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Archives: May 7, 2011

Breaking! Bin Laden still dead!

*Wilkerson will be on Lawrence show re: condi.

Raj Patel: At Global Capitalism's Pinnacle, Even Hunger is a Commodity

A novel GOPer argument for Florida elections bill: Why should voting be easy?

OMG - Obama will show the pictures of our dead soldiers coming home BUT not of dead OBL.

New IRS Program Requires Americans To Directly Pay Subsidies To Corporations, Bypassing IRS

NY Times journalist may have authentic Osama corpse photos.

Wilkerson will be on Lawrence to respond to

"Get lost"?

"The bidy was disposed of way to quickly..."

Bin Laden and the Republicans' Magic Calendar


Big Picture: Afghanistan, April 2011

How tall is Rachel Maddow?

Rachel's show tonight.

The Senate's Lesson from Fukushima Is: MORE NUKES?

Canine commando part of bin Laden compound raid

Canine commando part of bin Laden compound raid

Amazing. I just discovered I have someone on "Ignore".

Track and tax for the miles you drive?!

Teachers Feeling Unappreciated by Secretary Duncan

fuck you Senator Snowe: Facing possible Tea Party challenger, centrist Snowe moves to the right

Some 3,000 Millionaires Claim Jobless Benefits, IRS Data Show

Bush wants more credit for faking OBL's death

Android To Surpass Apple’s App Store In Size By August 2011

GW and Terrorist Gopher

30 year higher paid teacher retires early to save jobs - 3 jobs saved

1968 Presidential election poll

How come Brian Williams' face looks bent?

FROOMKIN: Torture May Have Slowed Hunt For Bin Laden, Not Hastened It

Republicans keep saying there is no such thing as a free lunch.

I'm listing to an old you tube of the View from 2007. The discussion is about Iraq and if that

Colin Powell: Obama blew away the birthers

Poll: Given Choice Between Palin and Trump, Most Voters Choose Suicide

Sada Thompson dies at 83; stage and TV actress known for playing matriarch on 'Family'

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF & a new Kitty gif

I somehow never cease to be amazed by the Right Wing Noise Machine. How active and aggressive it is.

Change we can believe in (photoshop x-posted from gdp)

The lowest form of political life known to humankind

Do you get cold sores?

Pakistan Tells Different Version of bin Laden's Final Days

A Gay Girl in Damascus becomes a heroine of the Syrian revolt

Top 50 highest-paid CEOs in 2010

Probing Link to Bin Laden, U.S. Tells Pakistan to Name Agents

NY Times Reports Bush Affair with Bin Laden

Pak Amb"credit is due to pakistan because the courier whose activities led to osama was a pakistani"

Kloppenburg campaign contines to raise objections in Waukesha County

We are experiencing a "crisis of mistrust"

it's our duty apparently

Bush deserves no credit for finding Bin Laden

Correct me if I am wrong about Pakistan?

Conservatives are inconsiderate teenagers

Should we just execute Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and avoid the trial altogether?

Obama's best decision

Al Qaeda statement confirming bin Laden's death

(JAPAN) Anime with Disaster Scenes Face Changes After Quake

Attn Seattle denizens in Jim McDermott's district:

New Rules

How a Tampa Bay Lightning fan outwitted petty Homeowners' Association

George W Bush, Pakistan, and the bomb - how a bumbling president endangered the world

Med MJ opponent Alberta Darling to face JRMMA cosponsor Sandy Pasch in recall

Self-deleted by member

Marta and I spent several hours with Richard Kiel ( 007's "JAWS" )

Et tu, Beyonce?

Our ongoing violence against Afghanistan and Pakistan is not the solution to terror

PHOTO: Trump lost his mojo

62 Percent of American Teachers Work Two Jobs

I am curious, after all the hoopla about killing Osama Bin Laden, why didn't

In case I forget, Happy Mother's Day Moms

Every human necessity should have a public option.

"WikiLeaks docs: Nuclear reprisals if bin Laden killed"

Putin wants Russia to modernize by joining the World Trade Organization -- but not too much.

Beck: Allies and Enemies (I know, I know.....but if anyone is bored, I could use your help)

Provocative Piece on OBL by Dick Cavett

Provocative Piece on OBL by Dick Cavett

Athletes in Politics... as seen by the Onion

US military support increases terror attacks on American citizens study shows

Would you back out of the deal?

"The Power of Words"

"If a handful of folks want to make this about something political, that's up to them," Walker says

Delete Please

An Inside Look at What Happens When Gas Drillers Are Exempt from Environmental Law

The world we live in: The attack on bin-Laden was live tweeted by an IT guy on vacation

Tea Party Attacks Illinois DREAM Act: Calls Out Republican Senators Who Voted In Favor

So, While I Was Wiping My Ass A Little Bit Ago

Take Yourself Off The Plane

The tornado viewed from Coach Nick Saban's office

So what of this outfit "Free Think Media" ?

