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- Pastor fights HIV stigma in Southern town rug Tue Nov-29-11 01:49 PM6
- Admissibility Of Evidence Concerning A Person’s Religious Beliefs SecularMotion Tue Nov-29-11 01:37 PM4
- Atheist; What do you think about when you are at a religious service? [View All] edhopper Tue Nov-29-11 01:23 PM46
- The Islamophobia Dodge of the Religious Freedom Pledge rug Tue Nov-29-11 12:59 PM3
- Any believers ever looked at an ant colony? Seen a few thousand ants scurrying? MarkCharles Tue Nov-29-11 10:36 AM14
- Atheists are the most generous—even without heavenly reward! SecularMotion Tue Nov-29-11 12:59 AM18
- A video that inspired hundreds of comments from believers: "God And Evolution Are Not Compatible" [View All] MarkCharles Mon Nov-28-11 10:41 PM41
- Supreme Court may weigh in on religious services in NYC schools rug Mon Nov-28-11 10:23 PM5
- "Muslim medical students boycotting lectures on evolution... because it 'clashes with Koran" [View All] MarkCharles Mon Nov-28-11 08:45 PM34
- Conservatives Grapple With Gay Wedding Rite rug Mon Nov-28-11 06:00 PM0
- Pope calls for responsible, credible climate deal rug Mon Nov-28-11 05:52 PM0
- In God we Trust, why does a secular nation have this on their currency? [View All] MarkCharles Mon Nov-28-11 05:28 PM59
- Church donates cows to PLWAs [View All] rug Mon Nov-28-11 04:19 PM27
- Air Force Academy adapts to pagans, druids, witches and Wiccans rug Mon Nov-28-11 03:28 PM15
- No tree for atheist group at courthouse [View All] rug Mon Nov-28-11 02:10 PM27
- Atheist Billboards Rejected by LIND Media Company in Ohio [View All] WillParkinson Sun Nov-27-11 10:45 PM47
- Religious parties on the rise amid Mideast unrests rug Sun Nov-27-11 10:24 PM0
- Free will and culpability before the law (Poll) bananas Sun Nov-27-11 08:49 PM6
- God wants your team to win Angry Dragon Sun Nov-27-11 08:13 PM2
- The Implosion of CFI Canada rug Sun Nov-27-11 07:52 PM0
- Science, religion and development rug Sun Nov-27-11 06:45 PM0
- After centuries, Bethlehem church to get new roof xchrom Sun Nov-27-11 06:06 PM3
- "Top 10 Logical Fallacies Used By Religion" excerpts [View All] MarkCharles Sun Nov-27-11 06:04 PM59
- JAPANESE FOLK TALES - AWOTO FUJI AsahinaKimi Sun Nov-27-11 04:39 PM5
- The Unbelievers n2doc Sun Nov-27-11 04:22 PM3
- A very thoughtful post that needs to be discussed. Thank you. [View All] Thats my opin... Sun Nov-27-11 02:19 PM28
- Why God(s)? Why Not? Arguments for: MarkCharles Sat Nov-26-11 09:51 PM15
- gregorian chant xchrom Sat Nov-26-11 09:17 PM6
- Ten Awesome Anti-Christmas Songs to Help Cope with the Holidays cleanhippie Sat Nov-26-11 08:08 PM0
- Mohamed Saad Katatni: 'Not a religious party' rug Sat Nov-26-11 07:34 PM0
- Bible ...could somebody link me to New Testament contradictions that an Atheist can use in discussio masmdu Sat Nov-26-11 07:09 PM10
- Pope insists all institutions, not just church, be held to standards against child sex abuse n2doc Sat Nov-26-11 07:03 PM17
- Religion in China: neverending search for meaning rug Sat Nov-26-11 05:30 PM0
- Worshipping money: The new faith sweeping England today LeftishBrit Sat Nov-26-11 05:10 PM3
- Gingrich: "Secularism to blame for U.S. Economy" [View All] MarkCharles Sat Nov-26-11 02:43 PM29
- First Crusade: Causes behind a religious bloodbath rug Sat Nov-26-11 02:39 PM4
- Focusing on the Jewish Story of the New Testament [View All] rug Sat Nov-26-11 02:35 PM26
- How has religion hurt you? [View All] tama Sat Nov-26-11 02:05 PM44
- 'Merry Christmas' Simply Does Not Apply to a Pagan or a Jew [View All] drakonyx Sat Nov-26-11 12:11 PM31
- Did you eat any bread today made with hair taken from dead Chinese people? [View All] rug Sat Nov-26-11 10:34 AM28
