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Well, it's got political overtones in my mind. {Cartoon}

CNN documentary on Amanda Knox on now

Here's How I Gloat Over bin Laden's Death

The GOP and Frankenstein

Right-Wing World: Tim Pawlenty renounces his one-time concern about climate change

NATO Units Left 61 African Migrants (from Tripoli) to Die of Hunger and Thirst (16 Days at Open Sea)

Washington D.C. Fusion Center White Powder Letters Warning

small reminder- 230K in Iraq, 100K in Afghanistan ...Private contractors.

US ranks 17 as clean tech producer, China is No. 2

Libyan gang-rape victim Eman al-Obeidy flees to Tunisia

We are the adults

"The Devil bowed his head because he knew that he'd been beat..."

Ford Heights man kept alligator in home to attract women, police say

Alrighty then can anyone explain to me where do wing nuts pull this American law's only

I hope every damned Freeper in this country

Ohio Sheriff’s Deputy arrests 20-year-old woman with 47 heroin-filled balloons in body cavity

FL GOP Legislature suing to subvert redistricting amendment approved by 62.6% of voters

FL GOP Legislature suing to subvert redistricting amendment approved by 62.6% of voters

Seth Myers quote to President Obama "If your hair gets any whiter,the teaparty is gonna endorse it" won't let me "Leave a Comment"

Prices of Used Cars Rising Sharply (WSJ)

Syrian Protesters Killed; Christians, Muslims Clash in Egypt

Rand--a poem/slam (I might be very misguided posting this here.)

Wow, freepers turning on Allen West over health care vote?

"Mission Accomplished"

Best OBL toon yet:

The crises for many present opportunity for a few!

I just watched the Pat Tillman story on dvd. Wow! I didn't think Rumsfield could get any creepier

Climate e-mail reviews 'leave science sound'

Great Cal recruiting video! UC Berkeley!

Who sheltered Osama bin Laden? Kayani among suspects

Republican whining can't change the FACT that Obama took down bin Laden, NOT Dick-In-Bush

And countries, around the world, continue to feed the MIC

By international law, capturing Bin Laden is just as sticky as killing him.

OBL-6 years in hiding/4 yr. during the Bush admin. What did they know,when did they know it?

George Washington's personal beer recipe surfaces

Do you support our military actions in Pakistan?

Poll: High-profile Va. U.S. Senate race starts as a tie between Kaine, Macaca (46-46)

I Was Sad Because I Had No Shoes Until I Met a Teabagger Who Had No Balls

"What Happens When You're Buried at Sea?" (May not be for the squeemish)

"What Happens When You're Buried at Sea?" (May not be for the squeemish)

The Pacquiao phenomenon in the Philippines

Domestic Surveillance Court Approved All 1,506 Warrant Applications in 2010

Chubu Agrees to Idle Nuclear Plant

An incredible statstic on the Mississippi river flooding:

Accredited groups use music to heal

stop me if you've heard this, but 9/11 was clinton's fault and bush caught bin laden. I'd laugh...

Hasidic Paper Photoshops Hillary Clinton and Audrey Tomason out of Sit Room Photo

Musician John Walker, 67, dies of liver cancer

The Curious Bush/Bin Laden Symbiosis

If the US bombed Bin Laden's house, the US would be blamed for killing women and children.

The Invisible Bond Vigilantes Have Resumed Their Invisible Attack

Mississippi River swells toward Tuesday crest

In Fine Print, Banks Require Struggling Homeowners to Waive Rights

My favorite photo ever: a military dog jumping out of a helicopter

KindaSleeza Rice and the Other Lying Liars of the Bush Administration

Harvard-Connected Lobbying Group Confesses to Illegally Helping Gaddafi

Right here in uber conservative La, the lady who cut my hair today said when I

Schumer calls for 'do not ride' list for Amtrak

Immune and all-powerful

Will Republicans vote their "hearts" or "heads" in 2012?

Star Jones was fired from the Apprentice?

The real pics from the situation room during osama raid

"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" seminars ask students to increase credit line to $10K on 2nd day of class

"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" seminars ask students to increase credit line to $10K on 2nd day of class

Boeing’s Fight with Unions Spills into Obama Administration and Senate

Pop Forensic Psychology: What’s Not Quite Right in Today’s Crime Shows

In Columbus: More Than 100 Surveillance Cameras To Go Online This Summer

Funny how Bloomberg just reported that goldman and other analysts said oil was going to record highs

Car that runs on nothing but water unveiled in Japan...