Need a biologist to debunk

Birtherism is So 2010

Fair is fair. If we are to give Bush credit for killing OBL then let's give credit to others....

Our top story tonight: .......

glad we got him...but...what a mess we left behind

Were you for or against letting the Bush taxcuts expire?

"I even fired a tank round once" Rachel and Meghan McCain visit the NRA Convention.

Hey Dubya ... Who's yo daddy?

Comedian Rob Delaney analyzes Sarah Palin's Tweet

Attack on Missouri labor studies threatens academic freedom

God Bless My Fellow Democrats (Or Liberals or whatever)

G.O.P. Medicare Plan Shakes Up Race for House Seat

From the No Shi# Dept: Low pay linked to poverty rates

Krugman- Shadow of the Torturers

WTFF? MTP tomorrow

Epic! Pres Obama Lays Out How He Would Go About Getting Bin Laden during 2007 Debate

Another F.U. for Rupert Murdoch: Jude Law sues Murdoch's Newscorp for phone hacking. Sweeeet

NYC man made $120K in two days selling Osama Bin Laden tshirts.

U.S. gains more jobs in April, but unemployment rises (to 9%)

Youth "March for a Planet Worth Inheriting" - Sunday May 8th

Face That Screamed War’s Pain Looks Back, 6 Hard Years Later

Titanic insurer Atlantic Mutual sinks

Titanic insurer Atlantic Mutual sinks

Col. Wilkerson on Rumsfeld this week on Ed Schultz

A Duffy Trifecta (Repug WI)

Rest in Peace Seve Ballesteros

Meet The Whinies!

I think America is experiencing a moral tug-of-war...

The Scorpion and the Frog

Over-the-top Front-Page

Over-the-top Front-Page

Florida: Closer to Libertarian perfection after last night

N.Y. has a nuke plant event

NATO command conducted 149 sorties on Friday, including 56 "strike" sorties

Face That Screamed War’s Pain Looks Back, 6 Hard Years Later

U.S. to Release bin Laden Home Videos Today

IF Bush had gotten bin Laden, the scene would have been something like this:

Boy, Fox News really wants to cut aid to Pakistan

Woodward on CSpan now

War School (video)

Bin Laden home videos expected to be released

Bin Laden home videos expected to be released

I heard Bill Clinton speak tonight

Holy Shite: Look what FL has done now.

My understanding is that in WW2 they wanted Hitler alive.

Biden "the only thing that was more exciting than seeing you getting off"

Wall Street Journal Leak Site Works on Security Fixes

Pentagon presser coming up at noon ET complete

Man involved in medical marijuana dispute tries to slit his throat during arrest

Jon Stewart Spars With Social Conservative David Barton Over Church And State (VIDEO)

Major League Jerkoff...

Torture Didn't Help--It Hindered Our Intelligence Gathering

Torture May Have Slowed Hunt For Bin Laden, Not Hastened It

Facebook pays users to view ads

The US Needs to Focus on Not Creating Any More bin Ladens

Proposed: That the word "cojones" be banned from use in English

Reward Offered After Dogs Dumped on California Highway

More 'isolated incidents': Wave of racist-right crimes hits Spokane area -- but it's not alone video

"Unequal Protection": The People's Masters

Hitler reacts to the death of Bin Laden


Sure, Republicans Want to Raise Taxes--On the Poorest Americans

Sure, Republicans Want to Raise Taxes--On the Poorest Americans

Just watched the Condi interview. She is stupid...can't think outside her prepared answers

Sunday Talk, it's GOP time, again

Memphis braces for mighty Mississippi's wrath

Senator Chris Coons: Shortchanging Our Inventors Is Slowing Our Economic Recovery

Is some sort of "coalition" government the likely result in Afghanistan?

Is some sort of "coalition" government the likely result in Afghanistan?

US Oil Exports Hit Record Pace. That's Right, Exports

Bill to take public pensions from criminals dies

Bill to take public pensions from criminals dies

Anybody watch "Treme". Re; GOP

Anyone else all of a sudden getting buried in "pre-approved", credit card offers in the mail?

Taking Credit Versus Taking Action

Herman Cain answers Rick Santorum's slight

Help spread this important message:

'Systemically Important' Label (For Nonbank Financial Firms) Divides U.S. Regulators - WSJ

Delta pilot orders Muslim clerics to get off plane at Memphis airport 'screened and cleared to fly'

Dems angered by scheduling of voter ID vote next week

Scott Walker is making a list and wants your help!

