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- In case you missed it: Why this is the last DU fund drive ever. Skinner Admin Sun Jan-08-12 10:14 PM4
- President Bernie Fucking Sanders, Baby!!! NYC_SKP Tue Nov-22-16 12:07 PM4
- Vanity Fair warned America a year ago (10/2015) about allowing Trump to being taken seriously Divine Discon... Tue Nov-22-16 10:56 AM1
- Who should Sanders choose for VP? (Poll) No Elephants Sat Feb-06-16 03:24 AM5
- Donated to Sanders rpannier Fri Feb-05-16 04:18 AM2
- We Must Stop Hillary Clinton. She'll tank if we choose her. NYC_SKP Fri Feb-05-16 04:17 AM11
- Faux Spews and republicans hate Merkel, Cameron and Putin rpannier Sun Jul-19-15 09:38 AM1
- Hillary Clinton's Glass-Steagall rpannier Sun Jul-19-15 09:36 AM1
- Global Edition puts Petreaus' resignation in perspective rpannier Thu Nov-15-12 06:06 PM0
- The Global Edition reveals Mitch McConnell's Plan rpannier Thu Nov-15-12 06:04 PM0
- DU3 can't take the heat! Cronus Protag... Wed Nov-07-12 12:32 AM4
- PARTY DAY!!!! Cronus Protag... Tue Nov-06-12 11:25 PM3
- Floridians: NO on all constitutional amendments: YES to retain state Supreme Court Justices seafan Sat Oct-27-12 09:03 AM3
- Five former governors offer stern warning about Florida's future (conspicuously absent, Jeb Bush) seafan Wed Oct-17-12 01:02 PM2
- 'You know what's the difference between Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan? Lipstick.' seafan Sun Oct-14-12 08:46 AM2
- WaterGate - The Sequel "Jesus Gave Me Water" Cronus Protag... Sat Oct-13-12 04:04 AM0
- Greg Palast: Uber-Vultures: The Billionaires Who Would Pick Our President seafan Wed Oct-10-12 03:32 AM2
- Billionaire Koch brothers try to buy Florida's Supreme court seafan Tue Oct-09-12 10:37 AM1
- Obama's now the underdog... can he still steal victory against the powerful debater, Mittens?? Cronus Protag... Mon Oct-08-12 07:08 AM2
- Is there anyone left in Washington, DC who cares about a return to pen and paper ballots? seafan Fri Oct-05-12 03:24 PM4
- Thank Gawd Almighty, President Mitt is going to "sit down" Cronus Protag... Fri Oct-05-12 01:48 PM1
- ACORN still drives the right wing nuts while Nathan Sproul is their darling one eleny Sat Sep-29-12 07:27 AM2
- Ron Paul supporters are pushing a national write-in campaign! Cronus Protag... Fri Sep-28-12 12:22 AM6
- "The Stench" Me. Thu Sep-27-12 11:20 PM7
- Paul Ryan's speech: a round-up of his most audacious untruths rpannier Thu Sep-20-12 02:36 AM2
- The more I see of Romney, the lower opinion I get of Harvard Cronus Protag... Thu Sep-20-12 02:30 AM7
- Sounds like Romney finally had his Lonesome Rhodes moment eleny Tue Sep-18-12 09:42 AM3
- The Treaty of Tripoli - Another thing Romney missed eleny Sat Sep-15-12 02:21 PM3
- What they were thinking.... Cronus Protag... Tue Sep-04-12 09:01 AM2
- Maybe Romney is kind of a Trojan Horse of the Republican Party Cronus Protag... Sat Aug-11-12 07:46 AM1
- TEST NYC_SKP Fri Aug-10-12 04:11 PM14
- Michelle Obama...what can I say! peace13 Thu Jul-26-12 05:41 AM3
- Nitt is Doing Just Fine Cronus Protag... Mon Jul-23-12 11:47 AM0
- When Trumpy says "A lot of people think..." Cronus Protag... Sun Jul-22-12 01:03 AM3
- OMFG!!!! He FLIP-FLOPPED!!! (so what?) Cronus Protag... Thu Jul-12-12 09:06 AM4
- MSNBC's Electoral Vote Projection dtotire Mon Jul-09-12 07:43 AM4
- The SCOTUS pretty much handed the Republicans a viable narrative Cronus Protag... Mon Jul-09-12 07:39 AM1
- Critical thought gone to the dogs? [View All] Lionessa Sun Jul-08-12 10:28 PM30
- GO NEWTY GO GO NEWTY GO DainBramaged Mon Jul-02-12 01:39 PM4
- Howard Dean Was Right ellisonz Thu Jun-28-12 05:30 PM5
- Obama's got a winning setup now with the pro-gay marriage thing - GENIUS Cronus Protag... Mon May-14-12 12:01 AM2
- Ann Romney's Poverty PurgedVoter Thu Apr-12-12 02:46 PM0
