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The Summer of '04 [View All]

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JailForBush Donating Member (753 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Feb-14-04 11:56 AM
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The Summer of '04
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There are doubtless many people who, like me, are amazed that America is still standing. We thought that three years of George W. Bush would utterly destroy the environment along with the economy and start World War III. We expected the Republicans to perpetrate another "terrorist" attack, declare martial law, and coronate Bush as America's first Dictator.

We were only partially right. But a lot could still happen between now and the next election. These are just a few.

Iraq - A new surge in the resistance could result in more Coalition casualties than ever. The Kurds could join the jihad against the world's #1 Uncle Tom. Civil war could yet erupt, perhaps dragging other nations into the fray.
Afghanistan is a ticking time bomb.
New War - The Republicans will probably wisely wait until after the next election before they attack another nation. But other nations might not be so cooperative. George Bush's growing army of enemies could decide to stage a pre-emptive strike of their own.
Surprise Attack - We could face surprise attacks in nations where are troops have been safe up to now.
Israel could attack Iran.
Saudi Arabia - Can you spell coup?
The Nuclear Club - Will it attract new members?
Mutiny - So when will U.S. troops revolt against Il Deuce?
Foreign leaders could once again begin calling George Bush a moron and comparing him to Hitler, reminding voters that Bush is the anchor around America's neck.
Shocking pictures and stories from Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay could make it into the mainstream media or be circulated on the Internet.
The Economy - Jobs are still being outsourced, and we could still be hit by a trade war. And what if just one tiny nation throws in its lot with the Euro?
Speaking of the economy, when will foreign investors finally decide George Bush's America is just to risk and pull up stakes, leaving the loudest sucking sound in world history in their wake?
Environmental Disaster - You can't cheat Mother Nature forever. Many Americans cheered while thousands of people were being cooked to death in France. But what if the next heat wave hits New York City or Los Angeles? What if there's another outbreak of Mad Cow Disease - in U.S. citizens - and the true extent of the corruption in George Bush's Dept. of Agriculture is revealed?
Celebrity Backlash - Just a few prominent celebrities joining the anti-Bush backlash could make headlines.
The Scientific Community - As much as I respect scientists, they've been quite gutless in not speaking out against George Bush. But if they joined voices, they could destroy that bastard.
Another Paul O'Neill? What if another top official deserted from Bush's camp?
Family Matters - So what stunt will George W. Bush's relatives pull next? More drugs for Jeb's daughter? More drunken brawls for the twins? More whores for Neil? Will Laura Bush kill again in a traffic accident?
Dick Cheney - There's no end to that scumbag.
Microshaft - The ultimate house of cards, Microsoft may well take a tumble one of these years. Its corruption and crappy software, the threat it poses to consumers and national security alike, and growing competition from open-source software could relegate it to history's scrap heap. How long can Microsoft whores defend Bill Gates based only on his phony "philanthropy"?

The scary thing is that most of the items listed above will almost certainly happen eventually. The only question is on whose watch they occur - and who will take the blame.

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