Was The Weather Underground justified in bombing state buildings?

WIRED: No, Navy SEAL Dogs Don’t Have Titanium Teeth

Richard Trumka Declares Labor's Independence (Article & Interview) - Joan Walsh/Salon

Why Did the Unemployment Rate Rise?

US: A Prom is No Place for Immigrant Checks

Muslim Clerics Kicked Off Delta Flight In Memphis

Atlas, indeed, HAS shrugged. The banksters, wallsters, mega-

What's the status of the (non) Ground Zero mosque?

In 2010, 2/3 of executives got cash bonuses up to 3 times what they received in 2009

Japanese company introduces irresistibly cute mind-controlled 'cat ears' (w/ video)

Hamas breaks up pro-Osama bin Laden rally in Gaza

Conservatism Is The Enemy Of Freedom In America

Conservatism Is The Enemy Of Freedom In America

50th Anniversary of Wasteland Speech

Yikes! I looked up a picture of Ayn Rand and my Firefox browser

circumcision "party" in Philippines...

on 10th anniversary of 9/11 - plans to derail trains in US:

Does the GOP want to distroy the USPS?

Nation's largest union asks members to back Obama’s reelection

From the Onion News Network:Judge Rules White Girl Will Be Tried As Black Adult

Can anyone help me find this book that was on DU? (Real estate guru, "housing will never fall" etc)

Can anyone help me find this book that was on DU? (Real estate guru, "housing will never fall" etc)

CUNY shelves honorary award to playwright Tony Kushner over "anti-Israel" charge

"Go west" is advice that can keep people occupied.

Number of the Week: Millions Set to Lose Unemployment Benefits

Disabled Employees Slated For Layoffs By Bloomberg File Suit

Should we boycott hip-hop and rap music that objectifies women?

Videos show bin Laden watching himself on TV

toon: Spite Makes Right

toon: Spite Makes Right

toon: Spite Makes Right


Topless coffee shop gets ready to close

Topless coffee shop gets ready to close

Dear Conservatives: A Friendly Message

Response to drill baby drill. Why do you propose a Chavez/Commie solution?

I'm done with Facebook

dupe plz delete n/t

Good Doggie!

Good Doggie!

Claiming Fraud in A.I.G. Bailout, Whistle-Blower Lawsuit Names 3 Companies

Toles Toon: The other SEALS

RIP Seve. A Standing Golf-Clap in your honor.

Is it just me, or does Hillary look very very tired all the time?

Winners and losers #1

Coming soon to a coastal town near you...

Why do Republicans want to turn all the states into Alabama?

Does anyone know if God reads DU?

Time for a light-hearted break

My sources tell me it was actually Bush/Cheney who got Bin Laden

My sources tell me it was actually Bush/Cheney who got Bin Laden

About the "Geronimo" issue...

CNN Video: Dead asshole watches himself on TV. Looks like he couldn't afford a flat screen.

Judge Files Complaint against Merkel over Bin Laden Comments

Judge Files Complaint against Merkel over Bin Laden Comments

Jailed parents will file complaint

Jailed parents will file complaint

Osama Bin Laden Video released...(the missing audio!)

wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My new response to teapublicans

OMFG M$NBComcast already has the documentary

Batshit Crazy Bachmann prays for "a special anointing" from the Lord as she considers 2012 run

Batshit Crazy Bachmann prays for "a special anointing" from the Lord as she considers 2012 run

Filipino teachers in Maryland caught in middle of labor dispute

Women more likely to leave substance abuse treatment center after new tobacco-free policy

Where was bin Ladin getting dialysis?

Shopping with Huffington

Argentinean reporter fired after threatening to violently rape activist

ALEC is now doing cookie-cutter news stories or press releases about INDIVIDUAL legislators

ALEC is now doing cookie-cutter news stories or press releases about INDIVIDUAL legislators

The death of Bin Laden is a threat to the military industrial contracts.

Huckabee: Americans Should Be Forced, At Gunpoint, To Learn From David Barton

Axis of Evil

Rachel, Burgess and assault weapons in urban communities

Stay Thirsty My Friends. n/t

School bans Smarties, Pixy Stix as health threats

Montana Cannabis Industry Association Launches Unified Defense Against SB 423

Radioactive Water Dumped into Flooded Mississippi River

Obama to push immigration reform in Texas; Rep. Lamar Smith says it’s ‘unlikely he will succeed

Jon Huntsman, former ambassador, courts S.C. GOP leaders in potential 2012 bid

Colin Powell: I enjoyed Obama one-upping Trump

Speaker Boner @ the Kentucky Derby

Financial Issues of College Students

Daily Kos Hate mail LMAO

OBAMA: "We donated a $60 million helicopter to this op. Could we not afford to buy a tape measure?"