Derf Nails the hypocracy

Gov Walker Signs Bill to Kill Worker's Sick Leave

Global warming a cause of rising food prices

Koch brothers may fight California oil tax

Green Roots Taking Hold in the Stockyards? Chicago

LaHood says the money returned from Florida will be

Japan has prevented foreign media from attending official Fukushima press conferences since March 11

What to do with nuclear waste? Hey, lets send it to Mongolia

BS press release of the month courtesy of the Gov of Florida

Braindead consumerism invades China

Conservatives Complaining About The Economy, LOLOLOL!!!

Ted Rall: V-O Day

Don't see consensus on global warming? Look past Fox News

Why a good school EVERYWHERE is important.

MSNBC:Boner says cut up the credit card and we'll raise dbt limit

Andrew Breitbart Attacks Professors

Tarballs linger on Alabama's uninhabited beaches (a real mess)

Tarballs linger on Alabama's uninhabited beaches (a real mess)

McEconomy: Is America's Middle Class Doomed to Low-Wage Jobs and a Poor Standard of Living?

U.S. ‘Underwater’ Homeowners Increase to 28 Percent, Zillow Says

Internet boom 2.0 is here, starts to look bubbly

What is next in the fight against terrorism?

Walker's budget shifts Wisconsin's priorities... Gordon Hintz takes a shot...

Walker's budget shifts Wisconsin's priorities... Gordon Hintz takes a shot...

Clarity Has A Well-Known Liberal Bias

Ohio prison employees all-day picket to protest plan to sell prisons

Ahmadinejad Out?

What if Big Government works, and no media point it out? - E.J. Dionne

allow me to don my tin foil hat...

Does Gingrich have a prayer to win in 2012 ?

President Obama: "Geronimo was the code name for bin Laden"

Here's some cultural nonsense: Bill O'Reilly to play suspect on 'Rizzoli & Isles'

Amtrak, 15 states get $2 billion that Florida lost

miss you, Mom

Adorable Endangered Tiger Cubs Caught on Camera...In Forest Marked to be Cleared (Video)

Krugman-The Unwisdom of Elites

Matt Bors toon: "Fweee!"

How bad does it have to get in Florida before "we" wake up ?

How bad does it have to get in Florida before "we" wake up ?

I believed Osama was dead--had been for years. He had kidney problems,

Why Is One US City Stripping the Word 'Public' from Public Library?

Budget Mix-Up Provides Nation's Schools With Enough Money To Properly Educate Students

One Army Sergeant's Response to Bin Laden: Sorrow and Counting His Losses

GOP Assault on Science; Tries to repeal science via legislation, and other stuff...

MSNBC: "What was in medicine chests at bin Laden compound?"

Release the Osama bin Laden sex tapes now!

Wisconsin Taxpayers foot the bill for ALEC memberships

I wonder how much these are worth now?

Gaddafi’s time ‘is running out,’ NATO declares

my latest email from Tea Party Patriots- EMERGENCY! Virginia opposition to OBAMACARE

You have to appreciate irony.

For Your Comic Relief

I wonder if Juan Williams was the pilot of that flight that kicked off the Muslim imams

Democrats See Strategy to End Big Oil Tax Breaks

Prime Minister Is Defiant as Pakistan Outs C.I.A. Officer

This clown has finally gone too far. (WARNING--not for the faint of heart)

Gays Ready to 'Work Their Asses Off' For Obama

Domestic surveillance court approved 100% of 2010 warrant requests

Colombia free trade deal may mean more cocaine in the U.S.

Despite differences, Obama, GOP eye Medicare limit

Newly-Elected South Carolina GOP Chair To Presidential Contenders: Endorse The Ryan Plan

Obama – Racism – The bad news – And the good news.

U.S.-Japan joint survey reveals high radiation beyond evacuation zone

Northeast Wins Biggest Piece of Rail Grants Florida Rejected

Closure of Japanese plant casts doubt on viability of Sellafield's Mox operation

Eman Al-Obeidy, Alleged Rape Victim, Leaves Libya

The Future (according to Google search results)

Obama plans renewed push for immigration reform

Newt Gingrich will run for president in 2012

Immoral or amoral?

Must Reads: Pakistan Fears Osama-Style Raid on Its Nukes

Pakistani lawyer to try and halt drone strikes

Bin Laden gave up on jihad.

Osama bin Laden’s first mother-in-law died of a stroke after hearing news of his death

Palin proved in 2009 that she could complete her obligation as governor of Alaska in half the time i

Now California has a Koch problem

What do you call all these sickening sappy Big Oil propaganda TV ads?

Trump: I'm Not Racist — One Of My 'Apprentice' Winners Is Black

So how many of the millions protected by Federal Levees are anti-government?

Ignoring Facts, Right-Wing Media Rush To Congratulate Bush On Bin Laden's Death

Why is ok on DU to denigrate the South through misconceptions, ignorance and cheesy stereotypes?

