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- Defeated, Health Insurers Cut Lobby Costs, Thank You Obamacare! [View All] SpartanDem Thu Dec-08-11 04:43 AM52
- Tell Congress: Renew Federal Unemployment Insurance for 2012 Now! Dulcinea Thu Dec-08-11 03:43 AM4
- Major GOPers silent these past weeks or so...most likely due to 99%ers = 3rd Estate opihimoimoi Thu Dec-08-11 03:22 AM15
- Ohmysweetjesu, Sally Bradshaw is an idiot! CTyankee Wed Dec-07-11 11:49 PM11
- Imagine this post on the DU3 "Face it, Obama has really dropped the ball on most issues!!".... [View All] Logical Wed Dec-07-11 11:10 PM22
- No, the Payroll Tax Cut Doesn't Hurt the Trust Fund [View All] jefferson_dem Wed Dec-07-11 10:34 PM32
- MSNBC: Lawrence O'Donnell -- Showed a video of Trump LiberalFighte... Wed Dec-07-11 10:28 PM1
- Conviction in GOP voter-suppression scheme ProSense Wed Dec-07-11 09:06 PM5
- Obama Meets Occupy Wall Street [View All] jefferson_dem Wed Dec-07-11 07:57 PM33
- Apples and Oranges babylonsister Wed Dec-07-11 07:56 PM1
- Sorry to go there, but Fox is trying to heat up the notion that Obama isn't rightfully President hedgehog Wed Dec-07-11 07:48 PM11
- IA: Newt 33, Mitt 20. -- NH: Mitt 35, Newt 26. -- SC: Newt 43, Mitt 20. -- FL: Newt 48, Mitt 25. jefferson_dem Wed Dec-07-11 07:40 PM7
- OWS - incubate this idea with me 90-percent Wed Dec-07-11 07:20 PM3
- Obama may delay vacation if tax issue is not resolved Enrique Wed Dec-07-11 07:05 PM2
- Conservative pundit rips Romney, predicts GOP loss Liberal_in_LA Wed Dec-07-11 06:49 PM12
- Obama on ‘Trickle Down’ Economics: ‘It Doesn’t Work, It Has Never Worked’ [View All] ProSense Wed Dec-07-11 06:34 PM52
- Gingrich Promise to appoint Bolton to SoS Breaks the Law jefferson_dem Wed Dec-07-11 06:02 PM9
- Bachmann to Oppose Renewal of Payroll-Tax Cut. liberal N pro... Wed Dec-07-11 05:55 PM8
- Did Cuomo raise taxes on the rich? ProSense Wed Dec-07-11 04:49 PM7
- FYI: In DU3 I suggest we make the Barack Obama Group into the new GDP ellisonz Wed Dec-07-11 04:47 PM12
- Washington Post’s Fact-Checker Unfairly Slams Obama’s Accurate Claims About The Bush Tax Cuts ProSense Wed Dec-07-11 04:32 PM2
- Paul Krugman: "Newt Gingrich is a stupid person's idea of what a smart person sounds like." [View All] TheWraith Wed Dec-07-11 04:19 PM48
- Americans for Prosperity president proud of anti-green influence ProgressiveAT... Wed Dec-07-11 04:17 PM1
- TPM: Time Magazine Names Occupy Wall Street Story of 2011 flpoljunkie Wed Dec-07-11 04:14 PM0
- Obama administration targeting food stamp fraud as program reaches record highs alp227 Wed Dec-07-11 04:06 PM8
- 2010 elections gave the Baggers GOPers a Thrill...thought it was mandate opihimoimoi Wed Dec-07-11 03:40 PM16
- Obama's "Apology Tour" Bolo Boffin Wed Dec-07-11 03:31 PM2
- The Middle Class Grow the Economy, Not the Rich ProSense Wed Dec-07-11 03:30 PM5
- The Ricks, Perry and Santorum, bash Obama's global gay rights policy. Log Cabin Republicans are sad ProSense Wed Dec-07-11 03:16 PM2
- Mother Jones: Next Year's Big Bout: Real Obama vs. Fantasy Obama dennis4868 Wed Dec-07-11 03:13 PM6
- Presidential Race Hurting Republicans babylonsister Wed Dec-07-11 01:37 PM13
- Tone deaf Gingrich brags about helping the rich get richer. sufrommich Wed Dec-07-11 01:35 PM3
- " outrageous abuse that further undermines the integrity of the Senate." babylonsister Wed Dec-07-11 12:38 PM9
- So are the RWers working on discrediting Teddy Roosevelt now? Enrique Wed Dec-07-11 12:31 PM5
- If Newt's your dude, you're screwed! Uben Wed Dec-07-11 12:06 PM5
- Santorum: Arab Spring Should Have Started In Iran (Which Isn't An Arab Country) yellowcanine Wed Dec-07-11 11:54 AM4
- Pelosi To Newt: I Don't Need Secret Documents To Embarrass You [View All] ProSense Wed Dec-07-11 11:49 AM53
- A focus group of Republican primary voters chose killing Obamacare over killing OBL Pirate Smile Wed Dec-07-11 11:17 AM1
- NYT: Obama in Osawatomie babylonsister Wed Dec-07-11 11:11 AM8
- Republicans has a sad because Obama not wooing them properly ProSense Wed Dec-07-11 10:42 AM7
- MaddowBlog: Inflatable Newt? Ron Paul reaches for a pin babylonsister Wed Dec-07-11 10:16 AM0