Dollar Hedgemony, this is old but it bears repeating for those who don't know

Toon: Torture- We are better than that

Now that Pakistan and terra' is back in the news. Here's some history...

Oprah's final guest might be the 'biggest star in the world". Can you guess who?

This is the funniest political takedown ever

Lawyers (for DU) ask to participate in potentially pivotal copyright case (from LBN)

CNN Poll: Does Trump have the right stuff to be president?

bin Laden's Lounge Chair

The Economics of Cheating

The Economics of Cheating

Glenn Greenwald: U.S. Tries To Assassinate U.S. Citizen Anwar al-Awlaki

Why does some rightwing BS get a good reception here?

Why does some rightwing BS get a good reception here?

Weapons That Will Never Die: We Need to Stop the Expensive Reincarnations

The eaglets are growing so fast

Why malware for Macs is on its way

They are burning the American flag in Pakistan and several Middle East countries today

Phoenix gay dads adopt, raise 12 happy kids

the only way to fix the budget problem is to dismantle the empire

Billionaires Don't Need Public School Teachers: A Lesson In Class Warfare

Missing their humans (Alabama pets) - pics

Hispanics seek halt to enforcement tactic

Tonight's SNL is probably going to be epic

Toon: And we can thank...

German TV station N24 makes a little mistake

Michael Moore: "Why We Put Those Like Bin Laden On Trial"

Canadian tourist missing for 7 weeks found in wooded area in NV

The picture that makes freepers' heads explode

A question about St. Judes Hospital!

I Think I See Dow 14,000 Nearby.

It's Time to Pay the Bin Laden Tax

This mother's day, I donated to Planned Parenthood in honor of my mom and sis because:

Wrongly convicted, 21 years in jail - now has to pay back child support

Aljazeera Opinion piece: "Sovereign Libya: A letter to Vladimir Putin"

Assuming that bush is a war criminal, does that make John Kerry

Rachel Maddow and Meghan McCain go to the gun show


Analyst: Bin Laden was living like a prisoner

Chocolate Milk Bans: Coming Soon to a School Near You?

Tina Fey Returns to SNL tonight..

Really, Alan Simpson - social security was never supposed to be a retirement program?

Bill Maher - New Rules - FULL segment - * * * * * VIDEO * * * * *

Bill Maher - New Rules - FULL segment - * * * * * VIDEO * * * * *

They but up a partial sight barrier around the super-secret raid helicopter (PIC)

Scotland elects SNP. No to austerity, Yes to independence?

Capitalism: A new dark age?

About 1 in 7 in U.S. Receive Food Stamps

Osama bin Laden is Dead. Sign the petition to begin swift troop withdrawals from Afghanistan.

NASCAR driver Ryan Newman & his wife are helping to save the homeless pets from the tornado areas.

NASCAR driver Ryan Newman & his wife are helping to save the homeless pets from the tornado areas.

ANONYMOUS goes after Tea Party

Carl Sagan on redshift

Lithuanian Exceptionalism

Tyler Clementi's parents issue statement about Molly Wei's plea deal

What percentage of what the government says about bin Laden and al Qaeda do you believe?

Was reading the NPR article on the people who think the world will end on May 21st...

Prop 8 supporter Vidmar resigns as Olympic liaison over anti-gay position

nyc cutting 6000 teaching positions

John Huntsman ... dont worry, he's a joke too

It's funny...I support Obama's re-election...

Cheering a Monster's Death Is Not the Same as Patriotism

CCR Attys Who Represented Al Aulaqi Father in Challenge to CIA JSOC Kill List Denounce Strike

Bin Laden’s Secret Life in a Diminished, Dark World

Ayn Rand: "I don not think the retarded should be allowed to come near children"

Toon: If that's what it takes, go for it...

Louisiana Governor Releases His Birth Certificate

1st birds fell out of the sky 2nd was millions of fish dying off, now 10s of 1000s big game die off

Grayson: Bush has probably been ‘passed out drunk’ since Osama bin Laden kill

Outrageous: Geithner Blocked IMF Deal to Haircut Irish Debt

More 'isolated incidents': Wave of racist-right crimes hits Spokane area -- but it's not alone

(Ohio) Teachers OK Extra Union Dues to Fight SB5

Stephen N. Limbaugh Jr. [appointed by Bush in 2008 and related to Rush Limbaugh] Ok the blowup

mother's day proclamation

Now for the pets

I just posted President Clinton owning Chris Wallace on Facebook

Billionaires gather in Arizona to discuss world conquest, uh, "giving"

Maher: Obama is ‘one black ninja gangster president’

For those who advocate legalizing drugs: Are there any drugs you think

Biggest Great White Shark Caught, Released (Pic)

Incredible Tuscaloosa tornado expereince shared

I feel your pain RW'ers (LOL)

Levi’s bombshells on Sarah Palin (“She definitely thought she was running for president.”)

