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Where will America be at the end of this year?

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kentuck Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jan-01-07 05:31 PM
Original message
Where will America be at the end of this year?
Will we be out of Iraq? Will we be in Iran? Will our economy hit the skids? Will Dick Cheney resign because of the facts from the investigations? Who would Bush pick to replace him? Will Bush himself have to resign or face impeachment? Or will they all kiss and make-up and work together to clean up the mess of Junior? Or will it turn into partisan civil war? What do you see by the end of this year?
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ayeshahaqqiqa Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jan-01-07 05:37 PM
Response to Original message
1. What I visualize happening
is that our military is out of Iraq, perhaps in the readiness mode suggested by Murtha, but definately out of Iraq and definately not fighting. Cheney is out of office, and Bush is hanging on by a thread, if that; Congress has realized that it is a co-equal branch of government and is working to clean up the mess. Our economy is weak, and we see ourselves overtaken economically as the world changes from the dollar to the euro standard; one thing good about it is our labor is now seen as economical, so outsourcing stops.
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Ezlivin Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jan-01-07 05:39 PM
Response to Original message
2. I'll be talking to former DUers through the barbed wire of our compound
Edited on Mon Jan-01-07 05:39 PM by Ezlivin
The Democrats will start off strong and will issue a flurry of subpoenas. Unfortunately we'll be the victim of another terrorist (false flag) attack blamed on the Iranians. Bush will launch an offensive against Iran and will be "forced" to declare martial law because of the widespread protests this sets off. All of the detention centers built by Halliburton will then come into play. The Democratic Underground and other progressive sites will be labeled as treasonous and forcibly shut-down. Oil will go over $100/bbl but it won't matter because most of us will be cooling our heels in the detention centers until we can prove our membership on DU is not a threat to national security.

It'll be that or maybe something else. :)
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Benhurst Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jan-01-07 05:43 PM
Response to Original message
3. Just another year older and deeper in debt. NT
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blues90 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jan-01-07 06:30 PM
Response to Original message
4. Not sure anymore
I sort of expect the worst . Bush is still in power and this Iran attack looks like it is on the horizon .

The dollar is in the shitter and they have lied constantly about the employment job growth , they never say what sort of jobs these are or how many jobs were lost .

I don't have much if any faith in the dems running things properly , there are far too may problems to solve and all are very important .

If we can't maintain enough imcome to stay afloat the what good do the other issues serve .

All they need is another terror attack on our soil to screw all the best intentions up and put the fear back into the people .
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Independent_Liberal Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jan-01-07 07:04 PM
Response to Original message
5. I predict...
1. Many reporters will become witnesses at the Libby trial. Libby will be convicted and he'll implicate Cheney. A bunch of info will come to light about Plame, Halliburton, Iraq corruption, Iraq contractors, bid-rigging, AIPAC lobbying, Israeli spy espionage, Leandro Aragoncillo and Philippine spy espionage, Nigerian bribes, Judith Miller and the White House Iraq Group, the Energy Task Force and secret energy meetings, DynCorp, Aspen's Turning and Mexico influence peddling. Cheney will be indicted by Fitzgerald on multiple counts of treason, espionage, conspiracy, fraud, bribery, extortion, grand larceny and tax evasion. It will get so bad he'll be facing impeachment threats and calls for his resignation and his head on a silver platter. Cheney resigns. He claims he's leaving for "health reasons."

2. Congress forces Bush to appoint McCain as Vice President. Both houses of Congress vote overwhelmingly to confirm Vice President McCain.

3. A shitload of current and former Republican lawmakers, Congressional aides, White House officials and other insiders and operatives will be indicted in the Abramoff and "Duke" Cunningham/Wilkes/MZM/Hookergate scandals. Amongst those indicted will be Hastert, Blunt, Cantor, Sweeney, Pombo, Goode, Harris, Hunter, Bilbray, Burns, Cornyn, Norquist, Rove, Mehlman, Wilkes, Gail Norton, etc. Frist will be charged by the SEC for his insider trading. Some more Plamegate and AIPAC/Franklingate indictments will be handed down including Hadley, Gonzales, Feith, Perle, etc.

