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- Join KPFA's workers for a picket against Pacifica’s hire of union-buster Jackson Lewis KPFAWorker Sun Apr-15-12 01:31 AM0
- Pastures of Plenty struggle4prog... Mon Dec-12-11 01:17 PM0
- Rolling Sympathy Strikes Harass Food-Service Giant Omaha Steve Sun Dec-11-11 04:25 PM4
- Special AFL-CIO Event Will Explore 30-Year Impact of PATCO Strike demosincebirt... Sun Dec-11-11 01:18 AM3
- Anti-Union Law Squeezes Wisconsin Teachers Omaha Steve Sat Dec-10-11 04:53 PM4
- Rebel Voices: An IWW Anthology Omaha Steve Sat Dec-10-11 12:42 PM1
- Which Side Are You On? The Story of a Song (children's book for Christmas perhaps?) Omaha Steve Sat Dec-10-11 11:49 AM1
- The NBA's Crisis of Governance (RETALIATION) Omaha Steve Sat Dec-10-11 11:07 AM0
- Alabama forum explores immigration law labor shortage struggle4prog... Fri Dec-09-11 10:30 AM0
- For Unions, Democratic Convention Means Business Omaha Steve Fri Dec-09-11 02:13 AM1
- Verizon Fires 40 CWA, IBEW Members For Misconduct During Strike Omaha Steve Thu Dec-08-11 12:21 PM6
- AFGE MEMBERS TO GOP: ‘EXPLAIN IT TO ME’ Omaha Steve Thu Dec-08-11 10:39 AM1
- Dems: IG probing NLRB allegations Omaha Steve Wed Dec-07-11 04:44 AM1
- Sabotage, As American As Apple Pie Modern School Tue Dec-06-11 10:13 PM3
- Labor history Dec 3 General strike started by females, IWW, teachers striking in violation, more Omaha Steve Sun Dec-04-11 11:25 PM1
- Labor history Dec 2, 4 women murdered El Salvador, Wal-Mart pays $40 million to 87,500 Ma workers, Omaha Steve Sun Dec-04-11 11:01 PM1
- Labor history Nov 30 "Fighting Mary" Eliza McDowell was born, Mother Jones died, 12,000 strike, mor Omaha Steve Sun Dec-04-11 08:32 PM2
- Labor history Nov 29 Store strike at the beginning of the Christmas rush, shut down WTO summit, NLRB Omaha Steve Sun Dec-04-11 08:21 PM1
- Labor history Nov 28, 154 men die in a coal mine, IBEW founded, 400 NYC photoengravers strike, more Omaha Steve Sun Dec-04-11 08:13 PM2
- Labor history Dec 4 FDR announces the end of the WPA, Cesar Chavez jailed for 20 days, more Omaha Steve Sun Dec-04-11 08:01 PM1
- Labor history Dec 1 Ford introduced the assembly line, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat more Omaha Steve Sun Dec-04-11 07:28 PM0
- Unions cry foul over Republican’s NLRB resignation threat Omaha Steve Fri Dec-02-11 03:24 PM5
- Union leaders jailed as 'terrorists' Omaha Steve Fri Dec-02-11 03:19 PM1
- Health Care for a Changing Work Force - Freelancer's Union groovedaddy Fri Dec-02-11 12:20 PM0
- Why Americans Won't Do Dirty Jobs BridgeTheGap Thu Dec-01-11 11:25 AM11
- CEO likens union contract to cancer in American Crystal Sugar lockout Omaha Steve Wed Nov-30-11 08:58 PM3
- Don't buy Cooper Tires safeinOhio Tue Nov-29-11 03:34 PM5
- Labor history Nov 24 Cigarmakers International Union, Local 144, was chartered with Samuel Gompers Omaha Steve Sun Nov-27-11 08:35 PM1
- Labor history Nov 27 1,200 workers sit down at Midland Steel, forcing recognition of the UAW more Omaha Steve Sun Nov-27-11 06:59 PM0
- Labor history Nov 26 , 6 young women burn to death and 19 more die door locked Omaha Steve Sun Nov-27-11 06:52 PM0
- Labor history Nov 25 first organized walkout by teachers in the country, 10,000 solidarity parade mo Omaha Steve Sun Nov-27-11 06:44 PM0
- Labor unrest in China, thousands strike, beaten by cops, etc limpyhobbler Sun Nov-27-11 07:05 AM1
- Redefining the Union Boss (first woman to run for the presidency of the Teamsters) Omaha Steve Sun Nov-27-11 12:11 AM2
- What Are Teachers Worth? Modern School Sat Nov-26-11 09:10 AM4
- Why Indiana GOP wants to attack labor unions, despite Midwest backlash alp227 Sat Nov-26-11 02:01 AM1
- We Want Jobs? Not If We Can’t Feed Ourselves! Modern School Sat Nov-26-11 12:46 AM1
- SEIU President Henry: No Reason On God’s Green Earth Why We Can’t Put 15 Million Americans Back to W Omaha Steve Fri Nov-25-11 03:06 AM4
- Labor history Nov 23 History’s first recorded strike, Troops were dispatched to Cripple Creek, Co, Omaha Steve Wed Nov-23-11 07:53 PM1
- Labor history Nov 22 Judge tells arrested pickets: “You are on strike against God”, 3 whites killed Omaha Steve Wed Nov-23-11 07:38 PM0
- Labor history Nov 21, 6 miners killed, UAW strikes 92 General Motors plants, 85 dead 650 injured, Omaha Steve Wed Nov-23-11 07:28 PM0