Ohio Consumer Watch Dog Group Could be Barred by Law From Criticizing Deregulation

More skilled immigrants for Cuba if its $ said "There's no God for us to trust or distrust?"

Every year from 11:59 PM Sept 10th to 11:59 PM Sept 11th, only emergency broadcasts.

Gundersen confirms massive explosion at Unit No. 3 was in spent fuel pool (VIDEO)

LOL !!! - 'Don’t Leak to the Wall Street Journal’s New Wikileaks Knockoff' - GAWKER

Libyan Revolution Day 79

I have lived through end of the world scenarios, end of the US economy,

Pakistan may have known. My Q is: Did Bush know?

T-Mobile USA posts record subscriber losses

Does anyone remember why we went into Afghanistan?

Did the entire Bushco team crawl out since late Sunday

Did the entire Bushco team crawl out since late Sunday

Taxpayer money to the "Ally in the WOT"...My take on this issue.

Video of Bin Laden on M$NBComcast now

Video of Bin Laden on M$NBComcast now

My son sent me flowers for Mother's Day

So my favorite Wingnut sends me this frothing-at-the-mouth chain email

Democratic presidents have taken down Hitler, Milosivec and now Bin Laden

Now that Osama Bin Laden is Gone..can we pull troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq?

Now that Osama Bin Laden is Gone..can we pull troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq?

The Economic Inefficiencies of Habitat for Humanity

Hospitals and Health Networks--The Four Americas. Mandated crappy coverage for most

Meet the Super-Wealthy Right-Wingers Working With the Religious Right to Kill Public Education

Cantor come right out and says that people with less money deserve crappy health care

Van got stuck in mud - Missing Canadian woman found after 7 weeks NV - husband still missing

60-day jail sentence for man who grew marijuana to help cancer-stricken wife

I received a certificate of Appreciation from a former student who is graduating from college

First Mother's Day Proclamation, 1870

Bobby Jindal releases birth certificate

I agree with all ten of Rimjob's "10 best reasons not to support" Freepwadville

Face That Screamed War’s Pain Looks Back, 6 Years Later

Why is a program we have all invested in considered an entitlement....

Beyond Foreclosuregate - It Gets Uglier

Here's the Wedding Americans Have been Watching

Australian invention turns your thoughts into words

Pilot refuses to fly two Muslim men to tolerance conference

Does anyone else think "Forever Stamps" are kind of like a giant tax break?

So I Did A Silent Callout On a Republican Hypocrite

..."if Iraqi commandos landed at George W. Bush’s compound, assassinated him, and dumped his body...

Does anyone here know if Rachel Maddow reads DU?

This morning I inherited a few billion dollars so I decided to go to a Tea Party rally to celebrate

America is Shutting Down

Telling it like it is ..THIS SENIOR CITIZEN NAILED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can You Stand it? - MORE Open Ballot Bags in Milwaukee County...

To longtime DU members. How do you handle it? Serious question.

To longtime DU members. How do you handle it? Serious question.

The DeVos Family-The Super-Wealthy Right-Wingers Working With Religious Right to Kill Public Schools

Is child support about supporting a child or about vengeance?

Return to Narrow Banking

National Education Association Advances Endorsement for Obama in 2012

Follow a new Political Economy blog!

Obama Derangement Syndrome-mostly stone fucking racists who can't stand having a black man in WH

Washington Post columnist criticizes Mike Malloy's Monday comment about shooting GW Bush

Judge tells woman who made sex noises not to make unusual noises in her home.


Light As A Feather

The Economy

Cute...or Disturbing???

ok...this is just cute... personalized video for Mother's Day

A Friday night "WTF?"

There are nerds. There are Renaissance Fayre nerds. ... ... .Meet the Renaissance Fayre uber-nerds.

Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of graywarrior?

MiddleFingerMom is here to tell you that there IS such a thing as a stupid question.

Mas que nada


French kisses are pretty awesome

First French kisses are kitty pawesome.

I don't normally like Weddings...

E Plebnista!

mugumogu Moving and Maru (they had to move after tsunami)

There may be no joy for a child that equals the joy of knowing you're annoying adults.

Had an operation today.

is a wii an appropriate gift for your wife's 30th birthday?


