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- Well, today is the day... cleanhippie Fri Nov-11-11 06:41 PM7
- The values debate we're not having rug Fri Nov-11-11 06:35 PM11
- Penn State: Westboro Demonstration and Counter Demonstration rug Fri Nov-11-11 05:19 PM7
- A veteran, professor and priest rug Fri Nov-11-11 03:48 PM2
- Can an Atheist Be a Unitarian Universalist? (Part 1) [View All] rug Fri Nov-11-11 03:07 PM29
- "Patriotism and the 'God gap'" MarkCharles Fri Nov-11-11 01:13 PM7
- Science isn't in conflict with gods, but in conflict with religions... [View All] Humanist_Acti... Fri Nov-11-11 01:07 PM28
- Disarm Now Plowshares: Bill “Bix” Bichsel back to prison bananas Fri Nov-11-11 12:39 PM0
- Hindus Irked At ‘Sexploitation’ Of Yoga rug Fri Nov-11-11 11:45 AM2
- A religion for Atheists who want one [View All] MemeSmith Fri Nov-11-11 11:08 AM28
- Religious and Cultural Paganism rug Fri Nov-11-11 11:05 AM12
- A Catholic Call to Abolish the Death Penalty [View All] rug Fri Nov-11-11 08:39 AM30
- Arab Christians Reshaping U.S. Enclaves rug Fri Nov-11-11 05:42 AM2
- Review: 'Immortals' rug Fri Nov-11-11 05:34 AM4
- Minnesota archdiocese partners with NOM to plan anti-gay marriage committees cleanhippie Fri Nov-11-11 12:47 AM11
- Pope: “Pornography And Prostitution Are Crimes Against Humanity” [View All] Ian David Thu Nov-10-11 11:39 PM20
- AG Launches Religious Rights Initiative rug Thu Nov-10-11 09:57 PM3
- Personhood USA Denounces "Paternalistic Government", Wants Everyone to Convert to Christianity [View All] NMMNG Thu Nov-10-11 07:44 PM33
- Camus the Jew rug Thu Nov-10-11 07:30 PM1
- Gallup: Fewer Democrats attending church [View All] rug Thu Nov-10-11 06:24 PM26
- The Dalai Lama braves radiation threat, Interacts with victims rug Thu Nov-10-11 06:14 PM17
- Fear of Topsoil. (Poll) bananas Thu Nov-10-11 05:26 PM9
- Democrats more bigoted against atheists than the average voter MNBrewer Thu Nov-10-11 04:13 PM19
- Public elementary school asks students “I love Jesus because ___” [View All] cleanhippie Thu Nov-10-11 01:13 PM25
- Happy Birthday to Carl Sagan. Lets all light a candle in the dark for him. cleanhippie Thu Nov-10-11 12:55 PM10
- 'You just don't understand my religion' is not good enough cleanhippie Thu Nov-10-11 11:16 AM12
- Has the religion/theology forum been invaded by atheists? [View All] MarkCharles Thu Nov-10-11 08:56 AM89
- THE TRUE MEANING OF BUDDHISM: INTRODUCTION [View All] MarkCharles Thu Nov-10-11 03:18 AM41
- The pale blue dot - a visual perspective cleanhippie Wed Nov-09-11 11:50 PM9
- Harrisburg mayor asks God to balance the budget. [View All] cleanhippie Wed Nov-09-11 11:12 PM71
- Something Chris Hedges wrote tiny elvis Wed Nov-09-11 09:20 PM9
- Call to Action keynote speaker addresses grace on the margins rug Wed Nov-09-11 09:14 PM0
- Atheists: Still worse than Muslims [View All] jeff47 Wed Nov-09-11 08:19 PM21
- American Values Survey Shows Voters Think Candidates Should Have Strong Faith MarkCharles Wed Nov-09-11 08:03 PM15
- Strange Tale of Hitler's Jewish Psychic rug Wed Nov-09-11 06:14 PM2
- Salvator Mundi: once was lost but now is found rug Wed Nov-09-11 05:47 PM0
- The Illuminated Origin of the Species rug Wed Nov-09-11 05:43 PM1
- Ministering to nonbelievers rug Wed Nov-09-11 09:05 AM6
- The role of religion in the OWS demonstrations Thats my opin... Wed Nov-09-11 08:44 AM5