4. Conyers and Leahy will set up Special Select Committees in the House and Senate to investigate everything. Hearings will be held by Conyers, Leahy, Waxman, Kucinich, Dingell, Reyes, Rockefeller, Levin, etc. in all the House and Senate Committees and Subcommittees on Judiciary, Intelligence, Government Reform, Energy, Armed Services, etc. and they'll be broadcast on television 24/7. Alcee Hastings will chair the House Select Committee and Ted Kennedy will chair the Senate Select Committee. An Independent Counsel will be appointed for the Office of Independent Counsel, an independent bipartisan NSA commission will be set up, and a citizens' appointed special grand jury to investigate torture allegations will be set up.

5. Eliot Spitzer will get his Attorney General to open an independent grand jury investigation into 9/11 in New York. An Independent Prosecutor will be appointed to investigate the WTC EPA case, insurance fraud and other unsolved crimes relating to the events. 911 emergency dispatch tapes will be amongst the items subpoenaed.

6. Sibel Edmonds will get Judge Walton to hear her case against the Justice Department on FBI cover-ups. Many things covered in the case include Hastert bribery allegations, Turkish "Deep State" mafia, AIPAC, Feith, Perle, International Advisors Inc., the American Turkish Counsel, Brewster Jennings, etc.

7. The many House investigations will look into: Downing Street Memos, Plame, White House Iraq Group, Iran-Syria Operations Group, Nigerian bribes, AIPAC/Larry Franklin/Steven Rosen/Keith Weissman/Michael Ledeen/Manucher Ghorbanifar, Niger/Yellowcake forgeries, depleted uranium, use of illegal weapons and the targeting of civilians, journalists and hospitals, Patriot Act and IRS abuses, unlawful searches and seizures, indefinite detainment without charge, presidential signing statements, Dubai Ports deals, mining disasters, Edmonds FBI whistleblower case, Aragoncillo, leaks of classified information and security breaches, NSA and wiretapping without FISA court approval, Gannon, Abramoff, Greenberg Traurig, Marsh & Kroll Management, Cunningham/Wilkes/MZM/Hookergate, Alfonso Jackson and HUD contracts, financial improprieties involving former FDA Commissioner Lester Crawford, Enron, Halliburton-Kellogg Brown & Root, The Carlyle Group, Harken Energy, Bechtel, WorldCom, election fraud, Coingate, torture of prisoners, FEMAs Katrina response, Pat Tillmans death, missing billions from Iraq, missing billions from the Pentagon, missing billions from Homeland Security, missing billion from Katrina recovery, Pentagon psyops units, secret government propaganda operations, the firing of Abramoff Prosecutor Frederick A. Black, Halliburton, war profiteering, the Energy Task Force, violations of Federal whistleblower rights by the US Office of Special Counsel, Chalabigate, ATC, AIPAC, the Office of Special Plans, Iran, Iraq, WMDs, intelligence manipulation, the Pentagons tracking of Mohamed Atta in the months before 9/11, the massive FBI cover-up in Florida exposed by an Army Intel unit, Turkish spies infiltrating the government, FBI incompetence, penetration of the State Department and Pentagon, illegal payments from foreign lobbying firms to members of Congress, cover-ups of pre-9/11 intelligence, 9/11 Commission cover-ups, 9/11 Commission members with ties to oil companies and lobbyists, Larry Silverstein, Paul Bremer, key witnesses left out of the official 9/11 Report, the identification of Atta by Able Danger, Christine Todd Whitman and the EPA, 9/11 related corruption in government offices, cover-ups involving Congress people, Federal Judges and DOJ personnel, drug trafficking and money laundering, illegal weapon sales, pre-9/11 insider trading, manipulation of pre-9/11 FBI intercepts, corruption surrounding Supreme Court Justices, Pentagon tapes (including ones requested by Judicial Watch), NORAD tapes, FBI wiretap translations, the DeLay-Abramoff-SunCruz-Boulis-Mob-Atta connections, destruction of 9/11 FAA tapes, Melek Can Dickerson and the American Turkish Council, Pakistan-ISI connections, Hastert-Abramoff-Livingston Group-Brewster Jennings-MIC Inc.-ATC-ATAA-AIPAC-Feith-Perle-IAI connections, K Street lobbyists connections to foreign entities, Titan Corporations involvement in the Cunningham, Wilkes and Abu Ghraib scandals and how they corrupted the defense and intelligence agencies, penetration of the FBI, AIG, Bank of America, Citigroup, John ONeills murder, Enron Afghani pipeline deals, the death of Enron executive Cliff Baxter, Arthur Andersons destruction of Enron documents, FERC records on Enron, Halliburton, Bechtel, etc. pre and post-9/11, Hastert-Foley-Gonzales relationships, Gonzaless ties to Enron, the blocking of FBI investigations into Foley by Ashcroft and Gonzales, the Russian mob link to 9/11, Abramoff and Able Danger, Mohammad Attas American girlfriend, Atta being snuck into the White House by Abramoff and Norquist, Abramoff siphoning money from the Saudis to the GOP via Atta, the FTC and price gouging and the House of Death Mexico/drug/murder cover-up. After its revealed that the 9/11 Commission was a fraud and that the 9/11 Commission Report was filled with distortions, this causes a public outrage and a demand for all Commissioners and Counsels to the Commission to testify under oath before all the House Committees and Subcommittees on Government Reform, Judiciary, Intelligence, National Security and Oversight and Investigations and forces a complete overhaul of the Commission and the installment of a new independent investigation as was wanted by the Jersey girls. People subpoenaed will include Susan Ralston, Bernadette Noe, Ken Mehlman, Robert Mueller, Andy Card, Dan Bartlett, David Addington, Colin Powell, Gen. Jeffrey Miller, Gen. Tommy Franks, etc.

