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- In case you missed it: Why this is the last DU fund drive ever. Skinner Admin Tue Dec-06-11 08:35 PM8
- I want to create a thread that never dies. [View All] graywarrior Tue Nov-22-16 12:04 PM5381
- Is this the last DU2 post? Ptah Tue Jun-21-16 09:52 AM6
- Hillary Clinton's Glass-Steagall rpannier Tue Jul-14-15 11:12 PM0
- We Must Stop Hillary Clinton. She'll tank if we choose her. NYC_SKP Thu Mar-12-15 03:00 PM0
- Cats, despite their often, ahem... UNFAIR reputation can be quite obedient and thoughtful of others. MiddleFingerM... Fri Dec-12-14 02:29 AM12
- What was your favorite toy growing up? [View All] Maccagirl Mon Feb-25-13 11:03 AM85
- My father died kimi Tue Dec-25-12 08:35 PM5
- I'm back on DU2. Anybody remember me? AverageJoe90 Tue Dec-25-12 05:23 PM0
- Good citizens check for duplicates! swimboy Wed Nov-28-12 04:15 PM1
- PSA - DU3 is retiring :kick: struggle4prog... Fri Sep-07-12 02:47 AM2
- PHOTO: "'s how they ROLL" UPDATE Amerigo Vespu... Mon Jul-30-12 06:16 PM5
- Sad post, and since this is still functioning.... tnlefty Sun Jul-22-12 08:27 PM7
- Poof! I'm back at DU2 unionworks Sun Jul-22-12 05:08 PM14
- Facebook Question: Does anyone know how to do this? Help! suzbaby Mon Jul-09-12 07:51 AM1
- I'm having an uncontrollable laughing fit over this... Sapphocrat Wed Jun-27-12 09:59 PM8
- Los Straitjackets fans: HELP! bbernardini Wed Jun-20-12 06:05 PM0
- So if I start a Sex Thread asking for medical advice will anyone lock my thread? LynneSin Tue Jun-19-12 03:41 PM9
- Danger! Danger! High Voltage! (Poll) [View All] Dystopian Tue Jun-19-12 03:39 PM60
- For all of you Pastafarians out there. dtexdem Tue Jun-19-12 03:33 PM0
- Truth is stranger than fiction (Pony break). sakabatou Fri Jun-08-12 02:50 AM1
- this place still working? If so, on a happy note... tnlefty Tue May-22-12 12:34 PM3
- I have some great news for Cartoon Network fans: Tom's Back. sakabatou Sat May-19-12 02:54 PM0
- Powerful Short: "Quantic Dreams - Kara" sakabatou Sat May-19-12 02:53 PM2
- Shaving a picture of Matt Bonner in his head could net a young Spurs fan an in-school suspension ellisonz Thu May-17-12 12:32 PM0
- Hey everybody! struggle4prog... Sat Apr-14-12 04:35 PM5
- Hey everybody! struggle4prog... Wed Apr-11-12 06:31 PM0
- For the Dog Lovers. Lady Freedom ... Mon Apr-09-12 01:00 PM5
- Amusing, But will anybody really wear it? NMMNG Thu Mar-29-12 05:55 PM4
- How can you be in two places at once when you're not anywhere at all? Ptah Fri Mar-23-12 10:34 PM1
- jares Dystopian Wed Mar-14-12 12:52 AM0
- *****Official Vanity Post***** NYC_SKP Tue Mar-06-12 06:33 PM2
- **sigh** Tuesday After... Tue Mar-06-12 06:20 PM18
- Unofficial vanity post DainBramaged Thu Mar-01-12 12:07 PM7
- Boo! nt MrScorpio Thu Feb-23-12 04:56 PM1
- Blow snooper2 Thu Feb-16-12 09:13 PM1
- Look at all the hearts I got Lasher Thu Feb-16-12 08:26 AM12
- I found the site again! Lady Freedom ... Tue Feb-14-12 10:36 AM9
- Sad news -- Alien Girl has passed away. greatauntoftr... Mon Feb-13-12 08:35 PM3
- Every cat has an inner demon waiting to get out [View All] Major Nikon Sun Feb-12-12 01:30 PM24
- A dragon lives forever but not so little boys BigBearJohn Sun Feb-12-12 01:29 PM6
- Occupy DC: Freedom Plaza - photo/video bikebloke Tue Feb-07-12 11:08 AM0
