammar, I never thought of that....

I guess Rule 34 applies to TNG now

50 degrees and raining

Throw the stick, dammit!!

peri- and post-menopausal DUers... help!

Yea baby! You know you want it. You know you do.

Great lyricists of the rock era - Discuss

We *FINALLY* heard from the insurance company yesterday...


Silver is now standing on his own again!

Photos: Never-seen photos of Italian actress Sophia Loren

PHOTO: I don't care if this beer has fewer calories. I just want it to stop purring.

My daffodils have been taken over by a wild turkey. Not OBL.

Why do you prefer "real sugar" cola drinks?

First kisses are pretty awesome

Personally vexing question...

Top Secret Cat Special Ops Program Revealed

Beatle Paul is engaged.

If these AREN'T real... they SHOULD be.

I have found the God of lounging around the house drinks

U.S. Official: "This Was a Kill Mission"

Elvis exits as Jacob, Isabella top baby-name list

Post your own Dos Equis slogans here!

'Blade Runner' is coming on now on BBCA.

Media polls ignore gay GOP prez candidate

Brazil’s top court approves same-sex civil unions, setting precedent for gay rights

Boehner stands by GOP Medicare overhaul plan

Pakistan's army warns US not to stage more raids

Donna Godchaux's contribution to the Grateful Dead

Could someone explain to me why "hipsters" are such bad thing or whatever?

Ahmadinejad allies charged with sorcery

Holder Intervenes in Gay Man's Deportation Case

(Irish) Prison population at all-time high - Shatter (justice minister)

Odd or useless skills

I lost a dear family member today.

my mum died

Goldman Sachs faces contentious AGM

What is the last song not in English that you heard?

CIA spied on bin Laden from safe house (over a period of months)

Styx: Your opinion

Fox denies making ultimatum to Huckabee

GOP senators vow to block any nominee for consumer bureau

Dems to Obama: No to GOP on Medicare

Highest athlete salaries by country:

Al Qaeda, in statement issued on online sites, confirms Osama bin Laden death

AP to skip GOP debate to protest FOX restrictions

Eric Holder Halts Deportation For Man In Civil Union

Mother Serves Child Noodles From Pot Used For PCP

Bill would reverse ban on spraying sewage on farmland

Group raises alarm over gas wells near schools, hospitals

Dozens in Abbottabad Arrested Due to Suspected Connections to bin Laden Compound

7/7 inquest verdict: Emergency services cleared but MI5 under fire

Chinese regulators suspend TV crime and spy dramas

Arthur Laurents, Playwright and Director on Broadway, Dies at 93

Third attack against Sony planned

Osama Bin Laden Dead, Al Qaeda Confirms

Firm says it erred on Libya consulting

Bahrain protesters slam KSA intervention

‘The Russians’ Nationalist Coalition Founded in Moscow

(California colleges) State bill allows aid for illegal immigrants

Libya: Opposition outline post-Gaddafi 'road map'

Brazil’s high court orders same-sex civil unions recognized, cheering gay rights supporters

Iran's supreme leader tells Ahmadinejad: accept minister or quit

Rashard Mendenhall fired by Champion over Osama bin Laden tweets

Banks Illegally Foreclosed on Dozens of Military Borrowers, Federal Investigators Say (GAO)

CEO Pay Now Exceeds Pre-Recession Levels

Bill would reverse ban on spraying sewage on farmland

Dems, Obama campaign hail GM, Chrysler profits

CBS News to Host Obama Town Hall on Economy

Even when you've been expecting it for months, it still isn't any easier when the time comes.

Memphis urges hundreds to flee ahead of flooding

Branding victim tells of ordeal

Did bin Laden deserve a trial?

Toronto 'slut walk' spreads to U.S.

Ahmadinejad row with Khamenei intensifies

Groups counter congressman's claims on lizard

Bond denied for 4 accused of tattooing Okla. man

High school in rural Washington with shot at Obama graduation speech becomes talk of town

Colonial secret papers to be made public

Top US diplomat for Latin America resigning

First suspected drone strike in Pakistan since bin Laden raid

S.F. puts cell phone radiation law on hold

Canada asked for Olympics nuclear help from U.S. (Wikileaks)

Colonial secret papers to be made public

Ex-Bush official reprimanded by bar (Monica Goodling for actions in Bush DOJ)

WSJ: German School Confirms Politician's Plagiarism

Regulators close Florida bank,40th failure of 2011

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, May 6, 2011

U.S. appeals court orders that Carl Lewis be placed on N.J. Senate primary ballot

U.S. Drone Attack Kills 15 in Pakistan Tribal Area

So far, I HATE Firefox 4.0.