- DU3 looks so great, but I still loyal to old DU nmbluesky Wed Dec-07-11 09:28 AM7
- Jon Stewart Cannot Contain His Glee About Donald Trump Moderating A Debate - VIDEO Tx4obama Wed Dec-07-11 07:53 AM5
- bishops versus women--which side is obama on? [View All] niyad Wed Dec-07-11 07:34 AM34
- Watch: President Obama Stops For Kansas BBQ proud2BlibKan... Wed Dec-07-11 07:30 AM11
- Obama About To Make A Big "Class Warfare" Speech, And Echo A Republican President At The Same Time [View All] jefferson_dem Wed Dec-07-11 01:07 AM35
- To President Obama > DU PLEASE Sign & Share this!! patrice Wed Dec-07-11 12:59 AM5
- Is Single Payer just around the corner? [View All] Pisces Wed Dec-07-11 12:47 AM36
- "The cynic puts all human actions into two classes — openly bad and secretly bad" Pirate Smile Wed Dec-07-11 12:12 AM0
- When headlines attack: 'Could Newt Gingrich be the next FDR?' ProSense Wed Dec-07-11 12:08 AM5
- Obama Gains Major Union Endorsement And, Potentially, $100 Million War Chest monmouth Tue Dec-06-11 11:53 PM6
- Ron Paul, Zionist oberliner Tue Dec-06-11 11:50 PM3
- Ron Paul hits Newt Gingrich hard in new Iowa ad flpoljunkie Tue Dec-06-11 11:36 PM5
- President Obama channels Elizabeth Warren in Kansas speech babylonsister Tue Dec-06-11 11:08 PM16
- IA POLL: Newt 33, Romney 18, Paul 18. -- SC POLL: Newt 38, Romney 22. [View All] jefferson_dem Tue Dec-06-11 10:06 PM23
- Obama orders U.S. diplomats to increase efforts to fight LGBT discrimination abroad jefferson_dem Tue Dec-06-11 10:03 PM11
- Kansas City Star editorial: Obama’s speech hit all the right points ProSense Tue Dec-06-11 09:59 PM5
- The GOPer 1% has just found out the 99%ers = the 3rd Estate and they are hungry for BREAD opihimoimoi Tue Dec-06-11 09:44 PM2
- Jon Stewart Says Goodbye To Herman Cain With His Own Pokemon Quote - VIDEO Tx4obama Tue Dec-06-11 09:38 PM2
- Joe Conason: Trump? The Republican Primary Is Now Officially A Gong Show babylonsister Tue Dec-06-11 09:35 PM11
- Norquist Tells GOP That Raising Taxes On The Middle Class Doesn’t Count As A Tax Increase [View All] ProSense Tue Dec-06-11 07:27 PM37
- AFSCME votes to endorse Obama for reelection jefferson_dem Tue Dec-06-11 07:18 PM3
- "Obama Is About To Give A Huge Class Warfare Speech" [View All] Pirate Smile Tue Dec-06-11 07:02 PM104
- TPM Livewire: Huntsman Flip Flops On Climate Change flpoljunkie Tue Dec-06-11 06:58 PM5
- November Jobs Bikini Graph [View All] Tx4obama Tue Dec-06-11 06:40 PM33
- Photos of our gorgeous First Lady and President Obama at the WH Kennedy Center Honors reception [View All] Tx4obama Tue Dec-06-11 06:26 PM42
- It’s not easy being a hedge fund billionaire these days ProSense Tue Dec-06-11 05:59 PM4
- Anyone watching Morning Joe? Joe in extremely strong terms called Newt a very bad man karynnj Tue Dec-06-11 05:51 PM17
- Hey, Mr Frothy Mix - this is an orgy of an abomination TheBigotBashe... Tue Dec-06-11 05:20 PM1
- Kerry defends Obama on Israel and says Republicans make stuff up. karynnj Tue Dec-06-11 05:02 PM5
- Criticism of Obama Hawaii Vacation has been unfair, inaccurate and exaggerated CreekDog Tue Dec-06-11 04:42 PM13
- Remarks of President Barack Obama on the Economy, Osawatomie, Kansas. jefferson_dem Tue Dec-06-11 04:23 PM7
- The Libertarian Intelligentsia Is Freaking Out Over Newt ProSense Tue Dec-06-11 04:15 PM7
- GALLUP DAILY TRACKING: Gingrich 37%, Romney 22% jefferson_dem Tue Dec-06-11 04:07 PM3
- Strategists Warn Republicans on Attacking Obama babylonsister Tue Dec-06-11 04:06 PM3
- Major Romney endorsement: Ex-VP Dan Quayle will endorse him WI_DEM Tue Dec-06-11 04:05 PM8
- TOON: Inevitable ellisonz Tue Dec-06-11 03:42 PM6
- Berwick’s brilliant tenure cut short ProSense Tue Dec-06-11 03:38 PM6
- Romney staff spent nearly $100,000 to hide records jefferson_dem Tue Dec-06-11 03:20 PM4
- President Obama now speaking LIVE from Osawatomie, Kansas flpoljunkie Tue Dec-06-11 02:54 PM12
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Home » Discuss » General Discussion: Presidency Donate to DU

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