Texas House passes emergency bill making it more risky to sue corporations for wrongdoing

Website up for May 12 March on Wall Street and Rally.

Hacker Takes Down Anonymous Message Boards

Why is somebody always fired after a Breitbart video is put on the Internet or Fox News?

Toon: He's more of a "Halloween Guy"

Part justice, part prophylaxis.

Updated Photos: White House Releases More Situation Room Pics From OBL Mission

Can I just say the one thing that makes me most glad Obama is in the White House right now?

OK, who looks coolest in a cowboy hat?

Dem Senate chief: Donnelly Senate bid makes Indiana a 'great pickup opportunity'

GOP Voter Suppression: League of Women Voters forced to stop voter registration in Florida

Just watch Fox News for about 5 minutes and...

Danziger- Times Square Hero

The growth of the extreme right in Europe

James Ridgeway: The Bin Laden Back Story: Destroying the Monster We Created

Russia and China challenge NATO

President Barack Obama Attempted Assassination in Ground Zero

Republicans in South Carolina, New Hampshire and Missouri line up to attack unions

Vermont's new health care legislation: Questions and answers

Center for American Progress: The President to Discuss Sensible Immigration Policies in El Paso

I spent sometime reflecting on the things that have been tossed to this President to create personal

This World and the World Without War

Will tough new Georgia immigration law keep visitors away?

NY Times Takes on Pentagon Spending With Two Hands Tied Behind Its Back

Question for serving military and recent vets

Obama's Kindergarten Paintings Found!

Give me Liberty or give me NewtSack...

US Scareways

Landmark United Nations Climate Change Study Says Renewable Energy Can Power The World!

We listened to years of absolute bullshit about OBL from Cheney & Rumsfeld.

Lawyer tells Breitbart to ‘get a job’ on Fox News shoutfest

State(Pa)gets $40 million more for rail project!

One of the most important scientists and mathematicians in the 20th century died May 1

The most frightening revelation from the Bin Laden raid

Letter to Obama: OBL death "requires us to reexamine our policy of nation building in Afghanistan"

"Racism in French Soccer: Dissecting a national scandal"

Confirmed tornado closes numerous trails in Smokies

Ben Masel, Sweet Agitator for Weed and Rights R.I.P.

Comcast loses Google and Wikipedia

David Corn: Does an Al Qaeda "Anthrax Operative" Own New York Pharmacies?

Judge Extends Recount Deadline For Waukesha County to May 26

Lawsuit against Koch Industries press release parody dismissed

The Rude Pundit-Your Bullshit Tests Are Killing Education (Education Series Part 1: Multiple Voices)

Bwaaaaaaaah hahahhahahahaha ReTHUG spokesman on Ratigan

Report: Leak shows rift between CIA-Pakistan spies

Osama bin Elvis (2009)

Tea Party offers a deal: we won't destroy the nation's credit rating if compromise national security

Koch Industries v. John Does (Youth for Climate Change)

cat freed from pipe

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown announces additional legislation in an effort to blunt high gas prices

New York City to lay off teachers, close fire companies, cut social programs

Where democracy and good governance thrive

Palin seeks extension of order against stalker

Michele Bachmann's School Banned 'Aladdin'

The cushiest prison in the world...

here we go again/Jon Kyl predicts $6 trillion in cuts

So how come hundreds of thousands show up in Wisconsin

Tea Party offers a deal: we won't destroy the nation's credit rating if compromise national security

Ya know what's wrong with the Republicans?

FYI: COUNTDOWN on Current...

Poor Cenk

Why did each and everyone of them defend torture??

Obama inspires program to provide employment boost to comics, cartoonists, satirists

Attorney General Eric Holder vows to close Guantanamo

Reminder to call or email Congress.

"bin Laden changed us radically, and for the worse"

Apparently Star Trek caught Osama bin Laden!

Yay! TX teacher who made horrible comment to child about "her uncle (bin-Laden), won't be returning

Man made to work at Fukushima plant for 2 weeks without prior knowledge

How the McEconomy Bombed the American Worker: The Hollowing Out of the Middle Class

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to petition Supreme Court on immigration law stay

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to petition Supreme Court on immigration law stay

"Round up the usual suspects."

Jane Corwin (R) candidate in NY-26, Claims to have been a "successful businesswoman" at age 8

searching for al-Alwaki?

Security firm exploits Chrome zero-day to hack browser, escape sandbox

Alabama to Undocumented Kids: No Prom For You!