- 'Harry Potter and yoga are evil', says Catholic Church exorcist Judi Lynn Sat Nov-26-11 03:21 AM17
- Obama Leaves God out of Thanksgiving Speech, Riles Critics LAGC Sat Nov-26-11 01:17 AM10
- Keeping Chi in Christmas Sal316 Sat Nov-26-11 12:17 AM1
- The Unbelievers rug Fri Nov-25-11 09:53 PM5
- A Thanksgiving Sermon by Robert Ingersoll cleanhippie Fri Nov-25-11 09:20 PM6
- Did Jesus Christ Really Live? "The Gospel Truth: Sometimes A Little Hazy" MarkCharles Fri Nov-25-11 07:35 PM0
- Mother of God’s Belt comes to Russia to help reverse population decline cleanhippie Fri Nov-25-11 06:11 PM8
- Dear Children, one day you will learn everything about Santa Claus... [View All] cleanhippie Fri Nov-25-11 05:33 PM36
- Art, Math, Science, Engineering, Religion are different fields with different ways of knowing things (Poll) [View All] bananas Fri Nov-25-11 04:35 PM98
- I just returned [View All] Thats my opin... Fri Nov-25-11 04:02 PM136
- Biblical Scholarship and the Right to Know [View All] SecularMotion Fri Nov-25-11 03:15 PM20
- IDF steps up war on 'religious' dodgers rug Fri Nov-25-11 02:35 PM16
- The Other Christian Holiday Traditions, article [View All] MarkCharles Fri Nov-25-11 11:18 AM23
- The BIGGEST WEDGE marginlized Fri Nov-25-11 10:58 AM3
- Why are insults so acceptable here? [View All] Rainbowreflec... Fri Nov-25-11 10:21 AM89
- Keep Dreaming: Taking religion seriously rug Fri Nov-25-11 08:40 AM6
- Perfect summary of the science vs. religion debate. [View All] cleanhippie Fri Nov-25-11 03:07 AM41
- Maurice Chase, priest and patron saint of L.A.’s skid row, dies at 92 rug Thu Nov-24-11 11:57 PM1
- Happy Thanksgiving fellow r/t denizens. rug Thu Nov-24-11 11:15 PM9
- Is the black church the answer to liberal prayers? rug Thu Nov-24-11 09:48 PM13
- On a somewhat lighter note... Adsos Letter Thu Nov-24-11 05:11 PM2
- Religious lobbying in Washington has increased fivefold in 40 years study finds cleanhippie Thu Nov-24-11 12:01 PM4
- Religious broadcaster Robertson on mac ‘n’ cheese for Thanksgiving: ‘Is that a black thing?’ rug Thu Nov-24-11 11:55 AM7
- The View from Here Now Viva_Daddy Thu Nov-24-11 11:11 AM2
- Is Atheism more alive in the USA than in other western democracies? MarkCharles Thu Nov-24-11 10:52 AM16
- Great new billboard from American Atheists [View All] No Joe Thu Nov-24-11 10:13 AM153
- Jewish grandmother reunited after 60 years with Lithhuanian playmates who saved her from Holocaust rug Thu Nov-24-11 10:02 AM4
- Top settler rabbi: Soldiers will sooner CHOOSE DEATH than suffer WOMEN'S SINGING [View All] Poll_Blind Thu Nov-24-11 05:02 AM30
- Positively Religious rug Thu Nov-24-11 01:27 AM5
- Is Google God? Electric Monk Thu Nov-24-11 12:57 AM6
- Metaphors and Religion Viva_Daddy Thu Nov-24-11 12:55 AM4
- SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE Viva_Daddy Thu Nov-24-11 12:52 AM4
- Rule of Lord SecularMotion Wed Nov-23-11 11:12 PM10
- Child Rape, Penn State and the Catholic Church: Is Religion Especially Bad? SecularMotion Wed Nov-23-11 11:10 PM13
- Esse Quam Videri rug Wed Nov-23-11 09:09 PM5
- I don't really believe in God and yet I started going to church [View All] titaniumsalut... Wed Nov-23-11 08:31 PM41
- Is there a great unseen truth that will be future science, or is science merely a tool? Boojatta Wed Nov-23-11 06:51 PM1
- Not a single example of knowledge gained from some "other way of knowing" has been produced. [View All] cleanhippie Wed Nov-23-11 06:26 PM114
- Catholic church's paedophile investigator jailed for possessing thousands of child porn images MarkCharles Wed Nov-23-11 05:25 PM11
- Trading boys and girls: China and Fundamentalist, polygamous splinter sect of Mormon Church Boojatta Wed Nov-23-11 04:40 PM4
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