- Labor history Nov 19 Joe Hill, labor leader and song writer, executed in Utah with video & more Omaha Steve Wed Nov-23-11 07:26 PM7
- #OWS and the Young Trade Unionists Omaha Steve Wed Nov-23-11 08:07 AM0
- Child care providers will vote in union election Omaha Steve Tue Nov-22-11 07:12 AM0
- Hoffa Welcomes Thousands Of Florida Department Of Corrections Officers Into The Teamsters Union Omaha Steve Mon Nov-21-11 09:43 PM5
- New contract ends 42-day strike at Honeywell’s KC plant proud2BlibKan... Sun Nov-20-11 11:59 PM0
- Labor history Nov 15 Founding convention of the Federation of Trades and Labor Unions Omaha Steve Sun Nov-20-11 08:58 PM2
- Human Need or Capitalist Greed Modern School Sun Nov-20-11 08:26 PM4
- Labor history Nov 20 First use of term “scab,” Norman Thomas born, time clock is invented, more Omaha Steve Sun Nov-20-11 08:15 PM0
- Labor history Nov 18 GM plant in Atlanta engaged in a sitdown strike, refuse to print anti-labor ad, Omaha Steve Sun Nov-20-11 07:59 PM0
- Labor history Nov 17 "to provide cultural, educational and social services to families, more Omaha Steve Sun Nov-20-11 07:55 PM0
- Labor history Nov 16 NFLPA ends a 57-day strike, judge grants an injunction, 6 assassinated, more Omaha Steve Sun Nov-20-11 07:51 PM0
- Eleven arrested on 10th Ave bridge during march to "Bridge the Jobs Gap" (with video) Omaha Steve Sun Nov-20-11 07:40 PM0
- Labor history Nov 14 Women’s Trade Union League founded, Carter-era OSHA publishes standard, much mo Omaha Steve Sun Nov-20-11 07:37 PM0
- Privatization Nightmare: 5 Public Services That Should Never Be Handed Over to Greedy Corporations Omaha Steve Sat Nov-19-11 10:10 AM4
- New brain study to test 100 former NFL players (should be work comp?) Omaha Steve Sat Nov-19-11 09:24 AM0
- How Progressives Won the Labor Rights Showdown in Ohio Omaha Steve Sat Nov-19-11 08:23 AM0
- STATE BUILDING TRADES MEMBERS VOTE OVERWELMINGLY FOR THEIR UNION (required under new Wisconsin law) Omaha Steve Sat Nov-19-11 08:20 AM0
- Sisters fired by Hyatt after objecting to bikini pictures fight back Autodidact Sat Nov-19-11 07:23 AM2
- Today in Labor History Dec 4 FDR announces the end of the WPA 8.5 million jobs, Cesar Chavez & more Omaha Steve Fri Nov-18-11 11:20 PM2
- California Labor Commissioner Issues Additional $616,250 Citation in Riverside County Warehouse Case Omaha Steve Thu Nov-17-11 08:03 PM1
- Attended My First Union Meeting Last Night Kennah Thu Nov-17-11 09:25 AM5
- Davis Profs Endorse UC “General Strike” Modern School Wed Nov-16-11 07:07 PM2
- SEIU Cuts Secret Deal With Sodexo Modern School Tue Nov-15-11 10:28 PM0
- Richard L. Trumka President, AFL-CIO: Tarps and Tents Don't Make a Movement Omaha Steve Tue Nov-15-11 08:59 PM2
- Grocery Unions Jittery Ahead of New Contract Talks with Giant and Safeway Omaha Steve Tue Nov-15-11 08:52 PM1
- "SEIU’s 2.1 million members are standing with CFA...." mike_c Tue Nov-15-11 03:51 PM0
- Is benefits law dragging down the Postal Service? Omaha Steve Tue Nov-15-11 12:55 AM4
- More airport workers organize; Minneapolis bartenders seek union Omaha Steve Sun Nov-13-11 10:54 PM1
- Labor history Nov 12 Ellis Island in New York closes, “Chainsaw Al” Dunlap “ lays off 6,000 workers Omaha Steve Sun Nov-13-11 09:37 PM0
- Labor history Nov 11 Castrated and hanged listed as suicide, 4 Haymarket Martyrs executed, more Omaha Steve Sun Nov-13-11 09:32 PM0
- Labor history Nov 10 first sitdown strike of the 1930s, Edmund Fitzgerald lost in storm, more Omaha Steve Sun Nov-13-11 09:25 PM0
- Labor history Nov 9 The Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) was formed, more Omaha Steve Sun Nov-13-11 09:20 PM0
- Labor history Nov 8 FDR announces plans for the CWA 4 million jobs, Dorothy Day was born, more Omaha Steve Sun Nov-13-11 09:09 PM0
- Labor history Dec 7, 1,300 general strike, Ike & SCOTUS breaks 116 day strike, Boulware dies Omaha Steve Sun Nov-13-11 09:00 PM0
- Labor history Nov 13 GM strike closes 96 plants, 259 miners died, Karen Silkwood was killed, more Omaha Steve Sun Nov-13-11 08:40 PM0
- Unemployment for Young Vets: 30%, and Rising Meeker Morgan Sat Nov-12-11 10:58 PM0
- Labor Quote: Reagan on Taxing the Rich Omaha Steve Fri Nov-11-11 11:25 PM4
- "...they caused the mess..." SHRED Fri Nov-11-11 11:22 PM2
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