Bird Hunted To Near Extinction Due To Infuriating 'Fuck You' Call

I got your nose.

Hello Kiddy!!!

Will it Take 100,000 People to Resurrect the Chevy El Camino?

For computery people: a problem with an external HD

Video: Keyboard Cat Pistachio commercial!

How's THIS for an incredible dessert presentation?

It's A Fire

Wandering Star

Tobin still has those erotic dreams.

Glenn Beck just made me smile

I've Been Thinking

Check this band out: Agesandages

KISS - God of Thunder

MiddleFingerMom -- behind the most EPIC photobomb of all time?

Oscar Wilde takes on Jersey Shore (Five Part Short Video Series)

The Way I See

The Way I See


Anybody use priceline for flights?

How's THIS for an incredible desert presentation?

Jessie J: Paycheck ("We don't need your money money money"

I need sneakers like Teva Hurricane sandals

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom is not LOST, but decides he needs to ask this stranger for directions ANYWAY.

The 11 best unintentionally sexual church signs.

Topless coffee shop gets ready to close

PHOTO: Yet another possible graywarrior sighting...

Deleted post..too many slobs

They just don't figure it out do they.

Listening to some Shit Creek Boys in concert...

The media are downplaying the British contribution to the OBL operation.

Miz O and I went to grandson's graduation today. Stetson U in Deland, Fl.

Would someone go out and get me some fucking julep?

So who do you got for the Derby?

The toughest room to work in show business.

bush trimming ideas

Non-Newtonian Fluid on a Speaker Cone. You Don't Have To Be High To Watch

David Beckham in Car Accident on LA Freeway

Pizza time in GD

Stay Thirsty My Friends. n/t

We are men. We are SIMPLE creatures, really. We don't need all that much.

I need cat cat Melanie, 16, threw up yesterday morning...

so just how hot does it get in Texas?

I know, I know, the place is on fire, but . . . .

Rolling Stone's Weekend Rock Question: What Is the Best Ballad or Slow Jam of All Time?

buddy is a camera whore

I am proud to be a person of low intellect and intellligence...

I have a friend ...

Taking a break from GD

Friday, May 6. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Anyone have experience with feline diabetes?

The more elaborate the wedding, the greater the likelihood of divorce:

What is the best way to deal with a neighbor's constant yapper

Cat litter...

Just in time for Mother's Day (Squee alert)

Rights Abuses by U.S. Grounds for Denying Extradition, Court Rules (Canada)

18 injured in blast near mosque in Karachi, Pakistan

Miss. jury awards man $322M in asbestos lawsuit

(Canada) Mounties face charges in Dziekanski case (perjury re taser death)

Father appeals for release of captured U.S. soldier (Bowe Bergdahl)

Lawyer: Man accused of being bin Laden’s London representative likely extradited to NYC soon

US welcomes EU decision to impose sanctions on Syria for crackdown, warns of additional steps

Bin Laden directing al-Qaida figures

Triana Sat Eyed For Competitive Test Launch

World's First Flexible Smartphone Invented in Canada

Hawaii to receive more than $47 million in Title I education money

Awaiting Russian presidential vote, is Putin-Medvedev rift all part of the game?

Syrians defy crackdown, stage widespread protests

Con-turned-social worker may avoid deportation

Golf legend Seve Ballesteros dies after three year battle with brain cancer

U.S. government opposes public defender in Nazi case

Probing Link to Bin Laden, U.S. Tells Pakistan to Name Agents

Iran's supreme leader tells Ahmadinejad: accept minister or quit

Judge Gives Immigrant in Same-Sex Marriage a Reprieve From Deportation

Australia-bound immigrants to be sent to Malaysia

Eleventh body pulled from collapsed Mexico mine

Face That Screamed War’s Pain Looks Back, 6 Years Later

Sony Delays Game Network Restart

Six dead in attack on Iraq foreign exchange shops

Drone Strike Said to Kill at Least 8 in PakistanBy PIR ZUBAIR SHAH

David Beckham in Car Accident on LA Freeway

Bin Laden’s Secret Life in a Diminished, Dark World

Probing Link to Bin Laden, U.S. Tells Pakistan to Name Agents

Probing Link to Bin Laden, U.S. Tells Pakistan to Name Agents

Taliban strikes Kandahar with deadly wave of attacks

Italy to supply Libyan rebels with weapons - spokesman

New footage emerges of bin Laden compound

$587 million budget deficit awaits Rahm Emanuel

Canada produces 58,300 jobs in April

Mosley to underwrite fight against Murdoch (Phone Hacking)

Bin Laden home videos expected to be released

Sandy Pasch Officially Launches Campaign Against Alberta Darling (WI recall)

Feinstein, GOP senator (Coburn) fight subsidies for ethanol

Solid April jobs report shows economy gaining momentum

Billionaires gather in Arizona to discuss giving (Warren Buffett)

Source: Bin Laden directing al-Qaida figures

Singaporeans vote in general election

Want to get even with someone who Rickrolled you?