Osama bin Laden was special

Millionaires who owe no federal income tax (CNN Money)

Millionaires who owe no federal income tax (CNN Money)

Howie Dean on Cenk - taking credit - Pound your chest Obama

The Republican America

Senate Republicans vow to gut Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

UK conducted ‘virginity tests’ on immigrants

May 8-14th is National Oral, Head & Neck Cancer Awareness Week

Even though I am retired its nice to know that my UAW/Ford Journeyman card will still get me a job

Has Anyone Here Ever Proposed a An Idea For A Bill

Dear Dog, MAJOR warning

Casey Anthony: Is this the "Princess" Mentality taken to its extreme?

Casey Anthony: Is this the "Princess" Mentality taken to its extreme?

Wisconsin GOP bill: If you move before the recall election, you can't vote

Slumlord Millionaire

Detroit to Florida: "Thanks Dumbasses"

GOP: Bush "Kept us safe," but won't credit Obama

News coming out of Libya via Reuters and Tweets,

News coming out of Libya via Reuters and Tweets,

Japan Crisis: Entering the Radiation Zone - Discovery News

Tweety is devouring Trump and 'bigging up'

America’s Middle Class Crisis: The Sobering Facts

If you have to make claims like "I'm the least racist person there is" then you probably are racist

Zombie Madam Curie

Boehner Turns Hard Right And Demands TRILLIONS For A Debt Limit Hike

GM to add 4,200 jobs in $2B investment

Speaker for the Corporations John Boehner wants to kill your Grandparents and maybe your Parents too

Despite differences, Obama, GOP eye Medicare limit

Pakistan grants U.S. access to bin Laden widows (CBS)

Quinn in talks with Sears to keep HQ in Illinois

Am I the only one that finds it weird that just now Washington notices Pakistan's ties to al Qaeda?

2011 Guide to making people feel old

Better odds for applicants getting into Harvard than McDonald's

drug balloon crashed

The odd history of the use of Geronimo as a war cry...

Osama bin Laden code name was Geronimo.

Has anybody in the obama admin explained why they were told to kill and not capture?

I'm sad he was assassinated

Chinese reporting that Fukushima workers not even given medical check-ups!

NATO Units Left 61 African Migrants to Die of Hunger and Thirst

Thousands of birthers arrested, Orly Taitz charged with conspiracy

This Week In the War On Women - DailyKos

Prudential, anyone?

Think tank: 92% of Afghans never heard of 9/11

do you work with Democrats or repuklicans? I am fortunate to have solid Dems as my principal and AP

Raise your hand if you are employed and got a raise this past year.

What's With the Dem Gov. of CT?--Our Version of Walker??

The Onion: Budget Mix-Up Provides Nation's Schools With Enough Money To Properly Educate Students

Conservatism is 100% FEAR based.

'cheney and his ilk are war criminals'

"Do you have a link?"

They're Hiring! Some of our most corrupt banks and corporations ---

High radiation in reactor building

Libyan Revolution Day 81

Libyan Revolution Day 81

Graphic bin Laden Picture We SHOULD See

Meet Dean Heller, Nevada’s New Senator

Krugman: The Unwisdom of Elites

Tea Party Leader: We'll Take Debt Ceiling Hike If You Bring Back DADT

Snatching a loss from the jaws of victory..again

Woman rescued after car crashes down hospital elevator shaft

Is the role of the President overrated in the present day?

Creating future conflicts

Leak of C.I.A. Officer’s Name Is Sign of Rift With Pakistan

Just saw the play "Ann," about Ann Richards.

Condi Rice coughs up more BS on "This Week", "The cave was a... metaphor"

Sincere question- Texas democrat wants to know how to get out the vote

If the 5 released videos don't prove that OBL was recently alive

Why are people so easily fooled???

Obama order could make corporate political spending public

Newville pastor admits his tale of being a Navy SEAL was just 'an ego-builder'

Church pastor lied about being a Navy SEAL

PUKE TIME....Bristol Palin Gets New Reality Show

ACLU Sues FBI for Racial Profiling Info

America’s Middle Class Crisis: The Sobering Facts

'Geronimo' use in bin Laden mission prompts group to offer counseling

Obama Drones On

It's not illegal if the President does it

Chomsky's pronouncements about Osama Bin Laden are stupid and ignorant

$404 Million of FL's high speed rail money going to the CHI - DET Route?

Is There A Way To Post A Microsoft Word Document? I Have A Gift For The Board

Post # 100-Perspective

Post # 100-Perspective

Every time some Repug tells me, "Bush kept us safe for seven years" I reply ...

Is Alan Grayson eyeing a comeback? - Politico

Statement from the newspaper that removed Hillary Clinton from the White House photo

Statement from the newspaper that removed Hillary Clinton from the White House photo

Racist GOP Politician on Facebook

Imagine trying to teach HIV prevention without being able to say “penis,” “condom,” or “semen."

Is it time for a NEW face on Mt. Rushmore?

