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luckyleftyme2 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Apr-12-12 10:04 AM
Original message

As you know to browse the web is one way of seeing how others see the world of politics.I copied this from another forum as I felt the poster had a lot in common with those of us who lived under Reagan and the Bush eras. Many of us know that the right makes fun of "Al Gore" as the credit card inventor! But in all fairness Reagan inherited the richest nation known to man and in eight years turned it into the biggest debtor nation! You won't hear the re thugs claim this distinction "BUT IT IS TRUE"
So guess by republican standards Obama screwed up by not saying Osama bin Laden wasn't important and then making a video about not finding him under the Oval Office furniture. Obama obviously really went wrong in reconstituting the watch group on bin Laden that George W. Bush disbanded twice, once before 9/11 and again after invading Afghanistan. Also maybe Obama should work more at alienating our allies and encouraging our enemies with lots of saber rattling and political misteps.

In reference to Iran developing nuclear weapons I guess Obama should do what a republic president would do and say "Bring it on". Maybe he could invade Zambia or some other such country in order to deal with Iran. He could claim Al Qaeda connections, yellow cake, it's a cake walk, greeted as heroes, WMD, 9/11, it will pay for itself, etc. And of course he should cut taxes during a war rather than pay for it. Oh wait maybe there's not enough oil or a big enough personal grudge to justify it in the president's mind. And naturally if it goes badly keep changing the reasons for being there and blame it on "faulty" intelligence. But hey if we at even just threaten to attack Iran at least gas and oil prices will go even further through the roof and isn't that what the Koch Brothers care about the most? If Bush got oil prices to go from $25 to $145 a barrel and gas from $1.40 to over $4.00 a gallon before the Great Recession hit, perhaps Obama, in order for republicans to say he's doing a good job, will have to give us at least $500 a barrel for oil and $10 a gallon for gas.

But perhaps this isn't fair. After all George W. Bush was a neocon and not "real republican" even if he was elected by and staunchly supported by the "real republicans". Then perhaps Obama should take a page of out of the play book of the greatest republican of our time Ronald Reagan (did you hear trumpets playing). Well what would Reagan do? Well let's see, when 52 hostages were held by Iran Reagan's campaign tried to usurp US Government 's attempt to get the hostages freed through negotiations (it's still awfully suspicious that the hostages were released only and immediately after Reagan was sworn in). Okay, you say there's nothing to that charge. So let's take another page from Reagan's book on how to handle Iran. Trade arms for hostages perhaps in Lebanon just a few years after the Iranians hold hostages at a U.S. embassy for over a year! Of course, I'll send a message to Obama immediately. If that fails he can always get 245 marines blown-up in Beirut. That will show our enemies they cannot mess with the U.S.A.

No matter how republicans screw things up there will always be people who defend them and if that fails claim they weren't "real republicans" or it wasn't there fault somehow. With Obama some people won't give him credit no matter what he does even in getting Osama bin Laden after a republican president failed to do so or rather didn't even bother trying (he was too busy avenging his daddy to worry about getting the main terrorist behind 9/11).

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Home » Discuss » General Discussion: Presidency Donate to DU

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