- Storage Wars fans check in - New Texas version of Storage Wars LynneSin Mon Feb-06-12 05:24 PM15
- Game Viewing, South Africa - Photo/Video bikebloke Sat Feb-04-12 03:18 PM0
- I am bullish on Urdu. It's going places. Magrittes Pip... Mon Jan-30-12 11:01 PM1
- I just served on DU Jury Duty. My vote was to electrocute the poster LynneSin Mon Jan-30-12 02:24 PM18
- This is like driving past your old house. davsand Mon Jan-30-12 02:04 PM4
- For McLoed's Daughters fans bikebloke Mon Jan-30-12 11:12 AM0
- For only the second time in more than forty years, I am without my Van Dyke. I had to shave in [View All] ohiosmith Mon Jan-30-12 10:49 AM21
- What was for dinner tonight DU? I made a cobb salad. And we had berries for dessert. applegrove Sun Jan-29-12 01:49 AM13
- The History of the Middle Finger monmouth Sat Jan-28-12 01:54 PM6
- martin luther king jr trueblue2007 Fri Jan-27-12 04:20 PM2
- Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Fat Orange Cat Edition [View All] SalmonChanted... Fri Jan-27-12 04:18 PM58
- Kitty fans! Cutest picture ever! hyphenate Fri Jan-27-12 04:16 PM11
- Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Talking Potato Edition [View All] SalmonChanted... Fri Jan-27-12 04:15 PM48
- QUESTION!! Will Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) CAT picts be on DU3???? trueblue2007 Fri Jan-27-12 04:06 PM4
- MONTY PYTHON .... Monty Python members to re-unite for new film trueblue2007 Fri Jan-27-12 03:11 PM1
- What is your cat's current obsession? [View All] cherish44 Fri Jan-27-12 03:41 AM27
- Lots of Dogs. NYC_SKP Fri Jan-27-12 03:41 AM5
- It's the End of The World As We Know It Capn Sunshine Fri Jan-27-12 03:40 AM2
- Bunnies have sharp claws? [View All] geardaddy Fri Jan-27-12 03:38 AM25
- ive in PORTLAND, OR. where is IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE?? hasn't been on TV trueblue2007 Fri Jan-27-12 03:37 AM5
- You Sunday I wish SalmonEnchantedEvening was still on DU2 LOLcats DainBramaged Fri Jan-27-12 03:37 AM6
- Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the GPV family! GreenPartyVot... Fri Jan-27-12 03:32 AM8
- My dog keeps eating my cat's food. (Behavior issue). What to do? PotatoChip Fri Jan-27-12 03:32 AM19
- I want to ride on Willie Nelson's tour bus for a week. Lasher Fri Jan-27-12 03:31 AM6
- Just stopped by to feel like a squatter GoddessOfGuin... Fri Jan-27-12 03:31 AM7
- Is the ball dropping??? Duer 157099 Fri Jan-27-12 03:31 AM6
- news of the new lounge Kali Fri Jan-27-12 03:30 AM3
- A Poll, "Catsup" or "Ketchup", which and why? (Poll) [View All] MarianJack Fri Jan-27-12 03:30 AM37
- What in the hell are you people still doing here??? Curmudgeoness Fri Jan-27-12 03:29 AM11
- The Japanese Tradition: chopsticks AsahinaKimi Fri Jan-27-12 03:28 AM8
- Can we have fried chicken threads now, let the chicken wars begin. texanwitch Fri Jan-27-12 03:28 AM14
- Here, have a pear! Cronus Protag... Fri Jan-27-12 03:27 AM4
- I would start a phrase for the day thread Curmudgeoness Fri Jan-27-12 03:26 AM5
- But NYC_SKP Wed Jan-25-12 11:42 PM0
- This is my worst Christmas ever. [View All] demodonkey Wed Jan-25-12 07:29 PM22
- I've snooper2 Wed Jan-25-12 01:23 PM0
- Got snooper2 Wed Jan-25-12 01:22 PM0
- The snooper2 Wed Jan-25-12 01:22 PM0
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