Newest CN Tower attraction: Take a walk on the outside

call U.S. Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald TODAY 5/9 Stop the Repression of Social Justice activists

To Those Who Ask Why It's Always the Victim Getting Blamed

Pakistan sent F-16s to interdict Seal team 6.

I have more than a few acquaintances in the federal government. This new budget will be very painful

Schumer Calls For 'No-Ride' List For Amtrak Trains

Man attacked by house kitty had injuries so severe he had to be airlifted

Man attacked by house kitty had injuries so severe he had to be airlifted

The Curious Bush-Bin Laden Symbiosis

ProPublica: Scientific Study Links Flammable Drinking Water to Fracking

Police Stop Men From 'Killing Spree' After W.V. DUI Crash

Pull Over to Stop Obama

Where did Hillary Clinton go? Hasidic newspaper edits Secretary of State out of Situation Room photo

"THE TRUE STORY" - byTom Tomorrow

Another thing the GOP will never admit. The US auto bailout worked

I just found out my older brother may have died

Help Get My Vid To 900,000 Hits

Today is a rough day.

VT Legislature Votes to End Nuke Plant, But Company Runs Crying to the Feds

Properly raised Pitbulls.

An ambulance driver confided to me that a lot of people refuse the ride due to fear of the cost

Statement to U.S. Senate commission from Harlyn Geronimo, a descendant of Apache Leader Geronimo

Deadly Silence on Fukushima

Man's tortilla dough mistaken for cocaine. 4 days in jail, still trying to get dog, truck back

Who here thinks that if Kerry was elected in 2004, Bin Laden would have been toast in 2006?

Poop to power in five minutes.

Alan Simpson Attacks AARP, Says SS Is 'Not A Retirement Program video

Now this will drive the wingnuts bonkers: Navy will perform same sex marriages

Drawing the line between law enforcement and military action in fighting terrorism

Mother's Day thoughts for mothers who have lost children

U.S. wants Osama's wives (AP Reports)...but Should His wives and Kids be Interrogated for More Info?

U.S. wants Osama's wives (AP Reports)...but Should His wives and Kids be Interrogated for More Info?

California Receives High-Speed Rail Funds Rejected By Florida

House demolished with woman inside

Dangers of "lion walks" revealed after latest tourist mauling

Alabama's GOP Delegation Voted Against Funding for Tornado Forecasting

Daily Kos: Don't Apologize, Greenwald...

John Kerry to those attacking Obama admin's Osama killing: "Shut up and move on."

Did Osama's real BODY GUARDS leave the Compound in the hands of 2 Rookies

With state universities facing budget cuts, the Charles G. Koch Foundation is ready to "help"

Young Adult Male Mountain Lion Shot and Killed in Residential Neighborhood in Kearney Nebraska

Republicans voted to repeal a scientific finding!

On welfare/food stamps? Out of state and purchase something? Republicans in MI don't like that:

The South is BEAUTIFUL, and belongs to us ALL.

How do you define assassination?

If you believe there is nothing illegal about going in to a country without permission...

TSA agent searches a suspect

Amerika Sei Verrückt Geworden. America in Decline: Why Germans Think We're Insane

Amerika Sei Verrückt Geworden. America in Decline: Why Germans Think We're Insane

What's up in the Eagle's Nest?

Will DU3 have a Mockery and Posturing Forum?

Happy Mother's Day!!!! A Mother's work is NEVER done. (animation - HUGE Dial-Up Warning)

Scarifying incident with a garden tiller. I'm still here. Did I do it correctly?!1

What's your favorite song in your workout playlist?

Kid's watching a new Scooby Doo

Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" on for a beautiful Sunday

Happy Mother's Day Collection 1

I committed some arson this last weekend...

To ALL the Mom's out there (incl. step-, grand-, rescue, surrogate, animal, etc):

Happy Mother's Day Collection 2

Be glad it's not snowing. Your Mother's Day wishes might've come straight from the, um... heart.

PHOTO: When it comes to winning the Science Fair, the best projects are the simplest & most direct.

"I get no kick from champaigne..."

Decorah Eagles - social stream is on at night again.

Watch "Meet the Press" now


*dupe, computer error

Amerigo Vespucci: How did they get a picture of my previous pasta presenter????

Is iceberg lettuce with rusty lines on it still edible? nt

GOOD MORNING!!!!! ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... RAWWWKKKK!!!!

Drugshoes (pre-"12-Step Program"):

The USB flashdrive of CMW's dreams:


Try to figure out what it is BEFORE you scroll past the first thing you see.

The GOOD news? MFM is enjoying intimacy again. The BAD news? It's costing him a lot of bread.

nevermind, I'm a dumbass

Why hasn't Dreamworks or Pixar made a full-length Ultraman movie?