Welfare drug-testing bill headed to Florida gov’s desk

Fury erupts outside U.S. Embassy in London as hundreds stage mock funeral for Osama Bin Laden

Fury erupts outside U.S. Embassy in London as hundreds stage mock funeral for Osama Bin Laden

U.S. tax burden at lowest level since '58

Long-Prized Tech Visas For US Entry Lose Cachet

Abdullah Khadr extradition ruling upheld

Radioactive Materials from Fukushima to Reach U.S. Within Few Years: IAEA

Condi Rice: 'Saddam Hussein Was A Threat'

Groups ask FCC to investigate AT&T broadband caps

Canadian court dismisses appeal to extradite terror suspect to US on terrorism charges

Wisconsin Republicans Set Deadline to Pass Anti-Union Bill Again

Payroll employment rises 244,000 in April; unemployment rate edges up to 9.0%

Canadian Catholic Bishop Pleads Guilty To Child Pornography Charge

Fox News Channel Offically Fires Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum


Greece raised possibility of euro exit: report

John Yoo, author of 'torture memo,' speaks at Alaska bar association awards dinner; 20 walk out

Libya: Attacks Against Misratah Residents Point To War Crimes

Netanyahu: With bin Laden dead, Iran Supreme Leader is world's greatest threat

U.N. rights investigators seek facts on bin Laden death

"Medical research misconduct" on brain injured soldiers

Facing protests, Pscholka withdraws from (Benton Harbor) Blossomtime parade

UK says 'no' to alternative vote

U.S. Targeted Awlaki in Missile Strike (Yemen)

Kerry, Lugar defend Pakistan aid

Obama Calls for End of Oil Subsidies

Ex-Chile officers guilty of 1973 reporter's death

THE WAR ON WALMART: Who's Afraid of Cheap Groceries?


Mike Malloy - Bush Declines Invitation To Ground Zero


Tavis Smiley interviews George Soros (Apr. 27, 2011)

No Mr. Beck, That Wasn't 'Some Professor'..Jon Stewart interviewed Glenn Beck's favorite

Lawrence O'donnell Asks Condoleezza Rice About Aluminum Tubes

Whitehouse: West Wing Week: 5/6/11 or "A Good Day For America"

Sarah Shourd: I Won't Return to Iran for Espionage Trial Due to PTSD, Advocates For Hikers' Freedom

Graeme Smith Reports From Pakistan on Questions Raised About Osama bin Laden's Home & Killing 1 of 2

With $42 billion and seven homes, why are the Kochs buying our democracy?

Mike Malloy - Right Wing Hate Mail

1984 by George Orwell, BBC production from 1954 (1hr 47min)

Thom Hartmann vs Marine David Selig - Why is the right obsessed with torture now?

Thom Hartmann: The GOP to revoke the rights for low-income rape victims

If O'Reilly Says It Then It Must Be True

Ground Zero Bush

Young Turks: Fox Rips Obama For Ground Zero Appearance

President Obama delivers remarks to service members at Fort Campbell, Kentucky

LATimes: Fox Republican Debate excludes Buddy Roehmer--who decries the role of money in politics

Christie's Millionaire Cabinet

History Repeating: 'Libya mission ill-defined, ill-thought, no exit strategy'

The Bully Project

Osama down. Gaddafi next?

Rachel Maddow on Rice/O'Donnell Interview: 'Jaw-Dropping & Evasive'

(did not realize this)Bin Laden killed 8 years to the day of W's"Mission Accomplished" speech

Terry Rakolta (Mitt Romney's sister in law) Married with Children Boycott

'A Death Sentence'

POTUS picture is worth a 1000 words

Papantonio: The Ayn Rand Disease on America

Young Turks: Obama Cracks Down On Marijuana

Wasserman Schultz: "Democrats Picked the Right Person"

MSNBC: Cenk Busts The Myth That Republicans Are Better On National Security

We Must Stop Corporatist Fascism!