- TO GOOD NOT TO PASS ALONG luckyleftyme2 Thu Apr-12-12 10:04 AM0
- President Obama announces his policies are extension of his faith in Christ (Mitt can't be happy) Divine Discon... Tue Apr-10-12 06:22 AM5
- Mitt Romney says he'll probably be the nominee rpannier Mon Apr-02-12 07:22 AM1
- Cory Booker finds his roots tonight on PBS celebritymagn... Sat Mar-31-12 06:29 AM1
- Al Gore Wins Tonight TacticalPeek Fri Mar-23-12 02:56 AM1
- In his heart, Rick Santorum knows that Dutch people are forcibly euthanized rpannier Fri Mar-16-12 03:42 AM3
- In 2008, Americans went to the polls and elected the first President of {visible} color. No Elephants Wed Mar-07-12 09:06 PM3
- Can michigan democrats vote in repuke primary? vote santorum! mgcgulfcoast Mon Feb-27-12 04:08 PM1
- A teacher evaluation from hell by a principal with true ignorance about good teaching madfloridian Fri Feb-24-12 01:44 AM5
- George Clooney should not be judging those of us who care deeply about issues. [View All] madfloridian Fri Feb-24-12 01:34 AM31
- Obama needs more votes in this poll Zadoc Tue Feb-21-12 08:42 AM4
- I for one am hoping it's Santorum and not Romney that gets the nomination rpannier Mon Feb-20-12 06:59 PM6
- Be Prepared To Endure Massive Anti-Obama/Dem Negative Ad "Carpet-Bombing" from Corporate Millions Divine Discon... Thu Feb-16-12 07:49 PM5
- Most Americans say President Obama understands people better Divine Discon... Wed Feb-15-12 08:17 PM6
- It's Migraine Season rpannier Wed Feb-08-12 03:37 PM3
- Sounds like quite a hearing on a Chicago school closing. Proud of these people. madfloridian Mon Feb-06-12 03:25 PM4
- Marco Rubio heckled at Hispanic Leadership event for anti-immigration stances. seafan Mon Feb-06-12 02:52 PM1
- Howard Dean, Joe Scarborough trade fire on air ellisonz Mon Feb-06-12 02:49 PM7
- Retired teacher/blogger thrown out of Arne and Rhee's education summit. madfloridian Mon Feb-06-12 02:47 PM7
- Are The Lights Being Turned Off? Me. Wed Jan-25-12 04:53 PM5
- Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch to buy confidential info from NY public schools. madfloridian Tue Jan-24-12 12:02 PM5
- Exactly why did Jeb Bush meet with China's Vice President in Beijing last week? seafan Tue Jan-24-12 12:01 PM5
- Breaking: Marco Rubio's regional director arrested in Lee County, FL on battery charge seafan Mon Jan-23-12 10:16 PM2
- 2009 TFA rated in top 7 of best places to launch a career. madfloridian Sun Jan-22-12 10:49 PM1
- If You'd Like To Help H20Man With His Anti-Fracking Campaign... Me. Sat Jan-21-12 03:13 AM6
- Obama Says Yes To Women And No To Catholic Bishops Me. Fri Jan-20-12 07:16 PM0
- The Power of the People is On the Move! Pistarkle Fri Jan-20-12 10:04 AM2
- The GOP Voter Fraud Fraud Pistarkle Thu Jan-19-12 08:21 PM0
- The Most Rewarding Way to Celebrate the Martin Luther King Holiday Pistarkle Thu Jan-19-12 08:20 PM0
- Romney’s Mix of Apples and Oranges Pistarkle Thu Jan-19-12 08:17 PM0
- Show Ben Nelson love thread: I'll miss Ben Nelson like I miss ... hadrons Thu Jan-19-12 01:33 PM4
- ''The Obamas': Book Reveals Friction Between Rahm Emanuel, Michelle Obama" Me. Thu Jan-19-12 01:31 PM6
- Obama criticizes Venezuela’s rights record, ties to Iran and Cuba in remarks to newspaper bahrbearian Thu Jan-19-12 01:30 PM7
- Oh What A Lovely War Me. Thu Jan-19-12 10:44 AM0
- 1 NILLION Signatures....For The Recall Me. Wed Jan-18-12 12:22 AM6
- Our Very Own H20Man Is On A Hunger Strike: Story Here Me. Tue Jan-17-12 07:51 PM2
- Super Rich Smarmy uber 1-percenter, Willard Mitt Romney, calls $362,000 income, "not that much" Divine Discon... Tue Jan-17-12 05:54 PM5
- My Guess On The Number Of Recall Signatures Me. Tue Jan-17-12 12:17 PM1
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Home » Discuss » General Discussion: Presidency Donate to DU

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