Only You




Seven Months





Western Eyes

Glory Box

OK, Star, the Khan blow up doll was a bit much.

Job application late because of tornados? Tough $#!%.


FTD...Fail To Deliver

What time is sunrise and sunset today,where you live.

So I watched Lady Gaga's Monster Ball tour on HBO yesterday

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom refused to pick up these hitchhikers due to his "no open containers" rule

Whew !!! Thank goodness for my umbrella.

I am having a New World Order day

"My Hands are Bananas" (Better grab a box of kleenex before viewing this)

Questions you would ask conservatives! (Add yours here)

PHOTO: "Honey, I'm kind of busy at the moment. Would YOU mind getting the mail?"

A toast for all occasions.

Chili-spiced pineapple

I feel so cold on hookers and gin...

I posted Saturday about my grandson's graduation. Today his

Bridgeport man called 911 to get beer

My daughter is getting married.

Japanese tech at it's finest!

Child loves dead squirrel. (Squirrel, Child, Greyhound....Unnexpected)

Bio orders Bristol Palin reality series

"Blues fallin' down like hail..." Robert Johnson; born 100 years ago today

Physics geeks: Pendulum wave will blow your mind

The 10 Greatest Words Given To Us By Television

dog tries to get stranger to throw stick

Hah! The Bender Brewer Project.

Famous and/or historical people that you are related to.

Catnap (CAUTION -- Deadly SQUEE alert):

No matter how badly I've fucked up or dropped the ball, 'Betty' the Beagle always loves me

So, I got dumped. *sigh*

Bristol Palin has a new reality TV show

"Tell me are you a Christian child?" And I said "Ma'am I am tonight"

I'm having a New Order day

MFM needs a "Heart" music thread for his hospital stay. What should he take?

Anybody else ever seen a sad TV episode that made you cry?

Cool! Ken Burns' next film is about Prohibition!

Humans do not deserve Dogs

Speaking of beer, the all time greatest commercial:

I just hate *past* dawg.

Favorite Royalty?

How do you pronounce "Elijah?"

Willard Boyle, Nova Scotian Nobel laureate, dead at 86

Justice Dept. to Continue Policy Against Same-Sex Marriage

Who sheltered Osama bin Laden? Kayani among suspects

Eman Al-Obeidy, Alleged Rape Victim, Leaves Libya

Obama`s visit (to Pakistan) put off amid new pressure

Meet the press.

Iran's Ayatollah to Ahmadinejad: Obey or resign

Climate e-mail reviews 'leave science sound'

Pakistan PM to address bin Laden debacle

Nato units left 61 African migrants to die of hunger and thirst

Chelsea HANDLER was just totally snarky and rude to Regis, Kelly, & Doris DAY

Anyone have the 'sort by subject' option on Google image search yet?

Despite sunny skies, Memphis braces for worst from surging Mississippi

Ivory Coast resumes cocoa exports after crisis

NDP the 'true alternative' to the Conservatives, not interested in merger: Layton

Does anyone know of a good "people finding" service online? One that doesn't have

Japan to shut nuclear plant on quake fears

Pakistani premier says bin Laden death was 'justice done' but warns against future US raids

Pakistan orders bin Laden investigation

Indonesia seeks life term for Abu Bakar Ba'asyir

Iran helping Syrian regime crack down on protesters, say diplomats

APNewsBreak: Gay rights legal papers go on view for 1st time at the Library of Congress

Ugandan lawmakers hold hearings on anti-gay bill

(G20 protests victim) Ian Tomlinson evidence was held back from IPCC

Report: CIA station chief in Islamabad outted

Home Values See Biggest Drop Since 2008

Michigan Dems introduce unemployment benefit restoration bill

Osama bin Laden must have had Pakistan support network, says Obama

Bushehr N. Power Plant Starts Operation

Ecuador votes to end 500 years of bullfighting

Poll: Most Americans don’t want bin Laden photos released

No end in sight to foreclosure quagmire

Samoa to go Back to the Future, shifting date line

Donnelly announces Senate bid in Indiana

Tea Party Express: Nebraska will be focus of first 'surprise' endorsement

‘Jerusalem’ or ‘Israel?’ Supreme Court case raises trove of constitutional questions

Michigan to get more than $200M to boost high-speed rail service

Sony PlayStation Network Won't Be Back Online For Weeks

Anti-drug balloon goes down in Sierra Vista

Gas hits $4 mark, near all-time high

California teachers mobilize to pass taxes

FAA: 2 dead after 2 planes collide over NY woods

Ariz. seeking donations to build border fence

Michigan to get more than $200M to boost high-speed rail service

Crew subdues man banging on cockpit during flight

University of California considers flex tuition

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, May 9, 2011

I bought this tarp. Am I being too nitpicky?