***LIVE GOP Debate Thread*** ... Chronicling "teh crazy" in South Carolina.

Media Matters: Right-Wing Media Figures Reject Obama's Call For Unity

Australian news report on Obama's visit to Ground Zero

Obama Kept Us Safe

Breaking: Ahmadinejad resigns as president of Iran; announces Republican primary bid...

Lawrence O'Donnell Interviews Condi Rice: 'Lawrence, We Can End This Interview Right Now...'

Etan Thomas (poet & author who plays basketball for the NBA's Atlanta Hawks) takes on "The Donald"

Self-deleted by member

MSNBC: Breaking: 244,000 jobs created. Much more than expected--30% more. Reuters confirms.

David Corn: Dick Cheney, the President Will Take Your Apology Now

Ground Zero (A Photo Diary)

more proof it's Bin Laden

But who is Rasmussen polling - No bump after Osama Bin Laden death

TDPS: RAPTURE COMING May 21 Allison Warden Interview

Rachel Maddow: "This is turning into a speak softly, carry a big stick,

Former Rep. Alan Grayson: Dubya Is Worst President Of My Lifetime

Tavis Smiley interviews Jeremy Scahill on Osama bin Laden (May 2)

Irony, defined:

"Even if Obama got Bin Laden, they would find fault"

Thom Hartmann: The Cancer Stage of Reaganomics?

Waukesha County, WI Supreme Court recount. Put your $ and/or time where your mouth is, DU.

MaddowBlog: Boehner must get tired of saying this

Eugene Robinson: Torture wasn’t the key to finding bin Laden

MSNBC Breaking: Al Qaeda confirms Osama bin Laden's dead. More from Reuters.

Boehner says help needed from Obama on trade deals

Did anyone else hear Zbigniew Brezhinski on Morning Joe describing what happened at Desert 1?

Searching for cool pictures of President Obama

Obama on NOW Cspan - addressing the troops...

CNN Poll: 80% say economy is bad, only 33% blame Obama for it.

Thom Hartmann: An Atheist in the hidden world of Mormon polygamy?

President Obama: Nation can't drill its way out of soaring gas prices

omg..the Faux focus group is LOVING Herman Cain

The Guardian calls Obama an "Action Man"

The People's View: Glenn Greewald - Creepy

Bin Laden eyed US rails from his secret compound

Ron Paul: Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, Should Be Legal

These people, also, are allowed to vote

Can someone explain the logic that more jobs where created than expected but the rate went up

Dallas News - "Obama owns this war ... except when good things happen "

The Real Prize of the Bin Laden Raid

NYT: "Which of the two numbers should you believe? The short answer is the job-growth number."

Donald Trump's Drunken Response To Obama Birth Certificate Release!

"Didn't you know your daddy's the best shot in the county?"

Baby Bush Cries To His Therapist: "No Credit For Bin Laden!" (Toon)

That's my president!

Barack Obama Sent Osama Bin Laden Two Bullets - The final edition of Barack Obama's Facebook Feed

Young Turks: Cenk - Obama Was Right About Pakistan

Grace is underrated...our President has it.

you can't make this stuff up / Florida Bans Bestiality,

Nat Journal: ANALYSIS: Obama's success in finding bin Laden is due to his break with George W. Bush.

The Trump Backlash Begins

Obama thanks, awards team in bin Laden raid

The Credit Bush Deserves - The Ed Show with Ed and Alan Grayson

Must see Lawrence O'Donnell interview with a dissembling Condi Rice

Paul Krugman on the GOP's "stunning lack of grace"

So I have a friend here in So. GA...

In 2006, Nancy Pelosi said that capturing bin Laden wouldn't make Americans safer

U.S. military has highest body count in Iraq since 2009

Mozilla: Homeland Security Request to Take Down MafiaaFire Add-on

Osama bin Laden Already Becoming the New Roswell

A study asks, Which pundits make the best predictions?

The Democrats' Last, Best Hope

Economy added 244k jobs in April, 3rd straight month of solid hiring;

Make > Shift: From Finding a Job to Crafting a Livelihood

Robert Fisk: Is Shane Bauer really an enemy of Iran?