Post your favorite excercise songs here: I need inspiration!

Libya 'scatters mines' in Misrata

Former student accepts deal in Rutgers suicide case

Lawyers (for DU) ask to participate in potentially pivotal copyright case

Muslim-Christian clashes kill 5 in Egypt

Wisconsin Republicans rush agenda before recalls

Libya govt planes destroy Misrata fuel tanks-rebels

2 Muslim men pulled from plane bound for North Carolina

Tunisia police fire teargas to clear protesters ("The youths ... are calling for a new revolution")

Democrats, Republicans edge closer on debt deal

Thousands Rally In Japan Against Nuclear Power

Colin Powell: Obama blew away the birthers

Intelligence cache from bin Laden compound was largest ever from single terrorism suspect

Feds: All kids, legal or not, entitled to K-12 ed

Man Rolls a Severed Pig's Head into a Mosque

Obama Video Before Broadcast To Public

MSNBC: Cenk & Ezra Klein - GOP Backs Away From Medicare Cuts

Jan 2008 Barack Obama's plan for AFGHANISTAN & PAKISTAN

(Plea from father of) Captured American Soldier in Pakistan

Weekly Address: Clean Energy to Out-Innovate the Rest of the World

Osama bin Laden's Death: the Conspiracy Theories

Bush was a strong leader and made us all feel safe. This is why.

Osama bin Laden videos: Sarah Smith reports (Channel 4)

How Many Of You Are Mad Obama Went To Ground Zero?

Eyewitness To Bin Laden's Death Raid Says 'To Be Honest Its Not True'

Buckminster Fuller's Global Energy Grid

Fukushima Groundwater Contamination Worst in Nuclear History

Rachel Maddow interviews Pittsburgh Councilman Ricky Burgess on Gun Violence Part 3

Pentagon Releases Bin Laden Video

Huckabee: Reagan Would Have A 'Very Difficult, If Not Impossible Time' Getting Nominated Today

PBS Need to Know: Why the executives behind the financial crisis aren't facing jail time

The debt ceiling: raise it again?

Pres Obama Lays Out How He Would Go About Getting Bin Laden during 2007 Debate

Alan Grayson - Bush might’ve been passed out drunk for the last three or four days

Rachel Maddow interviews Pittsburgh Councilman Ricky Burgess on Gun Violence Part 2

You were saying?

Heads up - for those who missed Obama today - Cspan re-airing it at 12:05 EST.

Instead of searching in caves....

Best Graph Ever

I'm Against It - Groucho and Zeppo Marx - Horse Feathers (1932)

Did anyone else just see that vile Frank Lutz focus group on Hannity calling Obama's visit to Ground

Beyonce; 'God Bless The USA' New

When bin Laden’s corpse was laid out, one of the Navy SEALs was asked to stretch out next to it...

President Obama pushes green tech as an answer for jobs, gas prices

Colin Powell: Obama blew away the birthers

President Donald Trump Fires Everybody!

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What 'Situation Room Photo' reveals about us

A Volcano of Lies

Doesnt Matter What Bush/Cheney Say.. No Credit For Them Simply Because(KSM)

Italian News Station Catches Obama Trading ‘Secret Notes’ With Air Force General - VIDEO

Tea Party Dance Fest! It's Party Time!

How is this guy Gen. McCafrey still on MSNBC?

The American Right Wing has been like this ever since OBL was killed:

The only taxes Republicans want to raise

Toon: Difference between Bush and Obama

268,000 New Jobs In April ! Damn good week !

I am so proud of President Obama and no one is going to dog me on that

"Anything else I can get you . . .?"

"I Know Why Cheney Went Into Iraq!" Colonel Wilkerson

Cartoon: "You must have cheated off of George!"

Medals for everybody!

Funny, Smart, Satire: The Ironic News Report, May 1, 2011

Rachel Maddow interviews Pittsburgh Councilman Ricky Burgess on Gun Violence Part 1

"How many Muslims does a black guy have to kill before the crackers climb down off his ass?"

If Idiot Son had been president when we caught or killed Osama

Newsweek - "Commander in Chief" - Good Read!

Can we please refrain from criticising Mr. Greenwald for living in Brazil

A reminder: "one of the greatest military blunders in recent US history".