Army Corps battles rising Mississippi from Memphis to New Orleans

Indian court urges death penalty for 'honour killings'

Chubu Electric Agrees To Suspend Hamaoka (nuclear power plant)

who would name a haircare product line after a type of cyst that forms at the hair follicle??

Ship With 600 Migrants Sinks Near Libya; No Survivors Reported

Quake shifted Japan; towns now flood at high tide

US tells China to look to its own consumers

Gingrich announcing 2012 bid on Wed.

Pakistan grants U.S. access to bin Laden widows

US judge in Chevron-Ecuador case won't recuse self

Millionaires who owe no federal income tax

Cyclist Wouter Weylandt dies in fall at Giro d'Italia

Newton Mayor, Democrat Setti Warren, to run for U.S. Senate (against Scott Brown)

WikiLeaks: U.S. saw Israeli firm's rise in Latin America as a threat

Japan, U.S. plan nuclear waste storage in Mongolia

NY-26: Dem Kathy Hochul in the lead in new DK/SEIU poll

Privacy Disappears at a Trial About Rape

With 56% of American Internet connections now capped, advocates ask FCC for probe

Rise In FBI Use Of National Security Letters

Arizona takes controversial immigration law to Supreme Court

Should I buy the home a Nuclear Reactor?

Hasidic newspaper edits Secretary of State out of Situation Room photo

Radioactive Strontium Detected At Fukushima Plant

Nato units left 61 African migrants to die of hunger and thirst

I'm committed to this. Don't try to talk me out of it. In a week, I've arranged to be killed.

Renewable energy can power the world, says landmark IPCC study

Osama bin Laden mission agreed in secret 10 years ago by US and Pakistan

Why do electronic payments take so long to get where they are going?

The Real Reason for NATO Attacking Gaddafi's Libya EXPOSED!!!

7-year old autistic girl, unable to speak until age 3, performs National Anthem at NBA Playoff game

The Real Pat Tillman Story - In His Own Words

Make it in America Act - S02E12

(David) Frost Over the World - The impact of bin Laden's death

Young Turks: Shocking Graph - U.S. Income Inequality

Thom Hartmann: Welcome to America - would you like fries with that?

Bridge to Nowhere

FOX News Has Ballons And Confetti For "The Dick"

UA Local 537 Building Trades Commercial

CrossTalk: Antiwar.RIP

A Documentary, American Experience: Geronimo and the Apache Resistance

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MOVING Video for Global LGBT Equality: Going All Out

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Soldier Dances While Rockets Blast Off

TYT: Jersey Shore Italy - College Students Warned

Picture of the day?

"If it's a wealthy prince from Dubai who's in this compound, we've got problems"

How long before the "Obama was coerced to go get Bin Laden" story is on Fox News?

Stochastic Terrorism: God, Gold, and Guns

Bill Maher Overtime 2011 May 6th

Bill Maher to GOP: President Obama Just Ate Your Lunch

U.S. demands to interview Obama bin Laden’s 3 widows - nice byline from the Dallas Morning News


Setti Warren for U.S. Senate (Running against Scott Brown) Massachusetts

E. J. Dionne: The Government: Credit Where Credit Is Due

"It was the longest 40 minutes of my life...

I guess they do have some things to celebrate, after all...

President Obama looking strong in VA

Whatever happened to Donald Trump??

Public Office: Visionaries vs. Analytical Thinkers

Thank You Florida!!! Amtrak, 15 States Get $2 Billion That Florida Lost

Everything you need to know about Herman Cain, in two quotes.

Epic Race Forming in Virginia

No, killing of Bin Laden does not represent `continuity’ with Bush

The Taliban wasn't behind 9/11, there's virtually no al Qaeda left in Afghanistan,

The Situation Room - SuperHero Version

TV's Frank (Frank Conniff) gives Obama some re-election advice…

The Week in Editorial Cartoons - The Hunt for Osama Bin Laden and the Bush Administration

Majority Support Obama's Decision on bin Laden Photos

Here we go again with the media with this Christ Christy for President

New NBC/WSJ poll Obama's approve/dis is 52 (+3)/ 41 (-4)

GALLUP: Obama maintains OBL-Kill bump, approval at 51/40.

Is there a special election going on somewhere

Half-Gov Youbetcha

Lobbyist working in D.C to overturn Pakistan's damaged image with America

Bring it on-let's have this debate

iconic Bin Laden raid Situation Room photo is a fake.. found a real photo.. prove it

Isn't it funny how the rethugs all of a sudden turn progressive on Bin Laden

Senate Dems to call GOP’s bluff on the deficit

Healthcare Reform starts to show Results. Fewer Young Adults Uninsured

Why not just be done with it and use the word 'uppity,' Boehner, you pathetic lobbyist tool

Primary Election 2012: Conservative Fears Of Permanent Welfare State May Create Wild Ride

To the President of the United States from the President of Pakistan:

Rachel said it would never happen

Big bump for '60 Minutes' with Obama

Grumpy Republicans await Obama in visit to Texas

Tea Party Leader: We'll Take The Debt Ceiling Hike If You Put Gay Troops Back In The Closet

NBC poll: 80% said it was the right decision to kill bin Laden. "Justice was done."