Noam Chomsky: The International Assault on Labor

First GOP Debate shows clueless nature of the party

Torture Is Still Torture -By Eugene Robinson

Author Peter Bergen on Bin Laden's Death 'The War on Terror Should Be Retired'

7 Deceptions About Bin Laden's Killing Pushed by the Obama Administration: AlterNet

The GOP Jobs Plan That Wasn't

The Roundabout Strategy To Weaken Consumer Protections

Honduras: Teargassed Open, for Business

In Wake of Bin Laden Killing, Right-Wingers Demand To See Obama’s Hunting License

Anti-Muslim Incidents in the U.S. Follow the Death of Osama Bin Laden

Teachers, Secretaries, Social Workers: The New Welfare Moms?

Does Dick Cheney owe President Barack Obama an apology?: Mother Jones

Sarah's OSB tweet

Teenagers sue the US Government over greenhouse gasses--Public Trust Violations

Peak oil notes May 5 2011

Drumbeat: May 6, 2011

U.S. Senators ask Obama to stop China from stealing American EV secrets

Seventh body recovered from Mexican coal mine

Now that We’ve Killed Osama bin Laden, Let’s Kill Oil

Japan orders 3 reactors shut

Geothermal energy takes a hit: Raser Technology files for Chapter 11

Aramco finds little interest for its new oil blend

Saudi Aramco joins the switch to natural gas as oil wanes

Ukraine's long natural gas row rolls onto U.S. shores

Giant Squid Killed by Sound

Wind in Egypt Presses On

In the Wake of the Wind

China's Wind Power Sector Expected To See Tremendous Growth (18.9GW added in 2010)

Disastrous pattern of academic-gov't collusion must not be allowed to continue

Whale death off Puerto Rico blamed on plastic bags

LDP lawmakers regroup to promote nuclear power

Eric Holder To Fraud Squad: Oil Price Plunge Should Benefit Consumers

New, aesthetically pleasing WIND TURBINE for use in urban settings.

The fish skeptics

(Japanese) Govt panel was preparing to warn of major tsunami

China reflects on solar panel growth

War Dog-There's a reason they brought one to get Osama bin Laden (PHOTOS!!)

More Power from Rooftop Solar (8 cent/kwh possible now?)

Florida Lawmakers Require Drug Tests For Welfare Recipients

Holder issues surprise order to stop deportation of gay man

Massachusetts Transgender Equal Rights Bill to get hearing in June

Gay Obama officials, HRC named in ‘racketeering’ lawsuit

Don't click on this one if you are easily offended.

responses to my bits

Christians have predicted the end of the world in two weeks. Will it happen?

Women in the Bible

Now would be a great time for atheists to improve their public image

Iron River Redux

White Supremist gun dealer gets 10 years (CT)

Concealed-carry bill falls short in Illinois House (NRA fail)

Cops: Highly Intoxicated Man Caught Driving With Loaded Gun (permit holder)

Plymouth-Canton teacher charged with bringing a gun says he meant no harm

Drunken Pedestrian with Loaded Pistol Charged By Police

Madison WI City Attorney drops disorderly conduct charges against 5 open carry

Smyrna (Georgia) gun shop owner loses another round in legal fight with New York

Feds Tracking Gun Purchases ( poutrage)

Is the Brady Background Check De Facto Registration?

Rep. McCarthy introducing national gun control legislation following Sen. Schumer’s lead

ATF Gunwalking: GOP investigates *genuine* scandal - Daily Kos

For the NRA, It's All About Fear

NRA's Deadly Agenda Is Out (paranoid NRA spies video Brady Campaign event)

Pat Riley named Executive of the Year

Giants hitting coach plans trip to outer space in 2014

Apparel company dumps Mendenhall over bin Laden tweets

Top 10 boxers of all-time?

What longshot will win ? I work in the am but I may sneak out and bet .

Kentucky Derby notes: Uncle Mo decision to come Friday morning

Survey of Campus BDS Finds Few Serious Cases

Gaza hosts first-ever marathon

Protest At Cairo Embassy Calls For Intifada

Clinton Refuses To Rule Out Talks With PA Unity Government

EU Approves $124 Million In Aid To PA After Israel Blocks Transfer Of Palestinian Funds

Outrage on CUNY Vote to Shelve Playwright’s Award

Cubans begin to enjoy making money (WARNING: graphic depictions of capitalism)

Honduras: Teargassed Open, for Business

Meanwhile, in a Bogota bar on Wednesday

Ex-Chile officers guilty of 1973 reporter's death

Top US diplomat for Latin America resigning