8. A new investigation into Sen. Paul Wellstones 2002 plane crash death is opened up. Several FAA workers and air traffic controllers are subpoenaed. The CIA turns over findings from its investigation in 2003. Links to Abramoff and Northern Marianas child prostitution and sex trafficking are uncovered in the Foley investigation. Other things that become hot issues in the investigations: Boeing deals with the Air Force, Riggs Bank, illegal moving of $700,000,000 out of Afghanistan fund to seed Iraq war, secret renditions to foreign torturers, stolen memos from Democratic Congress people in 2002, illegal use of Homeland Security to get Texas Democrats for redistricting, stuffing strategic petroleum reserve at highest prices, August 6, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefings, Ashcrofts de-emphasizing of counter terrorism before 9/11, blank seven minutes on 9/11, massive accounting irregularities under Bremer ($8.8 million), lowered environmental standards (arsenic, mercury), the silencing of scientists on global warming and environmental protection, etc. People subpoenaed in the new 9/11 investigations include: Sibel Edmonds, FBI agents who wanted to testify about their anti-terrorist investigations before 9/11, the CIA person who delivered the 8-6 PDB to W and was told "OK, you've covered your ass," Indira Singh, Cheney's young man who asked "do the orders still stand?", the pilot and crew of the C-130H that was on both the Pentagon and Shanksville crash scenes, the FAA flight controllers whose audio tape was destroyed, CIA agent Larry Mitchell, Dr. Terry Callaway, experts from Raytheon on remote controlled aircraft, the Pentagon employee who told John Judge there were missiles at the Pentagon, Secret Service agents who decided to let Bush stay in the classroom in Florida, Gen. Mahmoud Ahmad, the FDNY chiefs who reported structural damage to WTC7, the FDNY personnel in the video who said "Move out, there's a bomb in the building," the FDNY official who reported explosions to the news media in live TV reports, the engineer who ordered the WTC steel destroyed, the owners of the mob-connected scrap yards that recycled some "stolen" steel, the ASCE investigators who rejected the FDNY claims of WTC7 structural damage, William Rodriguez, Indira Singh's colleague from the FBI who testified to the 9/11 Commission, Condi Rice, George Tenet, Porter Goss, Sen. Bob Graham, Jamie Gorelick, members of the 9/11 Commission staff who were suspicious of Cheney's account of 9/11, Philip Zelikow, personnel who collected body parts and DNA samples from the Pentagon, witnesses to the helicopter flying around the Pentagon just before the attack, family members of aircraft passengers which family members have never applied for compensation from the victims compensation fund, Rudy Giuliani, security personnel at the WTC (about the powerdown), Scott Forbes, security Personnel at WTC7, the alarm company at WTC7 (turned the fire alarms to TEST mode early the morning of 9/11), NIST personnel working on the WTC7 report, Dr. Steven Jones, the authors of the FEMA Appendix C metallurgical analysis of the evaporated steel, Gen. Richard Myers, Gen. Ralph Eberhardt, Sen. Mark Dayton, the Able Danger guys, Coleen Rowley, Kenneth Williams, David Schippers, Frasca and Maltbie, Robert Wright, Richard Clarke, Norman Mineta, tugboat/barge personnel who transferred the steel to Fresh Kills, Fresh Kills personnel who saw the steel, Ground Zero clean up personnel, WTC7 cleanup personnel, Thomas Eagar, Civil Engineers who reported on the Pentagon, Ali Mohamed, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, Peter Lance, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Abdul Hakim Murad, Ramzi Yousef, Daniel Pearl's wife, Bill Burkett, Marian Knox, Ahmed Chalabi, oil company CEOs (this time they are put under oath), Mark Foley, Abramoff, etc.