I see both Mark Halperin and Ben Smith have gone all gaga over Jon Huntsman this morning and his

Andy Card claims Obama 'Has Pounded His Chest a Little Too Much', forgets W's enhanced flight suit

Source: 2.7 terabytes of data recovered from bin Laden compound

Glenn Beck spars with Bill O'Reilly about President Obama's Ground Zero visit, calls it 'shameless'

Obama "Should've taken OBL alive+Shouldn't have dumped body at sea+Wrong to go to Ground Zero" =

Worst President ever!

Nation's largest union asks members to back Obama’s reelection

Jon Huntsman Positions Himself As 2012's 'Cool' Candidate, Defends Obama Administration Role

Chomsky: "if Iraqi commandos landed at .. Bush’s compound, assassinated him, and dumped his body"

Rachel Maddow attends Right-Wing NRA Convention with millionaire heiress, Meghan McCain

Forget Bin Laden Raid, Pakistani Military Suffers The Ultimate Embarrassment

Bin Laden's 'wish list' has Chicago authorities on alert.

U.S. government contracts reveal Miami journalists on the payroll

Republicans Doggedly Pursue ending Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare during a Recession.

Friday Talking Points (166) -- Osama Bin Laden Is Still Dead

The DeVos Family: Must-read article on education!

Torture May Have Slowed Hunt For Bin Laden, Not Hastened It

Former Mossad Chief: Israel Air Strike On Iran 'Stupidest Thing I Have Ever Heard'

Unlimited Secret Money Is Drowning Democratic Elections

Decades of Conservative Spin=Americans Hopelessly Confused About Taxes, Spending and the Deficit

Now That Bin Laden Is Dead, Can We Have Our Freedoms Back?

Weekend Economists Go Looney Toony May 6-8, 2011

Foxconn Factories: How Bad Is It?

Jim Wallis: Christians Must Call For This War to End

"Psy Wars" ...for the Weekend.

Toon: Our Mother's Tears

Tsurugu reactor shows rising concentrations of iodine-133 and xenon-133 in coolant

Right choice to close Hamaoka nuke plant, but other reactors also a concern

A third tornado from the April 27 Super Outbreak rated an EF-5

Even the Israelis gave Eichmann a trial.

Record floods on Mississippi River

Making methanol by pulling CO2 out of the air - Science Daily

In the last two years the sea ice has been near normal in early May

Lake Champlain flooding breaks record set in 1869; record flooding in Canada

How Europe can go 100% renewable and phase out dirty energy

Rice, straw and coconut the new alternatives to wood (BBC)

Tony Kushner row deepens as supporters renounce honorary degrees

Solar power to generate five gigawatts of energy for Saudi Arabia by 2020

Why India MUST push for Ethanol blended petrol - (India)

NY Rangers forward Sean Avery makes video for Marriage Equality

My aunt has a cat named Genevieve,

Adam and Eve,

New York Times shines light on Religious Right ‘Historian’

With interest in prophecy high, TBN adds end times show to its lineup

Alright, I've got a practical question...

Ok, we get it, y'all think religion is evil...

To the religious folk on DU, an appreciation from an agnostic.

Remeber when Bush won in 2004? "Why solid democrat gun owners should vote for someone else"

Once again: does religion produce knowledge?

Weekend-long NRA 2011 GOP-fest - how many lies did you spot?

Religious attitudes of these two authors: How do they compare?

Underwear weirdo caught packing pistol at Waldorf Astoria hotel

NPR: Congress Probes ATF Role In Border Agent's Death

Have you ever noticed how...

12 Minutes 12 seconds how many lies can YOU spot?

New York Micro-Stamping Legislation Passes Assembly Committee

"We're going To take another break here."

Seve Ballesteros' condition worsens

Giants celebrate Willie Mays 80th birthday..

The LAKERS are in BIG trouble. Down 3

Spain: Golf legend, Seve Ballesteros, dies after long battle with cancer

How Lightning fan outwitted petty HOA over playoff sign

Hey Sports Fans...I'm talking smack in GD....

'Voting' for Pants on Fire 'cause Rosie Napravnik UP!

Gonna miss this guys voice....he's been the voice of the Derby...

NY Rangers Sean Avery Makes Video for Marriage Equality


Go Cubbies!!

Oh my...Ohio State investigating car "sales" to athletes...

Hondo steals the moment. Visits Celtics with message of Redemption

Jason Verlander throwing a perfect game through seven

Palestinian man suspected of collaborating with Israel killed in West Bank

Israel: Bin Laden Killing 'Resounding Triumph'

Hamas police break up pro-bin Laden rally in Gaza

After Reversal, Honor Is Likely for Kushner

US: Wrong on Honduras