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"Old Fart" Rants About The Danger Of Letting Sarah Palin Get Her Hands On The Nuclear Football [View All]

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Turborama Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Apr-10-10 02:18 AM
Original message
"Old Fart" Rants About The Danger Of Letting Sarah Palin Get Her Hands On The Nuclear Football
Run time: 06:40
Posted on YouTube: April 10, 2010
By YouTube Member: oldfartrants
Views on YouTube: 2
Posted on DU: April 10, 2010
By DU Member: Turborama
Views on DU: 1210
Despite what Faux news et al try to have us believe, the thought of Sarah Palin getting her hands on the nuclear football is the real reason anyone is truly "scared" of her. Now, I joke about the Palin/Bachmann 2012 ticket because it's obvious that it would be a massive failure waiting to happen. However, if she did manage to get in through nefarious means akin to what happened in 2000 & 2004 there'd be no escaping the danger the world would be in.

I found out a lot of really scary stuff about Palin's involvement with the lunatic "end times" movement while I was carrying out a campaign on Facebook against the Palin cult during the election, I posted some of the results as a reply in a thread debunking the "Rapture",">here.

End-Times Prophecies and More: How Electing Sarah Palin Endangers Your Life UPDATED

What do Sarah Palin and witches have in common? A pastor. A pastor who is a witch hunter. What does Sarah Palin have in common with the End of Times? Right, another pastor. And then what is the commonality between Sarah Palin and violent church extremists? If you guessed a pastor, you would be again be correct.

This post is part vlog, part blog. Its long. Kick back and watch, read, learn and become terrified.

Full definitive vlog/blog:


Sarah Palin's Extremist Religous Beliefs: The Republic is At Risk

A Buzzflash interview with">'s Bruce Wilson

Bruce Wilson:


Weve heard a lot about this theology in recent years with the attention to the Left Behind Series and televangelists like John Hagee. But Palin's churches, particularly Wasilla Assembly of God where Palin has spent most of her adult life, have a much more aggressive theology. They havent completely discarded some of the narrative of the Rapture but they have a very different spin on it. In their version, the end time church is going to a great conquering power -- sort of like the Tribulation Force in the Left Behind books -- but they are starting now (here on earth through seizing governmental power).

BUZZFLASH: Most Americans believe in the separation of church and state and follow their religious beliefs but do not impose them on others. Does Palin's church believe that it is its mission to convert others to its religious outlook?

Bruce Wilson: The short answer to that is - they reject separation of church and state altogether.

The longer version is: they're working to bring about a Christian theocratic government which, writes head of Morningstar Ministries Rick Joyner, may seem totalitarian at first.

Once again, they are not waiting around for the Rapture. In that doomsday scenario the true believers escape the world before the violence really gets going and the ungodly are ultimately destroyed. The danger in that theology is that since they believe the world is spiraling to a terrible end anyway, why bother preserving the environment? Also, they find everything from war to natural disaster quite exciting because it means the Rapture is near. So, for instance, Hagee very blatantly preached to his congregation that the Iraq war would bring about the Rapture.

Third Wavers, on the other hand, believe that God is anointing them with special powers in order for them to battle the ungodly themselves, and that Jesus cant actually return until they have finished conquering the world. This is actually a much more aggressive endtime belief than the one that people are attributing to her, and it means that journalists are asking the wrong questions.

Full interview:


Sarah Palin, the pastor and the prophecy: judgment day is not far away

Alexi Mostrous in Wasilla, Alaska

At the Wasilla Assembly of God Church, Sarah Palins former pastor sees powerful signs that the end of the world is nigh.

Pastor Ed Kalnins cites conflict in the Middle East, Americas dependence on foreign oil and the depletion of energy reserves as evidence that storm clouds are gathering. He told The Times: Scripture specifically mentions oil instability as a sign of the Rapture. Were seeing more and more oil wars. The contractions of the fulfilment of prophecies are getting tighter and tighter.

He declined to set an exact date for the Rapture, or the End of Days the belief in a time when Jesus will return, raising up believers to Heaven and leaving the wicked to be ruled by the Antichrist but hopes it will be in his lifetime. Im looking out the window and I can see its going to rain, he said. Im just looking at the turmoil of the world, Iraq, other places everywhere people are fighting against Christ.


Should she get to the White House, Mrs Palin will be by no means the only person with a belief nurtured in a strong religious environment to reach a position of extraordinary influence. President Bush, who had a Presbyterian and an Episcopalian upbringing, became a born-again Evangelical Christian in 1988. It came as he struggled with business difficulties and a drinking problem after a weekend spent with the evangelist Billy Graham, a long-time family friend.

In July 2004 Mr Bush told a group of Amish members: I trust God speaks through me. Without that, I couldnt do my job. He once told an interviewer: You got to understand some of my view on freedom. Its not Americans gift to the world. See, freedom is God is God-given.

Full article :


Sarah Palins Churches and The Third Wave New Apostolic Reformation
(Contains a huge amount of background info. and links. The video has been removed from youtube for some reason, but can be found on the Huffington Post link below...)

Sarah Palin's Churches and The Third Wave: New Video Documentary


The Politics of Tribulation - Sarah Palin and the Rapture
By Episcopal cleric Raymond J. Lawrence

Is this country ready for a president who is excited about and eagerly looking forward to the Rapture?


The press and much of the public seem reluctant to engage Palin on her religious views, considering them to be a personal matter. In certain respects that is admirable restraint. We do not want candidates for office grilled on their private religious views as long as those views do not impinge upon the public welfare. Whether an individual believes in the bodily assumption of the Virgin Mary, predestination, or other such religious views should not be subject to political scrutiny. Such beliefs have no inherent impact on public policy.

However, a belief in the Rapture as an historic event toward which history is rapidly moving, is a belief with potentially catastrophic political implications. Do the American people want a believer in such a fantasy to hold in her hands the nuclear power to destroy civilization?

Full article:

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