9. The Senate investigations will include: Iraq intelligence, Phase II, Plame, NSA, 9/11 oddities, Pat Roberts/Richard Shelby intelligence leak cover-ups, Laura Ingrahams involvement in campaign phone jamming, Energy Commission cover-ups, allegations of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, secret CIA torture prisons and other corruption, waste, fraud and abuse. Sibel Edmonds, Richard Grove, Indira Sangh, Russell Tice, Richard Clarke, Coleen Rowley, James Comey, Bunny Greenhouse, Karen Kwiatowski and Lawrence Wilkerson will all step forward as witnesses. Larry Johnson, Ray McGovern and Joseph Wilson make appearances before the hearings and Wilson provides information to the Office of the Independent Counsel. The Office of Abramoff Special Prosecution Force brings evidence before the Senate. A few other things that get looked into by the Senate include: 1. The cover-up of the cost of the Medicare Bill that the administration asked certain individuals to hide before Congress. 2. John Negroponte's involvement with the School of the Americas and the death squads in South America. This also ropes in Henry Kissinger as well. Michael Hayden, Gonzales, etc. get implicated in this investigation too, when it expands into Abu Ghraib abuses, along with more damning info on what went on in NSA. Porter Goss, Denny Hastert and others testify against these folks, since that power play that Gonzales, Negroponte, etc. engineered to claim the right to searching Congressional offices got folks like Hastert upset. As a result, the School of the Americas will be shut down. 3. Involvement of ChoicePoint in various efforts in orchestrating election fraud in Florida, Ohio, and other places here and their involvement in election fraud in Mexico that helps Obrador force a new election and dismiss the current corrupted results. 4. Securities fraud committed by Diebold and other electronic voting machine companies. Several whistleblowers testify against the CEOs of the companies. SEC investigators come forward with their findings. Diebolds ties to Abramoff, Ney, Indian tribes, laundered casino money, the Scotland golf junket, Distafano, Roy Coffee and Greenberg Traurig come under scrutiny in this investigation.