- Love is stronger than hate rug Tue Nov-08-11 11:40 PM5
- The MANY WAYS TO GAIN OR ACCESS KNOWLEDGE! .... [View All] MarkCharles Tue Nov-08-11 10:33 PM74
- What Passing Prenatal Personhood Doesn’t Mean rug Tue Nov-08-11 09:59 PM19
- Why I am an atheist – Ric Baker cleanhippie Tue Nov-08-11 09:43 PM19
- Vatican partners with company to discuss stem-cell research rug Tue Nov-08-11 09:37 PM8
- Science is the formalization of our methods for acquiring knowledge, nothing more, nothing less... [View All] Humanist_Acti... Tue Nov-08-11 08:54 PM59
- There seems to be as many varieties of Christianity, Judaism, Islam from one.. MarkCharles Tue Nov-08-11 08:27 PM3
- The distorted story of Guy Fawkes, a Catholic supremacist [View All] rug Tue Nov-08-11 08:00 PM23
- Atheists too seek apology from Kentucky politician on Hindu ceremony remarks rug Tue Nov-08-11 08:00 PM17
- Just what is the makeup of this forum re: God/gods (Poll) Speck Tater Tue Nov-08-11 06:48 PM15
- Pascal's Wager... has this been discussed at length here? [View All] MarkCharles Tue Nov-08-11 05:39 PM39
- Why Are Some Muslims Calling to Replace GMT with Mecca Time? rug Tue Nov-08-11 02:31 PM17
- This should clear up any misconceptions..... [View All] cleanhippie Tue Nov-08-11 01:59 PM26
- Avila Resigns Over Anti-Gay Column (wrote column that the devil makes people gay) cleanhippie Tue Nov-08-11 12:32 PM4
- Destroyer of worlds — an Indian iconoclasm rug Tue Nov-08-11 12:28 PM0
- Pressure by ultra-Orthodox Jews takes women off ads for organ donor campaign Poll_Blind Tue Nov-08-11 11:49 AM9
- Atheist Leaders Ousted by Group rug Tue Nov-08-11 10:18 AM7
- Israel’s Old-Time Religion rug Tue Nov-08-11 09:12 AM1
- Florida dispute to proceed under Islamic law rug Tue Nov-08-11 09:03 AM5
- Mormon bishop says church responsible for gays’ emotional wounds rug Tue Nov-08-11 08:19 AM5
- Summum refiles lawsuit against Pleasant Grove rug Mon Nov-07-11 10:29 PM0
- Ark. agency investigating whether legislator's state funds promote religion at his preschool [View All] rug Mon Nov-07-11 08:56 PM34
- Proof there is a Christian Dog. rug Mon Nov-07-11 07:44 PM8
- Catholic bishops' lesson for Penn State: Call the cops! rug Mon Nov-07-11 07:11 PM2
- Christian symbol removed from mountain by government rug Mon Nov-07-11 06:22 PM4
- I have a couple of theological questions. Wonder if these concepts are every pondered in seminary Lint Head Mon Nov-07-11 04:22 PM12
- Internet the Greatest Threat to Christians [View All] cleanhippie Mon Nov-07-11 03:56 PM24
- Mormons: A Shallow Yet Helpful Guide to See If You Should Hate Them or Not xchrom Mon Nov-07-11 03:39 PM11
- Three religious leaders on World's Most Powerful list. rug Mon Nov-07-11 02:31 PM3
- Militant atheists kill 65 trying to impose their beliefs [View All] skepticscott Mon Nov-07-11 11:35 AM41
- The Joy of Secularism rug Mon Nov-07-11 07:23 AM13
- Christian women donate to Muslims rug Sun Nov-06-11 07:11 PM0
- Gospel Disproof #10: Rigged score-keeping [View All] cleanhippie Sun Nov-06-11 06:30 PM35
- Thomas spanks court on religious displays rug Sun Nov-06-11 06:23 PM13
- Vietnam: mob attacks Redemptorist Monastery rug Sun Nov-06-11 06:17 PM6
- Battleground God HarveyDarkey Sun Nov-06-11 05:58 PM10
- Eid being celebrated with religious fervour in city rug Sun Nov-06-11 05:09 PM0
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