Gay donors fuel Obama's 2012 campaign

Somebody photo shop W's Mission Accomplished photo w/ Obama in it. nt

One Thing is for Certain, Obama Will Not Be Primaried (at least not by a credible challenger)


Time to finally say no to drone strikes

Obama's quiet strike against the "socialist" label

Dems going there...

Pakistan Blames Bin Laden Embarrassment on 'Wall Don't' Books

Rolling Stone: Bin Laden He got the carnage he hoped for. Now it's time to end the wars he provoked.

Your most trusted news source?

Singapore is marginally more democratic now

Dudes, Where’s Our Jobs

Ahmadinejad Resignation Coming?

David Frum: Is Current Afghan Mission Obsolete?

Bin Laden Killing Showcases Republicans' Magic Calendar

Obama's Birther Bugs -

Deconstructing the Paul Ryan Sound Bite

How the McEconomy Bombed the American Worker: The Hollowing Out of the Middle Class

Arizona Governor to take Immigration Bill to Supreme Court

DEMOCRATS move to cut collective bargaining rights...

Gov. Walker Kills Worker's Sick Leave

Glencore: Profiteering from hunger and chaos

A golf course job or $157,731 a year?

Colombia Free Trade Deal Could Boost Cocaine Exports

Chris Hedges: Your Taxes Fund Anti-Muslim Hatred

Coal power plant owner fined over Cesium Radiation exposure

Drumbeat from the weekend and today...

Peak oil review - May 9

Morgantown (WV) Area Marcellus Shale Wells Upset Residents, Watershed Groups

Japan nuclear plant shutdown adds new risk to economy, auto industry

Three Gorges Dam to unleash water, ease drought

Mississippi River sets all-time flood records; 2nd major spillway opens

Why Nuclear Reactor Loan Guarantees Are Now More Imprudent Than Ever

Americans oppose new fission plants by 2-1 margin

Over 900 tons of radioactive sludge from Fukushima sold for cement

Wyandotte, MI homeowners get chance at geothermal energy

John Michael Greer talks about how the only reasonable option left is to use less...

The hunger to come in Egypt

Renewable energies could supply 80 percent of world’s demand by 2050: UN report

Doomer hyperbole taken to a new level of idiocy

New Paltz, NY ex-Mayor Jason West Wins Comeback Bid.

'Justine', Coronation Street's new real-life transvestite character...

Uganda "Kill The Gays" Bill could be passed within 72 hours- PLEASE SIGN PETITION NOW!

Navy OK's On-Base Gay Marriages

MOVING Video for Global LGBT Equality: Going All Out

MICHIGAN: House Approves Bill Cutting Funding To Gay-Friendly Universities

WOW! There was really a time when the Churches weren't calling for LGBT destruction

My Amex bill is due on the 21st.

End time fascination and the search for signs of it

Religion, War and Bigotry in the Age of Globalization

Some say the end is near. Some say we'll see armageddon soon. I certainly hope we will.

Bye bye

You have to appreciate irony.

Who gets drunk in a bar or restaurant and pulls the gun they came in with?

VIRGINIA: Firearms in State Forrests Now Legal.

Illinois Concealed carry bill not dead

African American Illinois Sheriff Endorses Concealed Carry

Deval Patrick: New gun laws needed to curb violence

So Texas politicians don't want to mess with those no gun signs so they pass a law just for them!!

East L.A. man kills girlfriend and their children, then himself

Whoops she did it again Rachel states the AWB didn't prohibit sale of "extended clips"

Pa. state senator convicted on gun-related charge

Tony Romo fails in bid to qualify for U.S. Open golf

Jalen Rose is terrific.

What should happen to Andrew Bynum?

How 'bout those Detroit Red Wings?

Abbas meets J Street delegation in Ramallah

Israel’s thought police losing clout?

Half of Democratic Senators Urge Palestinian Aid Cut-Off

Israel at 63: What part of Shut Up do you not understand?

Hamas's Meshaal: U.S. had no right to kill bin Laden

‘Jerusalem’ or ‘Israel?’ Supreme Court case raises trove of constitutional questions

Palestinian Premier: Israeli Seizure Of Tax Funds Holds Up Pay For Thousands Of Civil Servants

Police: Details of honor killing 'shocking'