10. Subpoenaed conversations, tapes, emails and other materials are delivered to Conyers House Judiciary Committee. Some Republicans on the Committee begin asking important questions as to who knew what and when did they know it. Several reporters are grilled before the Committee on the Plame leak (this includes Matt Cooper and others from the New York Times). Chris Matthews is forced to testify before the Select Committee about his role in the Abramoff affair. The most damming evidence of all is Edmonds whistleblower allegations of malfeasance in the Pentagon and State Department relating to Turkey, Israel, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, nukes, arms dealers, drug runners, lobbying firms, ATC, AIPAC, MIC, Lockheed Martin, Livingston Group, espionage, Turkish spies, etc. and the Florida/San Diego cover-ups of Cunningham, Wilkes, Wade, Goss, MZM, Hookergate, Mossad and the CIA, DC 9 and the 5.5 tons of cocaine, Abramoff, Kidan, SunCruz, the mob hit of Boulis, ties to the Russian government, etc. Some major smoking guns start to emerge. Hearings are held on Patrick J. Fitzgeralds investigations of pre-9/11 terrorism cases including the tracking of top al Qaeda leaders and the Ramzi Yousef/Bojinka Two case and this brings up actions of the White House Communications Agency (WHCA) before and after 9/11, actions by the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC), the Continuity of Government (COG) program, espionage in the Abramoff and Cunningham scandals linked to the Total Information Awareness (TIA) program, COINTELPRO, government wiretapping, Norman Minetas testimony before the 9/11 Commission on Cheneys stand down order, secret energy documents, Boeing, the Saudi-Binladen Group (SBG), Dubai-bin Laden connections, Carlyle-Dubai deals, Enron collapse, ISI, mob links, defense contractors, Ali Mohamed, money from foreign entities funneled to US officials including Congress people, State Department personnel and Pentagon personnel, weapons sales on the nuclear black market, anthrax letters sent to members of Congress, forgeries at the FBI, the penetration of the FBI New York Field Office by an Iranian rouge agent, cases reported by John M. Cole, FISA and Counter Terrorism Intelligence, etc. Fitzgerald gives testimony before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees and Edmonds meets with him in the Office of Special Counsel.

11. As a part of Edmonds and other whistleblowers coming forward on the AIPAC, Plame, and other investigations, this forces a reopening of the investigation of David Kellys death (British documents show that it was murder), Judith Miller's complete knowledge of that event, and a complete investigation into whether Brewster Jennings was close to exposing a plot to plant WMD's in northern Iraq that might have happened had Brewster Jennings not been shut down by the Plamegate affair. The House and Senate do joint inquiries into: 1. What pressure BushCo had on trying to accelerate the public airing of the latest terrorist plot before British Intelligence wanted to expose it, thereby losing the opportunity to arrest and contain more folks that were involved in that conspiracy. Related to this, it is looked into who in the Bush administration, and for what reasons, might have leaked A.Q. Khan's name out prematurely, which might have lead to some escaping to further carry out the London subway bombing raids later. 2. What sort of data mining that Bushco wanted to do through Google, Yahoo, AT&T, etc. over and above the NSA wiretaps. It is looked into whether Google or other search engines were asked to have their search hits manipulated at certain times to censor information on sensitive events, etc. too. (I personally suspect that Google was asked to censor certain hits like those having to do with Sibel Edmonds at the time that Larry Franklin was arrested when the AIPAC spy scandal became exposed publicly.)

12. United States v. Bush One of the whistleblower cases goes to the Supreme Court. One of the conservative justices breaks ranks and sides with the liberals on the matter. It is ruled that Bush must turn over documents on FBI cover-ups from the DOJ Inspector Generals office based on allegations by Edmonds and others. Bush refuses to comply. The Senate holds a censure vote.

13. Congress motions to impeach Bush. The House approves a measure for the House Judiciary Committee to conduct an impeachment inquiry. Impeachment materials and evidence are brought before the Committee. Impeachment proceedings and hearings begin. The House Judiciary Committee begins voting on articles of impeachment. 14 articles are voted out of the Committee including 1. Lying to Congress 2. Abuse of Power 3. Obstruction of Justice, Perjury and Contempt of Congress 4. Disclosing Classified Information 5. Criminal Negligence 6. Bribery, Fraud, Theft and Embezzlement 7. War Crimes 8. Endangering the Security of the Nation 9. Conspiracy 10. Defrauding the Government 11. Negligent Homicide and Reckless Endangerment 12. Biological Weapons 13. Military Action Without Approval from Congress 14. Conspiracy to Commit Fraud Against the People.

14. A small delegation of Republican Senators including Dick Lugar, Chuck Hagel, Susan Collins, Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe, John Warner, Lindsey Graham, Trent Lott and Chuck Grassley go up to the White House and urge Bush to resign. They make it clear to him that hes lost all support from the public and his base and that impeachment, conviction and removal from office is inevitable.

15. Bush resigns to avoid impeachment and get a pardon. He fakes an illness.

16. McCain is sworn in as President. He appoints George Pataki as his Vice President. Both houses of Congress vote to confirm Pataki. And of course, McCain and Pataki are the caretakers until January 2009.
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